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Journey of Rebirth

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Summary: A rational transaction changes Xander's Destiny

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR18914,878512360,1554 Nov 103 Jan 14No

The First Trial

Journey of Rebirth part 9
Disclaimer: See part 1
The First Trial

Xander stepped into the chamber with Meetra Surik’s Lightsaber in his hand he walked in ready to face his challenge.
Activating the Saber the aqua colored blade shone brightly in the chamber as Xander looked around and saw his opponent the dark robed Sith Lord stood at the edge of a platform. Dropping his cloak Xander saw the man was not a human instead of hair he had a crown of horns and his flesh was black and red a twisted snarl on his face as he activated a twin bladed Lightsaber whose blood red blades were a sharp contrast to his own.

“Die Jedi scum.” snarled the Sith Lord as he jumped into the air. Xander jumped backwards into the air narrowly avoiding the blade that would’ve cut him in half.
“Do all you evil assholes have the same speech writer or something? Asked as he brought the saber up in a defensive move.
“I am Darth Maul and I will be your executioner boy.”
Xander’s eyes focused on the Sith Lord his breathing calmed as he let the Force flow thru him.
“Not today.” Xander answered simple as he advanced on Darth Maul.
The blades of energy met neither combatant willing to give an inch.
“Your will is weak boy and I will soon break it.” Taunted the Sith Lord.
“No Maul I am a Jedi and Jedi break Sith Lords.” Xander answered his eyes focusing on Maul’s Saber as he tried to use it to Force Xander off his feet. Xander’s vision passed thru the metal of the casing and into the inner workings of the saber Xander focused on the crystal in the top half of Maul’s twin blade and pushed the force in to a slight weakness he had found.

A savage roar filled the chamber as the crystal exploded outward send shards of the Lightsaber into the Sith’s face.

Xander stood back as Maul dropped to his knees clawing at his face and damaged eyes.

“Thank you for teaching me shatterpoint Master Revan.” Xander whispered as Maul faded away and Master Brianna appeared.

“Well done Padawan that was a most impressive win I have never seen that used before.” Brianna smiled.

“Master Revan knows much and I have learned much from him.” Xander told her.

“Very well Xander proceed to the next chamber for the next part of the test.” The ghost gestured to door that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

As he entered the Chamber Xander felt a wave of energy over take him and he found himself in what appeared to be a mish-mashed version of the Bronze a Jungle the Sunnydale High School Library.

“Well kid it’s not the Ritz but your mind is a very interesting place.” Xander spun around and found the soldier spirit sitting at the Bronze bar.

“its home John sort of.” Xander admitted.

“The library I get the club here I get but why the jungle?”

“I grew up on Disney and with my parents I always wanted to be Mowgli add to that the leftovers from the primal spirit and it fits.”

“Mowgli? The kid from the Jungle Book?”

“My Father was a drinker and fiend.” Xander and John both turned around as those words came from behind them.

“The freaking’ Joker?” they exclaimed as the clown walked into view.

“What’s with the Clown?” John asked.

“My personal Dark Side.” Xander admitted.

“Bingo bucko.” Smiled the Clown prince of Crime.

“I Don’t understand why he is your Darkside?” John asked.

“I was always afraid of clowns. He is uses his humor to make others hurt. I use it to cover my own hurt. He is wild uncontrolled. I have to keep control so I don’t end up like my Father. He is opposite of everything I want to be, he is everything I am afraid of becoming.” Xander told him.

“Still the Joker?” John asked.

“I also have a thing for hyenas what where you expecting there Rambo Dracula?” Xander smirked.

“Honestly I was expecting a vampire version of you, Angelus, You acting like your father or even like when you were possessed by the Hyena of the things I expected this was not one of them.”

“So what you gonna do now Jedi?” Asked the Clown as jumped over the bar and grabbed a bottle and started to chug.

“Kid this if this you’re Darkside you don’t have as many problems as you think.” John smiled

“Hold the mayo! How do you figure that dog face?” asked the Joker as he slammed the now empty bottle down on the bar.

“Xander think about Joker here is a clearly defined set of fears. Each thing he represents is a Justified fear given your history, but it show you know about your weakness and you are watchful of them and of your actions he’s predictable. “

“That’s an outrage an insult you dare to say that clown prince of crime is predictable?” Joker yelled as he slammed his hands down on the bar.

John smirked before slamming the largest knife you ever saw into the bar just between the Joker’s middle and ring finger.

“Yes I am.” John smiled.

“Just checking.” Whimpered the Joker as he blacked out and fell behind the bar.

“See kid between the two of us we will keep your darkness in check and make sure you don’t become like your old man or one of those Sith Revan and Bultar told you about.”

“Thanks John.” Xander smiled.

“We’re a lot alike kiddo but you don’t have the blood on your hands that I do and I want to keep it that way.

Faith was amazed at what she saw given how B and Red had talked about Xander she was half expecting a cross between Bruce Willis and Jim Carey but as she watched him face his personal Darkside, she found out he was human. He had problems he had fears just like she did. If he could face them head on maybe she could too. One day any way but for now she would sit back and wait maybe some of that Jedi Shit would rub off on her and when she got back to the Dale she would take on that fucking Vampire and make him pay for what he had done to her and Diana her Watcher and the closest thing she had to a mother.

Xander stepped into the final chamber.

