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This I Promise

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Summary: Cordelia/Angel. Cordelia goes to Paris, and finds out she's Immortal.

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This I Promise

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own any of the characters, no matter how much I WISH I did. They belong to the idiot Joss and the WB.. Any other characters, I created.

~ Please excuse all errors in anything! I only got the WB this year, so needless to say, my only information comes from episode guides, which don't go into much detail. I'm assuming Cordy knows about all the icky demon things, and that she knows Angel's a souled vamp! ~

This I Promise You

By Jules

Prologue and Chapter 1

Ok, here's the deal, it's the end of the 1st season, which should make the gang like 16. I've decided to alter the story line for my purposes, (if you don't like it, bite me . . . wait, with the subject matter we're dealing with, maybe 'bite me' isn't what I want to say . . . )

ANYWAY lets see, um,

Cordelia (16 going on 17) - She's fallen for the handsome souled vamp, from the moment she saw his broody bod. Contrary to popular belief, the cheerleader isn't all self-centered and she's not a total bitch. It's just a mask she hides behind, because she doesn't trust anyone, no one has ever given her reason to, or proven that people could be trusted. A member of the Scooby Gang. She's also an immortal. Friends with Duncan, Richie, and really good friends with Methos.

Angel (240-something) - Has that thing for Buffy, but he's also kinda got his eye on Cordelia. He's pretty sure he loves Buffy, but every time he sees Cordy, his heart tightens in his chest (I didn't say thumped, or skipped a beat, I said tightened, that possible isn't it?) Anyway, he doesn't know what he wants. He's torn between the two girls.

Duncan MacLeod (Like 400 years old ) - He is immortal. Born in the Highlands of Scotland 400 years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him, some good, some evil. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness, with Holy Ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. [If you wanna hear the opening, click on this link:]

Richie Ryan - Also and immortal. Trained by Duncan, only in his 20's. A wisecracking street kid 'til Duncan caught him breaking into his antique shop, but kept him around when he recognized his immortal potential. I don't remember if he knows French or not, but for the sake of the story lets say he does.

Adam 'Methos' Pierson - A legendary 5000 year old Immortal, the oldest current living Immortal. Methos was a member of the feared Four Horsemen who raped, murdered, and pillaged across three continents three thousand years ago. Since then he has tried to make up for his past sins by helping Immortals he sees promise in. (Will be known as Adam for awhile)

Buffy (16 going on 17) (not a MAJOR character, but she's fairly big) - Smitten with the souled vampire. Pretty sure she's falling in love with him. The only hindrance in their relationship is that whole, he's a vampire, she's the Slayer thing.

Then there's the rest of the gang, Xander, Willow, Giles, Jenny, Joyce, maybe Spike, and others as we go along! Also some more characters from Highlander don't know whom else yet though.

This I Promise You

By Jules

Chapter 1

** Paris Café **

** Twilight **

Cordelia Chase had only been in Paris for a week, but she was having the time of her life. It was a great way to spend the summer vacation before her junior year. Getting away from Sunnyhell, Hellmouth . . .

It was hard to believe that only a year ago, she thought all the things she'd seen lately were just myths and legends to scare little kids, but they were there. Along with lots of other creepy crawly, things that went bump in the night.

Before she knew it Cordelia's mind drifted to the shadowy man that occupied her every thought. Cordelia didn't know how, or why, but the moment her eyes had laid on the dark, handsome, muscular, brooding man, (with great hair she might add), she'd fallen in love with him. Somehow, she just knew, it was the way her heart beat was more erratic when he was near, she just prayed he didn't notice. But he had eyes only for Buffy, the slayer. Which Cordelia totally didn't get; a vampire with a vampire slayer?

She shook her head in melancholy. She had to snap out of it though, she couldn't have him, and she wouldn't try to steal him either, if his soul was destined for Buffy, she couldn't stand in their way. Cordelia Chase wouldn't make a fool of herself trying to make him fall for her.

She looked at her watch then quickly stood up; she'd been invited to a party by the teens of some old friends of her parents. And now she only had two hours to get ready.

The streets grew sparse with people as she walked to her hotel, wearing white Capri's and a tight sky-blue t-shirt with a low neckline, plus white platform sandals.

Cordelia thought she heard footsteps behind her, she stopped, so did the noise. All was quiet except for the distant sound of music and water drifting from the river. Living in Sunnydale had made her very wary, so she walked faster now. Now she was positive she heard footsteps behind her, they soon speed up, getting close.

Cordelia started running, as fast as she could, but the shoes that she wore prevented her from her maximum speed. Scared, she made a wrong turn and found herself trapped in an alley, no way out on one end, and the body of her pursuer, with a gun, now occupied where she came in.

