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Interlude: Darkness Reigns

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Xander's Darkness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After getting a tip, Xander reminisces over his encounter with the Circle of the Black Thorn.

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Comics > Darkness, The(Past Donor)raithsandsFR71574172,4611 Nov 101 Nov 10Yes
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of which are me. Top Cow Productions owns The Darkness, ME owns Xander & everything else. I own nothing.

Authors Note: Just a little drabble that popped into my head. Don't really know when the next full part will take shape. Just haven't been in a mood to write for a long while.


I had never expected my visit to go so well.

Earlier in the evening I had paid a visit to Deadboy to get a lead on the First Evil. Instead though my little darklings had found out that the Circle of the Black Thorn, pretty much the Board of Directors for all activities of the Senior Partners on Earth, was holding a meeting right then. So with the help of my Darkling army we paid them a visit and talked.

Granted all they did was die screaming as my army ate them alive but it was quite fun.

Then I watched my army get its kicks by torturing the Liaison to the Senior Partners. His name was Marcus something, but sadly his so called strength wasn't really that impressive. I thought he would hold out longer but after ten minutes my boys had him singing like a canary spilling everything he ever knew about the Senior Partners and their actions on Earth. Standing on the roof looking out over Los Angeles I looked down at his decapitated head and smiled.

Of course that's when the sky opened up and gave me the answer from the Senior Partners.


I couldn't believe it. Apparently my actions had ticked off the Wolf, Ram and Hart something fierce. Up in the sky was something I would never forget. I had seen a version of it once before in Sunnydale. That one cost me the life of a good friend.

For all the clueless it was a portal to hell or a hell dimension at any rate. "Well boys there is your doorway. It looks like they aren't waiting for you to come through and a coming here to meet you."

Shadow my loyal darkling spoke from my shoulder. "No shit boss. They sure look to be in a hurry to get into our dimension. I wonder why?"

I chuckled. "I guess they objected to me eliminating their executive board on Earth. Who would've thunk that?"

"Yeah, it looks like they took it personal boss."

I felt a smirk blossom on my face. "Well then this is really going to piss them off. Boys. I want to get your little Darkness enhanced bodies up there and through to the other side. Extinction?"

The twin of Annihilation popped into being beside me with a truly evil grin on his face.

"Your twin has the head start but I want you to get though that portal and catch up to his body count within ten days. I didn't expect to be able to get to the Senior Partners so easily but if they are going to give us a door it would be rude of us not to use it. Just make sure to drop Sentry on the other side so I know where you are and can get you reinforcements. Ten to one that portal is going to close up fast once you guys get through and they realize what's happened. Oh, and make sure the Handycam Squad film everything. I need video footage for posterity."

"You got it boss!"

I watched my other emissary sprout wings from his back and start to rise into the sky towards the portal with a massive army appearing right behind me and following him.

"Just wish I could see their face when they realize what a tactical error they made. Wonder which one is going to die first, them or The Powers That Be."

The End

You have reached the end of "Interlude: Darkness Reigns". This story is complete.

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