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The Red Knight

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Summary: Maddison wants a bed time story

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CSI > CSI MiamiDemonChyldFR131724011,3855 Nov 105 Nov 10No
The Red Knight

By DemonChyld

Disclaimer: CSI: Miami and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are not mine, nor do I make any money off of them. I just let my evil little mind come up with the weirdest crackfics for them to play in.

The Red Knight

Chapter 1: Tell Me A Story!

“Tell me a story? Please!” Xander looked down at the little girl and sighed, who could resist that cute little face and those big eyes just like her uncle’s?

“What kind of story, Maddy girl?” he asked, hoping she would point to a book for him to read.

“A made up story! One with a knight, and a dragon and it has to start out ‘Once upon a time’!” No such luck it seems. Well she wants a made up story…a mischievous gleam entered the one brown eye as he looked over at the little girls uncle. ‘Hmmm, this could be fun…’ he let the thought trail off and looked back at the little girl.

“A knight, a dragon and ‘Once upon a time,’ hmmm…I think I have just the story in mind!” Horatio Caine stiffened a little hearing that from the one-eyed man who had become such an integral part of all their lives. ‘Now what kind of story is he going to tell, I know he won’t tell her any of the Sunnydale tales,’ he thought to himself, then decided to listen in, getting comfortable in his spot by the bedroom door and watching his niece settle in for the story.

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful land, a kingdom full of many different people and where diversity reigned free…” he was interrupted by a little voice.

“What’s div, divisty, devarsy…”

“Diversity, that’s a tough one to explain so I’ll just say in this story diversity means that everyone got along with everyone else and people don’t hurt others just because someone is different. Okay?”

“Okay.” Madison settled down to listen to the story as Xander began to speak again.

“Now back to the story, there were many different people there, all from different walks of life, some were farmers, some were merchants, some were insurance salesmen, and some were even little red-haired girls that like to hear stories! They lived together very peacefully, and for the most part, the people were very happy.

However even in this most beautiful and peaceful land, there was an evil dragon hiding deep in the heart of the kingdom. He hid in some very deep caves and would whisper evil thoughts into people ears as they slept. Sadly, some of these people listened to the dragon and began to do bad things to their neighbors. The ruler of this land saw that the people were being hurt and decided that the kingdom needed a protector, someone who could stop the bad people and restore peace to the land. The ruler called for a tournament, and decreed that the winners of this tourney would be knighted, and that they would be the protectors that the kingdom so desperately needed.” Xander looked at the little girl who had already fallen asleep and chuckled.

“Looks like you are going to be telling that story a lot, lover.” A husky voice commented as he walked closer. “I bet she is going to want to hear more of it tomorrow night.”

“I know Love, I’m happy that she likes it so much.” Xander stood and waited as Horatio kissed the sleeping child’s forehead and then walked out of the room with him.

Suzie looked over at them and smiled. “Thank you for helping me get her to bed, she really loves your visits,” she stated softly to them.

“My pleasure Suzie, you’ve been adopted as my little sister, so I get to spoil the only niece I have.” Xander stated with a smile.

Horatio commented, “We love coming over and spending time with both of you, you are family.”

She smiled, “Well it’s bedtime for me as well, I have school in the morning. I will see you guys tomorrow though, right? She will be so disappointed if she doesn’t get to hear the rest of the story.”

“Of course, Suzie. We’ll be over after dinner, all right?” Xander looked at Suzie anxiously.

“Great. We will see you tomorrow then.” At this both men left and listened for the bolt to shoot home. Horatio climbed into the driver’s seat of his Hummer, and Xander hopped into the passenger seat. Both men buckled up and the drive home was quiet and peaceful.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Red Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Nov 10.

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