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This I Promise

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Summary: Cordelia/Angel. Cordelia goes to Paris, and finds out she's Immortal.

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Highlander > Cordelia-CenteredAcaciaJulesFR211132,668174,7137 Dec 037 Dec 03Yes

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Chapter Eleven

This I Promise You
By Jules

Chapter 11

** The library **

"And there's no fighting on holy ground between immortals." Duncan finished.

Willow returned with the book she'd been looking for. She opened it to the legend about immortals, then gave it to Giles.

Giles browsed the passages that lay before him, absorbing all the information that had been basically forced into his brain in the last hour. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes.

"I'm not sure what to believe here. There are just so many things I don't understand. Why, if this is true, did Cordelia not tell us?"

"Because, we knew that you'd put it in your reports to the Watcher's council, and then Cordelia would have lots of people coming after her, because she's a newbie, and they're typically easy to kill. Luckily, Cordy's not, we've all given her extensive training. Besides that, we wanted to give Cordelia a chance to have at least part of her life with some privacy before our Watcher's council found out about her existence and she started getting followed by a watcher who will chronicle every detail of her life, but stay out of sight." Adam explained.

"Explain to me about your watchers." Giles requested.

Duncan explains, "Our Watcher's Council is the origin's of yours, even though you don't recognize our existence anymore. Anyway, watchers are regular men who are dedicated to follow immortals around, chronicling every single little detail of our lives. You can recognize them be a tattoo they all have on their wrist. They can only watch, and they aren't allowed to interfere, EVER. My watcher, Joe, is an exception, I'm going to request that he be put on her case as well, since I'm Cordelia's guardian . . ."

The library doors bursting open interrupted him. Cordelia and Angel running in.

Richie looks her up and down, "Where on earth have you been? You should have been here 15 minutes ago young lady."

"Shove it Richie." She panted, trying to catch her breath, "I got here as soon as I could. Xander, thanks for the pack, and by the way, I KNOW what you were messing around with in there, and I am SO going to hurt you badly later." Cordelia warns, she'd found her clean panties stuffed at the bottom of the pack, when she'd had them neatly folded.

Finally she stood up, and realized everyone was staring at her, Buffy and Giles with looks of contempt in their eyes.

She sighed, "Oh come on, don't tell me you didn't suspect SOMETHING was up. I mean, I've totally changed. I'm helpful, I work out, I knew how to kill things, I could use a sword, I went on patrols, wore black all the time. If you didn't notice anything, then I gotta say that you are sorry excuses for friends."

Now Giles and Buffy had looks of shame on their faces, they hadn't noticed. Well they had noticed a little something was different, but they didn't pay attention to it.

Cordelia sighed, "Let's go back to my house, I'll explain what happened to me this summer, we can snack, and I can show off our training center and slaying central."

Everyone agreed it was a good idea, and they soon arrived at the mansion.

Cordelia and Angel lagged behind, holding hands, which no one had noticed yet. He gave her a hug of encouragement, then she went to the front of the group and led them to the ballroom first.

She threw open the doors and showed them where she, Willow, and Xander had been working out since October.

"This is where we have our lessons, practice dummies, gymnastic equipment, tumbling mats, boxing ring . . . as you can see." She told them.

Then led them to the large set of double doors.

"This is the entrance to the library, Duncan and Adam pretty much designed everything."

The 'tour' group walked into the library and audible gasps and murmuring was heard.

"Oh my . . ." Giles comments, walking to the center of the room and turning around, "This is so . . . amazing. These books are all hundreds of years old . . . and very rare. This is a most extensive collection . . ."

Richie went over to the computer and turned it on, "This is where we keep track of demons and vampires we've killed and where. We've got the codex in here, with a warning system for if a prophecy is coming up, so we have time to avert disaster. And best off all, the simulation program. Basically, you impute in possible situations, and you try to solve them, it will give you different scenarios and outcomes.

"It's great . . . and lots of fun!" Xander exclaims.

Cordelia rolls her eyes, then leads them all to the second level. She pushes a button, and all the weapons flip out on display.

"And this is our armory . . . well, the knives, enchanted swords, extra katanas, staffs and such, our more high tech weapons are here." She pushes another button and a few more shelves flip around and show off many guns, grenades, bazookas, and lots of other stuff like that, "But these are mostly Xander's play things, since he's the only one who know how to use them all."

Everyone turned to look at Xander.

