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I Don't Belong Here

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Summary: Going back is never easy, especially when you've been gone for four years. Harry returns to the UK after a long absence, looking for help.

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Chapter Two

AN: Sorry for not updating faster, life kinda got in the way. I don't know how fast I'll update in the future, but I'll try to do as soon as I can!


The sun managed to find its way in through the curtains. It flooded the room with light and the bed’s occupants stirred. Buffy and Harry both groaned at the same time. And they both started to laugh. They’d been together for two years now and they were a lot alike. Buffy’s giggles became louder as Harry started to tickle her.

Buffy was The Slayer, with capital T and S, she could easily make him stop. But she didn’t want to. Harry made her feel normal when she needed it, but most importantly he made her feel like a girl. He didn’t see her as a slayer, or a champion. He saw her for what she was.

Both laid exhausted an hour later. The tickle war had escalated into something else.
The smell of coffee wafted through the door and a second later someone knocked. Harry jumped out of bed, pulled on some pants and with a “thank god for coffee, and for you, Sonia” he accepted the tray with two cups on it from a junior slayer.

The girl blushed and ran off. Pretty much how all the teenagers reacted when Harry spoke to them. Buffy had tried to explain that it was a lot due to his wonderful accent, and his “tush”. Sometimes he just didn’t understand what she was saying. But more and more each day he started to adopt her way of speaking. It was truly horrible. When it got to the point where he no longer could communicate without saying things like “spidey-senses”, “wacky” and “wiggy” he usually spent the day with Giles, trying to regain some form of sense.

They drank their coffee in silence, sort of a daily ritual for them. It was the calm before the storm. Soon they would have to face the world of hormonal slayers, vampires and demons. The current big bad haunted their every thought. Buffy, who had faced this every single day for the last 7 years, admitted that this was different. Worse. Everyone involved looked like crap. Not enough sleep and too much fighting (against the forces of evil but also amongst each other). That was part of the reason why Harry went back to the wizarding world, they desperately needed help. If it weren’t for their problems he probably would never have returned. It may sound awful, but the truth usually is.

Harry’s mission was to find help wherever he could find it. And, he figured, the best place to start was with the Ministry of Magic. They had gotten their act together after Voldemort.

Harry and Buffy strode through the mansion to the boardroom. All the Scoobies and Faith, Dawn, and Andrew were already waiting there. Buffy returned the smile Willow sent her way. Their friendship was still rocky, but it was getting better. It took many tearful talks before Buffy could even start forgiving them for kicking her out, and betraying her.

Faith just gave her a look which clearly indicated that she knew what they had been doing this morning. Harry just smiled cheekily and sat down at the round table, Buffy next to him. Xander had once put it so eloquently “we’re totally the Knights of the Round Table”. And that had kinda stuck. Buffy, Willow, Giles and Xander were still The Scoobies, but the entire management was dubbed The Knights, which now also included Harry.

“Have you found anything new about the big bad since I left?” Harry asked once they all were seated.

“No, there’s nothing!” Willow let her head hit the table a few times in frustration.

“Stop it, Will,” Buffy smiled despite their misfortune. “Let’s just review what we have so far. We might come up with something more once we see everything. Willow, go ahead.” Buffy was a born leader. She could not not be a leader.

“Alright. As we all know, the current Big Bad is something of a mix between a human and a demon. He’s strong, like freakishly strong. And he’s big. His name is Milo Polydamas. And thanks to Giles’ knowledge of Greek history, we know that he was named after Polydamas of Skotoussa and Milo of Crotona.”

“Yes. Polydamas of Skotoussa,” Giles picked up where Willow left off. “He is, according to Greek mythology, a strong athlete from ancient Greece. He was of immense size. The legend of Polydamas talks about many feats of strength. Killed a lion without any weapons, lifted a bull, and stopped a chariot in full speed. And finally died trying to stop a falling rock.

“Milo of Crotona: another athlete. As with Polydamas many victories are associated with Milo. He was incredibly strong. But his downfall, according to myths, was wolves. He attempted to tear a big tree in half, but the tree closed around his hands. Milo couldn’t move and when wolves started to approach him there was nothing he could do. He was eventually devoured.
And that, of course, brings us to the prophecy.”

All the people around the table groaned, neither had had a good experience with prophecies. Silence fell as Buffy started to recite the prophecy:

"A boy shall be born under a full moon. He is destined to live a strong life, but short. Many great things shall be done by his hands. He shall kill a fierce lion, and destroy three who can not die.
But he will try to stop things that can not be stopped and that shall be his downfall. The darkness deep within him shall grow and the world can no longer contain him. The Nature senses his powers and feels threatened, for the boy only wants to take and not give.
The trees and the wolves shall work together and the boy will be no more. The wolves will howl in victory for the boy shall die at the hands of an equal."