Xander sensed a spirit in the chamber. The image of a white haired woman appeared in his head along with a name.

“Master Atris.” Xander whispered.

“Once I was a Jedi Master until my belief in my own superiority caused my downfall.” The ghost said as she appeared.

“I am an Exile until I can redeem myself. In life I made progress I hope to finish as a spirit by seeing the Legacy pass to someone worthy.”

“Then I wish you success in finding someone worthy enough to pass it to.” Xander told her kindly.

“You don’t believe you are the one who is worthy? Atris asked.

“Maybe I am maybe I am not, I’m just working with what I got.” smiled Xander.

Atris smiled.

“Then proceed young Jedi and claim the prize you have earned.” Atris told him as she gestured to a wall that opened revealing a glowing crystal and a round device with a viewport on the wall.

“Look into the viewport Young Jedi and it will give you some of the answers you seek but it will also give you new questions to answer.”

“Doesn’t everything?” Xander laughed.

Xander walked up to the device as Faith, Able and the Droids were let in.

Looking into the view port Xander felt a large block of information download into his head.

“Fuck me. That’s a hangover and a half.” Xander groaned as he tried to blink the pain the flashing lights left him with.

“Are you ok General?” Able asked.

“I’m fine my friend this thing uploaded knowledge into my head including instructions on how to use this Energy cell here to get us back to the Milky Way and eventually back to Earth.” Xander smiled.

Faith smiled.

“Query what next Master?” Asked HK-47

Xander smiled.

“Plot a course to the next piece of then Legacy and pick me up because I’m out.” Xander trailed off as he passed out from the knowledge loaded into his head.

Faith sat in the Ebon Hawk’s dorm she was sitting across from Xander. She had helped carry him back to the ship when they left the Hidden Base. She didn’t know why it was weird she felt as if she had some how known Xander as soon as she had met him.

It was if she was suppose to come here to find him but that made no sense what so ever.
Granted he was cute and if this was Sunnydale she may have even given him a roll or two. But here she couldn’t help but think if she started something with Xander it would be long term and she just wasn’t ready for that.

While she was here she didn’t have to worry about that Greek Freak that had been hunting her. But she still didn’t know why she felt such a draw to this guy who napped in front of her.

As Xander rolled over his eyes opened and they locked eyes. A warm smile spread on Xander’s face. Faith felt her insides melt as she felt those eyes burrow inside of her as if they were seeing her as she was, it was if he was looking at her soul and not judging her, Instead he welcomed her.

“Thank you for watching out for me Faith.” Xander smiled as he sat up.”

“Not of the big X how’s the head.” Faith covered trying to shake the feeling that he was somehow stirring in her.

“It is of the big Faith I don’t have many friends but I definitely count you among them.” He told her as he stood up.

Faith crack a true smile at that.

Xander couldn’t help but feel a little flutter in his heart as he saw Faith’s true smile and the sexy smirk she often wore.

What the hell was going on with her thought Faith. It was like someone had dropped her in the one place in all of existence that would make her into a softy. She was a Slayer damn it was suppose to live fast die young and leave as hot as hell corpse behind. Not find a guy she could fall in love with.

That thought froze her brain faster then liquid nitrogen. Love? Where in the hell did that come from. She had know this guy for less then two days and she was getting all of these girly feelings, What the hell was happening here?

Unknown to both Faith and Xander the Force was well at work weaving together treads of the future that would soon change both there lives for a very long time to come.

Xander joined Able in the Cockpit with Faith right behind him.

“Glad to see you are back on your feet General.” Chuckled Able.

“It was worth it my friend that thing uploaded a lot of information into my head.” Xander told him.

A flashing light on the pilot’s console caught Able’s attention as he quickly moved his hand over the controls and dropped the Ebon Hawk out of Hyperspace.

“Sithspit overload in one of the power relays not to worry General it’s a quick fix then we will be on our way.” Able told Xander not looking up from the console.

Xander and Faith were in awe of what was outside the front window.

“Able I think you better take a look in front of us then rethink that statement.”

Able looked up and was in awe of what he saw.

“By the Force that’s a Fleet.” Gasped the Clone.

Xander’s hands flew over the controls for the Ship’s Sensors hoping that they hand lucked out and landing in a blind spot or something that wouldn’t result in their deaths by torture at the hands of the Empire.

“What the hell?” he Whispered as he adjusted the Scanner.

“How screwed are we here X?” Faith asked trembling with awe at the sheer size of the ships in front of them.

“I have no idea Faith according to the Scanner these ships have no life signs on board and seem to be running in a stand by mode.”

Able’s eyes widened as a word written on the Hull of the Ship they were next too came into view.

“The Dark Force that’s impossible.” Decried the Clone Soldier.

“WHAT?” shouted Xander and Faith.

“It’s the Katanna Fleet a fleet of 200 hundred ships that was lost before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. It was one of the biggest disasters in the history of the Republic’s Navy.”

“What happened to it?” Faith asked leery of the 200 hundred ghost ships around them.

“It was built with what was called a Slave circuit so when one ship went into hyperspace the whole fleet did too. “

Xander took a guess. “So when one got lost they all got lost.”

“Yes General.”

“Well X what the hell do we do now?” Faith asked.
Xander smirked. “ We go shopping.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Journey of Rebirth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 14.

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