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Paths Collide

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Summary: As the Gang leaves Sunnydale behind, Xander hears a ghost from his past that he never expected to hear from again. They all must face a new evil to save Xander

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AsherXanderLuvsAllFR1334,0531178,85831 Oct 109 Apr 11No

Acts of Anger and Love

Instantly Xander didn't like Jean-Claude just by looking at him and by the feelings he was getting from him. It wasn't just because the pirate looking vamp had once been Asher's lover. Which he reeeeaaaalllly didn''t like at all. Asher was his, especially after the Marks and no one would take him away from him at all. Xander would vaporise or skew them on Excailbur anyone who even tried. It was..something else though, something that made his instincts scream to kill him and it wasn't the vamp thing either. All and all,Xander just wanted Jean-Claude to go away.He contemplated simply killing him but Asher picked up on that thought and frowned at him. Upon realizing that Asher was reading his thoughts, Xander raised a shield around his mind.

While this was all going on Jean-Claude was 'interrogating' Asher about all that had happened and was not at all happy by what he was learning. Especially the fact that Xander had been Asher's lover for a while and he had not even known about it. It hurt that something that was now a fundamental part of Asher, he had not known about. Once they had known everything about each other and they could barely be together. Hell, Asher had stopped being alone with him after it became clear that Jean Claude would follow Anita's wishes. Irrationally that had hurt Jean-Claude, made him wonder if Asher would ever fight for him. Wonder why none of his lovers truly wanted him. Anita preferred Richard to him, Julianna was Asher's in ways she was never his and Asher turned away from his completely after the priests had...done what they had.

And Asher had another human servant, another lover that Jean-Claude knew nothing about and he wasn't sure of what to do about it. Or if he even could do anything about it which caused him to rage at Asher. Which annoyed Xander a great deal but it wasn't until Anita and Richard arrived demanding answers, having felt Jean-Claude's confusing emotions. The three of them began to demand answers at the same time and with Asher becoming angry on top of his own emotions, Xander just.. exploded. His magic erupted across the room, Causing everyone to shut up and look at him. When Anita reached for a gun, Xander just sighed and waved all her weapons away. As he had heard about her shot first attitude and was in no mood to deal with it.

"Now listen up, all of you. For I will not say it again and if you do not remember it, I will teach you a lesson you shall never forget.I AM ASHER'S...Mate....I like that better then Human Servant as I am no ones servant. My magic is not to be trifled with, which means neither am I. I will protect Asher from any that would dare to harm hi,, be it physical or emotional. Both of which one of you seem to be willing to do at one time or another. Added to it is the fact that I am tied to him so I feel what he feels and I may die if he dies. And as all you know, the human survival instinct is rivaled by only our parental instinct so don't become a threat for if you do you die." Xander then smiled and threw them all out of the room and closed the door with a bang. Asher clapped.

"Bravo, mon amour. That was simply beautiful."Asher drew Xander into his arms and Xander wrapped himself around him. He may still be unsure about all that had taken place and so quickly but he had spoke the truth. Xander would protect his lover and mate. None would be allowed to harm him, not even the ones Asher cares for. After all, it was better to beg for forgiveness then to ask for permission. Not that he would ever ask for permission to do anything. He was Alexander after all, he told people what to do not the other way around.

To make sure Asher understood that and did not play any vamp games on him, Xander gave a very long rant about it. Making sure that Asher grasped that Xander would be his equal and not his slave or servant. Asher is surprised by Xander but in the end knows that he is right, equality or he will lose Xander and that is not something he could tolerate. After ail it had only been less then a week that Xander was laying dying in his arms and Asher had realized that a life without him would have no meaning. So he agreed then pulled Xander onto the bed and seduced Xander into showing his 'equality' by having Xander make love to him. Blissfully.

The weeks that followed were rather different then what they had, had before. What with everyone now knowing and all. Jean-Claude tried repeatedly to get Asher alone but Asher always refused and Jean-Claude was unwilling to force it. Both because Asher was newly returned to him and thus still likely to leave him again and because he feared that if he ordered Asher to speak to him alone that Asher would refuse and that would Jean-Claude do. He could never punish Asher, such a thought was repudant to him. Not to mention Xander would probably kill him. On top of that Anita was not speaking to him as she felt his jealousy and because she was jealous as well. And didn't like it that there was nothing she could do about it.

Richard found Jean-Claude and Anita's reaction to the whole funny as no one deserved it more but he was also worried. As someone with tremendous power had just appeared, managed to bond with the second in command of the city and had efficiently distracted the Master and his Servant. If Xander wanted to take everything, nothing would stop him now. A fact that made him worried for his pack and even for his Triumvirate members as while he hated them, he had no true desire to see either of them dead despite everything. So even Richard had tried to see Asher only to be denied,laughed at and disdained. Asher had no time for the cowardly wolf. Only Xander mattered.

Xander watched it all silently and wished, silently of course as he now knew better, that Asher and he could go back to the days where it was just them. Now everyone knew and it was annoying. Asher knew that Xander felt that way but was unsure of how to fix the situation. Especially as Xander hated any vamp but him and refused to enter the Circus in any manner as it was filled with vamps and clowns, two things he hated greatly. The clowns less so after the whole nightmares coming to life thing but still Xander had no wish to see vampire clowns in any circumstances.

To make his mate feel better, Asher took him on the most romantic evening he could think of and while it made Xander feel like a girl, he did enjoy it. Most importantly, he loved Asher for doing it for him. So that night he decided to try something that he had been debating about for a while. After Asher went 'dead' after a lovely round of lets have sex till we're to soar to move, Xander placed his hands on Asher. Willing with all of his might,Xander hoped that he would be able to make this work.

In the reality Wyatt came from, healing only worked when hurt by evil and on the good but perhaps this reality without the Elders it would work here. Xander had refused to try it when Angel lay dying and Buffy had been furious but he hadn't cared. Now, he did as he wanted to heal Asher of the scars that so plagued him and reminded him of what he had lost.

Minutes went by and nothing happened and Xander was bout to give up when his hands started to glow. With a whoop of pure joy, Xander watched as the scars slowly disappeared. Once it was done, Xander looked at him and his breath caught. To him, Asher had been gorgeous before but now he was godly. Absolutely breath takingly perfect. Come two o'clock when Asher woke, earlier and earlier since their bonding all Xander did was watch Asher.

Even after Asher kissed him good morning he watched him, waiting for him to notice the new accessories to the room. Mirror upon mirror. It took several minutes for it to happen as Asher was to busy kissing him but when he did, all Asher did was stare. After almost an hour of staring ,which Xander spent just watching him in wonder Asher finally spoke.In French and babbling.

"How.....How...Why....When."Then he seemed to faint and Xander just laughed.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Paths Collide" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Apr 11.

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