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Methos Gets a New Life

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Summary: Methos wakes up naked in Sunnydale. . .and things spiral on from there.

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Highlander > Willow-Centered > Pairing: MethosSamCobbFR15712,7370413,2647 Dec 037 Dec 03Yes

Chapters 2-3

--- Chapter 2

"Damn," Methos swore to himself. 'I knew there was something odd about her," he thought. Methos walked beside Willow who was glancing over at him every few seconds and blushed nervously. "Damn," she thought. "As if losing Tara and almost destroying the world wasn't bad enough, I have to deal with a very good looking naked man."

Methos glanced at his nervous and silent companion and saw a tense young woman. What surprised him the most was to see the electricity sparking between her fingers. Quickly hiding her hand behind her back she smiled nervously and said, "We're here!"

Inside, Methos waited behind the stairwell and mulled over his thoughts. He was bothered a bit about the electricity but knowing that there was one Cassandra in the world, he knew there had to be more like her. After 5000 years of life Methos had seen many things and fought many things natural and supernatural alike. After the recent catastrophe with Ahriman, he was brought back to the reality that was the supernatural. The problem with Willows was not that she had at least some magical abilities but that she was destined to be an Immortal.

Hearing footsteps Methos stepped around the stairs to see Willow bouncing down them with clothing in hand. "Here," she said as she handed Methos the clothes.

"The bathroom is right through that door over there. I'll wait out here till you're done."

"Are you sure about that?" Methos toyed. Willow flushed bright red and Methos smirked.

--- Inside the bathroom, Methos put on the clothing and glanced in the mirror to do a once-over. His eyes narrowed as he saw the other reflection in the mirror. "Whistler, what do you want?" demanded Methos as he turned sharply around. The demon messenger from the Powers took a step back against the bathroom door and held up his hands. "Calm down Methos old buddy. I am just here to deliver a message." "Deliver and leave," growled Methos.

"The Powers want you to know that there is going to be a new evil rising around here soon. They said you will need more help than what you can get around here, so call a few friends and I'll see you all when you get them here." "Them? Who exactly do you want me to call?" Methos inquired. Whistler disappeared. Methos growled.

--- Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod rolled over and picked up the phone as it rang for the third time. "MacLeod," he answered. "What do you want that made you call this early?" he asked curtly. "Sunnydale, California. You need help. Bring Joe. Bring Amanda." "This had better be important," Duncan growled into the phone. MacLeod hung up the phone and rolled over to gently shake Amanda awake. "Wake up, we need to go." Amanda opened one eye wearily and glared at MacLeod. "Don't you know I need my beauty sleep MacLeod? What is the problem and why am I being involved without permission?" Duncan glanced appreciatively at her still naked form and said, "I don't know, but Methos needs help and requested our assistance." "Well, I want a reward first," she smiled at him coyly. "That can be arranged," he said as he leaned over to make the most of a few hours before dawn.

-------- Chapter 3

Methos awoke the next morning to find himself in a strange house. "Right, Willow, electricity, naked," he thought. "I wonder if she has any beer," Methos mused. Just as he swung his legs over the side of the couch to get up, Willow came down the stairs. He turned around and stood smirking at Willow. She came around the corner, glanced up and gave a short scream. Methos was again quite naked.

"What do you keep doing that for?" Willow whined. "Effect," grinned Methos as he pulled on his clothes. "Have anything for breakfast around here?"

"Well, I was about to head out to meet some friends for donuts. I suppose you can come along." "Excellent," Methos said with a grin. "I'll pick up the beer."

--- Methos followed Willow down the street enjoying a walk in the fresh morning air. "Ahh, the simple things in life," he mused to himself. "Willow, where is the nearest national bank?" "Right down the street from the Magic Box, which is our current destination," she replied.

Methos found the bank and made Willow wait outside. "No way I'm letting her get away before she needs training. Damn MacLeod for his influence!" Methos thought.

"Timothy Adamson is the name, and I'd like to withdraw some money from my account." Methos signed the withdrawal slip and took the cash. The next stop was to the ATM where he punched in a secret set of access codes that he had programmed in when designing the bank's system. The codes allowed him to get one of his many safe-deposit boxes in New York to be shipped to the local bank, which housed the ATM. "Tomorrow I'll have my new ID and some more cash. Much easier than carrying a briefcase," he thought.

Methos aka Timothy joined Willow outside where she patiently waited for a reason unknown even to her. Walking the last few feet to the Magic Box Methos opened the door and held it for the startled Willow. "Just a polite man. A hot-when-naked or not polite man. But polite," Willow thought. "Hey Wills! Donuts are hot and fresh. I got you." trailed Xander as he saw Methos step in the door behind his friend.

"Hello. I'm Timothy, and you are?"

"Xander, and this is Buffy, Dawn, and Giles" introduced Xander while pointing to each one in turn. "So, how do you know Willow?" probed Xander.

"We ran into each other last night and Willow here was kind enough to offer me breakfast" Methos replied. "Well Timothy, it's nice meeting you," offered Giles giving Willow a quizzical look. Willow just blushed furiously like he hadn't seen her do since high school. "Some things will never change," he thought.

About that time the room flashed in a bright light and Anya, the vengeance demon, appeared in the middle of the room. The gang glared at her in panic as she walked to the cash register asked, "Well, how much money did I make last week?" Anya looked up at their glares confused. "What? Did we lose everything? Are we going to have to sell? Xander, was this your fault." She demanded. "We have a visitor, Anya" said Giles and pointed. Methos stood with his mouth open then blurted out, "Anyanka, how come you didn't tell me you were a demon?"

"You know her?" interrupted a very confused Xander. "Of course Methos knows me, stupid. We used to be lovers." Anya replied. "Gosh, that was a good 1500 years ago," she mused while Methos grimaced and started to slowly turn toward the exit.

"And just what are you? And who the hell names a child Methos?" demanded Buffy while looking for a weapon and turning Methos back around. "I am just a guy. And hell if I know" replied Methos calmly. "Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy," retorted Buffy while bringing her crossbow into focus on Methos' chest. "Anya, explanation now!!!" Buffy ordered.

"What's to explain? He's immortal and we had lots and lots of sex. It was quite fun and very beneficial," said Anya with a smile as she took a stroll through memory lane. "The only immortals I know of are vampires and demons, but you came in from the sunlight. Giles, help please?" asked a very confused Buffy.

Giles took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose and began to speak. "I remember reading once about a group of human-looking creatures that played some ridiculous Game that only ended when the last one of them remained. They live forever unless you take their heads and some kind of energy transfer takes place."

"Excuse me, but I am quite human and," started Methos only to be interrupted by Anya. "Yes he is and I can assure you that everything functions quite well" she enthused. "Yeah, he looks quite healthy and completely functional" blurted out Willow. Her friends stopped and stared at her as she turned flame red once again. Methos smirked evilly.

Methos let her plead at him for help for a moment and then he decided that if they knew Anya, then they would have no problem with immortality. "Everyone have a seat, and I'll start from the beginning."
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