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A Matter of Family

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Summary: Two Scoobies find new family. (On indefinite hold.)

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Spike(Recent Donor)astracindelFR181044,86093635,77514 Nov 1014 Nov 10No

Chapter One

Chapter One
by astracindel

Disclaimer: I own Jack-Squat!!! Not making any money off this, just having some fun. Hopefully.

Timeline: Post BtVS S5. No resurrection. Post HP GoF. No OotP, I'll make it my way from this point. *gin*

Spoilers: BtVS thru S5, HP up to GoF.....Angel up to seasons 2-3ish.(? maybe).

Summary: A random potion that is only supposed to make a family tree, makes for unwanted attention for two 'Scoobies'. Now, they have a new world and family to save. BtVS post S5 (no S6) HP post GoF (no OotP). Slash pairing, Het friend/more. Mention femslah.

Pairings: Spike/Xander, Dawn/Harry friends/more, mentions of Willow/Tara....others as I come to them.

Rating: FR-21 overall. Although, will take time to get to that point. Mostly for the use of bad language...sexual content will not be for a while yet.

Warnings: I don't know what I'm doing. *grin* This is just doing itself, and it's the first time I've ever tried to do something like this. This first part is completely unbetaed. I know it has mistakes, I just hope they aren't so bad people can't understand it. It is just a sounding board to see if I should let this continue. Please forgive the Word program is being a bitch right now, and this has all been done on WordPad, so no spell check, and I'm just throwing it out to see if I should even bother. (Following chapters will be much better if it is deemed worthy and chapter one corrected).****ERRORS HAVE BEEN CORRECTED. :D

AN: The idea for the tapestry came from Slytherin Scheming, Scrappy Style by lisaroquin. Although, I did not make it sound as complicated as her version. And I'm not sure if the making of one is ever discussed in the books. So, as far as I am concerned, the making of the Family Tree Tapestry is NOT my idea. Just tweaking it to how I want it. Hey, is fiction after all.

AN2: Story will NOT be following cannon after BtVS S5 or HP if you're a cannon buff....this is not what you are looking for. Will have Anya bashing, but is for the development of the storyline.


Dawn sat flipping through one of the many books piled on the table in front of her. Since Buffy's death, she had spent many hours in the Magic Box going through all of the books lying around. Being a mystical key with hyper-overprotective family really sucked sometimes. True she didn't have anywhere else to be, or anything more important to do, but it would be nice to get some alone time. She was fifteen, for crying out loud, she was perfectly capable of staying at home alone for a few hours. Geesh. But noooooo, she wasn't allowed out of sight for even a minute. She was just waiting for them to try to follow her to the bathroom. She paused flipping the pages of her book and studied the spell in front of her.

"Xander! Look at this," she exclaimed happily.

"Whatcha got Dawnie?"

"Its a way to make a family tree. It looks really simple, and we have everything here to do it. Can we make one? Please? I would really like to have something that shows I'm part of a family. It would be really cool, if it works. And there's no real magic to it, I mean no chanting or anything. Its just a potion that you pour onto a blank tapestry. You could make one with me, please Xander. I really need to know if I'm really part of a family or not, and this will show me. Please, Xander please."

"Whoa Dawnie. Calm down. Willow, can you check out what she's talking about?" Xander asked, handing the book over to his life-long friend.

Willow scanned the page in front of her. She frowned for a minute before answering. "It doesn't seem dangerous or anything. It does call for a drop of blood from the person making the tree, but then, I guess you would have to use blood, how else could you get it to know who you are. It looks pretty easy too. Everything we would need is here in the shop, even blank tapestries. I think it would be pretty cool actually. I think we should all do it. And she's right Xan, no chanting or anything, just mixing a potion, add a drop of blood, and then pour it on the tapestry. Do you want to make one Tara?"

" That's al...alright. I don...don't really want a of my family," the blonde witch answered softly. "But, I th...think it could be g..g...good for Dawn."

"You ladies have fun with the witchy tree. I know more than enough about my family, thank you very much. Don't really want to know anymore."

"Come on, Xan. You don't know any of your family except your parents and your Uncle Rory. Maybe you'll find you're related to someone famous or something."

"No thanks. Like I said, know more than enough about my family already," he replied.