"What?! I used to have a lot of time on my hands! They were fun! So I know how to use every single automatic, semi-automatic, machine, and other gun known to man. So what if I can use every explosive every created, and who cares that I know how to fire, load, disassemble and reassemble any weapon you place in front of me . . ."

Almost everyone took a step away from him.

Adam put his hand on Xander's shoulder, "Well, you succeeded in making them all terrified of you."

"Wonderful job Xander!" Cordelia chirps. She shakes her head, then goes to the anthems, "At the time, I wasn't sure why I bought so many anthems . . . or why I picked the ones I did. But now I know. We all have one, for some reason they fit us . . ." She handed them one at a time to their predestined owners.

To Buffy she handed a gold one with diamonds on the hilt. Buffy took it in shock, but replaced the knife she had in her boot sheath with it.
Cordelia handed the rest boot sheaths. Then passed out the rest of the anthems.

Giles was given the plain bronze one.
Then Oz a gold anthem which had an odd design and emeralds, which looked similar to Willows.
Finally, she handed the only other silver anthem to Angel, the handle had Celtic engravings with peridot gems, and it also had sapphires.

"These are anthems, they are one of the only ways to kill a wizard, otherwise you can just use them for a knife. Don't lose them, these cost me a fair chunk of change. Not that there's not millions more where it came from, but it has to last me my whole immortal life, so I think you get it." She tells them, letting her hand linger on Angel's, not wanting to let go quite yet because the feel of his skin against hers gave her nice tingles.

Duncan and Giles were the only ones to notice the prolonged exposure, but merely raised an eyebrow.

Duncan looked at the man whom his pupil was so enamored with, and realized there was something familiar with him, then it finally hit him, "Liam!" He suddenly spoke out loud.

Everyone turned to stare at him, except Angel, who looked at his feet in shame. Angel was totally shocked when Duncan hugged him fiercely.

"I never expect to see you again, after you died, your whole family was slaughtered."

"I know." Angel tells him quietly, taking a step away from him, "I was the one who killed them all."

Giles can tell this is something private, so he hurries everyone, but Cordelia who refused to leave, into the other room.

"What?" Duncan manages to ask after a very long period of silence.

"I'm the one who killed them. My little sister invited me in . . . and then I killed them all." Angel informs him darkly.

"But, why?"

Angel sighs, "I was angry . . . and when you lose your soul, you don't feel guilt, remorse, only anger, lust, pride, the need for revenge. My father had never respected me, all he'd ever done was tell me what a disappointment I was, and what a horrible son I was. The new me, the demon inside of me, Angelus, took his revenge upon everyone in the house that night."

Cordelia takes his hand and puts her head on his chest, wanting to comfort him, but not knowing how.

Duncan takes several deep breaths, "How long have you had your soul?"

"This time? Or before I lost it last year?"


"90 years . . . I have spent over 90 years regretting what I did to them . . . to me Mother and me little Kathy." Angel slips into his old brogue for a moment.

Duncan looks over the library from the banister, holding it so tight his knuckles have turned white, "I understand you regret it . . . and I know why it's just hard to accept that the boy I knew could kill his family the way you did." He says harshly

Cordelia steps in, "Now wait a God damn minute, Angel did not kill them. It was Angelus they are two totally different people. And my Angel has paid for what he did, ten fold. You can't blame him, sure he's done a lot of horrible things in his past, murdered millions of people, tortured thousands, turned hundreds . . ."

"I think he gets it Delia." Angel interrupts.

"Right, sorry. The point is, the poor guy has enough that he broads over, he doesn't need more guilt from the fact he knows you blame him too."

"I know that Cordelia." Duncan tells her, then looks at Angel, "And I don't blame him. What happened was over 200 years ago, and he's a different person again. I'd be honored, to be his friend once more."

Duncan offers his hand to Angel, who shakes it. Cordelia grins, then hugs her mentor, then Angel again, who holds on to her tight. Duncan can tell it's turned into a private moment, so he sneaks out then, leaving the two alone.

Duncan found the whole group in the ballroom, looking over the facilities.

"You all can use these are your training center and slaying central from now on if you wish. But we do close up everything at 11pm unless you live here." Duncan tells them, "Only exceptions are made in emergency situations, and for immortals so if you don't mind, it's time we're all getting to bed."

Giles raises his eyebrow at him, "We accept the offer, but I must ask, why on earth are you here? With Cordelia? Why are all of you here."

