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Journey of Rebirth

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Summary: A rational transaction changes Xander's Destiny

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR18914,878512360,3594 Nov 103 Jan 14No

Rational Transaction

Journey of Rebirth


Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters just borrowing them. Don’t tell Mr. Lucas or the others.

Author’s note: My Thanks to White Werewolf, Methos, and Danyael Prince for helping me work out my ideas for this and also many thanks to Dark Scribbler and the Jedi Harris and Terran Jedi Series that inspired this work.

Tonight was possibly the last night of my life. Thought Xander Harris as he prepared himself for battle. Willow was going to be pissed at him for what he was about to do but better for her to hate him then the world to end.

Gathering up the guns he had stolen from the Armory when he took the rocket launcher from their hiding spot in the book cage and a knife and sword from Giles collection of weapons Xander walked over to the table where Willow’s magic supplies were.

For a second he froze as he reached for the Orb needed to make the soul curse work. Shaking his head he lifted the orb up and held it in his hand.

“Angel I never liked you. You coward son of a bitch, but I hope you’re at peace no one deserves what you’ve been thru let alone to have to go thru it twice. I’m sorry Wills but this is the way it has to be.” Closing his eyes Xander turned his hand and let the orb fall to the ground shattering it.

Xander ran for the Mansion to back up Buffy.

Buffy walked towards the Mansion read to kill the love of her life.

“Back up’s here Buffy.” Xander called to her.

Looking ahead she saw Xander with a Shotgun in his hands and a sword over his shoulder.

“Xander get out of here.” Buffy ordered him.

“Not gonna happen Buffy. You’re good but not good enough to deal with Angelus the nut bar and Spike. Not mention however many minions and still save Giles. Like or not you need help.” Xander told her.

“Alright but you get Giles and you get out of there. Did Willow say anything to you before you left?” She asked with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“She told me to tell you to kick his ass.” Xander lied.

The hope in Buffy’s eyes died and they harden. “Let’s go.”

Xander cocked the shotgun. “It’s time to end this.”

Pointing the gun at the door Xander pulled the trigger and blew the door open.

It was on.

Buffy was a walking engine of Death to any Vampire that crossed her and Xander’s path.

With one final Vampire dusted the arrived in Angelus’s little ritual room.

“Hello Lover.” Snarled Buffy.

Angelus turned from Acatha.

His eyes widened as Xander dropped his empty shotgun and pulled a Pistol shooting a knife out of Drusilla’s hand.

Dru grabbed her hand. “Naughty Kitten you shouldn’t be playing with noise makers.”

“She really is nuttier then squirrel turds.” Xander spoke as he lined up another shot.

“I don’t have time for you two.” Snarled Angelus.

“You don’t have much time left period.” Buffy snapped at him.

“Don’t you two think you’re a little out numbered here children?”

“No I don’t think they are.” Spike laughed as he slammed a baseball bat into the back of Angelus head.

“Naughty Spikey.” Screamed Dru as she jumped on to Spike’s back clawing at his face.

Xander just rolled his eyes and shot at Dru in her head dropping her like a bad habit.

“Get her out of her Spike and don’t ever come back that’s the deal.” Buffy told him and she pulled out a stake to kill Angelus.

As she got close Angelus jumped up and swatted the stake out of her head.

“Not gonna be that easy bitch.”

Angelus swiped at her slashing her chest deeply with his claws.

Xander aimed his gun at Angelus only for it to jam.

Angelus laughed. “Guess the White Knight came up short this time.”

Xander nodded and pulled out his knife.

And pulled Buffy behind him.

“Come on blood sucker you want her you gotta get past me just like last time. You find your balls yet or are you gonna walk away again?” Xander taunted him trying to keep him off balance.

Xander moved as one pissed off Vampire charged him. Swinging his knife Xander drew first blood living a slash across Angelus’ face.

“You’re gonna pay for that boy.”

“Bring it.”

Xander and Angelus circled one another neither one giving an inch each looking for a point of attack.

Angelus screamed as felt a pain in his leg looking down he saw Buffy had found her stake and slammed into his leg.

“Bitch.” He cried as he back handed the slayer and sent her sprawling back.

Seeing his opening Xander jumped forwarded and slammed the knife in Angelus’ stomach.

“AAAHHHHH.” Screamed the Vampire as slashed Xander’s face drawing blood.

“You’re gonna die screaming boy.” The Vampire taunted as he flicked the blood off his claws. Not noticing the blood landing on the frozen Demon.

“You first.” Xander told him as he saw the portal open.

Angelus charged Xander intend on strangling him.

Xander seeing only one way to beat him charged Angelus.

The two bodies slammed into each other knocking them to the ground.

Xander grabbed a hold of the stake in Angelus’ leg and twisted it.

The scream of pain echoed thru the room.

Xander was thrown back by the pissed off vampire

Angelus was up first grabbing Xander by the throat pulling him to his feet.