"Please Xander. I really want this to be something we do together. Like a bonding thing. You might be surprised what you find. Maybe you're related to Napoleon or something. That could be cool," Dawn pleaded with soulful eyes. Willow added her own pouting lip to the manipulation.

With a heavy sigh Xander said, "Promise there is no chanting or casting of anything. You know me and mojo don't get along."

Both girls squealed. "This is going to be so neat. I'll get everything we need." Willow said as she bounced around the shop.

"You do know you have to pay for everything you use right?" Anya commented from behind the counter. "This is not a free shop. If the world were ending I would give you a discount, but its not. You have to pay full price."

Dawn and Willow glared at the ex-demon while Xander sighed. "Ring up whatever she gets Ahn. I'll pay for it."

"No Xander. You don't even want to do this, and its just a waste my stock. They are the ones wasting it, they should be the ones to pay for it. If you pay for it, that is less money that you have to spend on us."

"Anya, its something Dawn wants to do, and its harmless. I even understand why she wants to do it. If she wants a family tree, then I will pay for what she needs. Its not a long list anyway. Its not like its going to bankrupt me to do this for her. And I would rather spend money doing something to make Dawn happy, than spend it to go to that fancy restaurant that you insist we go to once a week, even though you know I hate the place. Now ring up the damn items," Xander seethed.

Anya glared daggers at him, but did as he said. Eyes full of murderous fury followed Xander as he went back to the table with Willow. They were wasting their time with that family tree thing anyway, no one there should be able to get it to work. Her eyes narrowed even further when she heard Spike snort disgustedly at her.

"Back off demon-bint. If the Bit wants a bloody family tree, then let her try. I was gonna pay for the items meself until the whelp put you in your place. By the way, good on you mate." Xander gave him a half hearted glare for that comment, then shook his head with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes before turning back to Red and Bit.

Spike watched the trio work together to make a triple batch of the potion they would need. He didn't have the heart to tell the Bit that it wouldn't work for her, or any other human in the place for that matter, well maybe the Watcher. There is more to his past than he had let his charges know about, Spike was positive of that. He could make one, but there was no way he was going to let them know about that. Somethings just don't need to be known, and him being a wizard was one of those things. No, his humans just didn't have the ability to make a wizard's family tree. He did wonder how that particular potion found its way into one of their books though.

"Okay, now we just divide the potion and each of us put a drop of our own blood in our portion. Then we pour it onto the tapestry and the tree should form." Willow was saying.

Spike continued to watch as each pricked their finger and let a drop of blood drip into the vials they were holding. After each took a deep breath they poured the contents onto the tapestry. Spike was preparing for the disappointed sighs when the Whelp's and Bit's both began to glow. Spike shot out of his seat and ran to the back of the shop.

"Bloody hell! Oi! Watcher, get yer arse out here NOW!"

"Spike, what do you want?" Giles growled coming from his office.

Spike glared for a moment. He was pretty sure that the Watcher was a wizard, but he wasn't positive. "Robes and pointy sticks." Giles paled. Spike snorted. "That's what I thought. Bit found a potion for a family tree. Her, Red, and Harris just tried to use it."

"Well, I don't see the problem with that. It wouldn't work for any of them."

"Wrong, Rupes. Bit's and the Whelp's got all nice and glowy."

"Bloody hell!" Giles exclaimed as he rushed past the smirking vampire.

The two walked into the front of the shop to find Willow pouting, "I don't understand. I did it exactly like both of you. Why isn't mine all glowy?" Tara was patting her on on the shoulder assuring her that she did it right. Anya was still standing behind the counter, but she had turned deathly white. Xander and Dawn were beaming at each other.

"Look Giles. Xan and I made family trees! This is so cool. It means I really do have a family and I'm not just someTHING. Isn't this great?" Dawn enthused. Xander stood beside her, beaming at the girl's happiness.

Giles stood staring at the two, his mouth agape, while Spike approached as the glow was dimming from their tapestries. He quickly looked over the trees, and paled even further. "Bloody fuckin' Hell!!! Watcher, we got a problem!" He looked at the two humans who were looking confused, then glanced back down. "Bloody, buggerin', fuckin'! Damn it all. Make that two really big problems."

"What?" "Why?" Dawn and Xander asked at the same time.

"How much do you know about what's going on with this right now, Watcher?" Spike continued, ignoring the questions for now.

"I am well aware of what is going on currently. What has you so rattled? And how do you know so much about all of this, Spike?"

