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Fairly Odd Halloween

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy and the Fairly Odd Phantom". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: "I'm Cosmo!" "And I'm Wanda!" "And Together, we're your... FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

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The Unwish Takes Effect

Author's Notes:Inspiration fills me and so I finally complete this messed up tale. It was short, sweet and way TOO MUCH FUN! And yes I am aware that not all of you have been able to comment yet on chapter four in the reviews section, but I couldn't help myself. My one regret is not being able to include the Fairy Polka.

"WHAT!" Jorgen Von Strangle cried popping into existence with a mighty poof. "But I was ready for my big musical number, mistah Author person!" he stated.

Well it didn't make sense in the context of the story to use it.

"You shall hear from my attorneys!" Jorgen declared.

Before you go, do you think?

"Oh very well." Jorgen waved his wand.

Disclaimer Poof: Any new characters introduced in this final chapter are also the property of Butch Hartman and company. Friends (Or enemies) of Ember. The author is also aware that he is testing the limits of fourth wall breakage, in fact it's possible he skipped past the fourth wall and went straight to the fifth wall, which is an even bigger taboo... ANYWAY! This concludes our disclaimer.

Keep your eyes peeled for the sequel, I may even write up a short opening teaser chapter tonight... But I'll probably save it for tomorrow, I'm slowly draining my reserves and need to get some rest I think.

Chapter Begin Poof

Jorgen Von Strangle stood up and glared at the image on the star tip of his wand. “Impossible! This goes against everything in Da Rules! No Slayers are allowed to learn of Fairies, it says so right here on page three!” he shouted angrily slamming his wand into the floor and banishing his television set. “Plus my show is over and I am itching to lay the smack down on somebody!” he added.

“Jorgen sweetie,” the Tooth Fairy said as she floated into the room with a towel on. “Why exactly have you been in here alone for the past two hours?” she demanded.

“Uh… I was watching my favorite soap,” Jorgen replied nervously inching back from his beloved.

“I see,” the Tooth Fairy said. “Well I think it’s time we got you out of here and into the dining room for that special dinner you promised me,” she said a dangerous gleam entering her eyes.

Jorgen laughed comically. “But sweetie, Timmy Turner has wished for everything to be Real and Scary on Halloween and I was kind of looking forward to, possibly frightening the buck toothed child,” he said.

The Tooth Fairy glared at him. “Jorgen, if you don’t make goo-goo eyes at me and spend a quality night with me we are so through!” she shouted.

Jorgen flinched. “Whatever you say, dear,” he said. “Drat. I never get to have any fun,” he muttered to himself as he left the steam room.

Wanda waved her wand and set up the bust of Janus in the exact spot she needed it to be. “There! Now all we have to do is call Cosmo and use our magic to reverse the spell,” she said.

Giles eyed her briefly. “Are you certain this will revert everything back to the way it was meant to be?” he asked. “Chaos magic is quite unpredictable.”

Wanda waved off his fears with a laugh. “Chaos magic is easy for a fairy,” she bragged. “Besides, I don’t want to accidentally kill anybody else. We’re in enough trouble as it is, nobody is supposed to die when a Fairy grants their wish. It’s one of Da Rules,” she added nervously glancing around as though she expected Jorgen to pop down from Fairy World at any moment.

“Yes, that is a good point,” Giles said. “What should I do?” he asked.

“Just stand over there,” Wanda instructed indicating the sales desk. “This could get messy,” she added. Pulling out a fairy radio she twisted a wand-shaped dial and held it up to her mouth. “Cosmo, I’m in position, get ready to work a little magic,” she said.

There was no answer on the other end.

Wanda frowned slightly. “What can that idiot be doing?” she grumbled under her breath. “Cosmo! Can you read me? I’m in position and it’s time to grant Timmy’s unwish request,” she repeated.

Still there was no answer.

“Darn it, I hope nothing’s gone wrong over there,” Wanda said nervously.

