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Wild Oats

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Summary: A bit about Giles's past

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Mystery PairingcmdruhuraFR2112,684059499 Nov 109 Nov 10Yes

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Title: Wild Oats
Pairing: Multiple mystery
Rating: FR-21 for sexual imagery
Parts: 1/1
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters from BTVS. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: A glimpse at Giles’ past.

The first thing he was aware of was a throbbing in his northern head. Then he felt a warm wetness encircling his southern head that caused it to throb, and swell, as well.

Cracking his eyes open, for experience told him too much light at one time would only worsen his condition, he could see that he was lying on his back in a bed and the covers had a rather large mound between his splayed legs that was slowly moving up and down in time to the very, very pleasant sensations he was feeling that made thoughts of his headache fade slightly.

While not adverse to the attention being paid him, he was at a loss as to who was giving him service, though his foggy memory did indicate some possibilities. He decided to solve the mystery by raising the covers to take a look. The light was dim enough that it didn’t take long for him to focus on the top of the bobbing head and recognize it.

“Olivia!” he shouted, which only caused the head to pause for a moment and angle the face more towards him, confirming the identification he’d made.

“Good lord, what day is this?” he asked excitedly.

“It’s Sunday,” came the reply from the dark skinned woman under the covers before she returned to her ministrations, which were not quite distracting enough to overcome his sudden panic at what her being there might mean.

“What’s the bloody date?” he groused out.

“April 12, 1980” she responded, once again only briefly interrupting her from her self appointed task.

“Oh thank God,” he sighed as he lowered the blanket again. “I was afraid I’d gone on a bender and lost a fortnight.”

He lifted the blanket back up and tossed it towards the foot of the bed revealing her bare upper torso to his still somewhat fuzzy gaze.

“So why are you back early?”

She gave an extra hard suck that sent very lusty thoughts through his brain before replying, “Professor Jones got wind of some political unrest in the area and decided that since we were all anthropology students and not polysci that we didn’t need to hang around to possibly be part of any practical demonstration either side might want to make about their various theories of how government should work.”

“Yes, that probably was prudent,” he opined while luxuriating in the sensations of her hand slowly jerking his John Henry.

“Now, from the taste of this bad boy,” she said giving an extra hard squeeze to the organ in her hand that stopped just short of being painful, “You’ve been a very bad boy while I was away. Confess!”

Despite the stern look on her face, which his mind momentarily framed with a nun’s wimple, he knew she wasn’t too pissed off at him or she would have squeezed his stones instead.

He closed his eyes to try and gather and organize his thoughts from the alcoholic haze.

“I seem to remember crashing a party for the visiting American students that were competing in an academic competition of some sort,” he said with his eyes still closed, while Olivia continued to massage his cock.

“I met a girl, brunette, near the bar who started telling me about her fiancé as soon as I sat next to her. Apparently they tended to get into a lot of fights, though I got the impression they were verbal, not physical and she’d just gotten off the phone earlier with him and had another one. I really didn’t get the gist of what they might argue about all the time but she was definitely put off by this latest row. Anyway, I suggested we go for a walk so she could work off the obvious agitated state the argument had left her in and she agreed. We only got as far as the parking lot when she grabbed me around my neck and mashed her lips to mine, quickly pressing her tongue into my mouth.”

“How long did it take you to respond?” asked Olivia.

“Only half a mo,” he said. “She had no finesse but was definitely in the mood as she grabbed my crotch and cooed about how she was going to enjoy having my snake inside her.”

“I quickly disentangled myself from her clutches long enough to pick the lock on a nearby car and we both got in the back seat,” he continued. “There was no foreplay as she just lay back, pulled her knickers down and spread her legs. I shagged her fast and hard which she seemed to enjoy as her body started to shake and then went stiff as a board when I let loose my load. Once I recovered I found she had passed out, apparently her orgasm coupled with what she’d drunk had proved too much for her to cope with.”

“Did you get her name?”

