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Road Trip Blues

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Summary: It's the quiet towns that surpirse you.

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Television > GleepoeFR1311,123132,4479 Nov 109 Nov 10Yes
A/N I have no proprietary claim on BTVS or Glee. This was the result of an attack of what the heck, I hope you enjoy.

Road Trip

Faith was having a bad day. It had started early this morning when Giles had called her up to ask if she would check out a supplier for crossbows and bolts. She’d said sure without thinking, after all; this was Giles asking. It was only after she said yes that the reality of the situation dawned on her. Xander was back in Africa again and Wood was in DC talking to the Feds, and that left . . . . . awww crap.

So she’d ended up with in a car with Andrew for three hours as they drove to an armorer that had set up shop somewhere between Fort Wayne and Muncie Indiana. Andrew was needed because, while Faith knew how to use the weapons, she didn’t know all of the important technical stuff that was essential. A crossbow that wouldn’t stand up to a Slayer’s use wasn’t much good. So they’d ridden down together, Faith making extreme lane changes to shut Andrew up periodically, in relative peace. Then when they’d got there, the guy felt obligated to go on and on about how he made stuff and wonder why would they need bolts with silver heads and basically talking her ear off. Faith was about ready to cold cock the guy and just take his stuff when she threw Andrew at him instead. The good news was that it saved her sanity and she could walk around while the two of them had a mutual geek out, the bad news was that it extended negotiations from 30 minutes to four hours. When the two of them finally shut up, there was an agreement for a number of bows and a standing order for bolts and Faith was ready to kill something.

Once they were back in the car, Andrew started going on about how hungry he was and basically tap dancing on Faith’s last nerve. When it got to the point that she couldn’t shut him up with her dangerous driving, she figured it was either stop or kill him; possibly both. So they pulled off in Lima Ohio and hit the first sit down restaurant they could find. Dinner hadn’t been all that bad, Andrew had been mostly quiet, and so Faith was in a moderately better mood when they left. The two were passing an alley on the way to their car when Faith heard something. She turned and there was this tall blond chic wearing some kind of track suit and verbally ripping a couple of kids a new one. Normally, Faith would have just kept walking or possibly taking notes on what the blond chic was saying so she could use it later on some of the baby Slayers, but her slaydar was pinging big time and so she stepped in.

“Hey Blondie, ya wanna back off from the kids?”

The blond woman looked up and said, “thank you, I was just thinking I could take my frustrations out on some sort of biker slut wanna be; and you delivered.” She then turned to Faith. “I’m Sue Sylvester and I’m gonna enjoy beating you girlie.”

Faith didn’t wait and didn’t hesitate; she darted in and landed a devastating punch right in the center of the demon’s chest. It flew back and seemed to pancake against the wall, then it collapsed to the pavement. But before Faith could say anything, it stood back up and laughed. “You’ll have to do better than that,” and charged at

It was a one sided fight, the demon wasn’t nearly as strong or as fast as the slayer, but Faith couldn’t seem to hurt it. The thing just shook off her punches and kicks; even getting its throat cut with a knife didn’t phase it at all; and all the while it was babbling on about rotten kids and spineless teachers and whatever. It was irritating on top of everything else. Faith was starting to get worried, if she couldn’t hurt the demon, how could she beat it. Not to mention that she was starting to wear down. As Faith readied another strike, she heard some muted chanting in the background. She recognized Andrew’s voice. Faith had no idea what he was doing, and honestly had forgotten that he was there.

Suddenly the demon was surrounded by a scintillating radiance. Part of it touched Faith, and she was surprised to find that she felt happy, happier than she had in a long time, but it was obviously having a different effect on the demon. The blond woman was squalling like a hog being butchered and it seemed to be pulling in on itself, shrinking in a way. Faith stepped back and sure enough, the demon was shrinking, she almost expected it to start with the whole “I’m melting” shtick like she was the Wicked Witch of the West or something. Finally, there was just a steamy spot on the pavement. Faith turned to Andrew, amazement written on her face; “what the hell was that thing and what did you do?”

“That was a Zaredox demon, also called a Misery demon, they’re really rare.”

“So what did you do, and why couldn’t I hurt the thing?”

“It feeds off unhappiness,” Andrew explained, the fact that he’d killed a demon had temporarily knocked him out of geek mode. “They can pass for human, so they set themselves up in professions where they can cause as much anguish as possible. The only way to kill them is to decapitate with something silver or a happiness spell. We didn’t have anything silver, so I cast the spell and it worked.” That fact seemed to amaze Andrew.

“If they’re so damn rare, how did you know about it?”

“One of the ways they give themselves away is that they always use the same letter to start their first and last name. When I was in high school, my brother was a demons summoner and I read a lot of his books and that one was mentioned. The only reason I remembered it was because I thought someone in our class was one.”

“Who,” Faith asked, curious.

“Cordelia Chase,” Andrew replied, a little embarrassed. “But I cast the happiness spell and she didn’t go away, so I realized she was just a nasty person.”

Faith laughed, the tension bleeding off of her. She walked out of the alleyway, giving Andrew a light punch on the shoulder as she passed. “You’re OK Andy,” she said. “Now let’s make tracks.”

Andrew’s arm was numb the entire way back to Cleveland, but he was smiling the entire time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Road Trip Blues". This story is complete.

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