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What was once Lost is Found

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This story is No. 1 in the series "What was Once Lost is Found". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Jethro Gibbs discovers that his unborn child survived the accident that killed her mother and sister, and was adopted out without his knowledge, he takes his team and heads to a town called Sunnydale to track her down. Her Name? Willow Rosenberg

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Prologue - 28 Feb 1991



28 Feb 1991

Shannon Gibbs was scared. No, strike that, she was terrified. Scared was when Jethro shipped out with the marines for months on end fighting in a war that was so far away. Terrified was when she and Kelly had been taking a nice walk through the park and witnessing a drug dealing exchange occurring, which had turned into a murder, and she’d done the right thing and reported it to the local police, whom, upon hearing that her husband was a marine, had shipped her and Kelly off to the Navy yard, and to a organisation known as NIS. They’d put her and Kelly into protective custody, and taken them to a safe house. Now, two days later, they’d been told that they were being moved again, and that there would be two NIS agents riding in the car with them. And, to top it off, Jethro was off with the marines, and had been for two months, fighting in a war that was so far away

Shannon sat in the front passenger seat of the car, and turned so she could see Kelly in the back seat, beside one of the NIS agents. The other would be driving. Kelly smiled back at Shannon, and proceeded to tell the NIS agent about when Jethro had taken both his girls horse riding on the beach. Shannon smiled at the memory, and turned back to the front, resting her hand on her swollen stomach.

She and Jethro had always thought that Kelly would be an only child, as the pregnancy had been difficult, so when she had found out that she was pregnant again; it had come as a shock. This pregnancy had been complication free, which had led to Jethro joking that it must be a boy. Shannon, however, had a gut feeling that it was another girl. It would be month and a half before they would be finding out, when the baby was born, but Shannon had always trusted her gut, especially after she had met Jethro.

The Second NIS agent, the one that would be driving, got into the car and caught Shannon’s eye.

“You all right, ma’am?” He asked politely. Shannon smiled and nodded, rubbing her stomach soothingly as the baby kicked at her from within.

“Yes, I’m fine. Baby’s just kicking a bit, it likes to do that.”

The agent chuckled, “My mom always said that I would grow up to be a professional footballer because I practiced kicking so much on the inside.”

Shannon laughed good naturedly. Both the agents that were protecting her were young, and yet still seemed wise and mature beyond their years, scarred mentally by too many horrible cases of death, torture, and destruction. Despite their age, they were experienced agents. Shannon had become very maternal over them from the moment that she had met the young pair, and over the last two days, it had been like a weight had been lifted off the two young men’s shoulders. Though still very formal, they had become more youthful and chatty as time had gone on, much to Shannon’s pleasure. She hated seeing children, or young people in general, being thrust into situations that forced them to act in a way that required them to deny their youths and ‘grow up.’

The agent started the car, and they pulled out of the driveway of the safe house, Kelly still chattering away in the back seat. Shannon exhaled, forcing herself to relax. Yesterday she had been told that Jethro was going to be notified about the situation, and be brought home, and she had thanked God for that. Everything would be better once Jethro made it home, he’d make everything better and look after her and Kelly, and he’d be there and hold her hand when the baby was born, and everything would be alright.

Shannon watched as the scenery passed by as they drove through the suburban streets. She found herself thinking of the discussion she and Jethro had shared when they had discussed names. What had been a very long and drawn out process when it had come to Kelly, had been a short and easy discussion this time around. Jethro’s best friend and fellow Gunnery Sergeant had died the previous year, and if the baby was a boy he would be named William Jethro Gibbs after him (Shannon had been adamant on the middle name, because Kelly’s middle name was Shannon.) The girl’s name had been slightly more difficult, but they had decided on Willow Danielle Gibbs. Willows were Shannon’s favourite type of tree; she thought they were so graceful and beautiful, while Danielle had been the name of Jethro’s mother. Shannon closed her eyes and imagined writing out Christmas cards, with Kelly beside her as chief stamp licker, and a baby snuggled up against her She imagined writing ‘Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year, lots of love from Jethro, Shannon, Kelly, and Willow Gibbs.’

“Mommy, Nathan says that we can stop and have Pizza for lunch. Is that okay?” Kelly piped up from the back seat. Shannon turned as far as her swollen belly and the seat belt would allow.

“Of course it is, Sweetie.” She smiled at the young NIS agent who had introduced himself as Nathan. His spiky, unkempt blonde hair made Shannon’s finger itch for a comb.

Shannon figured the baby must have liked the idea of Pizza, because it gave a sudden kick. She smiled. The only problem with her pregnancy this time around had been the morning sickness, or rather, severe all day sickness that had plagued her from the six week mark, right through until only a month ago. Jethro had taken her to hospital four times in that period of time, fearful that something bad was going to happen.

