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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xanders encounters of the Animals kind.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander seems destined to be saved by Man's Best Friend. Sequel of sorts to Unusual Saviors.

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Movies > UpJaylynnFR131596031,3501 Nov 101 Nov 10Yes
Disclaimer: Xander belongs to all things Joss and Dug belongs to Pixar...*I think*... Only they story is mine.

Author notes: So this came from sitting at my computer writing the next chapter of 'Uncle by Blood. Family by Choice.' Let's just say having a Muse with ADD can be annoying. I now have idea's for stories with other pets/dogs/hamsters and so on that Xander can come across so I decided to start a series of oneshots for them. So if you got an idea about a dog or other animal you want to see let me know and maybe my muse might like it. Now back to typing up the story I was trying to write when this came out...*headdesk*


Xander was starting to think his vacation was cursed. They had left San Francisco and were now doing a sort of tour of America, which was how Xander found himself in some unremarkable little town. From what they could tell, there wasn’t much or any demonic activity going on there, so Xander had felt confident enough to go out by himself to get himself a little midnight snack. He really should have known better.

After finding a dinner that was open all night, Xander got an ice cream cone to go and was enjoying it as he walked back to his hotel room when he started to hear a growling noise in front of him. Stopping instantly, his free hand went to the stake he had tucked into his belt. It wasn’t much but at least he wasn’t completely unarmed.

“Please just be a dog or something,” Xander whispered as the growling got closer.

He was however disappointed when it wasn’t a dog coming out between two houses but some sort of green skinned demon. It obviously wasn’t a neutral demon, even if it sort of reminded him of Angel’s friend Lorne, since it kept growling and looked ready to attack. Xander’s left hand was still wrapped around his ice cone, and as he debated with himself between the merits of throwing it on the ground or at the on coming monster, the dog Xander originally hoped for showed up. He was a sort of heavier set golden retriever that had a strange collar with a blinking red light but it appeared he was on Xander’s side and he wasn’t going to turn down help even if said help came on four legs.

:”Take that,” came a voice that suspiciously like it was coming from the dog that was biting at the evil Lorne clone, “and that!”

Xander blinked in shock. Not only was he being saved by a dog…again…but this one talked.

“The girls will never believe this,” Xander muttered to himself as he watched the dog finally chase the demon away and start to trot back to him. “Hell…I don’t believe this.”

The golden retriever sat in front of him, his tounge hanging out of its mouth as it looked up at Xander, “My name is Dug and I have chased off the bad thing…SQUIRREL!...Can I have Ice cream?”

“Uh, yeah, good boy. Here you go, all yours and thanks.” Xander said as he offered the dog his treat.

“Oh good!” Dug said as he gobbled the cold treat.

Xander heard what sounded like an older man’s voice yelling his saviors name, which caused Dug’s ears to perk up.

“Master calls! I must go!” Dug said before running off.

Xander watched him go for a minute before remembering the demon was still out there and started heading back to the safety of his hotel room, “ I really need to get myself a dog.”

The End

You have reached the end of "SQUIRREL!!!". This story is complete.

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