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These Baby Steps

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Summary: Jon’s going insane, Jack thinks it’s all hilarious, and there are kids, Tok’ra and Teal’c’s boots.

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Big Girl Boots

Jon watched, bemused, as Jack tried to find a way to tell Faith that the SGC didn’t have steel-toed combat boots in her size without using a synonym for small. She’d already brained Teal’c with a bedpan for referring to her as a ‘tiny Tau’ri’ and he was nursing a goose egg about the size of Jon’s fist on his shiny bald head.

Finally, Jack just spit it out. “They don’t have any in your size. You’ll have to wear sneakers.”

Jon was pretty sure that no one was as surprised as she was when, after a second of staring Jack down, she burst into tears. The shock was written clear on her face and she reached up to touch her cheeks before hiding her eyes behind her hands and wailing, throwing herself against Jon’s legs.

Everybody seemed a little weirded out by that; that all the kids kept turning to him when they were distressed. Like, Jack had been right in front of her but Faith had twisted and flung herself at Jon, instead. Everybody but Jon, who just bent at the knees and scooped her up, letting her sob into neck.

“We’ll find you a pair on the Internet,” he murmured, hoping he wasn’t lying. He could always have them custom made. “For now, sneakers are all we’ve got.”

She nodded into his neck, breath still hitching, but the tears had stopped flowing. “I wanna go home.”

He winced. “We have to wait for Daniel-”

“Not that home,” she said with a gusty sigh, pulling back from his shoulder to scrub at her cheeks. “Your home.”

“Oh,” he said, thrown off guard. “Ah.”

Jack coughed. “Jon’s only sixteen. He can’t be in charge of the four of you.”

She looked at Jack with eyes entirely too jaded for the body she was in. “He’s your age, even if the body’s different. And don’t tell me you can’t get the paperwork because my people wouldn’t have sent us to people without enough pull to get things done.”

Jack’s eyes narrowed as Jon’s eyebrows rose. “Just how old are you? And who are your people?”

She smirked as she said, “Old enough to know better and young enough to get away with anything. And my people are a world away. They’re nobody’s concern but ours.”

“Yeah, sure, you betcha,” Jack said, sarcasm rolling off him in waves.

She rolled her eyes and said, “I’m pretty sure this body is, like, five or six. I haven’t had a crying fit since about then when my Ma-,” her words shut off abruptly, her face shuttering, before she blew out a breath and said, “But I was 27 before shit went down and I landed here.”

“And the others?” Jon asked, jerking his head towards the bed where the ‘twins’ lay curled up sleeping around Tara who had yet to say a word. Dawn had been the one to identify her, with lots of squeals of excitement. Tara eyed them warily, hand brushing over Dawn’s hair as her arm tightened around Connor.

Faith winced. “And that’s where this gets weird. Golden girl’s my age, but she, uh, died when she was, ah…” She looked at Tara, who looked down, pretending not to notice all the eyes on her. “Around 20, I think. D was 20 and we’re pretty sure Con was thereabouts, too.”

Jon was starting to freak out when Jack asked, voice taking on that ‘sometimes-my-job-is-too-weird-even-for-me’ tone that cropped up occasionally, “And do you remember everything?”

“No,” she said, shrugging and laying her head on Jon’s shoulder. She tensed up when she realized what she’d done but didn’t pull away. “But I remember enough. I’m not…I don’t know if we’ll get to keep remembering, though. If things don’t change quick. I mean, I already feel five or six.”

Jon swallowed hard. He wasn’t sure which would be worse: being turned into a sixteen-year-old that had to answer to his much older, already successful self or being turned into a five-year-old, cut off from everything he’d ever known, with fading memories. Well, at least at sixteen, he got to rely mostly on himself. The thought of having to rely on someone else’s good will made him nauseous.

“We’ll find you a kick ass leather jacket, too,” he said, hitching her higher on his hip and she beamed at him.

Really, it was the least he could do.

Author's Notes: I was going to do this as a stand-alone chapter series, where every story is separated. But I decided to just go the chaptered story route. Hope you enjoy. :)
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