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And Baby Makes Two

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Summary: You’re such a dumbass. Love, Quinn P.S. If you don’t write back I will destroy your PlayStation. Non-Cross, Quinn/Puck friendship

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Chapter One

Title: And Baby Makes Two
Author: smolder
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. It belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox.

You ran your mother’s car into an ATM. Really Puck. When we got the news in Glee today, Brittany called you stupid.


You’re such a dumbass.

Love, Quinn

P.S. If you don’t write back I will destroy your PlayStation.

Puck smiled and ran his hand over the letter before refolding and putting it carefully back in its envelope. Doing something as old fashioned as sitting down and actually writing him a snippy, threatening letter was such a completely Quinn thing to do. He definitely needed to write and send back a letter within the next day or two though, because he knew from experience that she has no problem carrying through with her threats.

He couldn’t help how damn happy the letter made him though because the letter basically meant that they were ok. And out of everyone his stunt hurt the most his mother and Quinn were at the very top of the list. His mother, though disappointed, could take care of herself and she kinda had to love him no matter how much of a stupid shithead he was.

As she had proved time and time again.

Quinn though, they had been leaning on each other through this whole post-partum, or post-adoption what ifs or whatever the hell you want to call it shit. And who knew guys dealt with this shit too?

Plus, they we’re both trying to decide who they we’re going to be. Queen Bee Cheerleader Quinn and Bad Ass Puck weren’t the same as they had been a year ago. Glee, but most especially the baby had seen to that.

They were both floundering and it had seemed natural to grab onto each other. And they had grabbed hard.

Starting right after she gave birth, hell probably before that, he had felt tied to her. When she asked if he loved her, he was honest because he really did. It wasn’t a family thing because hey, she was totally smokin hot even though she had just pushed a baby out of her vagina. But Quinn was His in a way that was somehow completely non-sexual.

And she had looked up at him out of the corner of her eyes through her eyelashes as they stood in front of all of the baby incubators and smiled that pleased slow real Quinn smile that showed she understood in a way that no one else would.

And they knew from the beginning that no one else would get them, so they didn’t tell. They didn’t tell them about how most nights the first month or two Quinn would sneak out of her house and make her way into his bed and he would spoon her as she clutched her stomach and cried silently (the two of them didn’t mention either that sometimes her hair got a bit damp as well).

Didn’t tell the others that Puck couldn’t sleep until he had called and talked to her, they’re conversations sometimes seconds but often hours long.

Didn’t tell them anything that happened between them, he kinda enjoyed having something so important to him secret and personal. Something His.

When summer break ended, everyone thought he was pining after Quinn. Part of him found it funny, but mostly it was really fucking sad. What was he supposed to say, “No, I don’t have to worry about Quinn, we’re kinda connected in a weird almost family but not really way. I’ve just been super depressed because I miss a baby I never really had and I’m having an identity crisis at 17.”

Mostly, he didn’t say anything and just glared a lot.

But in taking his Moms’ SUV and running it into the ATM just to prove that he was still Badass Puck TM (copyright that, bitches), he had basically abandoned her. The few days he had been away and unable to contact her he had worried constantly that she would just decide once and for all that he was just a Lima loser like she had said once upon a time and not worth her time.

But instead she had wrote him a letter.

This time he didn’t try to tap down his happy smile.

They were good.
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