"Explanations later. Look at these damn things and you will know what I am talking about. This isn't good."

Xander and Dawn began to pale as they watched Giles study their family trees. Then they very visibly blanched when Giles yelled, "Bloody, buggerin' fuckin' hell!" and began to vigorously polish his glasses.

"Um, Giles....what's going on?" Xander asked nervously. "I mean it's just a family tree. Its not like end of the world or anything. Right? And why didn't it work for Willow?"

Giles sighed wearily. "It's not JUST a family tree Xander. The potion you found was for a wizard's family tree. What that was doing in any of the books we have here is beyond me, but anyway. Only a wizard can use that potion. I really don't understand why I did not know about this sooner."

"Whoa, wait. Wizard? What are you talking about? I'm not a wizard. Me and mojo are on very unfriendly terms as you well know. Willow and Tara are the magical ones. Not me," Xander protested.

Giles sighed again, but it was Spike who responded to him. "Red and Glinda are nature witches, Wicca, goddess followers. They draw magic from around them, or ask empowerment from deities. Wizards and born witches are just that, born with it in them. It's a part of who they are. But they need a focus to use their power or magic around them goes all wonky. And this tapestry absolutely would not have made itself if the two of you weren't wizards."

"Th...that actually explains a lot, Xan. It makes a weird kind of sense."

Xander looked ill, but nodded slowly in agreement. He was about to comment when he heard Dawn gasp loudly.

"I...I...I don't understand. This says...this can't be right. It's not right is it Giles?"

"I'm afraid it is Dawn. I know its not what you were wanting, exactly. But you do have a family, and your father is out there, and very much alive."

Tara looked at Dawn's tree and gasped. "You mean, Buffy is actually her mother, and not Joyce?"

"That's actually logical since the monk did say that Dawn was made from Buffy. Funny, why didn't we ever question that before?" Willow mused.

"I can understand that. It is logical. And even if mom wasn't my Mom, she's still part of my family. See, her name is right there above Buffy's. But, who's this listed as my father? Albus Dumbledore?"

Anya gasped loudly and all eyes turned to her. "Albus Dumbledore? He's...he's your father?" Dawn nodded. "Dear Gods, I need to sit down."

"This is most complicated. You see, Dawn, Albus Dumbledore is, well...he's...oh dear."

"Oi, Rupert, before you get into that...have you looked closely at Xan's? I think you may want to hold off on the explanations until you do. Look at his grandparents, on BOTH sides."

Giles looked closely at Xander's family tree, while the boy fidgeted and cast wary glances at Spike. "Oh dear, paternal grandparents Orion and Walburga Black, maternal grandparents *Jonathan* Potter and Caroline LaVelle. POTTER!" There was a loud thump as Anya crashed to the floor.

"Right, getting the idea now Watcher? Keep the explanations quick for now. We gotta get out of here. If they didn't already know about these two, they will now since they did their own trees. And considering who Xan's grandparents were, you know exactly who is going to be coming looking for him, and the Bit too for that matter, if he knows about her. If he doesn't you can be sure Dumbledore is gonna start looking once he notices. So make it quick, we gotta get going."

"I am afraid you are quite right, Spike. We must hurry. Okay children, we don't have a lot of time so listen up and I'll explain what's going on quickly. You can ask more questions once we get you to safety. Albus Dumbledore is the Headmaster at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is the most powerful wizard in the wizarding world. The reason you have never heard of these people before is because they are extreme isolationists. They do not like people who do not have magic ability, what they call Muggles, to know about them, so they stay hidden. It's all quite complicated, and I promise to explain better once you are safe."

Xander gave the Watcher a cold look at the mention of wizards purposely being kept a secret, especially considering secrets could get you killed when dealing with what they deal with.

"Xander, your father's parents are from one of the oldest pureblood families in the wizarding world. I can only guess that your father was born what they call a squib, a person from a magical family that has no magic ability. The Black family have always been elitists. Once your father was found to have no magic it would not surprise me that he was simply discarded. Although, from stories I have heard, it is quite a miracle that he lived and was not just killed outright. The Black's have always aligned themselves with dark magic and power."

Xander paled that this.

