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Life on Liberty Ave.

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Summary: Andrew moves to Pittsburgh after he leaves the council. (Warning: Andrew/Spike/? slash)

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)JacobPhoenixFR21510,468051,25628 Oct 102 Nov 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Buffy series or the Queer as Folks series.

Timeline: Pre season 1 of QAF and post Season 7 of Buffy.

Chapter 1

Andrew looked around the club, Buffy had told him to come here so he could relax and he was here in Pittsburgh, he had gone to this club called Babylon and he was surrounded by a bunch of men, this was good of course and fun for him.

‘Yep,’ Andrew thought, ‘No more lusting after men who would not love me back and no longer surrounded by women all day.’ He thanked Buffy as she knew enough to let him retire from the council, he was happy to be let go before he went mad from people’s bitching.

As he sat, looking around for something to drink he was amazed at how many hot men were here, hell, it was incredible that so many men that were here but he didn’t want to stay for too long as he wanted to go back to the place that Buffy gave him. It was really nice of her to give him a condominium of his own though he found out it was an older council building that they no longer used.

Brian was sitting with Michael when he noticed the young blonde haired man, he stared, he seemed uneasy, like he would probably bolt if he was to forward but that wouldn’t be horrible, ‘The harder they resist, the more fun it would be,‘ he thought. He was daydreaming when he muttered, “What the hell!!?” The guy was gone, he looked over and saw the guy leave, he looked at Michael and said, “Going out for a moment, be back in a moment ladies.”

Andrew stepped outside and walked down an alley where he saw a couple of men kissing each other passionately, he was happy but for some reason he noticed that there was very few vampires here. It didn’t make sense, there should’ve been a lot vampires here, in fact Pittsburgh should have a booming population.

‘Ah well,’ Andrew thought, ‘That fight wasn’t my fight anymore though I would definitely try to help someone if they were being attacked,’ he was about to walk down the street when someone touched his shoulder.

He looked back and saw a man with darkish brown hair looking at him, Andrew gulped as he looked incredible, he muttered, “Umm, hi?”

The man smiled, “I saw you at the bar and I wanted to say hi.”

“Oh, umm, hi,” Andrew gulped.

“I’m Brian and you are?”

“Umm, Andrew Wells, it’s nice to meet you Brian but I got to get going.”

Brian nodded and said, “Andrew, cute name.”

‘Oh god,’ Andrew thought, ‘Is this guy hitting on me or is he toying with me? Curse you Warren, you’ve fucked me over again from beyond the grave, I can’t even if tell if someone is interested in me or playing with me.’

“It was nice to meet you,” Andrew said quickly, “But maybe we can talk again some other night,” and back off.

Brian watched Andrew run off and thought, as his smile turned predatory, ‘The guy was cuter closer up with his short spiky blonde hair and those wide blue eyes but tomorrow,’ he thought, ‘If I see Andrew Wells, the guy would be mine,’ and walked away.

Andrew kept running as that guy he made him feel really funny like in his pants, only Spike made him feel like this. As he ran he finally lost his breath and stopped to breathe deeply, god damn asthma.

He was still coughing when someone stopped by and whispered, “Honey, are you alright?”

“Yes,” Andrew coughed out, “I got asthma, I just need my breather,” and pulled out his puffer and breathed deeply, gulping the air in and sighing.

“Well Honey you come with me, we’ll call you a cab or something like that.”

Andrew looked at the man and grinned, “I’m alright, really.”

The man nodded but pulled him up and said, “No Honey, you look really awful, you should take some help when you’re offered some.”

“Alright,” Andrew muttered as he got up and looked at the man who was helping him and muttered, “This city seems to have so many nice men here.”

“Oh, I’m Emmett.”

“Umm, Andrew Wells and it’s nice to meet you Emmett and I’m fine, I live nearby.”

“Do you need someone to walk you home?” Emmett asked concerned.

Andrew nodded and walked next to him, Emmett looked at him and said, “So, I haven’t seen you around, are you new here?”

“Oh um yeah, I am new here,” Andrew nodded, “I moved in about a month ago, just haven’t had a chance to get out often.”

Emmett nodded, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m sure you’ll meet the rest of my friends soon.”

Andrew smiled as they got to his condo and said, “Thanks Emmett, I could’ve gotten here by myself but it was nice meeting you.”

“You know Andrew,” Emmett said, “You should come to the diner tomorrow morning, my friend’s mom makes an incredible breakfast like you wouldn’t believe.”