“First I’m gonna feed from you then I’m gonna make you watch as I rape kill and turn your beloved Buffy. Then I’m gonna have her kill you.”

“Go to hell Dead boy.” Xander wheezed as he punched the knife still in Angelus’ gut sending the surprised Vampire back into open portal.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Cried Angelus as he was pulled thru to hell.

Buffy crawled over to the corner of the room where Giles sat tied to a chair battered and beaten.

“Giles its Buffy listen quickly the portal is open how do we stop it please we need you.” She cried to her Watcher.

Thru the haze of the Pain Giles heard his charge’s plea.

“Blood is used to open the portal the same blood must close it.” He grunted out the pain he was feeling magnified by talking.

Buffy looked over to see Xander limping his way to the portal. He had heard Giles answer.

“Xander what are you doing?” she cried.

Xander gave her a sad smile as an old movie quote came to mind. “Rational transaction Buffy one life for Billions.”

“NO Xander don’t.” She cried out.

“Sorry Buffy my turn to save the world.” Xander answered her as he flung himself into the widening maw of the portal.

Buffy and Giles watched as the portal collapsed in on itself before vanishing. The indication of the portal or the fight that had just happen here was the jammed pistol on the ground and a single drop of blood on the stone face of the demon looking surprisingly like a single tear drop staining the face of the demon that almost ended the world.

The injured pair could only stare at the empty space that was once occupied by the bravest man they had ever known.

The Journey thru the portal was not what Xander expected. Rather then fire brimstone, He found himself moving thru what looked like outer space. It felt like he was on a roller coaster ride to end all roller coasters. The closest he could come to describing it would be like going thru Warp Speed on Star Trek.

Then he saw a light at the end at the end of his path coming up fast.

Xander passed thru the light and landed on a rather hard piece of stone.

Sitting up as he tried to get his breath back after his landing knocked it out of him.

Looking at his surrounding he found himself on a grassy plain amidst ruins that looked like Stonehenge.

“If this is Hell Dante is full of shit.”

Xander began checking himself over and finding no serious injuries he took stock of what he had on him.

He had his survival knife strapped in the small of his back. The clothes on his back two packages of Reese’s Pieces and a small squirt bottle of holy water.

“I’m so screwed.” Gripped the lost Scooby. Rubbing his hands over his face Xander look towards the sky and froze.

“No fucking way. NO fucking way.” He whispered. There were two moons in the clear blue sky. Where ever the portal had dropped him he was a very long way from Sunnydale.

“Well I always wanted to travel.” Xander whispered as his throat went dry.

Looking around the ruins Xander was looking for any signs of people. Looking around the area he landed in, He couldn’t help but notice the large stone ring that was on a raised platform.

It felt like this was important somehow but he would be damned if he could figure out how.

Xander froze at that thought considering he just passed thru a portal that was suppose to send him to hell maybe thinking about being damned was a very bad idea.

“Ok think logically Xan. Oh who am I bullshiting just don’t freak the hell out. First let’s find shelter.” Xander told himself as he went off in search of any place he would be protected.

Walking to the edge of the ruins Xander looked and round the plains and saw what he thought was smoke coming from a few miles away in between a few hills.

“Well since a cab would be unlikely I guess I’m walking.”

The walk to the Source of the smoke was interesting in the distant he had seen what looked to be a cross between a dog and a ram was walking around the grassy fields or laying under the few scattered trees.

He also saw what looked to be destroyed tanks and aircraft of some sort. But they were smashed up and seemed to be partly covered by new growth so it seemed to have been a few years since this place was a battlefield.

The smoke was still drifting upwards as he passed thru the wreckage and he hoped that whatever he found over there was friendly.

As Xander rounded the hillside to where the fire was he froze. Ducking behind a tree Xander saw a group of 4 men standing around a woman with what looked to be guns drawn.

The woman was on her knees a large bruise on her face. One of the men was wearing what looked to be a lizard-like animal attached to a back pack.

“Not so tough when you can’t use your magic tricks are you Jedi.” Snarled on of the men as he stomped the woman into the ground. Grabbing a metal tube from next to the fallen woman he tossed it over his shoulder.

Xander looked at the tube as it landed in front of him.

“Hey boss maybe we can have a little fun with this bitch before we turn her over to the Empire? Always wanted to have a Jedi. See if they are as monk-like as they seem.” Laughed one of the men.

“Yeah come on boss we been out here a while we need some release.”

Xander pulled his knife his hands white knuckled at the thought of the woman being violated by those men.

“Kilter go to the skiff and get those Force manacles once she is chained you can have your fun.” Smirked the leader.

Xander rolled around and leaned against the tree.

As the man ran towards him and rounded the tree Xander lashed out with a chop hitting the man in the throat.

Grabbing the fallen man’s gun. Xander moved back his spot and took aim with the rifle-like gun.

“Smile you rapist son of a bitch.” Whispered Xander as he aimed the rifle at the leader.

Xander exhaled and squeezed the trigger.
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