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Buffy meets Star Trek 2

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Summary: The future is the present and the present is the past as we transverse time, space and planes of existence on new epic adventures with the Scooby Gang and the crew of the Enterprise… (NEW: Episode 4 is up with 4 new chapters (13-16))

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationJohnnySnowballFR1516135,06831210,93631 Oct 1021 Feb 13No

The End & The Beginning: PROLOGUE

Hi all & thanks for stopping by. This is the sequel to Buffy meets Star Trek, so it’s not gonna make much sense if you haven’t read that first. Hint hint.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! If you DO read this before the first one it will spoil the ending.

Buffy meets Star Trek 2 follows The Scoobs on a series of adventures in the Star Trek universe that make up 1 epic story. Hopefully.

The idea is that BxST:2 will be written episodically. The first episode is The End and The Beginning, the second episode is Death & Destiny. Each episode will have 4 chapters. Confused yet? I was planning to write each episode as a separate post but, ultimately, they will form an arc for an entire ‘season’ so I prefer to keep it all together as one big-ass story.

BUT, I plan to write 1 separate episode, just to give a heads-up. It will be a bigger project – a ‘feature-length’ episode called… BIG TEASER coming up…

Star Trek: Aliens vs Predator (featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

The idea is that it’s bigger than 4 chapters and some people might read it who don’t read my BxST crossovers so I will post it as a stand-alone story. I WILL let you know when you reach the chapter of BxST:2 preceding ST:AVP so that you don’t miss it. That’s the plan, anyways.

Did any of that make sense?

Some of you may know this is the 2nd time I’ve tried writing this story. I felt that draft 1 was too flat and dull. I’ve managed to integrate future story events into the opening much more effectively this time around. This is what the 1st attempt should have been. I only hope those who were disappointed by my earlier removal of draft 1 are not disappointed by my redraft.

Okay, I’m done waffling now.

Enjoy ;o)

The future is the present and the present is the past as we transverse time, space and planes of existence on new epic adventures with the Scooby Gang and the crew of the Enterprise…


The End & The Beginning

- Prologue -


In the year 2376, the universe changed.

An almighty power broke through the great dimensional divide separating realities and the world of the Federation found itself thrown into chaos. It was on this day, this bloody dawn, that the crew of the Enterprise-E were witness to the arrival of The Six:

Buffy Summers. Rupert Giles. Willow Rosenberg. Alexander Harris. Anya Jenkins. And the Demon they called Spike.

From a parallel past, a world of myth and magic, they came. And with them they brought Evil. An evil that would become an infection.

During the fierce battle of Epsilon Ursae – the first in the Demon Wars – the worlds of science and the supernatural united in an effort to protect Mankind from a being hell-bent on their annihilation.

Their mission was a success.

They were helpless, however, to prevent a number of their Demon foe escaping out into the dark corners of the galaxy.

The events that followed shaped the future and the lives of many.

42 years passed and the universe changed again, and even these events fell into the realm of myth and legend.

But the past, like a patient and silent hunter, has a way of catching up with its prey…

* * *

2418 AD:

Young Wesley Crusher tore through the streets as fast as he could push himself, tugging at the clothing of those around him, desperate to pull them along with him, screaming at the crowds to run. "Run for your lives! Save yourselves!"

But no one listened. He knew it would be this way. Why would they follow? He was just another lunatic. Just another boy who cried wolf.

But he wasn’t crazy. The end really was coming and no one cared to listen. The universe failed to heed his warning.

He found the town square, the heart of the community, full just as he expected. Geordi la Forge was there trying to kick-start the lifeless warp core that rose from the central stone fountain where the water had ceased to flow.

"Wes!" La Forge called out to him. Even through his visor the man looked distraught. "Give me a hand here! The warp field coils are bone dry – see if you can find the plasma valve interlocks so we can get this thing flowing."

He waved Geordi off, knowing there was nothing the engineer could do. Even with his best efforts, he didn’t stand a chance of restoring power.

Wesley orbited the square frantically searching for someone desperately important.

But who was she? Where was she?

Then he found her – pushing through the crowd toward him.

"Robin!" He ran to her, embraced her.

