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Summary: Sequel to "Pretend", in the Convergence universe.

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Highlander > Angel-Centered > Pairing: OtherKylieFR1311,163019267 Dec 037 Dec 03Yes

© September 2000 Kylie

Rating: PG


I don't own these characters. Angel belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy [ahh...grrrr]. Highlander: the Series belongs to Rysher. Everyone else belongs to themselves. I don't own anyone!!! This is for fun (and feedback!) not profit, so don't sue. Trust me, it won't be worth your time or money!

Author's Notes:

This story takes place in the Convergences universe. For those of you who have not read the previous stories:

Angel and Cordelia are a couple. His soul has been anchored, and it aint going anywhere! (well, not yet.)

Cordelia is a Highlander style immortal. Wesley is her watcher.

This is dedicated to Betti Gos, who wanted a story with Angel and Cordelia being in Sydney for the Olympics. This is for you girl!


Betti felt a pleasant buzz, as she wandered through the Sydney streets. She'd just come from the swimming events at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and the adrenaline was still flowing through her veins. She scanned the crowd as she made her way toward the train station. The major crush of people had already dispersed, but there was still more people out on the streets than usual for this time of night.

"Vamp paradise." she muttered, then shook her head. She had been watching waaay too much Buffy, and Angel. On second thoughts, how could you watch too much Angel?

She spotted a couple of familiar faces in the crowd. A young American couple who had been sitting just in front of her at the aquatic center. The woman had provided something of a running commentary during the day, and Betti had found it to be alot more entertaining than the dry, official commentary. She had also spilled a bottle of Coke all over her, although Betti had no idea how she had managed it. How do you spill a drink on somebody whose sitting behind you?

The man had been mostly quiet. He had first, but had relaxed as the day wore on. Of course the woman could have had something to do with that, when she climbed into his lap and kissed him senseless during a break in races. After that he had seemed much calmer. Briefly she thought of what a waste it had been for them to buy two seats. For most the day they had only used one.

Betti had just reached the stairs to the station when she was suddenly grabbed, and roughly pulled through the crowd, into a dark alleyway.


"Vamp paradise." Cordelia noted as she scanned the crowd.

"Tell me about it." Angel agreed, dryly.

"So'd you have fun today?" She asked teasingly, as they made there way to the train station.

"Mmm." Angel told her noncommittally. "About the time a certain someone climbed into my lap however, I would have had a lot more fun somewhere a little more.....private."

Cordelia laughed. "We can't spend all of our time in our hotel room. Have to show David at least one set of punched tickets!" David Nabbit had surprised them a month ago with tickets to the Sydney Olympics. Angel and Wesley hadn't wanted to accept them at first, but Cordelia had overruled them. They had been working, no holidays, for over a year now. They needed a break. This was the perfect opportunity. It was a free trip, David was being kind enough to pick up the tab, and quite a few of the events were held indoors, so that Angel would have no problem with the sun. Angel and Cordelia had just come from the swimming. Wesley was probably already back at the hotel. He had gone to see the track and field events with a friend he'd made on the plane.

"Oh I don't know. Spending all of our time in our hotel room sound awfully tempting. Sure you don't want to......." Suddenly Angel stiffened.

"What?" Cordelia asked scanning the crowd again. She didn't see anything unusual.

"Over there." Cordelia's eyes followed in the direction he was pointing. "Vamp just grabbed the woman who was sitting behind us."

"The one I spilled the Coke on?"

"Yeah." Angel began moving towards where the vamps had taken the woman. Following him, Cordelia quickly patted her coat to make sure that she still had her sword. (And boy hadn't that been fun to get through customs!)


Betti struggled with the goon holding her. She kicked out, trying to connect with something that would inflict pain. She succeeded. Except for the fact that the person in pain was her. Pain lanced through her foot as she connected with something that felt suspiciously like a steel pole.

She tried to bring her elbow back into her attacker's ribs, but he was holding her to close and she didn't have enough space to put any significant power into it.

"Keep struggling. It adds flavor." She heard a low voice in her ear. Adds flavor? What the hell???

Her attacker forced her head to the side, exposing her neck. Suddenly he stiffened, and she managed to bend her leg at the knee and bring her foot up high enough to inflict some serious pain. With a pained grunt he released her. She stumbled forward onto the cement. She heard the sound of a fight taking place as she regained her bearings.

"You ok?" Betti looked up to see the woman who had sat in front of her at the swimming, crouched beside her holding a sword. A sword? Oh man, what had she gotten herself into?

"I...I...I'm fine. Just a little..."

"Good, can you walk?"

"I..I think so." Betti climbed painfully to her feet. The foot that had connected with the pole still throbbed, so she limped a little. She glanced around to find the woman's partner, (Man he was a hottie!), shrug and slip something into the pocket of his coat.

"Are you alright? Did he..." He asked.

"I'm fine, just a little bruised. Thank you. Where did he go?"

"Uh...he..uh he ran off."

"Oh. Well thanks."

"Your welcome. Did you need any help getting home?"

" I should be fine. Thanks."

"Are you sure?" The woman asked.

"Yes. I have a friend waiting for me at the train station, I'll be fine. Why do you carry...." Betti trailed off. The sword was gone.

"Carry what?"

"Uh...nothing. It's ok. I'm just seeing things. I'm going to go home now."

"Be careful." The man warned her, as she picked up her bag and began limping toward the station.

"I will." she called back over her shoulder. As she began climbing the stairs she though she heard her rescuers talking.

"And here I thought Australia rated pretty low, on the demon scale of things. No vamps or demons. Other than you of course."

"It does. Doesn't mean there aren't any though."

"Good point. So, Angel, how 'bout we follow her lead and head home. Well, back to the hotel."

"Cordelia Chase, I like how you think."

"You like more than that."

"True. Very true."

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Encounters". This story is complete.

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