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Broken Soul

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Summary: Tara rescued a woman who was brutally raped and broken, a woman who turns out to be Andrea Petrelli, sister to Peter Petrelli and lover to Miranda Priestly. The four of them journey together to find out the evil behind it. Entering the demons and mutants

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Disclaimer:Don't own Devil Wears Prada, Btvs, Law and Order or NCIS or Heroes.

Warning:Rape, underage sex

Andy was walking home, having decided that it was to much of a beautiful day to be coped up in the car. She was texting Miranda about dinner, not paying attention to her surroundings when she was suddenly grabbed. Dragged into a dark alley and had unspeakable things done to her while being told that all she needed was a real man, not an old bat like Miranda. Andy was left bleeding and broken on the pavement for hours. Until she was discovered by a passing woman. Who tried to help Andy while calling 911 but Andy let out a scream at the touch and scrambled away. The woman just talked calmly to her, trying to comfort her until the cops arrived. Andy was swiftly put into a ambulance and whisked away.

Unable to leave it at that the woman decided to follow. Andy was rushed into surgery when it was discovered she had internal bleeding just as she lapsed into unconsciousness. Seven hours later she was stable again and out of surgery. Miranda was waiting for her. Upon seeing Andy, all Miranda could do was stare. Her beautiful Andrea was....broken. Miranda, for once in her long life didn't know what to do. How to fix this and it was devastating, that knowledge. She couldn't help the one person she loved above all else save her children.

So Miranda just sat there, staring at Andy, waiting for her to wake up. Praying that she would wake up and be herself even if Miranda knew that Andy would be changed in ways she couldn't bring herself to contemplate right now. Not until Andy was once again conscious. Which Miranda knew she would as she simply couldn't do anything else. As Miranda knew she couldn't survive being without her as Miranda wasn't Miranda anymore. She was Andy's Miranda now and that was how she defined herself. Something that both horrified her and filled her with happiness.

So how could Andy possibly not wake up when she had that to worry about. Miranda refused to believe that Andy would allow herself to die when she had to know what would happen to Miranda, Andy had to know how much she meant to her. She had to...But Miranda thought about it and she feared that Andy didn't know how much she meant to her. That Miranda had been to ..cold to her and that she didn't know how much she was loved. A thought that hurt Miranda terribly and put a horrible thought in her head. What if Andy didn't wake up and died never knowing how much she was loved.

Shaking that horrid thought from her head, Miranda grasped Andy's hand and just tried to think happy thoughts. She was promptly interrupted from her thoughts when the door banged open and Peter rushed in. Sighing at the arrival of Andy's twin, finally,she turned to him. "Well, don't just stand there. Heal her." Peter moved to her side and touched Andy and waited for his healing power to activate. When nothing happened, he began to panic. Andy, his soul, his other half was hurt and he needed to make her better. He hadn't even felt her being hurt, something that had never,ever happened before. So he needed to make her better as he had not been able to prevent her being hurt.

Yet still nothing happened, no matter how much he concentrated on healing, it was as if he didn't have the power...or it wasn't working on her. Peter began to calm slightly as the panic he had been in since he got the call from Miranda and realized he could no longer feel Andy. Andy was as powerful as he was and she should have been able to defend herself. After all, the only one match to them was....SYLAR. At that Peter teleported away, knowing it had to be Sylar as no one else would be able to hurt her. This was the last straw, he would kill him once and for all. Brother or not, no one touched his sister. No one.

Miranda stared in shock as Peter disappeared, leaving Andy still hurt and in a coma then she swore. Realizing that he must have seen who had hurt her and was now bent on revenge instead of healing her. Cursing him for leaving Andy like this when she had counted on him, Miranda kissed Andy then left the room so she could call Nathan. Stupid hospitals with their stupid no cellphones because of machines rules. An hour later, Nathan finally arrived and just carefully held Andy in his arms and just rocked. Unwilling to deal with anything else. After everything else that happened in the past year, this was the straw that broke the camels back.
His sister had been raped.

The detectives who had been called, came in to discover a man touching their victim and pulled their guns. "Get away from her. Now. Put your hands in the air, slowly and step away." Annoyed, Nathan turned to them and they saw it was Nathan Petrelli but didn't let that affect them. Until they remembered that Andy was Andrea Petrelli Sacks. Olivia put her gun away while wondering if she was going to lose her job. Stabler just cursed. While Tara who had rescued Andy was wondering what was going on.
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