Andrew smiled, “Maybe I’ll do that Emmett, thanks, have a good night.”

As Andrew opened the door to his condo and walked into the hallway smiling softly, his first real night out and he met two people; he didn’t mind Brian. He walked to his bedroom and looked at the big bed, Ethan and Mr Giles insisted he have a big bed but it felt so lonely without someone with him.

He fell asleep quickly after he asthma attack and that run; he was so tired that he fell into a deep sleep. He was happy to be on his own and he had a feeling that Pittsburgh would be good for him.

The morning sunlight shone in and Andrew woke up with its golden rays illuminating the room and he grinned to himself, he had money thanks to his few friends in the NWC but he didn’t want to live off that forever and a new job would be great and keep him out of trouble.

Andrew got dressed and he remembered the place that Emmett suggested, maybe they could use a waiter or something like that? After all he wanted to find a job and make his own money.
He got out and smiled as the air was brisk and walked down to Liberty Ave Andrew and went to the diner.

‘Yep,’ Andrew thought, ‘Liberty Ave was the best place for me,’ he thought, at least he didn’t seem so odd and excitable compared to a couple of people, he walked into the restaurant and a large woman waved him over.

‘Wow,’ Andrew thought, ‘She looks bright and positive, not that’s a bad thing just really different from the people I know.’

She smiled, “Come in and can I recommend the pink plate special? It’s…”

Andrew continued for her, “Really greasy, right?”

“Well, you need some weight on you,” she said and sat him down.

“Umm, I have a resume too,” Andrew asked hesitantly, “I would like a job if you have an opening.”

She looked him over and smiled, “Debbie Novotnay and I’m the woman who you’re going to work for.”

Andrew nodded and she slapped his back and said, “Don’t worry; I’d like to think I’m pretty cool.”

“Thank you Ms Novotnay,” Andrew said as respectfully as he could while moaning from the pain in his back, ‘She has a real good arm,’ he thought.

“Please, you can just call me Debbie and I’ll be back with your food.”

Andrew sat down and waited, he looked around curiously, ‘This place seems nice, it reminds me of the place my grandpa used to take me to help me feel better place, it even smelled like the place in Sunnydale,’ he thought as he was drinking the cup of coffee the woman had gotten for him.

As he drank the coffee he was wondering what the others were doing without him, probably nothing. He had called Mr Giles a couple of weeks ago and he and Mr Rayne were going on a holiday together somewhere and Mr Rayne told him to call him Ethan.

Brian walked with Emmett and Michael and saw Andrew and he broke into a smile, he hadn’t expected to see the kid from last night so soon. He walked towards him and tapped him on his shoulder.

Andrew looked up, his eyes wide and Brian smiled, “Remember me?”

“Umm yeah,” Andrew nodded and thought, ‘There’s that funny feeling again,’ as Brian looked at him with something he hadn’t ever seen in anyone’s eyes.

Andrew turned red and he moved away from Brian he still had no idea what the other man was doing to him because he felt really odd, it wasn’t like when he would stare at Xander or when Warren would touch him and tell him that they would be together.

Brian looked at the red faced kid and said you alright

“Yeah,” Andrew nodded just a bit flushed, he breathed deeply and calmed down when Debbie came over holding a plate of food and Brian moved away.

“So,” Debbie said, “You got experience serving?”

Andrew froze and laughed, remembering serving the potentials in Sunnydale and nodded, “I can also cook too if I have to.”

Debbie looked at him and said, “Perfect, of course I’d want our cook in the back to taste something you made.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Andrew smiled.

“No, call me Debbie, everyone else here does it.”

“Sorry, it was the way I was brought up ma’am,” Andrew apologised, “I was taught to be polite like this.”

She nodded and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll break you out of that habit soon enough,” and laughed as he looked shocked, “You got a name?”

“Oh, I’m Andrew Wells.”

“Okay Andrew, you got the job,” Debbie laughed as she walked off.

Andrew shook his head, she was so loud and nice, she wasn’t like his mom who tended to be quiet and withdrawn.

“So,” Brian said to Emmett, “You met Andrew last night?”

Emmett nodded and said, “He seems really sweet and kind,” and suddenly frowned at the look Brian was giving Andrew; he looked at Brian and said, “He’s really not your type.”

Brian looked at Andrew and said, “I could really make him my type Emmett.”


I am bringing in Spike into the story soon and I might turn the relationship into a threesome of Andrew/Spike and a third person, who would you like to be the third person? Are there any other members of the Scooby gang you want to show up?

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