She was the young Robin Lefler, just as she had been the first time he met her on the Enterprise-D. Young, fresh and cute as hell. But the brunette’s bright smile was not with her now. He tried to warn her. "We have to get out of here! We’ve gotta run!"

"Run where? There’s nowhere to go. We have no power!"

Geordi still tried to get the engine started in a desperate effort. Data was with him now, tearing out the wiring from his chest for the engineer to work with. But each time La Forge took a handful of the android’s internal cables they turned to dry spaghetti and crumbled between his snatching fingers.

The crowds continued about their business as if all was well. Why did they ignore what was happening around them?

Robin took hold of him. "I thought you said you fixed all this?" she whined "We’re supposed to be safe now."

He didn’t have the chance to answer.

It was too late.

Too late to make them listen as the sun went out and the thick heavy shadow of death fell across the land and brought with it a terrible screeching siren. He’d heard the sound once before at school, in history class, long before he knew the name Enterprise.

It was the air raid warning. Incoming. Death had arrived for them all.

All existence. Doomed to Hell.

Wes spun to find the face of the girl he loved, but Robin was gone.

Instead, the ghostly grey shapes of people reached out for him in the dark. ‘Save us…’

Wesley was overcome. Grasping colourless arms came for him and he couldn’t bear to be touched. He didn’t understand why this was happening. Couldn’t make sense of this world he was trapped in.

‘Save us,’ they called to him again with their ghostly dying cry.

"I…" he uttered pathetically. "I thought I did."

He was whipped about suddenly and Robin Lefler gripped his face in her clawing hands. "You did this!" she spat. "You made ghosts of us all!"

* * *

Young Wesley Crusher leapt out of bed, the siren still wailing in his ears. His back wrenched and he remembered he wasn’t so young after all. With some effort, he straightened himself up and realised the siren was real.

His computer workstation was alight with flashing red bars. They were on alert!

He checked the bed but it was empty. Where was Robin? He began to panic. Something on the surface of his subconscious told him she was in danger. He remembered vague imagery of her by a fountain under the shadow of death, and of the grey reaching hands of ghosts. A dream almost forgotten.

Then he remembered she was already on duty. An early start, she’d said. Things to do, things to fix.

He called for lights, shut off the alarm and threw on his uniform. Black pants, blue-green turtleneck shirt and dark grey retro wrap-around tunic.

He pulled on his boots and went to the bathroom to check himself. There was no time to tidy his dishevelled hair. No time to brush his teeth, wash or eat.

Squinting against the bright glow of the overheads, he saw the face of the man he had become. His hair was dark with grey; his face a little wrinkled and his jowls had begun their sag downwards. It was the face of an old man looking back at him. A 70-year old man.

A familiar voice rang out over the ship’s intercom. ‘Would all senior staff please report to the bridge.’

Wes regarded his reflection again. He was too old to care about his shaggy hair and tired face. He zipped up his undershirt, wrapped his double-breasted tunic across his chest and locked it in place. He felt a flush of nostalgia as he imagined James Tiberius Kirk wearing the old red version of the wrap-around uniform.

Commander Wesley Crusher grabbed a belt – black with gold-rimmed oval Starfleet buckle – snapped it around his waist and launched himself out of his quarters.

* * *

Willow Rosenberg marched from her room, clipping the flap of her tunic in place and headed for deck 1.

She met Crusher in the turbolift just as he called for the bridge. "Any idea what happened?" she asked, fixing her hair.

"No," he answered. "We should still be an hour from the Neutral Zone."

Wesley Crusher regarded the woman as the lift sped along to the top deck. She was a decade younger than he, her grey hair, still with hints of red from her youth, was bundled into a bun at the crown of her head. She was young-at-heart yet conveyed great calmness, reason and logic.

"Maybe the threat is real," he suggested.

"Things have been tense with the Romulans since that supernova destroyed their home planet."

"That was thirty years ago. You think they’re still trying to blame us?"

"Well," she considered, "without Ambassador Spock, they’ve gotta blame someone. It might not be rational but the Romulans rarely are. Perhaps today’s the day they take it to war."

"That’s crazy. Their fleet is still weak."

"Not according to the latest intelligence reports," she revealed.

He frowned back at her, surprised at the news, but didn’t push for further information. Clearly it was still classified.

She noticed his worn face. "You alright, Wes?"