“Perhaps you should return me to Dimmsdale so that I can ascertain what is happening,” Giles suggested.

“No, I’ll need you here,” Wanda insisted. “I’m sure Timmy and Cosmo aren’t goofing off or something, maybe they just need to get into the right position… Yeah, that’s it, they’re probably trying to get settled still,” she said more to herself than Giles. Wanda was trying to ignore her gut feelings – privately she was thinking that if Cosmo screwed this up she was going to slap him silly.

Denzel Crocker charged down the street cackling madly with a Fairy Godparent in his fairy catching net – which was really just a butterfly net from the local supply store – at last he had done the impossible and now he had the means to prove to the entire world that he wasn’t crazy.

They’d called him mad. They’d laughed him out of the academy – or something like that – and now. Now he had his proof. There was nothing to stop him from proving the existence of fairies. Nothing at all.

“That’s right, nothing!” Denzel shouted to the heavens.

A low growl escaped the shadowy form that suddenly leapt out in front of him.

“Nothing except an oddly mutated soldier who strangely looks like he shares traits with the common hyena,” Denzel said nervously backing up from his assailant. “Who are you? And why are you getting in the way of my finally proving to the world the existence of… FAIRY GOD-PARENTS!” he demanded once again spazing out when he uttered the infamous words.

“Me. I’m your worst nightmare,” the shadowy figure replied.

“Mother in a cocktail dress?” Crocker asked.

“Do I look like a woman in a dress?” the shadowy figure demanded exasperatedly.

“Now that you mention it, no. But that is my worst nightmare, aside from the one where I’m being chased by fairies constantly mocking me with laughter while wearing a fairy disguise complete with matching tutu,” Mister Crocker stated. “And I wish I hadn’t said that out loud,” he added with a nervous chuckle.

“You are one seriously messed up elementary school teacher,” the shadowy figure said with raised brow. “Now. Give me the fairy!” he ordered.

“Never!” Crocker turned to flee only to run smack into a large leg. “Ouch,” he said collapsing to the ground and releasing the butterfly net.

Cosmo flew out now that it was open with a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Timmy, that was a close one,” he said with a goofy smile.

“I thought you said you couldn’t go chasing after him like that?” Xander said with a chuckle.

“Well we haven’t got time for this,” Timmy said urgently. “The Pumpkinator has less than three minutes to total planet destruction and your friend Buffy can’t uproot it from the ground now that it’s dug in,” he explained. “Cosmo, call Wanda already and see if she’s in position!”

Cosmo pulled out a fairy radio and held it up. “Wanda, sweetie, can you hear me?”

“Cosmo, finally!” Wanda’s voice came over the radio. “I’m in position, on my mark we unwish the wish,” she said.

Cosmo held up his wand. “Ready, Wanda,” he said.

“Great! Three, Two, One, Mark,” Wanda said.

Time seemed to stand still for everybody. The timer on the Pumpkinator ticked down from one to zero.

Buffy was pulling hard on the metallic vines dug into the ground trying to yank it out.

Cordelia was in the middle of licking her tail.

Giles was eyeing Wanda nervously.

Xander was glancing between Cosmo and Timmy uncertainly.

Jorgen was sneaking a peek on the situation while dinner was in the oven.

Mark Chang was anxiously watching his beloved as she frightened Chester and A.J into giving her their candy.

The author was writing this sentence purely to expand on the suspense.

The leylines beneath both cities flared bright pink and green – both colors turning into a swirling vortex of magical energy – and both Sunnydale and Dimmsdale seemed to be blanketed in a large magical bubble.

A large poof of smoke covered both Sunnydale and Dimmsdale – the words Undo floating in the middle of them – and with that everything seemed to change back to normal.

Xander blinked several times as he stood next to Buffy in the middle of Ethan’s blown out costume shop – he didn’t remember how they’d gotten there.

Giles frowned slightly as he noticed Ethan’s still form. “I daresay something important happened here,” he said. “But I can’t seem to recall what precisely it was,” he added.

