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Summary: Inception Movie Non-Cross Ariadne protects her team by any cost. (Robert Fischer/ Ariadne) A little PWP-ish

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Chapter 9

She rested her head on his shoulder, just for a moment mind you, hearing him breathe shallowly into her ear as his fingers stroked her back.

“Will they be back? Your team?” he asked wryly and she could feel his luscious lips tugging up in amusement. “I feel like we haven’t given them a proper show.”

Ariadne tensed, lifting her head up from his shoulder as she glared at him, feeling like she wasn’t doing that well of a job at it. “What do you want with us?” she asked.

“Well,” Fischer said, staring into her eyes slyly as he ran his thumb over her collarbone, “I heard that your team was the best at what you do.” He paused and licked his lips, staring transfixed at her skin as he fell silent.

Ariadne glanced down, only to see him staring intently at a bruise that he had left on her, that he had bitten through- marking her skin with a reminder of who could make her keen like that.

She cleared her throat and Fischer glanced back at her, somewhat amused and a little flustered, eyes darker already.

“I want to hire you,” he murmured, moving closer and beginning to pepper her shoulder with butterfly soft kisses, “it seems that we have a mutual friend, and he’s given you guys a great reference.” He leaned forward and shifted her closer into his lap, fingers making quick work of her skirt’s zipper as he slid it off her.

“What about Cobb?” Ariadne frowned as she tried to stay focused on the conversation, resolutely ignoring the multi-billionaire with the very quick fingers and the extremely dirty thoughts as he worked on getting her as naked as possible.

“I was thinking that it would be faster to bring him over here,” Fischer shrugged, unbuttoning his shirt and letting it fall off him. “But if he wants to wander around, looking intensely shifty and gazing moodily at my security,” Fischer grinned and sucked on her pulse point eliciting a whimper in response, “who am I to stop him?”

Ariadne leaned back, putting her palm up against Fischer’s chest to stop him from following her, “So let me get this. You’re not here to kill us? Maim us? Blackmail us into doing some heinous piece of crime for you?”

Fischer lifted an eyebrow; looking calm, cool and collected, even without his shirt and his pants undone. “No,” he drawled, “I’m here to pay you handsomely to do some heinous crime for me.”

Ariadne stared at him. She had just practically had sex with a guy that didn’t want to hurt them, with a guy that was a future client, with a guy that everyone knew and Arthur and Eames had just seen her riding him without any regard to decency or virtue.

Fischer wasn’t there to kill them, hell- Cobb put himself in danger just by being his own intensely suspicious looking self. Ariadne didn’t have to do anything, she didn’t have to distract Fischer, hell- she didn’t even have to make him a coffee.

There were two choices here. She could get off him, put on her clothes and walk out, letting the team deal with him and the ‘pleasure’ of finding another architect at least for his job.


Ariadne smiled and leaned forward, cupping Fischer’s face closer as she kissed him slowly, exploring his mouth with her tongue as she tasted his every inch. She pulled away at the familiar sound of Fischer’s groan and stroked her thumb against his lips as she thought about how fast things changed and how they always stayed the same.

“Yeah,” she said in a husky voice as Fischer licked at her thumb, tongue doing wondrous things to her skin, things that she could feel in her spine, shivers that raced up to her brain. “We can do that for you.”

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