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Bonded Through Fire

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Summary: or Inter-dimensional Reincarnation And Bonds, Oh My! In which Danny speaks Rusfremaican, Sam needs to curb her competitive impulses, Teal'c is likened to a cat, and Jack really should have known better.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredsmolderFR1822,5690152,91814 Nov 1015 Nov 10No

Chapter 2

Title: Bonded Through Fire - Chapter 2
Author: smolder
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Stargate belongs to Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner. The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon. **Disclaimer continued at the bottom.

The little girl giggled to herself as she skipped out of the clearing and into the woods and out of sight of the people. Everybody was in an uproar now and she knew it would only get worse.

“What did you do Willow?” a boy who seemed to be a few years older than her with scraggly dirty blonde hair and golden eyes asked, appearing suddenly from behind one of the trees.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Willow responded trying to look as innocent as possible. However, the large puppy dog eyes didn’t quite work as well when she couldn’t stop snickering.

“It’s quite obvious Remus, she healed him,” they both looked up to see a girl sitting on one of the lower branches of the tree they were under reading a book. Her purple eyes and hair looked almost black in the shadows and were a stark contrast to her pale grey skin.

Remus sighed and relaxed a bit, “Oh, that’s all….” He started to say.

“After she formed a connection with him,” the girl continued smirking slightly at his alarm. “Didn’t you Willow?” the question was more of a statement but she still looked down to the red head for collaboration.

If anything the red head’s cat-ate-the-canary grin widened in response. “Not only him,” she sing-songed.

“What?” Remus asked confusion and alarm obvious in his tone. The girl abruptly shut her book and floated down from her branch.

Willow sighed, she had thought they would have understood, but she had forgotten that sometimes the younger ones were mentally limited by their form. “Maybe you guys should age a bit for this.”

The other female looked a bit insulted but Willow gave her a pointed look. “You would have caught on already if you were just a bit older Raven. Here, I’ll do it too if it makes you feel better.”

Raven looked resentful for a moment before giving in and nodding her agreement and looking slightly abashed. “I thought I was getting better at it.”

“You are!” Willow rushed to assure her, “Your loads better than most of the others and you were a lot quicker to catch on to keeping yourself mentally adult while you are physically a kid then I was. It gets simpler with time, I’ve just been here longer than you all.”

Raven gave her a rare smile, obviously pleased with the compliment, “I did a lot of meditating in my other life, I know how to use my mind.”

“Well then, come on, both of you” she said looking over at Remus.

“Are you sure we should Willow? You know we were asked to stay as children while the Muggles are here so we aren’t seen as odd or threatening.”

“They’re the military, not Muggles, and yes, I know Remus but that’s only when we’re around them. They can’t see us here in the woods.” She reassured him.

“Alright then,” he sighed in reluctant agreement. All three of them untied the sashes that where around their robes causing excess fabric to pool around their feet.

Then they aged.

To an outside observer, it would seem quite startling to see three children rapidly age into teenagers but to the three in the woods it was quite a normal experience.

There was no flash of light, no sparkles, and there wasn’t any noise of any kind. Only a slight blurring of features as they grew older. With the change in height the robes were about knee length for Remus and a little longer on the two girls.

The former werewolf grimaced slightly as he tried to pull the fabric down to cover more leg.

“What’s the matter Remus? I thought all your people wore dresses.” Willow teased as Raven bit her lip.

“Robes” he snapped, “not dresses, robes. Wizarding robes.” He glared at the girls.

“Moody aren’t we Moony?” Raven asked amusement quite evident in her dry tones. Remus simply glared at her more harshly before looking back down at his robes and whispering to himself until it lengthened down to his ankles.

When he looked back up he was smiling again. “Finally got the hang of doing that without the wand.” Suddenly he looked sheepishly at both of them. “Sorry for snapping.”

“It’s alright Remus, we all know how the teenage forms are.” Raven assured him her lips twitching slightly, trying to smile.

“Thanks.” He gave her a quick smile before turning to look seriously at Willow. “Now what were you saying about not only being bonded to the muggle military man. It would be plenty cause for commotion if it was just that. Is he your One or not?”

Willow sighed again, they still weren’t getting it?

Then Raven’s eyes went wide. “He’s their leader isn’t he? He’s the head of the team that came through the portal?”

“They call it a stargate.” She corrected, but the proud smile and the lack of response to the questions asked were all the answer needed.

“Ohhhh.” They both turned back to Remus. “Oh! I get it now. So, through him you’re connected to all of them.” He looked rather shocked for a long moment but then he was smiling again. “Took you around 70 years to find your One and you end up with four instead.” He shook his head in mock disappointment. “You can’t manage to do anything the normal way, can you Will?”

Disclaimers: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and Teen Titans belongs to DC Comics.
Authors Notes: If not already obvious from the story hints and disclaimer those new faces were Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and Raven from Teen Titans (the cartoon version). Since this is the only chapter they will feature heavily in and I considered them as having more of a cameo appearance in this story, I did not believe I needed to change my category to Multiple Crossings. If I am wrong, please let me know. Thanks bunches.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bonded Through Fire" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Nov 10.

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