"They are currently aligned with a dark wizard who is trying to take control of the wizarding world and eliminating anyone who is not of pureblood, that includes all muggles, umm normal people. However your other grandfather, although I cannot imagine him ever being unfaithful to his wife, but well here is the proof......What was I saying? Oh yes, Jonathan, and the rest of the Potters have always been on the side of light. In fact, Voldemort, the dark lord I just mentioned, was defeated by your cousin fourteen years ago. Voldemort attacked and killed your Uncle James and his wife Lily. They had a son, Harry....well there was a prophecy involved that basically said Harry would kill him, so he went after Harry first, and when Voldemort tried to kill Harry, the curse backfired supposedly killing Voldemort. However, there are rumors that he has returned and is raising an army. He is going to be looking for you Xander, the Blacks are loyal to him, and he will expect you to be as well, or he will want to destroy you for being a Potter. The rumors have him trying to destroy Harry now, and he will no doubt try to use you against him. And of course he will go after Dawn, since she is the daughter of his greatest enemy."

"How old is he? Harry?" Dawn asked quietly.

"He'd be about your age, Bit. I was visiting London when his parents were killed. Dru and I heard about it."

Everyone was quiet and shaky, taking in the new information. Then Xander's head shot up, and a cold light filled his eyes. "So, you're telling me that I have fifteen year old cousin out there, and some wizard version of Hitler is trying to kill him. Plus the asshole will come after me to use me against him, or just kill me out right for having the same grandfather as Harry."

Giles and Spike nodded.

"Fuck that! I'm not going to be used by some idiot with delusions of grandeur to hurt people, family. We just faced a fuckin' hell goddess, some damn wizard....HUMAN wizard doesn't scare me. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna stay here knowing that the kid is in danger. I don't know him, but he's just a freakin' kid, and he's family. If I have to take out Molded Shorts myself, I will to keep this kid safe. Screw prophecy. You know how I feel about those. Where do we need to go?"

"I...I need to return home, and I can contact Professor Dumbledore from there. Why don't you all go home and pack quickly, come to the apartment within the hour," Giles paused and turned to Spike. "I don't like you. In fact, I can barely tolerate you. However, I do believe that you will help to keep these children safe. Prepare yourself as well, we'll see what we can work out."

"Alright kiddies. You heard the man, let's get going."

"You both do realize that I am not a child, don't you?" Xander mumbled as he, Willow, Tara, and Dawn moved to leave the shop.

"Alexander Harris!!! What do you think you are doing?!! You are not just taking off to risk your life for some brat that you don't even know!" Anya screeched as she pulled herself to her feet.

"Excuse me?!" his voice dripped venomously.

"You heard me. There is no reason for you to be risking your life for some brat you don't know! Buffy's not around for you to try to impress any more. You can drop the whole saving the world act. As your fiancee I forbid you from doing this!"

"Fiancee??" was murmured by the onlookers.

"First of all Anya, when I asked you to marry me, you said "no" and asked for me to ask again after Glory was gone. Well, she's gone, but I don't believe I have asked you again. You are not my fiancee. To be perfectly honest, with the way you have been acting since Buffy d....since Buffy, I have been wondering why I even asked you in the first place."

"Whatever Xander. You know as well as I do, that we are going to get married. There is no reason left for you to keep putting yourself in harms way. She's not here for you to try to impress anymore, or for your feeble attempts at trying to protect her. You aren't special, Xander. This was never your fight, and I am telling you right now to stay out of it, and let the special people take care of it."

There was a collective silence as everyone stared at her outburst. Then Xander began to growl.

"How dare you say this is not my fight, just because I haven't had any special abilities. If anything, that makes this my fight more than anyone. If the normal people of the world don't stand up and fight against the dark then we're all doomed, 'cause there are just not enough special people out there to do it by themselves. But beyond that, this has been MY fight since I was fifteen years old. I told you about Jesse. My best friend since before I can remember, got snatched and turned right after Buffy showed up. Ringing any bells here? Then what happened to him Ahn? Huh? Remember what I told you? I staked him. I destroyed the body of my best friend to protect Cordy from him. I was fifteen! This fight took my best friend from me, and I had to destroy him. It took Ms. Calander, and Kendra, corrupted Faith, a dozen of the kids I went to high school with were killed helping to stop the Mayor's ascension, which YOU ran away from. And I was the one who put those students on the front lines to be killed. People who should have known better tried to control the evil, instead of fight it, and look at how many innocent people died in the Initiative fallout. The fight has claimed Buffy, but of course not before a quarter of the town lost their minds to that brain-sucking bitch Glory, one of those being Tara! And now I find out that I have a cousin, who is still just a fuckin' kid, that has a psycho trying to kill him, so that the psycho can then eliminate the rest of the world. How is this not my fight, Ahn? My family is in danger! How can you think for one second that I would sit back and do nothing? And according to Giles and Spike, apparently I have magic, guess I'm among the special people now. Not to mention that odds are this guy's followers are out hunting for me as we speak, and Dawn too if they know about her. And you know damn good and well that there is no way we can let them get their hands on her. No. You know what, we don't have time for this right now. We have to get out of here. You're not the person I thought you were, definitely not the person I thought I was asking to marry me, if you think you can order me around. I don't care what you do Ahn, I have people to help. Maybe I'll see you again sometime in the future, but it better not be anytime soon."