“I think it started with a ‘J’,” he replied. “Oh, I believe she said she was studying to be a nurse.”

“What did you do then?”

“After I straightened her skirt, I just closed and locked the car door and returned to the party.”

Seeing her frowning face he added, “It was still early and I didn’t know where her room might be so I left her to recover on her own. Our encounter had only wetted my whistle and I don’t shag birds who just lay there like the dead.”

“So that wasn’t your only infidelity?” she said with another hard squeeze to his shaft.

After recovering from the shudder of pleasure from her hand’s action, he replied, “Actually that was just the first of four such encounters over the evening. All with engaged women.”

“Do tell!” exclaimed Olivia as she leaned forward and licked the head of his cock and causing him to moan at the teasing she was doing where she kept him hard but no where near the point of bringing him off.

“W . . . well upon returning to the party, I mingled a bit before encountering my next temporary paramour,” he said. “She was a redhead and I think she was studying psychology.”

“Did you get her name?”

“No, but I remember her saying her fiancé’s name was Ira something or other. He was back in the States and was apparently the only bloke she’d ever been with. I could tell she’d had a couple of drinks but not to the extent ‘J’ had. I think she did it to loosen up enough to ask someone to shag her so she would have an experience to compare Ira with. I just lucked out that she chose me to conduct this experiment with.”

“Since I didn’t want to take the chance of running into ‘J’ by going out to the parking lot, we went to a nearby classroom instead where I took her on the professor’s desk. She was a bit submissive and hesitant so I engaged in a fair amount of foreplay with her to make sure she was in the mood and ready for me. Kissing her lips, neck, and tits. She stopped me before I could continue my journey south though she did allow me to finger her to orgasm before I entered her. She had me go slow at first, which was both enjoyable and frustrating in that she was really hot and slick inside and it made me want to luxuriate in the feeling while really wanting to pound into her. Due to my earlier encounter, though I was able to not only last longer but induced several orgasms for her as well. I believe I banged her cervix several times as she would let out a pained squeak once in a while. After I came, she let me lay atop her as my cock returned to its flaccid state. She didn’t pass out but didn’t immediately get off the desk after I removed myself from atop her. She told me to go ahead without her and that she would return to the party after a bit as she wanted to find the ladies’ loo to freshen up. I was a bit concerned about whether she might have second thoughts about what we did since she was engaged but just gave her directions to the loo and returned to the party. I stayed hidden off to the side with an escape route behind me to see what she would do if she did return to the party. After about 20 minutes, she did return and from her actions I could tell that she was neither looking for me nor raising a row about being raped so I relaxed but made sure I stayed out of her sight for the rest of the evening.”

“Do you think she was satisfied with your performance?”

“I believe so, but I also believe that my bumping her cervix sort of soured any chance for her doing further experiments with me or anyone else.”

“Well, it sounds like Ira will have a faithful wife once he marries her,” stated Olivia.

“Yeah, the short-dicked guy should have no worries of her straying again,” he said with a smirk.

“So, once you were sure the bobbies weren’t going to arrest you, who did you do next?” she asked as she again took another slurp of precum oozing from the eye of his snake.

“My next conquest was another brunette whom I overheard talking to some people I assumed were her friends about how she was marrying some rich guy her father had matched her up with,” he said. “And no, I don’t remember her name either. Not even what she was studying but at a guess I would say Liberal Arts. Apparently her family was rich as well and their parents had arranged the marriage.”

“They still do that in America?”

