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Guess Ghoul's coming to town?

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Summary: Someone moves into the spooky house up the road and Xander meets everyone's favorite storyteller.

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Television > Tales From The CryptCrazyDanFR1847,00787921,75530 Oct 1031 May 12No

Chapter One

Guess Ghoul's coming to town?

A BTVS/ Tales from the Crypt crossover....

I do not own Tales from the Crypt or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Cryptkeeper was created by William Gaines of EC comics and Buffy was created by Joss Whedon. Tales from the Crypt the TV show was produced by HBO, Warner Brothers and The Geffen company. This is a piece of fanfiction and is not written for profit.

Chapter 1:
Late May 1989.....

It was a balmy night out as Xander Harris camped out in his backyard for the umpteenth time. His parents were fighting and it was just easier to be outside and away from the noise. The night was quiet and Xander liked the quiet.

That was until the moving truck rolled past on the dirt road by the side of his lawn.

Xander stared at the truck and read the faded logo on it. “Fly by night movers.” He said quietly. “Huh.”

He'd always wanted to explore the creepy old house that was down the dirt road, but he never had the guts to do it before.

That house was spooky. New neighbor or not, he wasn't going alone. Maybe he could trick Jesse and Willow into going with him.

City Hall.....

“Are you sure letting him come here is a good idea?” Deputy Mayor Finch asked Mayor Wilkins.

“He is a being that is the spawn of a cursed corpse and a sideshow attraction.... In his own way he belongs here.” Mayor Wilkins said. “On top of that he is a being of considerable power. He is a storyteller and a true Bard when he wishes to be. He'll stay for as long as he wishes and he'll move on. If we don't cross him, he won't cross us. Not like he did with his two former.... partners.”

“What exactly happened to the Old Witch and the Vault-Keeper?” Finch asked Mayor Wilkins.

“That.... is a story for another day.” Mayor Wilkins said. “Is there anything else that needs to be brought to my attention?”

“There aren't any active prophecies that we need to be concerned about. Not yet anyways.” Finch said as he checked his notes. “Nest should rise in the next decade or so, but that is a ways away.”

Mayor Wilkins nodded. “If anyone gets involved with our latest resident... put the word out to leave them alone. I do not want to end up as one of his.... stories.”

“Yes sir.” Finch said before making a note of it.

That weekend....

“Come on guys... I really want to check this place out. We can bring a jello-mold or something.” Xander begged his two friends.

“Dude, I get creeped out just looking at that house.” Jesse said. “Not going.”

“Same here.” Willow said with a shiver.

Xander sighed. He really wanted to know what was going on at that house. It had been bugging him since he'd seen the moving truck. “You guys suck.” Xander said. “I'll go on my own then.”

“I'm going to tell your parents.” Willow said. “You shouldn't go there by yourself.”

“She's right.” Jesse said. “Take an adult.”

Xander just shook his head. He had a good guess where this was going.....

That night.....

“So that Rosenburg girl told me you want to go visit that house up the road.” Jessica Harris said as she put a scoop of macaroni and cheese on her son's plate.

“Someone moved in to that hole?” Tony Harris asked. “See if they need any help getting that place cleaned up. You're old enough to get a summer job.”

“He's eight Tony.” Jessica sighed.

“Me and my brother earned a pretty penny doing a paper route when we were his age. Hell with that recycling law, he could make some serious pocket money turning in cans and shit. More than enough for him to not need an allowance.” Tony said. “Go up to that house, see what you can do over there.”

“Tony....” Jessica said.

“He'll be fine, as long as the new neighbor isn't a clown.” Tony said.

Xander stared at his plate. He didn't want to think about the clown incident. Ever.

“Do you have to bring that up?” Jessica asked.

“It was your idea.” Tony countered.

Xander ate his food, knowing another fight was starting. He needed to get out of here.

The next morning.....

Xander slowly walked up the dirt road that led to his new neighbor's house. He was dreading this, but his dad wouldn't let him back into the house until after he'd at least tried to get a job cleaning up the place.

What was worse was that his dad would know if he was telling the truth or not. Even if he wasn't sober, Tony Harris knew a liar when he saw one.

Xander walked through the open iron gate and up the hill that led to the large house. It was two stories with something that reminded him of a clock tower in the middle sticking out of it. Xander remembered watching the Munsters and thought the house looked a little like that from the outside, but with less plants.

It looked.... dead. Whoever the new owner was would have to put a lot of work into this place to make it liveable.

Xander walked up to the front door and used the knocker to knock three times. After a moment's delay, the door swung inward. Xander took a deep breath before going inside.

“Hello?” Xander called. “My folks wanted me to see if you needed any help.” Xander called as he stepped into the spooky house.

There was no answer.

Xander wandered in a little further and stopped when he came across what looked like a dining room.

Sitting at the head of the table was what looked like an unwrapped mummy. He knew because of the display at the local museum.

“Hello?” Xander called. “Is anyone home? There's a body at the table!”

The mummy like thing opened it's eyes showing vivid blue ones as it said, “Hello there kiddie!”

Xander did the most intelligent thing he could at the time, he screamed and ran.

Unfortunately, he ran straight into a suit of armor. The armor fell on him and Xander was pinned to the floor.

The mummy like thing got up from the table and looked down at Xander. “So.... you come here often?” The creature asked before giggling maniacally.

“Umm... no?” Xander said. “Are you alive?”

The creature stopped laughing. “You know how you can get a dog to play dead? I guess you could say I'm good at playing alive. What is your name child?”

“Xander. Xander Harris.” Xander said. “I live at the house down the road.”

“The old caretaker's house.” The creature said. “I must say, you've been doing a wonderful job. I love what you've done with this place.”

“We haven't done anything.” Xander said.

“I know.” The creature said before giggling. “You can call me the Crypt-Keeper.”

“Um.... nice to meet you?” Xander said as he struggled to get up.

“You said you were looking to help out?” The Crypt-Keeper asked. “I could always use an audience, among other things.” He said as he lifted the piece of armor off of Xander with surprising ease.

“Audience?” Xander asked as he sat up.

“I'm a storyteller you see, and I've just landed a show with a cable network. While I'll be telling the stories to the camera, I could use a.... captive audience as well.” The Crypt-Keeper said.

“What kind of stories?” Xander asked.

“Fun ones.” The Crypt-Keeper said before giggling. “In fact, I've got a rather terror-ific one I've been... itching to tell.” The Crypt-Keeper said before walking over to a bookcase and pulling an ugly looking book off of the shelf it was on.

“It's about a boy who cried....Zombie!” The Crypt-Keeper began.

Xander sat, and he listened... enthralled by the creature's voice and actions.

AN: Been watching the series lately. It ended just before Buffy started. Kismet much?
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