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Soul Destroying Betrayal

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Summary: Betrayal can destroy anyone, in this case its going to destroy the World as a whole if its not prevented.

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Movies > Constantine
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XanderLuvsAllFR1521,944043,5766 Nov 1018 Nov 10No


Midnite kept Chas with him for months despite Chas being catatonic from his grief as he had promised John to look after his apprentice/lover, And he would keep that promise as he understood how deep their love had been and how innocent Chas really was. Midnite had no desire to see Chas anymore hurt and he strongly suspected that if Chas was alone when he came back to himself, he would kill himself and thus be with John again. Even without his promise to John, he would not want to see that and not just because it would mean Chas was in hell and that was not a place he would wish on his deepest enemy. As for Chas, there was something special to him that Midnite could sense but not define.

It would be seven months before Chas was with the 'living' again, for him to become functional after the loss of John. It wasn't easy for him and a large part of him longed to end it all but he didn't.Largely because of the promise John had managed to extract from him not to. John wanted Chas to live so live he would even if he was so hard, living in John's place probably didn't help anything but he couldn't bring himself to move. It was John's after all and he needed any part of John that he had left. Midnite was helping him as much as he could, as much as Chas would allow but it was still tough going.

The pain of his lost was overwhelming on all levels and Chas felt like it would never end, that he would always mourn for his loss. That the pain of John's death would always haunt him, always consume him on every level that there would be no other emotions in him but that pain. The thought was depressing on an entirely new level that left him breathless.Living in John's place both made it easier and harder but he couldn't leave. Midnite offered to find him a new place, insisting at times but Chas was firm. He would stay, After a while, Midnite stopped and just accepted it as Chas was coming to terms with everything.

It would take months but Chas was finally healing and a ctuelly able to function without needing reminders to eat, shower or go out. He even began to listen to Midnite talk about rituals, demons and other things that actually fascinated Chas for the first time. Midnite was teaching how to survive now that he actually wanted to. A year after John's death, Chas performed his first exorcism and it went perfectly. He called Midnite to tell him then went home..Which he was thinking of letting go as he was finally ready to move on from John's death. While he would always love him and knew no other could take his place, Chas knew that it was time. Upon arriving at his door, he discovered it open. Pulling out his gun, he entered. Then just stopped.

For John was standing in front of him and all Chas can do was stare. He knew he should be shooting or demanding to be told what he is as Chas knew it wasn't John as John was dead. It had taken him a long time to admit that. The Thing turned to hm.

"Hello,Chas." It even had his voice.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Soul Destroying Betrayal" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Nov 10.

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