"I am her guardian, and her trainer. She had her father name me as her guardian before he died, so I live here with her. I watch out for her, train her, teach her everything she needs to know, make sure she does her tie-chi in the mornings. I teach her French, the history of immortals, who to watch out for, what names to keep an eye out for. The rest of the time, I let her live her own life, because her soul is an old one, and Cordelia knows how to take care of herself. Adam is her best friend, and Richie's the older brother she never had."

Adam takes it up, "We all care about her, and watch out for her. She is very important to us, and if any of you ever do anything to hurt her, we will track you down and kill you, just as we would to anyone else who does. My Cora is a very sensitive person, who's dealt with a lot in the past year. She has died, found out she was an immortal, lost her parents, killed for the first time, been killed again. Richie and I came to Sunnydale with her to protect her, and no one will hurt her. Not on our watch. If she hadn't killed Eric, we all would have taken a turn torturing him, then eventually kill him."

Richie tries to save face, "We understand that you are her friends, but her identity, that has to be kept a complete secret. Many people would love to come after the newbie who killed Jonathan Damians, and challenge her them-selves. Once she's been challenged, we can't interfere. The only thing we can do, is keep her a secret. And if someone finds out about her, the Watchers council will, and then she'll get a watcher, and they'll chronicle her life. Which means everything will get out, and people will start coming after her. Your Watcher Council can't ever know about her, because there are our watchers all over, and it would be very dangerous for her. All of us just want her to have as normal a life as possible for as long as she can. Please, just help us keep it that way."

Everyone nods his or her heads in agreement.

"I can understand that." Buffy agrees quietly, deciding not to tell everyone about how Angel felt about Cordelia. She understood now that the two were destined for each other, and knew that they needed sometime to be just the two of them.

"It's late, we should go." Oz tells everyone.

Giles nods his head, "Quite. We will see you all soon."

Then he ushers his young charges, a.k.a. Buffy, Oz, Xander, and Willow, out the doors.

Richie yawned, "You know, I'm getting tired too."

"Yeah, it's about time we got home too." Adam agreed, "See you when I see you MacLeod."

Then he and Richie were gone as well.

Duncan sighed, being all alone once more. He took one last look at the room behind him, shook his head, then when to his bedroom (which was in an entire different wing of the house then Cordelia's).


** The Library **

Angel and Cordelia stared deep into each other's eyes, they'd been standing like that, and reading each other's souls since Duncan had left.

Angel's soul felt complete again, The hole that had been created had disappeared. And the ache in his heart was gone.

The two new found, soon to be lovers, had been standing there for a very long time, when Cordelia finally takes Angel's hand and silently leads him down the spiral stairs, through the house, then up to her bedroom.

Cordelia makes Angel sit on the bed.

"Wait here." She whispers.

Cordelia closes all the curtains, and light the many candles she had placed all over the room. She slowly walks back to him. Cordelia pulls out her dew-rag, which caused her hair to fall in long, damp, dark waves around her shoulders, which was slowly curling into loose ringlets. She steps out of her shoes, turned on the stereo, then went back to Angel.

The suckers loose themselves in the games
They learn to play
Children love to sing but then their voices
Slowly fade away

People always take a step away
From what is true
That why I like you around
I want you

Yeah you do you do you do you do
You do you do you do
You're making me want you

Angel watches the other part of his soul move slowly around the room. He'd never wanted someone so badly in his life. Finally she returns to him.

Cordelia runs her hands on Angel chest, up to his shoulders, and pushes off his duster. Then she leans down, and kisses him gently. Angel responds very happily, he puts one arm around her waist, one around her back, and pulls he down to the bed, underneath him. Cordelia's shocked for a second.

"You're trying to torture me." Angel whispers accusingly.

"No, I'm trying to seduce you." Cordelia answers.

Angel rakes his eyes down the body beneath him, then travels back to her eyes, "It's not necessary. I've wanted you so bad, for so long Cordelia. It was killing me that I couldn't tell you."

Yeah you do you do you do you do
You do you do you do
You're making me want you
Oh you do you do you do you do
You do you do you do
Send me all your vampires
You make me want you

And I can't get enough
Oh you do you do you do you do
You do you do you do
And I can't get enough
And I can't get enough

Cordelia caresses his face with her fingertips, her touch sending tingles through his body, she seemed to be trying to capture something. A few tears run down her cheeks.

"Is something wrong?" Angel asks, then kisses each of the tears, making them disappear.

