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Back and Back and Back to the Present

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Summary: Xander returns from his 'Road Trip' with a wider outlook to time and space.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredoldhopeFR1321,292196,1001 Nov 1015 Apr 14Yes

Chapter One

Back and Back and Back to the Present

I own none of the characters sue me and I'll laugh in your face. : )

I have had a truly bad case of writers block for my two stories and this idea has sort of helped start freeing my mind up. That and listening to Two Steps From Hell- Freedom Fighters on repeat.

This is from what will be story four of a series. Hope you guys like.

AN2: Thanks for the reviews, I used the spell checker on the site and it didn't pop anything up. : )

Buffy huffed and stood on slightly shaky feet as Xander wiped some dirt off his shoulder.
"Xander what were you thinking!?"
"Gee Buff' I guess I thought that you might need some help with that Vamp and her trashy little gang. You’re welcome by the way."
Xander's posture and tone were steady and firm, Buffy blinked at his calmness in the midst of her fury at his actions, which were grateful really but she was the Slayer and this was her job and she didn't need any help. She kept telling herself.

"Look Xand' I thought we went over this: you can't keep doing this, this is not fray adjacent this so far from adjacent it’s... its just not." She stuttered to a stop at her admittedly feeble argument skills.

Xander's eyes went cold and Buffy's mind flew back to the night Willow was kidnapped by the Masters lackeys and his firm statement of killing her.

"I did allot this summer Buffy. I went further than America on my trip. I traveled with my other friends and saw so much." His gaze turned outward past Buffy and onto the night sky he was so distant in that moment she listened enthralled.

"I've seen the Shatter Drives of the Val-Nac Noth's;
The Great and Plentiful Schism of Perplexing Judiciousness;
I've fallen through Liquid Fire in Space;
I danced on the shells of Daleks;
I've run so very far and for so very long and haven't aged."

"I'm Xander and I traveled with The Doctor across Forever’s and Never mores from Dawn to Death and I left it all behind because you’re my family and I love you all. And I won't be pushed aside anymore!"

Xander stood taller than Buffy had ever seen and threw a stake from his jacket into that Bitch Sunday’s chest who had been trying to pounce on Buffy's back while he talked. He smiled and walked away.

Buffy was still standing there ten minutes later agape.
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