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Broken Soul

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Summary: Tara rescued a woman who was brutally raped and broken, a woman who turns out to be Andrea Petrelli, sister to Peter Petrelli and lover to Miranda Priestly. The four of them journey together to find out the evil behind it. Entering the demons and mutants

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With the detectives trying to figure out if they still had a job while staring at a very angry Nathan, Tara was able to slip into the room and look at Andy. Tara was relived to see her looking better, not much better but better. She had feared that Andy would be dead before they even got her to the hospital. For some reason Tara felt a connection to her even though they had not even spoken coherent words to each other. Yet she couldn't bring herself to leave, the need to be there for Andrea was an absolute.

Miranda came back to Andy's room to discover two cops, Nathan and an unknown girl and was not pleased. They were disturbing Andy and that wasn't allowed. She ignored the fact that Andy was in fact in a coma and thus undisturbable. No one was allowed to cause Andy a single moment of distress. As far as she was concerned, the rest of Andy's life would be peaceful. If she had to kill off the rest of the world to do so. That Adam fellow that Andy told her about might be able to help her. After all in a different time-line he had killed off almost all of the world.

So all she needed was to find out where he was 'buried' and the world would be perfect for when Andy woke up. And she would wake up, Miranda refused to believe anything else. Not to mention with the world dead then the bastard that had done this would also be dead, hopefully in the most painful way possible. Turning to Nathan, she demanded.

"What may I ask is going on here, Mr.Petreli.Why are you allowing all of this to take place in your sister's room. The sister that just went threw something very..traumatic and thus does not need any added stress. So kindly tell me how this," Gesturing at all of the people."is going to help her heal and come out of her coma..At least Peter is being somewhat helpful by going after the savage beast that did this to her. While once again all you are doing is causing problems."Nathan started to speak but she just raised an eyebrow and he stopped. She turned to one of the cops. "Well, whats going on?"

Flustered by all of this, Olivia took a second to figure out what to say."We came to talk to Ms. Petrelli, we weren't told that she was still in a coma. There was a...misunderstanding and now its worked out. And we'll be leaving now." With that they scurried out of the room. Miranda watched them go, feeling annoyed. She turned back to Andy and brushed some hair out of her face gently. The cuts and bruised on her darling face were horrid. It took a moment before she realized that she was alone as she had forgotten about Nathan and the girl. Not wanting to deal with Nathan right now, she turned to the girl.

"And who may I ask are you?" Miranda looked at the girl, pale blond, to big in width, partially good height, bad fashion sense and no sense of strength. All in all, not much of a picture. She wondered exactly why she was here, in Andy's room, disturbing her at the worst moment of her life. Nothing compared to this, to her lover, her life laying broken before her. Tara looked
at the woman who was obviously the lover and felt for her, to have that happen to someone you love must be devastating.

"I'm....Tara."She'd tried not to stutter but found it difficult not to when faced with the intimidation of Ms. Miranda Priestly.Tara had never met someone like her and was quite happy about that fact as she had never in her entire life been so intimidated. Miranda looked at the girl and simply waited, knowing she'd give in quickly and spill why she was in Andy's room. Tara sighed, knowing she would have to speak more."I'm ...the one ...who...found her...She..."Tara had no idea how to describe what she had seen and she didn't think Miranda would really want to know how bad Andy had looked and that she had screamed upon being touched.

"Oh!"Miranda didn't know what to say that, thank you wasn't enough, have everything I own was..not right. As all the money in the world wouldn't express properly how much what Tara had done for her, for Andy. In saving Andy, Tara had saved Miranda and that was priceless. So how could she explain that to her without coming off as a complete idiot. She was saved from trying when Andy let out a moan and her eyes fluttered open. Miranda instantly clutched her hand while semi-cooing over her, praying that Andy would be herself. Andy felt hands touching her, remembered and let out a scream and scrambled away, thus falling off the bed.

Tara gasped and rushed over to Andy while Miranda just stood there in shock for Andy had just recoiled from her touch. And while on a subconscious level she understood, it still hurt like hell but when Andy moaned in pain, she snapped out of it. Hitting the call button, she swiftly moved to Andy's side while being careful to make sure not to surprise Andy as she had no desire to see her lover move away from her touch again. Nathan, not knowing what else to do as he doubted she would like a man to touch her, especially after rejecting the touch of her female lover, left to get the doctor.

Andy was trying not to panic while she tried to teleport away but still found that she couldn't which caused her to whimper. She was trapped, trapped to be hurt again by that had violated her in a way no other ever had. Hurt her in ways that not even Sylar had ever accomplished, which said allot. Only the emotional pain of when she was seventeen could compare and just barely at that and that really did say something. There were voices again and all she could do was scurry into a corner and try to curl into a ball. As not to be noticed.

Not about to let it be easy to violate her again as she screamed mentally for Peter, praying this time he would hear her.Save her from the monster. Nathan used to be the one the twins went to when they had a bad dream or thought there was something in their rooms. He would protect them, let them climb into his bed and he would hold them tightly to him while they slept. Feeling safe while in his arms, which had always kept them safe. Andy wished that he would swoop in and save her again as he always had. After a lot of panic suddenly came comfort, for Peter had arrived. With a strangled sob, Andy threw herself into his arms, ignoring the burning pain shooting threw out her entire body. She was safe. Her twin was there, he would keep her safe.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Broken Soul" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Nov 10.

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