"I'm so afraid, that this is a dream, and you'll disappear, when Duncan wakes me up."

Angel kisses her firmly, "I'm real, and from now on, I'm not going anywhere." He kneels over her body, then pulled her shirt up over her head, gasping at the sight of her body, which was bra-less. (The one thing they forgot to pack, damn), "God you're beautiful."

Cordelia reaches up, rubbing her hairs on his shirt clad body, soon unbuttoning his shirt. Finally her hot hands were able to touch his cool skin, pushing the shirt off his body and throwing it to the side.

Angel groans the feel of her heated flesh against him. The borrowed blood rushed through his veins. Her warm fingers move down his chest to his pants, which she also unbuttons. Angel pulls them off, then disposes of her pants. He slowly pulled them down over her hips, exposing the sides of the black thong she wore, then reveals her toned, tan thighs. Finally he pulls them all the way down her long legs.

The village churchyard is filled with
Bones weeping in the grave
The silver lining of clouds shines
On people Jesus couldn't save
You want to know how deeply my soul goes
Deeper than bones (Deeper than bones)

And I can't get enough (Oh I can't get enough)
And I can't get enough (Oh I can't get enough)

Angel looks his soon to be lover up and down again, growling animalistically.

Cordelia blushes at his close investigation of her body, but soon becomes too absorbed by Angel's cool lips all over her to body to care. He kisses his way down her body. Angel had let his face partially transform, so he lets his fangs graze her skin here and there, which was sending erotic shivers down Cordelia's spine.

She was a little scared, she'd only had sex once, during her freshman year, with the star quarterback of the football team, and he had a very tiny dick (so she'd heard after comparing it with her friends' conquests). And from the prominent bulge in Angel's boxers, he was obviously a very well endowed Irishman. But when Angel's kisses and nips near her belly button ring (which she'd gotten in Paris after the change, along with a tattoo) all thoughts but making wild, passionate love to him were wiped from her brain.

After we did it by the windowsill
Smoke rings drift off into the midnight sky
Presently in the quilt your mother made
And a candle burns to fight off the gloom

Angel shed his boxers, he had to have her now, and he just couldn't take it anymore. Angel literally tore Cordelia's thong off her as she began kissing his neck, and shoulders.

Slowly he positions himself, and his pulsing member pushed its way into her hot, tight depths. When he saw the flash of pain in his lover's eyes he slows down, "Are you ok?"

Cordelia nods, "Yeah, I've only done this once though . . . please, go on. I need you."

Angel kisses her lips lovingly, and slowly made his way deeper into her satin walls.

Cordelia was gasping, after the initial pain had gone away, all she was feeling was waves of pleasure through her whole body. She never knew making love would feel so good. Once he was completely sheathed, she wrapped her legs around his back as he began thrusting. She moaned and groaned as the sensations rippled through her.

You said to live in this way is not for the meek
(Send me all your vampires)
But you talk real soft and kiss me on the cheek
(Send me all your vampires)
And like a jazz DJ you talk me into sleep
(Send me all your vampires)
There will be no regrets when the worms come
(Send me all your vampires)
And they shall surly come

Angel couldn't believe how amazing it was, her scorching body against his, the love that was transmitted through their kisses, he loved the feeling of her nails on his back.

Soon Cordelia starts to gasp, she could feel the pleasure increasing, and the feeling between her legs was getting stronger. She feels herself seemingly leave her body, getting higher and higher. One more deep stroke from Angel and she was over the edge. Gasping his name, "Oh God, Angel!" she climaxes.

Angel needed his release, he looked into her eyes for permission, and she gave it willingly. Angel's face completely transforms, and he sinks his fangs into her neck. Cordelia felt her climax draw out, the feeling of him sucking on her neck was the most erotic feeling in the world.

Angel shot his cool seed deep into his lovers trembling body.

Oh you do you do you do you do
You do you do you do
Make me want you
(Send me all your vampires)

Oh you do you do you do you do
You do you do you do
I want you (Send me all your vampires)
I want you (Send me all your vampires)
Send me all your vampires

Angel gathers his soulmate in his arms, pulling her to him after he rolled off of her, "Are you ok?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah. I love you Angel." Cordelia tells him sleepily.

"I love you too Delia." Angel whispers.

Then both fell asleep in each other's arms, feeling totally complete and peaceful for the first time.

~*~*~*~*~*~ THE END ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "This I Promise". This story is complete.

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