The man said something in French.

'God, why didn't I pay more attention in French class? Um, I only understood hands, up, give, and purse . . . oh my god, he's mugging me! My first week here and I'm being mugged!'

Cordelia gave into her fear, and did the only thing her mind allowed her to do, she screamed at the top of her lungs in terror.


Duncan MacLeod was walking to his barge when he heard a woman scream, then a 'BANG!', which sounded like a gunshot.

He quickly ran in the direction of the sounds.



Cordelia felt something rip through her upper abdomen, through the lower part of her chest. And pain, lots of pain.

"Sacre bleu!" Cried the French thief, he quickly ran off, forgetting to grab the rich girl's purse.

Cordelia sunk to the ground. The pain was making spots dance in her eyes, and she could taste the coppery tang of blood in her mouth, as her lung filled with the thick liquid, which would end her life. Her last thoughts were regrets. That no one would ever love her, or care about her. That Angel would never know how she felt . . . unless anyone found her diary, and told him what it read inside. She was only 16, less then five months away from 17, when she felt her heart stop, and she closed her eyes, all the life forces in her body stopped.


As Duncan reached the area where the scream, and then the shot, had originated, his Immortal detection went off, giving him that buzz which told him another immortal was near. He spun around seeing nothing, until his eyes landed upon the fallen girl in the alley, lying in a pool of blood. Could it have been that young girl who set it off?

Duncan went over and checked for a pulse, nothing. The wound had already stopped bleeding though. He knew he couldn't leave her here either. He slipped off his coat and wrapped her in it. Looking around, he picked her up her, then hurried home with her to the barge.

By the time he laid her on the bed, the hole that went from the front, all the way through the back of her chest was also already quickly closing, and beginning to heal. Duncan left the coat wrapped around her and put her purse, which had still been clutched tightly in her hand, on the dresser. Then he picked up a book and started reading. It would be a while.

** Late that night **

Cordelia woke up swiftly, gasping for breath, her lungs refilled with air, and she sat up abruptly.

"Good, your back." Duncan declared in his Scottish accent, putting his book down and standing up.

Cordelia looked at the handsome 30-something man who had just stood from the chair, only 20 feet away.

"Where am I?" She demanded, scared.

"My home, on the river."

She looked down at her blood soaked shirt, fingering where the bullet had gone through, and saw no wound, it looked, from the holes in the shirt that it went through her left lung, but there wasn't even a scar, not a single mar on her body, "I was dead. I remember dying . . . I felt my body get cold, and I could taste blood . . . Oh damn, you turned me into a vampire thingy didn't you!" She accused glaring at him.

Duncan stared at her in shock, "What? No! There's no such thing as vampires. Trust me, I've been around for over 400 years, there aren't any vampires."

Cordelia glared at him smirking, "Yeah, well I live in Sunnydale, California. By the Hellmouth, you know a gateway to hell? Trust me, I've seem more vampires in the last year, then my fair share. God, I even know a souled vampire, who is in love with the Slayer. She's chosen to kill what goes bump in the night! God, my boyfriend was turned into a vamp, then staked . . ." She trailed off, then started up again, "Over 400 huh? Angel, he's the vampire with a soul, is only like 243 or something."

Duncan gazed at her, dumbfounded. Here he had been, thinking that he was going to have to convince her that it was possible for immortal's to exist, and there she was telling him that things he'd thought were legends were real.

"So, if you didn't turn me into a vamp, how am I alive?" She questioned, getting up.

"You are an immortal. One of a select few chosen to live forever . . ." He launched into the long saga of their existence.

Basically, some people are chosen to live forever, no 'dying' per say, never aging. They can be killed in the conventional way, but they are reanimated a while later. The only way for them to DIE, die is beheading. And if the victor of this fight is an immortal, he/she gains the power, memories, and strength of the defeated, in this thing called the quickening, which involves lots of lightning, and explosions. (Really cool to watch!)

Cordelia absorbed it all in stride, "So, I'll never get all wrinkly, flabby, and all that other icky stuff involved in aging."

Duncan had to smile at the girl, it was obvious that she was very young, extremely blunt, but that it took a lot to faze her, so he just agreed with her, "Correct."

"Cool! I just got one question." Cordelia informed him.


"Who the hell are you?"

Duncan laughed, "Duncan MacLeod, of the clan MacLeod, and you are?"

"Cordelia Chase, daughter of the second richest man in Sunnydale. By the way, just so you know, I'm only 16."

Duncan was a little surprised at this information. She'd looked older . . . .

"So, what happens now?" Cordelia asked eagerly.

"Well, I have to train you, martial arts, sword fighting, and lots of other things. It will take awhile."