“Why am I licking my costume’s tail?” Cordelia asked standing up from her reclining position on the floor of the costume shop. Her eyes widened suddenly as her stomach made a very un-Cordelia like noise. “And why do I feel very sick all of a sudden?” she added her face turning slightly green with nausea.

“Giles, what happened?” Buffy asked eyeing her Watcher expectantly. “And how did he die?” she added worried that maybe a vampire had been involved.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what happened, Buffy, but it would appear that we interrupted Ethan in the middle of trying to cast some sort of spell… The resulting mystical backlash is how he perished, I’m afraid to say,” Giles replied.

“Something tells me he deserved whatever he got,” Xander said with a sneer.

“Xander!” Buffy said glaring at her friend.

“Sorry, Buff, but if he was trying to hurt any of my friends I can’t be sorry for his death,” Xander stated.

Buffy remembered the look he’d given her when he thought Willow was gone. Buffy frowned suddenly. “Wait a minute,” she said. “What happened to Willow?” she asked the group.

Timmy sighed in relief as Dimmsdale returned back to normal and nobody remembered anything that had happened during the night – smiling in his ordinary fake mummy costume he started off back to home with Cosmo and Wanda at his side.

“What a relief, from now on the only scary thing I want in my life is Vicky,” he said.

“That can be arranged, Twerp!” Vicky said from behind him causing Timmy to leap up in fright.

“V-V-Vicky! What do you want?” Timmy asked glancing around nervously to see if Wanda or Cosmo had been discovered by his babysitter.

“You know the drill, Twerp, fork it over!” Vicky ordered.

Timmy frowned slightly and passed her his empty bag. “Uh, Vicky, you already took my candy. Remember?” he said with a sly smile.

“I did?” Vicky repeated glancing into the bag and finding it void of any sweets. “Drat!” she muttered. “Oh well, at least I got to scare you, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Vicky laughed evilly. “See you tomorrow, Twerp,” she said before walking away.

“That was a close one,” Timmy said. “You can come out now, guys,” he added.

Wanda and Cosmo both transformed from their hidden states as a pink and green bush.

“Well, sport, how did you like Halloween?” Wanda asked.

“It was ok I guess, but never let me wish for anything real or scary ever again!” Timmy requested vehemently.

Wanda smiled knowingly. “Of course, Timmy.” She passed him her bag. “I saved you some candy, sport,” she said.

“Awesome!” Timmy shouted gleefully.

Cosmo looked at his wife. “Why’d you erase his memory about that pretty vampire slayer and her friends?” he asked. “She was dreamy,” he added little hearts floating over his head. “For being headless.”

“Cosmo!” Wanda hissed. “Everything had to go back to the way it was, we can’t have Timmy wishing to go visit Sunnydale, now can we?” she demanded.

“Yeah, you’re right, Wanda.” Cosmo nodded. “I’m just sad that I lost Phillip again,” he added.

Wanda sighed. “Come on, Cosmo, I’ll get you a new Phillip,” she said.

Cosmo’s eyes lit up. “Really?” he asked.

“Sure, why not?” Wanda said. “I mean after all we did manage to reverse the spell entirely, right?” she asked with a broad smile.

“Of course we did,” Cosmo said. “Everyone’s back to being normal, nobody remembers anything that happened, and we didn’t get into trouble with Jorgen for letting that ghost take the fake ghost into the ghost zone where our magic doesn’t work,” he said.

Wanda froze in place. “Say that again, Cosmo?”

“Uh… Everything’s back to normal?” Cosmo repeated.

“Not that part! The last part, you idiot!” Wanda shouted.

“Oh, well before we undid the wish that ghost opened a portal to the ghost zone and took the girl who dressed up as a ghost with her,” Cosmo explained.

Wanda stared at him dumbfounded. “How can you possibly know that?” she demanded.

Cosmo shrugged. “Oh I don’t know, maybe a clever plot device?”