At the though of her morning sickness, Shannon felt something in her stomach, and tensed, fearful that the vomiting was once again about to make a reappearance, before she realised that it wasn’t a nauseous feeling, but just a feeling. She instantly thought of Jethro’s gut feelings, famous among the entire Marine Corps, and realised that her own gut was trying to tell her something.

Something was about to happen; something bad.

Shannon turned to face the front as they stopped at an intersection, before they accelerated off again. She noticed the car parked on the other side of the street, with the window rolled the whole way down, despite the freezing cold conditions. She could tell, by the narrowing of their eyes, that both the NIS agents noticed the car as well, but before any of them could say anything, all hell broke loose.

The NIS agent that was driving, Damien, planted his foot on the accelerator to get past the car, and the car that they were riding in responded, speeding up rapidly. Shannon held her breath as the car drew closer and closer. Inside the other car, a masked man smirked and aimed his rife, firing off one well timed shot. It was all that was needed. Shannon felt the car she was riding in lurch as it hit a icy patch on the road, and glanced across at Damien, hoping he could control the car as it jack-knifed and spun out dangerously, but one look told Shannon that Damien could do nothing to prevent their car crashing, the single bullet hole in his forehead telling her that they were going to die. She looked beyond Damien, through the driver’s side window, and seeing a large tree trunk rushing up to meet them. At the last moment she braced, hearing Kelly’s fear filled scream, before darkness overcome her.


The next time Shannon regained consciousness, all she could feel was pain. She could feel it radiating from every part of her body. She screwed her eyes shut against it, and whimpered


“Ma’am? Can you hear me?”

“Mmm” Shannon could feel someone clutching her hand, and she weakly cracked her eyes open to see who was clasping it so tightly. The person looked down at her from where they stood, and Shannon became aware that she was lying on a stretcher. The memories came flooding back. The drug exchange that became a murder, the NIS, the safe house, Kelly in the car talking about Pizza, a gunshot, the ice on the road, the tree trunk, nothingness.

“K…Kelly” She croaked out weakly.

“Is that your daughter’s name?” the woman asked, and Shannon realised that she was a paramedic. Shannon weakly and slowly nodded.

“We’re still trying to get her out of the car, Ma’am, but she’s in good hands.”

“The others?” Shannon gasped, fear clouding her eyes. She remembered the hole in Damien’s head, slowly leaking blood.

“One of the men in the car with you is currently being rushed to hospital. The other has a gunshot wound to the forehead, and was dead on arrival

Shannon weakly nodded again.

“My baby?”

“We’re going to do everything we can to save it, but, Ma’am, you are very badly injured. You have a serious head injury, and most of your ribs are broken on one side. We suspect you also have numerous internal bleeds.”

“You have to save my baby.” Shannon said, her head getting fuzzy. She could hear voices in the background, and turned her head slightly so that she could see. What she saw almost made her throw up. She could see the car she had been travelling in. The entire driver’s side was wrapped around the tree trunk, and a thick branch had broken off during the collision, landing on and crumpling the car’s roof. She could see where the recue crews had cut into the wreck to get the victims out, and could see a cluster of people standing around where they were trying to save Kelly. She could hear them calling out things, and then she felt her hear freeze up as she caught sight of her precious little girl as she was finally pulled from the wreckage, she was drenched in blood, and at the same time, white as marble. She was lain out on the ground, and paramedics swamped over to her yelling things that Shannon didn’t understand.

And certain things that she understood perfectly well.

“She’s not breathing…”

‘I’ve got no pulse…”

“Charging to 200…clear.”

“Negative on the pulse, resume compressions.”

“Charging to 250… clear.”

“Still nothing.”

“Charging to 350… clear.”

“No, no no no, no,” murmured Shannon, tears leaking from her eyes as she listened to the people trying to bring life back into the body of her little girl. She began to struggle weakly, and the paramedic that had been holding her hand gently was forced to hold her down by the shoulders. Every movement she made caused agony to wash over her body, but Shannon didn’t care. All that mattered was Kelly, Jethro’s Kelly. Shannon didn’t feel something shift within her, nor the stabbing pain down her right side. She coughed, and she felt something run down her chin.

“Oh God, we need help over here now, I think she just perforated her lung with a rib.”

“Ma’am, you need to lay still.”

“No, no, not my baby, not my baby girl. Kelly!”