"You look like it’s the end of the universe. Again."

He pushed his mouth up into a half-hearted smile.

"You can’t keep blaming yourself for the Romulan situation," she made clear. "None of us would even be here if it wasn’t for you."

"No." he shook his head and waved that old argument away. "It was just… a bad dream. I think. I don’t even remember now." His face creased up. "It just left me with a …feeling."

"You should talk to the Counsellor."

"Thanks, but I think I’ll skip it. I’m sure he’s perfectly capable… But Troi was the only head-doctor I was ever comfortable with."

Willow smiled back. She knew exactly what he meant. The Enterprise wasn’t the same without the old team.

* * *

The doors of the turbolift whooshed open and they stepped onto the command deck.

The bridge was busy with activity as crewmembers examined readouts around the room and the graveyard shift handed over to the primary crew.

The green-skinned Security Chief was already in place, confirming Willow’s suspicion that he slept in his uniform.

It was a five-level bridge with a short rail on either side, a green and blue glow radiating from the computer panels. The doors and two side workstations were on the top level, and tactical too. Right in front of it, and a step down, was the command chair. Another step down and two more seats on either side of the centre chair – First Officer’s and guest’s. Two more steps down and a single console with two stools side-by-side lay in ‘the pit’. Ops and helm.

Ensign brand relinquished the forward Ops console to the Chief Science Officer and Chief of Operations, Wesley Crusher. He took the seat and quickly reprogrammed the interface to his own specifications.

In the centre chair sat the ever-dependable First Officer; Commander Data. He observed their entry with the cold gaze of a machine. His yellow face, though unchanged over the years, was now topped with a head of swept-back silver-white hair. The colour was an affectation, of course. It was Data’s way of fitting in with the old cronies at the top of the ships’ command-chain. It didn’t suit him, Wesley thought, but it was a nice gesture. Unfortunately, Data didn’t seem to realise it only served to remind some of them just how old they had become.

Crusher still couldn’t get used to seeing Data in a red uniform. Though there wasn’t much red to see. Just the neck of his shirt, two bands around his lower sleeves, two stripes on his legs and the shoulder strap that held the flap of his tunic closed.

Data pushed himself up out of the Captain’s chair and stepped aside. His neutral expression gave nothing away.

Willow crossed the bridge to meet him. "Data. Talk to me."

"A few minutes ago, sensors detected a Romulan Raptor entering the Neutral Zone on a direct course for Federation space. I have increased our speed to warp nine to intercept. We will arrive at the border in three minutes."

So, Willow conceded, the warning they’d received had been accurate after all. "Are we within visual range?"

Wesley calculated the distance. "We are."

"Show me."

He put it up on the main screen.

A bird-like craft, deep fern green in colour, with open predatory wings that arched forward in the familiar symbol of the Empire appeared travelling the Neutral Zone at sub-light speed.

A Romulan Raptor.

Their new battle cruisers. Equal in size to the Enterprise but much smaller than the old D’deridex-class Warbirds of the 2360’s and the Norexan-class Warbirds of the late 2370’s and 80’s.

They’d seen the ship before in intelligence reports but this would be the first encounter recorded by any outside the Romulan Star Empire.

The solo fighter craft sailed toward them openly, blatantly, without stealth. No sign of fear or doubt. Unlike the Enterprise’ crew who felt both.

Crusher spoke up first; "One ship?"

"There could be more. Cloaked. Maybe a whole armada." It was Crius, the Orion security chief.

"Then why display just one ship in full view?" Willow thought aloud.

"Maybe they want us to know they’re coming?" offered Wes.

"Maybe isn’t an answer. Hail them."

Crius tried but his signal fell flat. "They’re not responding."

"Open a channel."

The green Orion set up the antenna array and initiated a full-spectrum transmission. "Channel open on all frequencies,"

"This is Captain Willow Rosenberg of the Federation starship Enterprise speaking to the commander of the Romulan vessel now in the Neutral Zone. You are not authorised to enter Federation space. …It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway; …if you do so, it will be considered an act of aggression. One that may lead to war."

They waited and watched but the Raptor still came.

"Still no response," Crius reported.

The lift returned with more crew and the young helmsman – Korotkin – took his station beside Wesley.

