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Second Star to the Right

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Summary: Where all your Happily Ever Afters Come True... That was the tag on the online dating site that Xander was using. How unlucky for him.

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Tinker, Water, Light & Garden

Author's Notes: An update for this story. And as promised it's full of Fairy Goodness. I think the big meet up will have to be in the next chapter if it happens... Hope so. Anyway, enjoy folks and welcome to the world of Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell let out a startled cry of surprise when the water splashed down through her open window and struck her in the face – giggling outside her friend – the Water Fairy Silvermist – waved briefly at her.

“Time to wake up, Tink,” Silvermist said with a grin.

“What are you going on about?” Tink demanded. “I was having the best dream ever,” she added with a dreamy smile as she thought about last night’s dream.

“Come off it, Tink, we’ve got important work to do preparing for autumn,” Iridessa reminded as she flitted into view.

“What?” Tinkerbell frowned slightly. “Didn’t we just change everything for spring?” she asked.

Iridessa and Silvermist shared a confused look.

“No, that was summer,” Iridessa reminded.

“Oh… Oh! Right!” Tink said leaping out of bed and dashing over to her closet to change for another day’s work as a Tinker Fairy.

“Tink, you seem… Distracted. These days,” Silvermist said with a hint of curiosity in her tone.

“We thought by now you’d be over your silly little crush for Peter Pan,” Iridessa added with a concerned frown.

“Peter?” Tink said ducking back out of her closet to glare at the others. “You haven’t been blabbing about me and the time I spend with the Lost Boys to Fairy Mary again? Have you?” she demanded her cheeks turning red.

“Of course not, Tink,” Iridessa said with a look of disapproval in her eyes. “What kind of friends do you take us for?” she demanded.

“Sorry… Sorry!” Tink apologized ducking back into her closet. “It’s just… The older fairies never understood my fascination with the humans as much as you guys did. Or the reason why I helped Peter find his way to Never Land,” she admitted.

“True,” Silvermist agreed with a nod. “But lately you’ve been acting flightier than usual,” she said.

“Has Terence… said something to you?” Iridessa wondered.

“Terence?” Tink repeated with a confused look. “Oh Terrence,” she said realization dawning. “No. We’re just really good friends, guys, he knows that and I know that.” Tink turned away to hide her expression of discomfort at that. True she’d harbored feelings for Terrence once upon a time, but all that changed when she met Peter.

At first she felt more like a mother to him. But as time progressed she began to realize there was just something special about the elfin-like boy who refused to grow up. These days she considered Terence a very good friend – and hopefully it wouldn’t hurt his feelings too much when she finally built up enough courage to introduce them all to Xander – that human had stolen her heart.

Dancing out of her closet fully dressed now she smiled a funny little smile and waltzed past the others as her thoughts returned to the dream. “Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, once upon a dream,” she half sang to herself in a low breath.

“Tinkerbell,” Silvermist said.

“Are you. Alright?” Iridessa asked once more sharing a concerned look with the Water Fairy.

“Huh? Uh-huh, ‘course I am,” Tink said with a goofy grin. “Why? Is there something wrong with my clothes?” she wondered quickly glancing down to see if she’d put her dress on backwards again.

“You’re acting… squirrelier than usual,” Iridessa explained.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Tink demanded her cheeks glowing red slightly with sudden anger.

“Calm down, Tink,” Silvermist said with a half-smile. “Iridessa didn’t mean anything by that. But you have to admit… You have been acting unusual the past few months. Almost as if you’d been.” Silvermist shared another look with Iridessa who encouraged her to finish her thought. “Seeing somebody.”

“Seeing?” Tink repeated her cheeks changing from red to pink. “Seeing? Who’s seeing? I haven’t been seeing? What makes you think I’ve been seeing?” she asked with a fake sounding laugh. “If we’re going to get work done this year for autumn I’d better get down to the workshop and make sure all of my gadgets are functioning properly. Thanks for the wake-up, girls, but I really should be on. My. Way.” Tink rushed her friends out of the house as she spoke moving at a clipped pace out the door.

“Tinkerbell!” Rosetta cried popping up in front of them so suddenly it nearly gave Tink a heart attack. “You’ve got to come quick. Queen Clarion needs ta talk to ya, and it’s really important,” she insisted grabbing Tink by the hand.

“Queen Clarion?” Tink repeated her face crestfallen. “Uh-oh,” she muttered under her breath.

Queen Clarion was the ruler over all of the fairies of Pixie Hollow – it was her duty to oversee everyone and make the hard decisions – it was also her job to bring about the birth of the new fairies. And help them find their talent.

There was something special about Tinkerbell – had always been ever since her birth – however even Queen Clarion could not have foreseen this turn of events. It was the most unprecedented development in all of fairydome.

A fairy had been born on the mainland. A fairy had been born without the aid of pixie dust. A fairy had been born not from a baby’s laugh, but from a strange development that no one could have predicted.

Pacing back and forth in her private quarters she waited for Tinkerbell to arrive. It was necessary that someone fetch the new Fairy as quickly as possible – before something else got to him – that was something she did not relish witnessing.

“Here she is, Queen Clarion,” Rosetta said leading Tinkerbell by the hand.

“Thank you, Rosetta, please leave us alone,” Queen Clarion requested.

Rosetta shared a look with Tink and quickly left.

Tinkerbell nervously approached her queen. “You. You wanted to see me?” she asked nervously.

“Tinkerbell, as queen of the fairies I am privileged to certain talents. Chief among them is the ability to see things and to look in on any of my fairy children when it is necessary,” Queen Clarion informed.

Tinkerbell’s cheeks flushed with color. “What… What are you saying?”

Queen Clarion smiled a disarming smile. “You are not in trouble, Tinkerbell,” she said.

