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Normal Life is Overrated

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Summary: When times get dangerous on the hellmouth cause Willow brought Buffy back. It's time to move, with Dawn by her side cause her safety was at risk. They move to a remote place. You can take the girl out of the hellmouth but not the hellmouth out of the girl

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Literature > Vampire/SupernaturalLadyOfTheRingsFR1822,236031,8329 Nov 109 Nov 10No

A Night Out Gone Wrong

Disclaimer: SPOILER ALERT. This part contains portions of the actual book an so will future chapters. You have been warned.

Willow looked out the window as she was enjoying some tea. It's been two months an nothing really happened. The first time they ever got to relax fully without worrying about about anything but what they would do the next day. In Dawn's case what party to go to. She laughed when that was what she could worry over. Being a regular teenager. Willow sighed. At least one of them could.

Dawn called her around eight pm to tell her she was going to the club Screamer's. The name wasn't somewhere Willow would want her to go. But she let Dawn go with it. She told her to still be careful and call her when she was coming home. Dawn argeed as always and hung up.

Willow was going to enjoy a book in the quietness of the evening. Dawn was there having fun when her friends spotted three guys across the room. They whispered about two of the three not paying the third no mind. After a moment the girls decided to go over so they dragged Dawn.

"So who are you gorgeous guys?" Sarah said. Dawn rolled her eyes while they weren't looking. Really that's what you come up with. Dawn thought.

One of the boys looked them over before saying "Hello ladies, this is Blaylock, I'm Qhuinn and this is John" said Qhuinn. The girls smiled at them.

Dawn could see now why they didn't pay the third guy any mind. He was tiny. They must of come in on a conversation cause the tiny boy looked down right pissed. She tried to listen to there conversation since her friends were talking it up with Qhuinn.

"John? Let's go home" Damn. This was suppose to be Blay's big night. Instead he was getting buzz killed out of his chance to get laid good and hard. /I'll call Fritz. You stay with Qhuinn/ John signed to him.

"Nope, we go together" Blay said not budging John suddenly felt like crying an he looked like it too. That's when Dawn turned away. They were talking about something personal and she didn't want to be in their business if he was going to cry. She faintly heard the rest after that. Looking at where her friends were she noticed they were gone. She frowned. Just great. She thought. She was going to leave when she heard.

"No really Qhuinn, you don't have to stop--Hello?" Blay stared at his phone. "He's meeting us by the front door" Blay said. He turned to Dawn she thought they forgot about her.

"Sorry we got to go" he said "Well it's okay I got to go too, since my friends left me I need to call a ride" she said with a groan.

"I can offer you a ride if you like" he said and she smiled. "Thanks" she said and he smiled back.

The three of them left the little room and weeded in and out of hot and sweaty bodies. John didn't look so good during this she noticed. When they finally made it to the front door, Qhuinn was standing there to the left against a black wall.

His hair was messed up, his shirttail was hanging out, his lips were red and a little swollen. Up close he smelled like perfume. Two different kinds. He looked over to her smiling "You coming with us?" he asked.

"No just giving her a ride cause her friends ditched her" Blay said. "Oh sorry about that" Qhuinn said. "it's okay, it's not the first time" she said. Qhuinn looked at John.

"You okay?" he asked. John didn't answer. He couldn't stand it that he'd ruined everyone's night and just kept walking to the door.

The next Dawn saw was him again outside. Blay and Qhuinn joined him on the sidewalk. He signed again but she couldn't understand what he was saying.

The boys nodded so she just assumed they knew as they started walking away. She decided to join them what would it hurt. The walk didn't last long. She saw him signing again before she heard.

"Whatever you say John" she noticed Qhuinn's mismatched eyes and they were impossibly kind.

"Whatever you want to do". They headed back to the car Blay was holding Dawn's shoulders to make sure she was alright after walking with them.

They were parked in an open-air lot about two blocks from the club. As they came around the corner John thought. There's no way the night could have been any worse.

They were a good fifty yards from the car when the sweet smell of baby powder floated over on the brezze.

Dawn got this creepy feeling as she smelled "Baby powder?" she said confused at that. A lesser stepped out from behind a bucket loader. As John stared at the lesser who appeared out of nowhere, he couldn't move.

Damn they really smell like baby powder. Luckily this one was not pale haired yet. A new recruit. Which might be the only reason John and his friends got out alive.

Dawn was getting use to the creepy feeling and it finally came to her. That thing wasn't human. Great. She thought.

A groan was sounded. John looked at Blay who he though made the noise to make a silent gasp, the girl was with them at this dangerous time. He saw the lesser eyeing her so sending her away was not an option anymore.

Qhuinn and Blay got in front, blocking the way. Protecting both the girl and I. But then a second lesser came out of the shadows, a chess piece moved into position. By some unseen hand.

He was also dark haired. The first one looked at John then the girl before saying "Better run along, this is no place for you two".

"Yeah" Qhuinn said. "You got your dime bag, now get out of here punk, take your girl with you".

Dawn knew what they were doing so she pulled John along though she didn't want to, she from the hellmouth for Christ sake's. They had to find help.

They found the bouncer and John was trying to talk but the bouncer didn't know what he was doing was sign language. She could tell th bouncer was pissed.

"Get the hell out of here or I'm calling your mommy and Daddy" he said. She heard snickers and shouted out "Hey!"

He glared at her but you got to do better then that to scare her. "You two get out of here"

John ran back to the lot and she was right behind him. He was moving pretty fast. As they both rounded the corner. Skidding on the loose gravel.

Blay was on the ground with a lesser sitting on his chest, an the two were fighting for control of what looked like a switchblade. Qhuinn was fighting the other one.

Dawn focused on the one on Blay. She had to do something they were nice to her. So in a moment of courage or stupidity she lanched herself at the one on his chest knocking it off him to the other side on the ground.

Everything stood still when a loud pop went off. Looking over at Qhuinn the lesser dropped to his knees spraying black blood out and falls onto Qhuinn.

John glanced at Blay to see the lesser on his chest gone. They guy was staring up in shock.

"Jesus Christ, John" the lesser by Qhuinn let out a gurgling breathe. As John searched for something, before stabbing the lesser in the chest it was quiet.

A bright flash and then darkness. They thought it was over till they heard a loud and echoing voice.

"No! Help me!" They look up to see the girl gone and so was the other lesser. "Oh shit" said Qhuinn.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Normal Life is Overrated" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 10.

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