Everyone was in place.

"Let’s make it look good, people," said Willow as she settled into her command chair. "Start pushing buttons." She looked to Data who was still standing; head slightly tilted, eyes darting across the carpet as he no doubt cross-referenced intelligence reports and ran risk-assessments, and whatever else he thought about in these situations. She knew by now she could interrupt him without causing him any degree of distraction. Not when his positronic brain was capable of performing sixty trillion operations per second.

"Data. Feel like doing a double-shift?"

His focus returned to the room and he moved to the seat on her right. "Under the circumstances I see no cause for objection."

She smiled. "Good to hear it."

He accessed the long-range sensors through the small control panel beside his chair. "The Meticulous is point-three-two light years from our position. They can reach us in under two hours."

Willow’s lips tightened. Her number one was already considering battle options. Two hours was a long time and the Meticulous was just a science vessel with minimal defences. Still…

"Signal them," she said to Crius.

"We’re thirty seconds out, Captain," Wesley said over his shoulder.

She gripped the arms of her chair reflexively and wondered why today of all days. "Lieutenant Korotkin. Take us as far as we can go."

* * *

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-F dropped out of warp and drew to a stop on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

* * *

"Helm answering all stop," signalled Korotkin.

Willow stood up and faced the screen.

Crius scanned the space ahead. "The Raptor is coming to a halt less than a kilometre from Federation space."

She felt a measure of relief at that. At least the Romulans weren’t storming in at them.

"Their weapons systems are on standby, Captain," added the Orion.

So much for relief, she reconsidered. "Red alert. Bring the shields up and weapons on standby."

Willow watched the dark bird-like vessel as it hung there before them with its avian wings spread. She heard the tones at tactical as Crius entered his commands. The Enterprise was battle-ready.

Yet the Romulans remained still.


In her mind she pictured their two ships in space, just a few klicks apart, hovering motionless. A silent stare-off at the border.

Then she became aware that Data had joined her. They turned to each other and the puzzled concern on his face reflected her own like a mirror.

Leonid Korotkin, the 20-year-old newly promoted flight control lieutenant, shifted uncomfortably in his seat, unable to take his eyes off the bird. "What are they doing?" he whispered to Wes.

It was loud enough for the bridge to hear and Crius replied: "They probably want us to make the first move. Something else they can blame us for."

"They’ve already made the first move," noted the captain. She narrowed her eyes at the viewscreen. "Something’s off here. We’re missing something. Hail them again."

Crius tried and shook his head.

Willow pressed a hand to her communicator badge. "Bridge to engineering."

"Crusher here."

"Robin, is your tetryon invertor ready?"

"Charged and ready to test, Captain."

With the recent and unsettling intelligence that the Romulans were finally getting back on their feet, Willow had asked the Chief Engineer – Robin Lefler-Crusher – to come up with a method of detecting their invisible Raptors. This charged and ready to test device had been the hastily built result. "Let’s see if we can’t pick up any cloaked ships over there."

Crius patched into engineering and performed the sensor sweep.

Wesley monitored the results as they came in. "I’m getting something…"

A warning siren flared.

"Raptor decloaking off the port bow!" cried the Orion. "Charging weapons. They’re firing!"

Willow jumped into the command chair. "Lieutenant…!"

Korotkin was on top of it. "Dodging the bullet, Captain!" He rolled the ship to starboard as hard as the controls let him.

Enterprise vibrated as a torpedo impacted on the edge of her shields.

"We are under attack," grumbled Crius.

Willow regained her equilibrium. "No kiddin’. Evasive manoeuvre Riker-gamma."

"Yes, ma’am," replied the pilot and punched it in.

Rosenberg turned to tactical. "Target their weapons. Full phasers."

Crius locked on and fired. "Minimal damage. Incoming!"


The bridge seemed to spin around them like a mad fairground ride.

To Willow it felt like they’d been side-swiped by a starship. "Damage report?"

Crius checked the internals. "We’ve lost section eight on deck ten. Our shields are ineffective!"

Data had managed to keep his balance but now he returned to his seat. "Bulkheads and forcefields?"

"In place and holding," replied Wes.

The Captain watched on the viewscreen as the attacking Raptor made a wide arc as it turned for a second pass. The impact of its torpedo had been far too powerful. "What the hell are they hitting us with?"