Cordelia sighed, "Well I can only stay until I need to start school again. And I'll have to call my parents and tell them that I'm staying with a friend now, and not to call my hotel anymore, and that I'll see them in September. Don't even think about trying to make me stay longer, I'm already kissing my summer vacation goodbye, if you think I'm gonna ditch my friends next year you can forget about it." She told him seriously.

Duncan could tell this was going to be a long three months, and just hoped he would be able to train her in that small amount of time, "Alright, maybe we should go get your clothes and things."

"Right, um, can I borrow something though? I don't think that me walking in wearing a bloodstained shirt will not cause the security staff to get alarmed."

Duncan raised his eyebrow, this girl wasn't as dumb as she acted.

** Two days later **

Cordelia was ready to kill Duncan, "You have got to be kidding me, it's six am! It's my summer vacation, and your making me get up?"

"Come on Cordelia, rise and shine." Duncan directed her, fully awake.

"MacLeod, you are cruel. Truly cruel." She grumbled, stumbling out of bed and into the shower.

** 45 minutes later **

Cordelia re-emerged, her long, damp hair brushed and in a ponytail. She was wearing black wind pants, which she had rolled down to her hips showing off her slim toned stomach, and a white Nike sports bra top. Awake, but still cranky.

Duncan handed her a cup of coffee, and half a grapefruit.

They quickly ate, and then were off to train.

** Ten am **

Cordelia did have some training, due to cheerleading, and because it was a dangerous world out there, and her father had insisted on her taking kick-boxing. At present, she was working on the mental and physical part of martial arts.

Cordelia was bored out of her mind however as she hit the practice dummy. She was hot, sweaty, and she just knew her breaking a nail was inevitable.

"No." Duncan stopped her, "Here." He advised her, pointing to a spot a few centimeters above on the dummy's side, where she had been kicking, "It looks the same, but you'll cause a lot more pain if you kick here."

Cordelia kicked the stupid, stupid thing there, then punched it in the face a few times, "There, happy? I can't take this anymore. I'm gonna do my routines until lunch." She enlightened him, leaving no room for argument.

Duncan could tell she was going to stand firm on this, and relented, "Fine."

Cordelia's expression changed from one of frustration, to one of happiness. She put in a CD, then started working on her cheerleading routines, which always calmed her down and got out annoyances.

Duncan stood in a corner watching his charge. She was very stubborn, which could get her killed, but it might also be a positive attribute, but it was still too soon to discern.

He winced when he noticed her do five handsprings into an American spit, which to him looked seriously painful, but Cordelia just rotated her torso so her legs were now on either side of her. She put her hands down in front of her and lifted herself off the floor, shaking a bit, then slowly letting her self down. Cordelia hopped up and did a few back bends, slowly flipping over. Her agility would give her an advantage as well he noted.

Duncan knew what he really needed to work on, was controlling her anger, and her sword handling.

** One month later **

Cordelia sighed blissfully as she looked around, finally, a day off. It was her reward for pinning Duncan in a fight after all this time. She was going to shop all day, then eat a café, call Harmony and brag that she had some Paris originals.

Duncan walked beside her, silently amused at the teen's giddiness. He was glad to see his young charge was so happy; she seemed totally in her element as she shopped all day. He figured after forcing her to train for so long, he could at least accompany her without complaining.

Richie Ryan was with them in addition. He had shown up about two months ago, and was completely smitten with Cordelia, though she had no inkling in regards to his affections for her. He too, was an immortal, a recent addition to their ranks too, with in the last five years was very young for an immortal, but immortal he was. Only a bit older then Cordy was.

Both Richie and Duncan were taken with her charming bluntness, and her tactlessness.

Richie had burst out laughing one day when Cordelia had looked Duncan over and asked him, "Alright, I give up, what is it with immortal's and black? It's all Angel wears too! Richie might not be wearing the latest things, but at least he has some more color in his wardrobe!"

"Ooh!" Cordelia squealed, picking up a dark red button up silk shirt off a rack, "Duncan, this would look great on you!" She held it up to him, "See! Wouldn't it be perfect for him Richie?"

Richie smiled, "Oh yes Cordelia. It's just totally Duncan."

Cordelia smiled back at him, causing him to blush. She had a quick look around and spotted something else she liked, "Ooh, this suit is totally you Richie!"

Richie's face turned to one of horror.

"Go try it on! I know you're gonna look so handsome in it." Cordelia ordered.

Richie was among those afflicted to not being able to say no to her, he groaned taking the Armani suit from her. She handed him a white shirt to go with it, "Take this too."

The trial of trying on the suit however was totally forgotten when he stepped out of the dressing room. And Cordelia looks him up and down, then whistled, "You are a total hottie. Doesn't he Duncan?"

