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And Baby Makes Two

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Summary: You’re such a dumbass. Love, Quinn P.S. If you don’t write back I will destroy your PlayStation. Non-Cross, Quinn/Puck friendship

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Television > GleesmolderFR1821,316111,14529 Oct 1029 Oct 10No

Chapter 2

Title: And Baby Makes Two - Chapter 2
Author: smolder
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. It belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox.

Juvie sucks. I miss hitting people, I miss food that doesn’t taste like crap, I miss fucking Glee.

I miss you.

I’m sorry, I left you like that. I know it was a shitty move but you’ve probably already figured out all my reasons already in that over thinking scary analytical brain of yours.

They’re making me see a counselor in here. Somehow they found out about the baby and now they keep trying to get me to define my relationship with you.

Your mine and I’m yours. End of fucking story.

I don’t see why these egg heads find that so hard to figure out. They seem to want to want to label shit. Labels are the reason I got into this fucking mess.

I can’t wait until I finally get probation.

I can only sleep right with your letter under my mattress like a little girl. I hope you’re happy you’ve taken my balls.

Love, Puck

Quinn bit her lip and pushed back tears. She felt warm for the first time since Puck went to juvie. The two of them were very similar in some ways. Simultaneously selfish and giving when it came to their love.

When their DNA had wrapped together to form a child, it seemed to have twinned them together as well. And after the baby was born and given to Rachel’s mother, the rope that bound them together, instead of breaking just pulled tighter.

They both needed someone and needed someone to need them. Her relationship with Puck was the second closest she had ever felt to a person.

The closest had been her baby. She had never felt as bonded or as much love for another human being in her life. And that was also the most unselfish she had ever been, because her baby deserved more than she could give it at that time. She’s not sure if, had she been a bit older and lived a bit more she would have been strong enough to make the right the decision and give her up.

Because late at night when she allows herself to think about it, Quinn knows that Puck and her wouldn’t have made horrible parents. They both know what not to do, have enough support from their friends, his parents, Mr. Schue, etc. And they would have given that child so much love. So, so much love.

And that. Is what Quinn has learned is what is most important.

Her mother had begged her to move back in and she had, because despite everything it was her mother. But her family’s ancestral home, while beautiful, was cold and largely unchanged.

Much like her mother.

She missed Mercedes house. The activity, the noise, the way everyones’ love for each other seemed to have infused the very walls. Late at night when the baby kicking her, woke her up she would touch the wall and imagine it seeping into her as well. Here when she wakes up clutching her stomach in her giant bed on her high thread count sheets the walls make her feel like ice is traveling into to her body freezing her from the inside out.

But Pucks’ letter melted her. Pucks’ wonderful, blustering, crass, warm letter.

She never wanted to label Puck either because he was too important to her. He was simply Hers. It was nice to have something simple in her world.

That didn’t mean he was completely forgiven. She was going to knee him in the balls when he got out.

But maybe afterward they could watch zombie movies on his couch while eating fast food.

After all, Quinn took care of what was Hers.

The End?

You have reached the end of "And Baby Makes Two" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 10.

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