Wesley was already scanning the space around the impact site. "They’re firing some kind of non-baryonic torpedo."

What? The Captain’s mouth went dry. "Dark matter?"

Wes gave her his seriously serious face. "I’m reading a massive axion distortion field. …Dark matter, Captain."

Willow knew the risks of dark matter. Its ability to distort normal matter on contact, just as it had with their hull. Moreover, even without a direct hit, dark matter had a nasty tendency towards gravitational attraction and gravimetric distortion. Both dangerous phenomenon to a nearby starship.

She moved across to Crusher. "The distortion field? Is it expanding?"

"Negative. Looks like it’s dispersing."

She tried to avoid the sense of relief this time. "Take measures to avoid the fallout, Korotkin, and prepare to engage attack pattern delta. Crius – quantum torpedo spread on my mark."

"We can’t afford too many hits from their new weapon, Captain," replied the Orion warrior.

"I’m aware of that." She sat down and watched the Raptor swooping in on them like a buzzard. For a moment she wondered why the other raptor – the one that had travelled in plain sight to the edge of their space – hadn’t joined in. She ignored her relief before it could turn against her. "Engage attack – take us in nice and close."

Anyone else might question the command, but Korotkin smiled. The captain hoped they wouldn’t fire and risk damaging themselves if they dug in close. He fired up the thrusters and turned into the Raptor’s path.

* * *

The Enterprise sailed along towards its enemy and spun over in a roll, avoiding two dark matter missiles, until it came up belly-to-belly with the Romulan Raptor and fired 3 quantum torpedoes into its gut.

Unfortunately for the Enterprise, the Romulans weren’t afraid of their own power. They fired another new missile as Enterprise passed under them and it met with one of the Starfleet torpedoes.

There came a brief and silent implosion, before both vessels were shoved away by the blast.

* * *

"The hull?" Rosenberg called out.

"In tact," reported Wesley.

"Straighten us out and bring us about for a pattern gamma-nine. Prepare another spread."

Crius scowled at his terminal. He had bad news for the boss. "The other Raptor is crossing the border. Powering weapons!"

Willow looked to Data gravely. "No trouble for three months and today of all days this."

A communications beep came from Crius’s station. "Captain, …we are being hailed. By the approaching Raptor. Audio only." He saw the mix of surprise and relief on his captain’s face as she gave him the nod. He opened the channel.

A strong female voice echoed onto the bridge; ‘This is Commander Saral of the Imperial Raptor K’Trel. The vessel attacking you is under Tal Shiar control and is not operating under the authority of the Empire.’ With that said, the transmission cut off.

"Wow," said Wesley. "That was almost a conversation."

What it was, considered Willow, was the first communication from Romulans in almost twenty years. She also considered the Tal Shiar - the elite intelligence agency of the Romulan Star Empire. A force highly respected and feared throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, even by the Romulans (Or perhaps not by the Romulans anymore). Its purpose had been guarding the security of the Empire. Some years ago there had been reports that the Tal Shiar was all but defunct – an extinct organisation since the destruction of Romulus. If it still exists, she thought, it clearly doesn’t have the fear-inspiring clout it once had with its own people.

"Try to keep some distance," she ordered. "Let them have at each other. If you get a clear lock on the Tal Shiar bird, Crius, fire at will."

"Yes, ma’am."

The crew of the Enterprise’ command deck watched tensely as the Raptors met on the viewscreen with an explosive exchange as each ship fired a barrage of missiles.

The Enterprise circled, firing torpedoes and phasers before peeling away to avoid the repercussions.

"Status of the Romulan vessels, Mr Crius?"

"The Tal Shiar are devious tacticians, Captain. Their shields are at sixty percent and they continue to avoid serious damage. The K’Trel seems to have only standard disruptor banks and their shields have no effect against the dark matter weapons. They have multiple hull breaches and a loss of life support on many decks." He observed their path. "They may have lost navigational sensors – they’re flying into the wake of a dark matter explosion."

"Warn them–"

The entire tip of the K’trel’s right wing passed through the distortion field and was instantly crushed. Explosions rippled across its surface and the Tal Shiar Raptor swooped in for the kill.