“But if she’s still a ghost then that means her friends will be looking for her… And if her friends go looking for her they might remember what happened tonight… And if they remember what happened tonight Jorgen will take Timmy away from us!” Wanda said. Her anxiety building up in intensity with each sentence.

“But they couldn’t possibly get into the ghost zone, Wanda, they’d need a ghost portal to do that,” Cosmo said. “And who has one of those lying around anywhere near the Hellmouth?” he added. Cosmo started to laugh. “We’ll just change her back as soon as she get’s back home and make it seem like she’s been there the entire time.”

“But, Cosmo! As soon as she passed into the ghost zone the spell can’t be reversed!” Wanda reminded grabbing Cosmo by the shirt collar and shaking him. “She’s a real ghost now!”

“And that’s bad?” Cosmo said with a clueless expression.

“Of course it’s bad, you idiot!” Wanda screamed. “We’ve got to figure out a way to fix this and do it fast before Jorgen finds out about it… Or that Slayer tracks us down and slays us!” she added.

“Does this mean we get to be in the sequel?” Cosmo asked.

Wanda glared at him.

Cosmo shuffled his feet apologetically. “Sorry, Wanda,” he said.

“Never mind that now! We’ve got to pretend as if nothing is wrong, for Timmy’s sake,” Wanda stated.

Cosmo smiled. “Sure thing, Wanda,” he said. “What are we pretending again?”

Wanda sighed. “Forget it.”

Together both of them followed Timmy home in silence – all the while Wanda was thinking busily trying to come up with a plan to get them out of this mess before anything worse could happen.

Denzel Crocker frowned as he woke up beside a street lamp. “That’s odd I don’t recall leaving my Crocker Cave,” he said to himself. “Oh well. Time to return home and continue planning ways to steal Timmy Turner’s Godparents so that I can show the world that fairies are real.” Crocker chuckled as he started home absently scratching at a few red blotches on his skin. “Curse those vampire children,” he muttered. “This is all the fault of… FAIRY GOD-PARENTS!”

“Wait, so he remembers?” Cosmo asked Wanda.

“No, it’s just for the joke,” Wanda said. “He’s under contract to say that at least five times an episode.”

“Really?” Cosmo said with wide eyes. “Hmmm, let’s count then,” he said waving his wand.


Chapter Three: FAIRY – GODPARENTS!

“Yep, that’s five alright, but does Fairy Godparent count?” Cosmo asked.

“Close enough,” Wanda said. “Now let’s get on with the rest of the story.”


Xander picked up the sheet from the ground – it was definitely the same one Willow had been wearing that night – he turned to Buffy with a very dark expression on his face. He didn’t say a word – just held up the sheet accusingly.

Buffy flinched at the intensity of that gaze. “She’s got to be ok, Xander,” Buffy said desperate to believe the lie.

“We turned into our costumes, Buffy,” Xander said as memories broke through the fairy’s spell.

“But they promised we’d all turn back to normal,” Buffy argued. “And we weren’t supposed to remember anything either,” she said.

“Something happened to Willow, Buffy, and I’m not going to stop looking until I find her,” Xander vowed with clenched fist.

Buffy took a step back at the intensity of Xander’s words. She couldn’t say anything to make him feel any better. But then an idea struck her. “If she was turned into a ghost by the spell maybe she was just out of range when the Fairies reversed it,” she said.

“It is possible,” Giles agreed. “Unfortunately I am not an expert on the spiritual side of this world. That is to say that – aside from Poltergeists who fall under the Slayer’s jurisdiction – true ghosts are mostly a mystery to the Watcher’s Council,” he elaborated.

“Then we’ll just have to find someone who is,” Buffy said.

“Wrong!” Xander argued. “You’ve got important things to do here, Buffy, you can’t just leave the Hellmouth,” he added. “I’ll go, provided Giles can tell me where I should start my quest,” he added.

