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Normal Life is Overrated

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Summary: When times get dangerous on the hellmouth cause Willow brought Buffy back. It's time to move, with Dawn by her side cause her safety was at risk. They move to a remote place. You can take the girl out of the hellmouth but not the hellmouth out of the girl

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Literature > Vampire/SupernaturalLadyOfTheRingsFR1822,236031,8329 Nov 109 Nov 10No

Goodbye Sunnydale, Hello New York

Normal Life is Overrated
Author: LadyOfTheRings 
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea with the help of the challenge by Nightscream. I own neither Btvs or the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Cause if I did Wrath, Rhage and Vishous would be mine as I paid Zsadist attention as well. 

Willow/Rhage/Wrath. Dawn/Qhuinn/Blay. 

Willow woke up from her nap to hear the notice that they were landing in New York. Looking out the window at a clear day, was just a start to their new lives here. In New York away from the hellmouth. Away from her. As the plane came to a stop some moments later the flight attendants were helping people off the plane. Willow got up from her seat to grab the bags in the overhead compartment. Laying two bags down in a seat she bent down and shook Dawn awake. 

When she came to Will said "Were here, time to get off the plane" With a shake Dawn got up and grabbed her two bags in the seat. They both walked off to the lobby. Walking to the front of the airport Dawn asked "Now where?"  

Willow looked like she was thinking. "I think we should keep a low profile first, before finding things like jobs and stuff" she said. "How are we going to get food or a place without jobs?" Dawn asked Will just smiled. "I got money and if we run out Angel gave me free reign over his credit card" she told her. 

Dawn smiled at that. Yeah, after he heard what was going on from both her and Spike after he was done being used. Buffy changed, she was cruel to everyone.  He felt sorry it happened so he said "Just say the word and I'll help any way I can" So far his help worked. He told us about this remote place. A fresh start. It sounded so nice after everything we been through. 

I myself was going to leave earlier then this incident. I was heading to a place called St. Louis but after Buffy. Angel and Spike said it was a better idea going far an away from the things were use too. So here we are.

As we walked out the airport there were cabs lined up waiting for a fare. Since they had no real destination in mind they grabbed a cab closest to them. Getting in he asked "Where to?" They looked up. "Um were new here, take us somewhere not so expensive" Will said. He chuckled. "Your in luck, welcome to New York". He said driving off. 

 Sometime later or more like $30.67 later the cab stops. "Here you are Caldwell, New York". He said looking at them with a smile. "Good enough, I guess" Will said looking around. "Oh good a hotel, I'm beat" Dawn said. Willow hands over the money as they get out. "Do you know where to get a place?" 

He chuckled again at that "That might be a bit harder,as Deon here it might be cheap but it's not vacant". He said. "Oh thank you". With that he left. "So no place?" Dawn asked. Will looked at her. "We'll have a place tomorrow, for now let's get some sleep" Dawn smiled at that and they walked in the hotel to rent a room for the day. 

Neither did anything but sleep most of the day away. That's what you get for keeping night hours and jet lag. By four in the afternoon Willow was up to find them a place. Staying in a hotel was a big no. Housekeepers come in to clean and if they saw their stuff. Let's just say they won't get a warm welcome. By seven pm Willow was stretching and smiling to herself how she finally found something. It took her sometime, that cab driver wasn't kidding. Nothing was for sale. But since she was a witch she was able to find a nice two bedroom home. Nothing to big or flashy. 

It looked like it was abandoned cause no one picked it up. It was a fixer upper but with her magic it would be livable by dark. So going after something to eat she spotted Dawn in the kitchen doing to same. She smiled as she looked up. "So any progress?". She asked and Willow smiled again "Yeah were leaving in the morning for it". Willow said grabbing the vending machine sandwich they got before entering the room. "Good then were good" Dawn said with a sigh. "Yeah wee good" Willow replied.

The night flew by so fast that it seemed like an eye blink before morning came and they checked out. They left for there new home, that wasn't that far really. Of course they had to take another cab, but other then that it was a short ride. Standing in front of the place they smiled at it. And as predicted by nightfall the house looked like all the others. 

Put together, nice, a home. "I'm going to fine some friends so we look normal" said Dawn. "Yeah I don't want you thinking I'm trying to rob you of your teen years" Willow said. "I know you wouldn't do that, you helped me so much already" Dawn said going to hug Willow. "Yes, well your only a teenager once" "Yeah thank god for that" Dawn said jokingly.  After that they cleaned up and went to there rooms for bed. They hoped this place would help them heal and start over from all they have seen and been through on the hellmouth.   
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