“I’m not?” Tink asked. “And why would I be in trouble, Queen Clarion?”

“Your continued friendship with Mister Pan perhaps,” Queen Clarion said with a knowing smile. “I have seen what you can do, Tinkerbell, you are a very good Tinker Fairy. You fix things that not many could achieve. In fact you fix more than is normal for a Tinker,” she explained reaching out and placing her hand upon Tink’s shoulder. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are simply following your heart. And in this case it has served you well, however… Young Mister Harris is in a bit of a predicament,” Queen Clarion revealed. Summoning an image of earlier that morning in her viewing glass she revealed the current predicament in question.

Tink’s eyes widened in stunned awe. “My boyfriend… He turned into a Fairy,” she said with a gasp.

“It was only a matter of time I’m afraid. There is a reason Fairies do not engage in the act of sexual intercourse with humans,” Queen Clarion said with a gentle chiding smile.

“You saw that too!” Tinkerbell squeaked.

“A lady is entitled to her privacy, Tinkerbell,” Queen Clarion replied straight faced. “He is quite the talented charmer though,” she added with a wink.

Embarrassed now Tinkerbell hid her face in her hands so Queen Clarion couldn’t see the change in skin tones. It didn’t help her though – she was pink from head to toe and glowing quite brightly.

Queen Clarion gently placed a hand on her shoulder once more. “You must fetch him immediately before his human friends do something foolish,” she warned.

“I have to go… Oh no! I couldn’t possibly go there alone,” Tinkerbell said taking a step back in nervous despair. “What will he say? What would they do?” she asked eyeing the very large human female that was friends with her currently diminutively sized boyfriend.

“You may take a few friends along to help you out, but you must hurry.” Queen Clarion turned to a small hourglass image which she had conjured as soon as the incident occurred. “If Alexander is not brought before me before the sun sets on Never Land today he may transform again,” she warned.

“Again? Into what?” Tink asked.

“Who can say?” Queen Clarion replied with a shrug. “A troll, a gnome, a goblin… There are many creatures on Earth. This is why Fairies are all born here in Never Land,” she explained gently leading Tinkerbell back to the doorway. “You must go swiftly and do not delay,” she said.

Tink nodded. “For Xander’s sake I will. I’ll fly the fastest and the farthest I ever have before,” she vowed. “No way am I losing the best thing to fall into my lap,” she added under her breath. Dashing out the door she made her way to where the Pixie Dust was kept. But she rushed back almost out of breath. “Thank you, Queen Clarion,” she said.

Queen Clarion smiled as she watched her go. “I played no part at all in this miracle, my dear. As I said, you are a special fairy,” she whispered before turning back to observe Alexander’s current predicament. “And you young man are equally special. In your own charming way.”

“What happened, Tink?” Silvermist asked as the Tinker Fairy managed to make it back out alive – or at least without a sad expression on her face.

“Something…” Tink glanced at her friends briefly. “I need your help. We have to go to the mainland,” she said.

“And why do we have ta do that?” Rosetta asked.

Tink eyed her friends with an uncertain expression. “I haven’t been entirely honest with all of you,” she began nervously wringing her hands. “I’ve been… Seeing someone.”

“I knew it, I knew it!” Iridessa shouted with a grin. “So. Have you and Terrence been having fun?”

“It isn’t Terrence, Iridessa,” Tink said frustratedly.

“Not… Peter?” Rosetta asked with a nervous glance between the other fairies.

“No! Of course not, he’s too young to understand those types of feelings,” Tink said with a sigh. “Look. I put my name up on one of those online dating sites and they hooked me up with someone.”

“You used a human made device to land a man?” Rosetta asked in disbelief. “Tinkerbell, honey, we didn’t realize you were that desperate,” she said with a sympathetic frown.

“Rosetta, what are you talking about?” Tink demanded.

“You have been dating a human!” Iridessa accused.

“Yes!” Tinkerbell shouted back her face getting redder. “Alright! I’ve been dating a human. I took him to the special island off our shores and used the magical sands there to transform him into a Pixin so we could ‘date’. I’ve been alive for a long time, I got lonely and depressed and I got tired of moping after Peter!” she said with a frustrated tone. “That isn’t important right now. I need your help to get him here before sundown otherwise he might become a goblin or worse!” she explained.

Her three friends shared a brief look and one by one burst into warm smiles.

“All you had to do was ask, hon,” Rosetta said.

“We’ll get him for you,” Silvermist added.

“Why would he turn into a goblin?” Iridessa wondered curiously.

“Because he kind of, sort of, turned into a full-fledged Fairy this morning,” Tinkerbell explained sheepishly.

“Then we better get going,” Silvermist said.

“I’ll get the Pixie Dust,” Rosetta offered dashing off.

“I’ll get Fawn, we might need her help too,” Iridessa said.

“And I’ll help you pack,” Silvermist said with a warm smile.

“Thanks, guys,” Tink said with a relieved sigh.

“You’re our friend, Tinkerbell, we don’t judge you,” Silvermist reminded.

“I know.” Tinkerbell slumped her shoulders in silent relief. “We’d better hurry,” she added dashing off back home to fetch a few tools that might be needed. “Oh right. There’s something I forgot to mention… My boyfriend. He’s kind of, well he’s kind of friends with the Vampire Slayer,” she told Silvermist.

The Water Fairy eyed Tinkerbell in shock. “Oh, Tink, we’re going to need a lot more help than just us,” she said.

“You don’t mean?” Tink eyed Silvermist in horror.

“I do, we’d better ask Vidia to come with us too,” Silvermist replied.

“Oh phooey,” Tink complained.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Second Star to the Right" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Nov 10.

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