With that Xander stormed out of the Magic Box. Willow, Tara, Dawn and Giles followed silently in his wake. Spike waited until they were out of hearing before he spoke.

"You stupid bint. You know that boy would never sit on the side while he knew someone else was in danger. He's always rushed head-long without a thought to himself. That boy faced down Angelus with just his smart mouth. What where you thinking trying to control him, especially now that he knows he has magic?" Anya refused to meet his eyes. "Oh that's it, is it? You KNEW. You knew he was a wizard. Why didn't you ever tell anyone?"

"Why would I tell any of those people? They would never have believed it. And even if they did, they would never have brought him to his full potential. They know nothing of wizards. I thought for sure his magic was shielded enough that that potion wouldn't work and know one would ever know. I was so close to having him at my will, and then SHE had to die, and he started pulling away from me! I was going to train him once we were married. Leave this hell of a town for our honeymoon and never come back. I was so close! The power he could have!"

"You fuckin' bitch. Is that all that you have wanted from him this whole time?" She glared determinedly at him. "I can't believe you. He has treated you like something precious for the last two years. I should know, I had to live with him and listen to him go on and on about you. How long have you known? And what about Bit? Why have you been so determined to use him?"

Anya huffed, "I've known since I first came here. His magic wasn't shielded by the hellmouth from me, like it is to everyone else. The hellmouth doesn't cloak magic from vengeance demons. It's kept his magic relatively dormant and unnoticed. Dawn arrived after I became human, I didn't know anything about her. But Xander, has such untapped power, he's special even among the most powerful of wizards. Do you know what he would be capable of with the proper training?"

"What are you on about?"

"Think about where we are Spike. Where Xander grew up. With the proper training....." she said mockingly.

"What.....," he began, then blanched. "Bloody hell! He's Hellmouth born and raised. The taint and the power that has been fed to his magic for years......bloody hell. Nearly twenty-one years of untapped power absorbing everything radiating off the hellmouth...he could......." Spike stopped, mind racing.

Anya laughed gleefully. "Exactly. Can you imagine having him at your side? All of the power he has, just waiting for someone to train him how to use it. He could be unstoppable."

Spike actually felt panic for a moment as the implications of what Anya was saying sank in, then he snorted. "Once a demon, always a demon, eh Anyanka? Just looking out for your best interest. I have to admit, you had me fooled, I thought you were actually embracing your new found humanity."

"Oh please. I hate being human. I have no power, and D'Hoffryn hasn't answered any of my pleas. If I can't have the power that I had before, then I will find it elsewhere, and Xander has the power that I want. Can you imagine it, Spike? With the two of us to guide him, the world would never stand a chance. And the first thing we would do is put an end to the damn "Scoobies". Then we could control not only Xander, but Dawn, The Key, as well."

Spike growled dangerously. "Don't even think about it bitch. No one harms lil'Bit. You truly are a stupid bitch. You don't know Harris at all if you think for one minute you could ever get him to change sides. Despite the taint the hellmouth has on him, he is still one of the biggest white hats on this planet. And to try to get him to go after his friends is just suicide. I know, I tried once, remember. No, Harris would never let himself be controlled like that. For all that he followed the Slayer around, he was always right there to tell her when she was wrong, or to knock her down a peg when she needed it. Angelus called him Buffy's White Knight. And that is what he is, to the core. No amount of manipulation is going to change that. The boy doesn't do what's good, he does what's right, always has. He's the only one to ever do the bad thing, even when it was the right thing to do. He would see through you trying to control him in a second....oh wait, he already has."