“Obviously the rich still do,” he replied. “Anyway, she’d been drinking a bit as well. Much less than ‘J’ but more than Red and white wine, not the hard stuff. I snagged a couple of white wines from a nearby tray and used that to enter the conversation by presenting her with one. She was circumspect enough not to give out her fiancé’s name but mentioned he was an adequate lover even if she wasn’t marrying for love. Armed with the knowledge that she’d apparently had experiences with other men than her fiancé, I laid on the charm and within 30 minutes we were ensconced in one of the nearby maintenance closets. It was a tight fit in there as she was amply endowed and her breasts were very sensitive, if her reactions to my groping them was any indication. Unlike Red, she actually pushed me down on my knees to pay homage to her womanhood. It wasn’t until after her third orgasm that she deigned to let me enter her. She was a very demanding woman as to how to satisfy her. Luckily my previous two encounters forestalled my own release, despite how tight she was, until she’d had another three orgasms. I was quite fatigued by the time I finished and was leaning heavily back against one of the closet walls when she had a fit about a tear she’d discovered in her supposedly one of a kind knickers as she was preparing to put them back on. She threw them in my face and then stalked off after calling me an uncivilized barbarian. Imagine the cheek of an American calling me uncivilized. Especially after having previously, and repeatedly I might add, expressed great delight in both my length and girth while I royally rogered her.”

“Well, Ripper, some women have strange priorities that can change at a moment’s notice,” said Olivia smiling and once again aborting his rise to climax.

“Quite,” he said with some slight frustration.

“What did you do with the knickers?”

His face scrunched in concentration before he replied, “I believe I left them dangling from the door knob of the Dean’s office.”

Olivia burst out laughing and he followed.

Once they’d both stopped, he continued, “After straightening myself out, I went and had a few more drinks and some snacks to replenish my energy. Still it was over an hour or so later that I encountered my final companion for the night. She was blonde and this time a name wasn’t even offered. All I got was that she was an Art Major and very free spirited. She said she was totally in love with the man she was going to marry but wanted one last fling. She was another white wine drinker though I believe she’d had more to drink than the snobby socialite. She did seem to be in her right mind though. That was of course before she guided me out to a shadowed spot on the terrace and sat on the railing with her legs splayed out and her skirt hiked up to show she wasn’t wearing any knickers. She had me go slow at the beginning as she said I was much bigger than she was used to. Her breasts were average in size but as with the snob very sensitive and responsive. Her kisses were a lot more passionate that any of the others. However it wasn’t until after I’d finally climaxed that she showed me something that made her really stand out from the others. Rather than just holding me and allowing me to get soft, she started using her inner muscles to rhythmically massage me back to full rigidness and another go. She managed to keep up the gripping contractions of her pussy all through the ensuing encore causing me to let loose with a load more copious than any I’d had in a long, long time. This time I was truly spent and had to sit on the railing to rest myself. She left me still sitting there, though she did give my cock a parting kiss and brief lick.”

“I returned to the party after a few minutes more and had some more to drink before returning here as it was winding down and there didn’t seem to be any other opportunities for me to score anyone else. I did see ‘J’ had returned to the party just before I left. She was at the bar drinking again. From the way she was moving, I doubt she’d have recognized me even if she’d seen me heading out.”

The room was now silent other than the whispered sound of her hand rapidly sliding up and down his shaft.

He tried not to show how close he was but she apparently knew and gave a sharp squeeze that aborted the build up.

“Alright,” he said with a huff having been frustrated yet again from reaching the peak. “I’ve confessed my sins now mount that tight quim of yours on my cock so I can scratch that itch I know you have from listening to my encounters.”

“Hold on Rippper,” she said as he tried to pull her up further on his body. “You know the rules. Those Yanks might have let you go bareback but you need to suit up before you can split my split.”

Grumbling a bit, he reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom from the box in the drawer and tossed it to her.

She in turn opened the foil and put the rubber in her mouth. She then bent forward and engulfed his cock with her mouth. When she raised her head she left behind a perfectly sheathed flesh sword glistening with her saliva.

Only then did she mount him and ride him vigorously to the call of the hounds for a very long time. Both of them reaching climax more than once.

AN – Any inferences made by the reader as to the identity of the young ladies Giles had trysts with will not be confirmed nor denied. Neither will any suspected outcome from those trysts, though in canon BTVS and ATS there are additional clues to possibilities if you know where to look.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wild Oats". This story is complete.

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