“There’s nothing you can do for her, ma’am, think of your baby, the one that’s still inside you, the one that needs you to live.” Another voice came, and Shannon forced herself to relax. If she died, then her little baby would die. Her Willow (or William, if Jethro was to be believed)

“You need to save it,” Shannon sobbed, feeling her strength fading.

“Stay with me ma’am; don’t go to sleep quite yet.”

“If it comes to me or it, choose it. Jethro needs something to hang onto. He’d be devastated if he lost everything at once.”

“Ma’am, don’t let go, we just need to load you in to an ambulance, and then you’ll be on your way to hospital.”

Shannon blinked tiredly, and felt the darkness creeping up on her. In her gut, she knew she’d never wake up again.

“Tell Jethro I love him, and that Kelly does to, and that our baby is my last gift to him. For a boy, William Jethro, for a girl, Willow Danielle.”

And with that, Shannon Gibbs closed her eyes and succumbed to the darkness.


Dr. Harold Spinner was a seasoned surgeon of many years, and he was dedicated to his job. The only thing he loved more than helping people and treating their illness or injury was his family. His wife, daughter, and little grand daughter. He looked forward to the end of every day when he would go home to his house and get to cosy up with his wife on the couch, while his little grand daughter, Amy, would chatter to them about what she had been up to at school. The only thing missing was his beloved daughter, who shut herself up in her room, to distraught to come and socialise ever since her husband’s death. Harold had never approved of his son in law. Why couldn’t his little girl have fallen for someone who had a normal job, like a doctor, or a businessman, or an accountant, for Pete’s sake? Anything but a Marine.

But she had. Private Orlando Peters had waltzed into his daughter’s perfect life and swept her off her feet. Harold had disapproved, but after a razing row with his daughter, his princess, he’d kept his silence. Walking her down the aisle to that bastard marine, looking oh so smug in his uniform, had nearly made him revoke his consent and drag her out of the church, but no, he’d looked at his princesses face, and he’d known that she was in love, and that he couldn’t do a thing to stop it happening without risking loosing her forever.

So he’d walked her up the aisle, and watched as they were married, and then, six months later he’d hidden his horror as the pair announced that they were going to be parents, and then, another seven months later, he’d held onto his grand daughter for the first time, while the Marine and his princess cried their joy out together.

Then, the predictable had occurred.

The little upstart bastard had been ordered to ship out, only three weeks after little Amy was born. The bastard had come back after three months, but then in another four he was gone for another three. It continued on like this for four years, the never being home, and the inconsistency. Then, the inevitable happened, and his princess was widowed, forever to grieve the love that she had lost to some sniper’s rifle.

Dr. Harold Spinner hated the Marine Corps, and everything it represented, so when word came through of the heavily pregnant wife of a Gunnery Sergeant, the sole survivor of a car accident that was the result of a sniper attack, he rolled his eyes and scowled. Naturally, his superior put him on the case, stating that the woman was in a coma, but fading fast, and that the baby was to be saved.

The woman was quite pretty, but the amount of her body that was injured disgusted Harold. Where was her husband, off gallivanting in places unknown, leaving his pregnant wife alone?

Two hours later, after the woman, whose name he had learned to be Shannon Gibbs, had flat lined two times, and had been resuscitated both times, Harold carefully pulled the tiny, squirming, infant girl from the womb. Two minutes later, Shannon flat lined a third time, and was not able to be resuscitated. The infant was whisked off to the special care nursery, and the name card was left blank. Three hours later, at the end of the shift, the paramedics that had been at the scene came in, and told the doctors and nurses of Shannon Gibbs’ last words, and the baby was officially dubbed Willow Danielle Gibbs.

Dr. Harold Spinner had not been present for the naming. He’d been up in the hospital director’s office, saying that a Marine would never make a decent single father, especially of a newborn child who had, from a certain point of view, been responsible for her mother not receiving the medical treatment she needed. Harold argued that the child was going to be abused from infant hood, neglected, and would probably die as a result of abuse.

The hospital director was inclined to agree, as he held Marines to be rough, impersonal characters, with little or no parenting skills. Between the two men, the decision was made that the infant daughter of Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Shannon Gibbs would be put up for adoption.

The adoption process was kept short, and before Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs had the chance to return to America and claim his infant daughter, she was whisked away from Washington, away from her only living family, and given a new last name, one that matched the one belonging to her new parents.

Willow Danielle Rosenberg.

A.N. Hello all. Here is the first chapter of my latest story. Some of you might have noticed that I altered the timeline for Buffy to match with the NCIS timeline. I felt that it was necessary. This story is a response to the Whispers of Willow Challenge on TtH. Because of my busy lifestyle, I will be unable to update regularly, but I will update as often as I can.

I hope you enjoyed the prologue, reviews are much appreciated.

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