Giles frowned slightly. “It will take me a few days to ascertain the exact location… There was an American gentleman who was working in that field a few decades ago, if I recall correctly, but I have lost track of him since then.”

“Do it,” Xander ordered with a growl. Taking the sheet with him he stalked off into the night.

“Giles, if Willow’s hurt or worse I won’t be able to live with myself,” Buffy said. “Or Xander, he’ll blame me for ever for this,” she added.

Giles sighed and took his charge’s face in hand forcing her to look in his eyes. “Buffy, rest assured we will get Willow back and she shall be unharmed… Had she truly perished her body would be lying here cold and lifeless for us to discover,” he said semi-encouragingly.

“You need to work on that, Giles, that wasn’t really too encouraging,” Buffy told her Watcher.

Cordelia stood a few feet back her face pale and wane. “Oh God!” she suddenly cried out. “I ate Principal Snyder!” Cordelia Chase proceeded to throw up.

Buffy shuddered and did her best to ignore the social queen of Sunnydale High. “Who was that guy you were talking about?” she asked.

His face pale at the sounds Cordelia was making Giles shook his head. “What? Oh forgive me I thought I mentioned it. His name was Jack Fenton, I believe his assistant at the time was Vlad Masters. And I do know how to get in touch with Mister Masters, I’m confident we’ll be able to track down Willow in no time.”

“Fenton,” Xander whispered having remained long enough to get some information. “Now I have a name,” he said disappearing into the night for real this time.

Danny Fenton frowned briefly as he stood next to his friends after dealing with another ghost from the ghost zone – this time it had been an ordinary spook not one of his usual rogues gallery – and how cool was it that he now had a rogues gallery just like Batman?

“What’s wrong, Danny?” Tucker Foley – his best friend – asked.

“I’m not sure, Tucker,” Danny said. “For some reason I thought maybe something was about to happen, but it must have been my imagination,” he added.

“Well come on, you guys, let’s get this ghost to the ghost portal in your dad’s basement already and send it back to the ghost zone,” Sam – his other best friend – said impatiently.

A tiny wisp of blue vapor suddenly escaped Danny’s mouth.

“Fear me, for I am THE BOX GHOST!” the Box Ghost cried out as he once again popped up near the ghost boy. “Oooooooo, beware my awesome cardboard shaped powers,” he added.

“Do you really want to do this now?” Danny asked with a shake of his head.

The Box Ghost eyed him. “FEAR ME!” he shouted.

“Ok, Box Ghost, but it’s your funeral,” Danny said. “I’m Goin’ Ghost!” he shouted.

The End???

“Great guys! You all did an excellent job,” the author said as he ended his first Fairly Oddparents Crossover.

“I don’t know, I feel I could have done a better job,” Denzel Crocker said as he glanced at himself in a mirror and gave himself a winning smile.

“It was a lot different from the actual episode,” Timmy observed. “Although I think we could have tried for more excitement,” he added munching on a chocolate bar from his candy bag.

“I had loads of fun, and so did Phillip,” Cosmo said holding up his nice new shiny nickel.

“I wasn’t in it enough,” Vicky stated.

“At least you didn’t have to wear any makeup,” Buffy complained as she stared at the bloodstained dress she’d been wearing all evening.

“Or eat your high school principal!” Cordy added washing her mouth out for the tenth time.

“I would have killed to be able to do that,” Vicky said with a disappointed pout.

“So, can I take off the makeup now?” Willow wondered as she hovered above the others in her ghost form.

Xander eyed her sadly. “Not until we finish up the sequel… I hope.”

“Oh, Xander,” Willow said deeply touched. She rushed up to him and gave him a tight hug.

“Gross, mushy stuff!” Timmy complained gagging with his finger.

“Timmy, that’s not nice!” Wanda scolded.

“Sorry, Wanda, but I’m ten years old. I still hate sitting through a sappy movie with my mom,” Timmy reminded.