“Yes, thank you Buffy. Naturally Milo’s parents named him Milo Polydamas after hearing the prophecy about him. The prophet then proceeded to cut out his own tongue and then years later killed himself. There’s no way to talk to him. But the similarities between Milo and the athletes are uncanny,” Giles said.

“What else do we kn-“ Willow was interrupted by the door being slammed open. One of the junior slayers rushed into the boardroom.

“What have I told you about knocking, Selma?” Giles scolded the young girl.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Giles. But there’s an owl downstairs. It won’t let anyone get close.” All of the Scoobies and Knights were out the door before Selma finished the sentence. Harry was in the lead. They all ran down stairs and through corridors. Heads poked out through doors and soon the entire mansion knew that something was going on. Harry reached the common area in record time.

And just like Selma had said, an owl sat on top of a bookcase screeching every time someone got near. Owls were trained nowadays to under no circumstances give the letter to anyone but the receiver.

Harry whistled and the owl, who looked a lot like Hedwig, turned his head towards the boy. Even after all this time Harry’s heart ached at the thought of his precious owl. The owl flew down and landed on his outstretched arm. Harry stroked it and plucked the letter from its talons.

He handed the owl to Willow who stood ready with a bowl of water and some treats, that she had conjured up. The letter was marked with the seal of the Ministry of Magic. All too aware of all the eyes on him he turned to Buffy and they both walked into a study nearby.

“Is it the ministry?” She asked once they were alone.

“Yes. It could be from Percy, but I certainly hope it’s from Kingsley,” Harry said. He opened the letter and saw the neat handwriting of Kingsley Shacklebolt.

“Mr. Potter,

Mr. Weasley brought me the news of your return. I must admit it was very surprising to hear this,
but joyous none the less. Much has happened since you left, as you must know, and it’s my understanding that you wish to talk to me.
I don’t want to say too much in this letter, one can’t be too careful, even in these days of peace.
Send a note back with Katrina (the owl) and we’ll decide upon a place and time to meet.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minister of Magic.”

Harry read the letter out loud and sighed. Kingsley seemed willing to hear him out. Things were looking up.

“This is good, right?” Buffy asked after hearing Harry sigh.

“It is. Now it’s just a matter of convincing him that this affects the wizarding world as well. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that Fudge isn’t the minister anymore. He wouldn’t even have bothered answering.” Harry smiled and hugged Buffy tight.

They stood like that for few moments, Harry trying to process everything and decide upon how to proceed.

“I have to send a letter back. Do you want to be there for the meeting?” He asked her.

“If you don’t mind. Maybe he’ll need proof of the existence of Slayers. I mean, when we first met you though I was a myth.” Buffy smiled fondly at the memory.

“Good point. I’ll tell him that we can meet tomorrow.” With a huge smile he added, “Do you wanna see the Ministry of Magic?”

Buffy squealed and hugged him. “You know I do! I can’t believe this is happening. Maybe we actually can have a chance of defeating Milo now. If this Kingsley is willing to help.”

When Ginny got home to the Burrow a little after 8 pm, Molly was bustling around the kitchen making dinner. The rest of the house was quiet, as usual after all the older children had moved out. Ginny disappeared up the stairs and into her room. Molly sighed. There had always been so many children around the house, screams and laughter to be heard constantly. These days it was too quiet.

Her home was a nest. But all the little birds had left. Sometimes she had to force them to have dinner with them, other times there was nothing she could do to make them leave. She was so glad that they all had found someone they loved, or found a job they loved. She was happy that they all lived their own lives, but it got so quiet.

Harry coming home had been a huge surprise. Molly was one of the few who understood why he left. She had been there for the first war and there had been times that she just wanted to run away. She had been young and with no real responsibility. She understood him. Now she had an entire life and she wished someday Harry would settle down as well.

She had almost cried with relief when she saw him. She was scared to admit it, but Molly thought that he might have died, or worse, killed himself, since they didn’t see him for so long. And then her stupid children scared him off. She could understand how the others felt, but she knew that Harry had had to forgive them so many times and couldn’t they do the same?

Dinner was almost ready and Molly had to force herself to focus on the food. She always made too much food, force of habit.
“Oh, I’ll have to invite Harry and the others soon.” She muttered to herself. She knew that what Harry, Ron and Hermione once had was special. They shouldn’t let that go to waste.
And with that thought Molly Weasley started plotting.


AN: There we go! :D
I got most of my information from Wikipedia, and I think we all know exactly how reliable Wikipedia is. So if you might find anything that's wrong don't be afraid to tell me so.

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