"Please, you give him to much credit. He is a pawn. One to be used. The Slayer used him, its only a matter of time before someone else does. He's weak willed Spike, he needs someone to follow."

"Weak willed? Have you even met the same Harris that I have? That boy staked his best friend when he was fifteen years old, and is still fighting against the things that took him away...and he's still sane! He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming Jesse's name when I lived with him. I never knew who it was until today, but now I understand it, five years of nightmares and he still fights. Not only that, but he's still able to see the good in this world, he hasn't been lost in the darkness where that is all he sees. He hasn't blindly followed the Slayer. He's demanded that she pay attention to him, because he wasn't leaving the fight. She tried to shut him out a couple of times, and he was always right there, not following her, but continuing to fight on his own. And when she would see he wasn't going anywhere she'd bring him back in."

"That was because she felt sorry for him, had to protect him. He would have gotten himself killed. There is no way he could have survived without hiding behind her."

"Bloody hell you are dense. Angelus used to rant and rave about how the Whelp drug the brooding soul down into the sewers, with nothing but a cross and a stake, to save the Slayer and how the boy backed him down when the Slayer was in the hospital, completely defenseless. He's the one that lead the students against the mayor, which YOU fled from, the students didn't follow the Slayer that day, they followed HIM. The fact that the boy is still alive after all of this time living on the hellmouth and fighting what goes bump in the night, shows that he is not weak willed. He has never hidden behind anyone, no matter how hard they tried to get him to. That boy is a fighter, and he will not be controlled. He lashes out every time something tries to control him. He's already defied one prophecy, when he brought the Slayer back the first time she died. Now that he knows his family is being manipulated by another, you better believe he will fight tooth and nail to stop it."

"Why Spike, I do believe you have a soft spot for him," Anya accused.

"Hardly," he denied. "I can't stand him. But I do respect him. I know he can't stand me either, probably still hates me, but we're on the same side, protecting the same people, and because of that I trust him to watch my back. And I'll watch his just the same. He'll go to hell and back to protect the Nibblet, that's reason enough for me to help make sure he stays alive, and on the side that will protect her not use her."

"You have truly fallen. You are a miserable excuse for a vampire. What happened to William the Bloody? We could have ruled this world together. But you have allowed the humans to weaken you. I'll be back in Xander's good graces in no time. All it will take is a pouting apology about how I worry about him and a surprisingly satisfying bout of sex and he will be eating out of my hand again."

"I really don't fuckin' think so," Xander said coldly, emerging from the back of the shop.

"Xander, honey. I'm so glad you came back. I'm so sorry for the way I behaved earlier...I don't know what you thought you just heard but....." she began, voice full of false sincerity.

"Drop it. I've been here since this conversation started. I was going to offer Spike a ride, but thought I'd make sure this wasn't some plot of his, so I came in through the back. As much as I can't believe I'm saying this, Spike is right. You really are a very good actress. I really believed that you wanted to be good...if not human. You even had me loving you for a while. I'm not stupid, Ahn. As soon as I asked you to marry me, you started trying to force your way on me. It was subtle, but I'm not blind. When you started that, I began to really watch you and re-evaluate our relationship. All the way up until the battle at the tower you kept trying to get me to abandon everyone and just run away, like you did two years ago. Then two days after we buried Buffy, you wanted to go out for a night on the town. Of course, you said it was because you couldn't deal with anymore grief and you needed to find a way to vent some of it, but you really didn't seem all that grief stricken."

"Xander, please, let's talk about this," she pleaded.

"No. Not another word Anyanka! I heard everything you told Spike. I already had my suspicions. They didn't come close to what you were up to, but I knew something was going through that brain of yours. I just thought you were plotting to get out of this town...but you actually thought you could get me to turn against my friends, my chosen family, to try to get me to destroy them," he ground out.

"Xander, please, you misunderstood," she whined.

"Bullshit!" he roared. "I understand perfectly what I heard. Leave town Anya. I'll have Giles buy out your share of the store. I'll even have him deposit the money into the account you think I don't know about. Do not be here when we get back. If you are, you will regret it. Let's go Spike, we'll go by the crypt first, but don't try to talk to me right now." With that said he left the building again. Spike cast Anya one last disgusted look before he exited as well.

AN: *Jonathon* I couldn't find a name for Harry's grandfather, so I gave him one.
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