“Speaking of which, why weren’t your parents involved in this story?” Giles asked as he carefully hauled the Ethan Rayne corpse off the set.

“Do be careful with that, Ripper, old friend” Ethan said. “I think I might like to keep it as a memento,” he added with a smirk.

“Oh do shut up, Ethan,” Giles said purposefully kicking the dummy as he let go of it.

“Mom and Dad are never around for the fun stuff,” Timmy said. “Besides someone had to hand out all that candy at my house.”

“I better have a bigger part in the sequel!” Vicky stated glaring at the author.

“The sequel is all about me,” Danny Fenton reminded.

“And me!” Ember added wailing on her guitar.

“Darn it.” Vicky flopped into the dressing room’s large leather sofa.

“I for one can do without being in the sequel,” Crocker stated matter of factly. “If I have to repeat that stupid line any more times I’m going to bust a vein,” he added.

“Mister Crocker,” Timmy called.

“Yes, Timmy?” Crocker turned to the boy resuming character.

“Look, it’s Cosmo and Wanda!” Timmy shouted.

Crocker clutched the sides of his dressing table tightly – he was doing it so hard his knuckles turned white. “Must. Resist. Saying. GAH! FAIRY-GODPARENTS! FAIRY – GOD – PARENTS! FAIRY GOD – PARENTS! FAIRY GOD-PARENTS! FAIRY – GOD – PARENTS! FAIRIES!” Bouncing around the room Crocker flew out the window on the seventeenth floor.

“Now I understand why you wanted me to put you up here,” the author said as he watched Crocker falling to his doom. “Shouldn’t we be doing something to stop that?”

“You’re the author,” Timmy reminded.

Crocker landed in the back of a truck transporting bed mattresses… Broken bed mattresses. “GAH! My spleen!”

Timmy started laughing. “Cool.”

“Righteous!” Mark said waving his tentacles about.

“Shouldn’t you be in Europe?” Vicky asked.

“Uh… Yes, of course, I am from… Eur-o-p-ee.” Mark smiled innocently.

“Whatever,” Vicky said. “I’ve got to get home and terrorize Tootie… I mean… Tuck Tootie in for the night,” she said with a nervous chuckle.

“You so owe me after this,” Cordy told the author glaring at him and pressing her rather large bust almost into his face. “Oh God, don’t even go there, pal,” she threatened. “My agent can so flatten you.”

“Right… Anyway, I think we’re done here,” the author repeated.

“Not so fast!” Sam said approaching the author.

“Uh. What seems to be the problem, Miss Manson?” he asked.

“This guy isn’t going to be hurting Danny is he?” Sam demanded indicating Xander with her thumb.

The author rolled his eyes. “Teenage angst,” he muttered. “No, Sam, he isn’t going to be hurting Danny Fenton,” the author promised crossing his fingers behind his back.

“But what about Danny Phantom?” Tucker wondered suspiciously.

“Uh… No comment,” the author said.

“Oooooo, I hate working with amateurs!” Sam shouted frustratedly marching out of the room.

“HEY! I have a hundred plus stories on the site!” the author shouted in his defense. “Call me an amateur will she, just for that her romance scenes are going to be double the angst and triple the nerves.”

“I like the way you think,” Ember said.

“Ok, I think now we’ve had enough of this fourth wall breaking fun, Timmy would you care to do the honors?” the author asked with a tired sigh as he cracked his knuckles and paused in his typing.

“I wish this crossover was finished!” Timmy shouted.

“Leave it to me, Timmy!” Cosmo said waving his wand.


The Crimson Chin burst through the door carrying a badly bruised Denzel Crocker. “Who threw this man out of the window?” he demanded.

“Cosmo!” the entire cast shouted in unison.

“What?” Cosmo asked innocently.

“Yes, what?” the Crimson Chin demanded. “It isn’t a crossover without JUSTICE!”

“Wanda, I wish this crossover would…”

Iris Out…

“Phillip, no!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Fairly Odd Halloween". This story is complete.

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