Crius fired quantum torpedoes but failed to prevent the enemy firing a single axion torpedo into the K’trel’s back.

Commander Saral’s Raptor ripped apart and exploded into fragments of spinning debris.

Willow found herself standing once more as she saw the enemy rotating to face them. So much for the Romulans saving the day.

Data came to her side again and she said; "Any ideas on shielding?"

"From dark matter?" the android answered in his oddly soothing tone. "No. And, considering the Romulan’s inability to defend against their own weapon, it is unlikely such a defence exists."

Wesley stiffened up before them. "Another vessel’s decloaking… it’s a … it’s a Warbird, Captain."

Crius scanned it the moment it became solid. "They’re locking weapons!"

Willow felt like banging her own head against the wall. But part of her had the feeling she wouldn’t live long enough to worry about their predicament much longer. "Give me a Fido, Lieutenant. Full power to ventral shields."

With that, Korotkin rolled the starship and displayed its belly just as the Warbird released 3 dark matter torpedoes.

The sparkling green missiles sailed towards the Enterprise, skimmed the saucer’s shields…

…and crashed into the Tal Shiar Raptor.

The subsequent distortion waves crumpled and tore the smaller ship apart.

The bridge crew of the Enterprise were bewildered as the old Norexan-class Romulan Warbird flew across their bow, slowed, and wheeled around until it came to rest just a few hundred kilometres ahead.

The sharp beak-shaped head of the Warbird looked directly into their eyes as it hovered before them.

Willow stepped forward, her pale face turning a shade paler as the image in front of her brought the blood-soaked pages of the past warping across time and slamming hard into the here-and-now.

She stood for long seconds in a silent stand-off with the Warbird.

Could it be?

That ship was carrying the dark matter torpedoes. If it was him… with those weapons… she had very little time to live.

What would her last thought be?

She reached out for Data and found his hand.

And she waited.

The Warbird hung there on the viewer, staring them right in the face.

The moment seemed to stretch on too long, and before Willow could request an open channel, the Warbird began to shimmer.

The captain turned to Crius with an open mouth but there was very little he could do. "It’s gone."

Willow faced the blank star field and hit the badge at her breast. "Robin, can we produce another inversion sweep?"

"We need at least half an hour to bring the device up to full charge, Captain."

Then it was invisible and probably long gone.

"Did we get any scans from the Warbird?" she asked desperately. "Life signs? Or… any signs?"

"Negative, ma’am," Crius replied. "They were operating with a scattering field. But we did get some interesting readings from the Tal Shiar vessel. It’s no wonder the Romulans tried to stop it. Now we know their combat capabilities."

Data approached his captain and spoke quietly. "You suspect–?"

"No," she said right away. "…I mean… after all this time. …It can’t be. No, Data. If it was him… we wouldn’t be alive right now." She stared out at the empty space where the Warbird had been until she noticed Korotkin watching her. His face betrayed confusion and concern.

"What now, Captain?" he asked.

Willow Rosenberg looked into the pilot’s young face, smooth and pale and topped with a wild mop of blond hair, and once again, as she often did, realised she was no longer so young. She was the wrinkled captain of the flagship of the United Federation of Planets.

She looked around the room. All eyes were on her. What now?

"I’ll contact Starfleet and have them send an investigative team to pick up the pieces," she said at last, remembering the USS Meticulous. A Starfleet science vessel with advanced sensors. "Contact the Meticulous. They may as well begin the investigation since they’re heading this way. We could still learn something from the wreckage to explain what just happened here." She returned to the centre chair and eased her old body into it. Finally she could submit to relief. The Enterprise was in one piece and they were alive. Today of all days that meant a lot.

"Return us to our original course please, Lt. Korotkin."

"Yes, ma’am. Setting course for Earth."

"Warp factor five."

"Helm ready."

She put out a finger like an old captain she once knew. "Engage."

With the press of a button, the pilot set the ship hurtling once again through the stars.


STAR TREK is a Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is a Registered Trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Warner Bros TV Network, Mutant Enemy Productions, and whoever else has a finger in the pie.

All copyrighted images used here are for non-profit educational purposes under ‘fair use’ terms and are purely for visual reference and to educate those unfamiliar with the show elements.

Thank you.

 Images available on my Facebook
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