"Oh, yes, a total babe." He teased the poor boy.

Cordelia didn't even notice, she walked around Richie, "I'm gonna buy it for you. Every guy needs a really hot looking suit, and something tells me you don't have one."

Richie was about to protest, but the look on her face kept him silent.

They managed to get out of the store, half and hour later, with three suits for Richie, five shirts to go with them, and several ties. For Duncan there were four shirts, and two ties, since his wardrobe was better then Richie's had been.

** Seven pm **

Duncan and Richie flopped down on the couch in the barge, surrounded by bags, exhausted.

Cordelia, who had carried just as many bags, if not more, was still very energetic, "God, you men are such wimps." She shook her head as she went into the bathroom to change.

They guys are surprised when she came out wearing her workout clothes.

"What on earth are you doing?" Duncan questioned, wide eyed.

Cordelia glanced at him like he's crazy, "Going to work out of course, my God, I was shopping all day, and I had a huge lunch. I need to go work off those calories. Besides, I have to be ready for Cheerleader tryouts in like a month! I need to really concentrate on that to if I'm going to be captain! If you want to join me I'll be up on deck." When she saw they weren't going to move, she jogged out.

"Where the hell does she get all that energy?" Duncan demanded, looking up to the heavens, hoping for an answer.

"I don't know . . . but man, the possibilities . . ." Richie uttered, naughty thoughts running through his head on how she could expel some of that energy with him.

Duncan noticed the look on the young man's face, "Don't even think about it. She's not even 17 yet, and I know she's not interested."

Richie groaned, "I know, but I can dream."

Duncan laughed, "Yes you can. Just don't let yourself get too wrapped up in those dreams, I don't want you getting hurt."

"I'll try, but with a body like that, you can't help but get burned . . ."

Up on the deck Cordelia practiced the Tai-chi Duncan had taught her, trying to get that damn Angel out of her head. Her call to Harmony had revealed that Buffy had left Sunnydale for the summer to stay with her Dad in LA until the school year started. For the past month she hadn't thought about Angel as much, because her training consumed practically her every waking moment, only in her dreams was she totally focused on him, for that she'd made herself train extra, because she had to break this habit. She was going to get seriously disappointed if she didn't.

** A few weeks later **

** Nine am **

Duncan, Richie, and Cordy (as they called her) were all doing the carefully planned sword training exercises when they all were afflicted with the 'buzz', signaling another immortal was in close proximity.

They all had a quick look around and spotted a tall thin man walking en route of them. All three were ready to fight, until Duncan and Richie finally recognized him.

"Methos!" Duncan called out. Cordelia noted that Duncan and Richie had put down their swords, so she did as well.

The man came and gave Duncan and Richie each a firm handshake. Stopping at Cordelia looking her up and down, then took her hand and bought it up to his mouth and kissed it, "And who is this lovely creature we have here?"

Duncan made the introductions, "This is Cordelia Chase, she's from America. She's completely new to the game. Just found out her true nature a couple months ago."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Cordelia, I am Methos, but I prefer to go by Adam Pierson."

Cordelia's nose crinkled for a moment, then it was as if a light flickered on inside her head, "You're like the oldest living person in the world aren't you?"

"So you told her eh?" Adam queried Duncan.

Duncan shook his head, bewildered that she had known.

Cordelia explained it to them, "Immortals aren't THAT much of a secret, I mean, they just think we are just legends. But the Slayer's Watchers council does have a few books on our legend. Methos, was one of the first immortals, over 5000 years old. Suspected to be one of the four horsemen. God, you're the legend of legends to them."

"How on earth do you know that?" Methos demanded.

"I live in Sunnydale. I've read a few of the books in the library." She explained indifferently.

"Ah, the Hellmouth. I see you must work with the Slayer. Actually, the Immortal's Watchers Council is where the origin's of the Slayer's Watchers Council got started, they just have blocked out their existence for some reason." Adam informed her.

Cordelia smirked at Duncan and Richie, "Told you I lived at the Hellmouth, and that Buffy was the Slayer."

"I never said that you didn't!" Richie exclaimed.

Cordelia glared at him, "Maybe, but you never said you believed me." She turned to Adam, "You ever met a vampire? Or any of those other things that go bump in the night?"

"Oh tons of times. Most of them are down right ugly wankers."

"I know! Total gross factor of a scale one to ten, most of them are like 15." Cordelia imparted to him, sheathing her sword as they started to walk and talk, leaving Richie and Duncan behind.

"I really hate the ones with slime, or ooze. The smell is impossible to get off your clothes." Adam commented.

"I know! And of course the ones they ruin are always the really expensive ones, never the stuff that is easy to replace . . ."
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