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Assistance of the Past

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Summary: Greg calls an old friend for some "expert" advice. (On indefinite hold.)

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I Have a Friend

I Have a Friend
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this work of fiction. All characters belong to someone Mutant Enemy, CBS, etc....I make no money from this.

Summary: A case seeming to involve the occult has Greg calling in an old friend for his "expert" advice. SLASH

Rating: R, Teen+, whatever, overall. Any NC-17, MA will have warnings.

Warnings: Spoilers for Buffy through season seven as well as spoilers for CSI through season seven.

A/N: The main focus will be on CSI and not the Buffyverse. Xan and Spike will have a large part in the story, however.

Chapter One

"Jesus," Nick Stokes gasped as he looked around the current crime scene. "What the hell happened here?"

"That's what we're hoping you can figure out," Jim Brass sighed. "As best as we can tell there are at least five bodies; but we can't be certain because none of them are whole bodies. We've got four arms, three legs, eight hands, two feet, no heads, but five torsos. I've never seen anything like this in all of the years I've been on the force."

"Where's all of the blood?" Gil Grissom asked calmly. "With this around, there should be more blood. Where is it?" The three men exchanged wary glances. "Nick, start processing here, I'll take outside. Greg," Gil said, facing the youngest member of his CSI team. "I want you to start with the rest of the area, Nick and I will join you when we finish."

"Sure thing boss," Greg said, a little more pale than usual. He took one more look at the body parts littering the room, then moved on to investigate the rest of the building as Grissom left to begin processing the outside, hoping to find something that would lead them to the person/persons who had done this.

Greg had processed two rooms, finding little more than a few smudged fingerprints and stray fibers. The dust on the floor of the rooms didn't even appear to be disturbed. Greg was readying his kit to move onto the next room in the abandoned warehouse when an inconsistency along the far wall caught his attention. It was barely noticeable, but there, on the wall was a spot slightly larger than a hand-print that seemed more worn than the rest of the wall. His curiosity piqued, along with the need to do a thorough job, he moved cautiously across the room. His first action, to dust for fingerprints, proved fruitless. He examined the wall around the worn spot, and barely caught the faint line of a seam in the wall. Taking a deep breath, he placed his gloved hand in the worn area and pushed.

"NICK....GRISSOM!!!!" Bellowed throughout the building.

Grissom had just returned from processing the outside of the building and was discussing with Nick the depressingly small amount of possible evidence he had found, when the shout echoed around the two men. Both men jumped at the panicked sound reverberating around them; with an anxious, worried glance between them, they made their way to their fellow CSI as quickly and carefully as possible.

When they found Greg, he was standing in an empty room in front of the entrance to a previously hidden area. Greg was shaking and had a grey parlor to his normal pale skin tone. He wasn't moving, merely staring intently at the room before him, his flashlight sweeping back and forth.

"Greggo, you okay?" Nick asked as he moved closer.

"Greg?" Grissom said gently as he entered the room. Neither man could see into the room Greg was staring into.

"I...I think I found...found the...the missing blood," Greg stammered.

"Dear God," Grissom gasped, for once letting his stoic composure falter as he took in the scene before him.

Grissom, Nick, and Greg were gathered in the supervisor's office the next night, going over the limited findings from their crime scene.

"No usable prints or trace and the only DNA found was the blood from our bo...vics," Nick sighed. "Five blood contributions, matching each of the five torsos found; all male. All of, including what was found in the room Greg discovered, matched back. We're still missing the heads, however."

"According to the ME," Grissom began, "all had recently engaged in...sexual activities. No sign of rape, all samples matched back to the vics. Vics three and five shared seminal fluid, and vics one, two, and four also exchanged seminal fluid; one with four with two with one. There were no matches for our vics in AFIS or CODIS."

"So no help there. We have no idea how they are all related, other than the possibility of being gay, judging by the seminal contributions." Nick huffed, dismayed at their lack of evidence to find the perpetrators of this crime. "What about all of that blood that Greg found. Those weird symbols on the walls and floor. Anything from those?"

"Nothing that we can discern. The symbols look like some kind of runes but don't match anything known so far." Grissom heaved a weary sigh. "What are your thoughts Greg?"

Greg started at the sound of his name. "Wha?" He blushed. "Oh. I got nothing....but...I think..." he stopped, unsure whether he should continue.

"You think..." Nick prompted.

Greg glanced nervously at the two men in the room. He was about to voice an opinion that was so far from left field he knew neither of the men would see it coming. Ever since he had found the hidden room, his mind had been screaming that this was something so far out of the realm of normal, that his colleagues would think he was insane for suggesting it. But, in the pit of his stomach he knew he was right, and he knew they would need to contact some...questionable assistance. Images of his summer vacation during his third year at college, when he had to spend a week in Oxnard, kept running through his mind. He had the same creeping/gut-wrenching/oh-shit feeling he had during that time. He knew he was right. But, he was terrified to voice his opinion, because unless you've seen it for yourself, you just can't believe it. He had to be very careful on how he said this, and how he offered to contact an "expert".

"I think it's de...." Greg coughed, seeming to clear his throat. "I think its occult related."

"Occult?" Nick asked incredulously. "You mean like voodoo/witchcraft/satanism?"

"Nooooo," Greg drawled slowly, cautiously. "Well yes, but not what you're thinking. I mean in sacrificial...power-raising...Occult. A lot more...hardcore than what you're thinking. A lot darker than you're thinking. Someone thinking they can 'raise' something."

"Look Greggo, I know you're into all kinds of odd things," Nick began. "But really, occult..."

"I agree Greg," Grissom interrupted. "And I commend you on stating such a...controversial...opinion. I have been doing some research in that area, actually, but I haven't been able to find anything remotely relating to what we are looking at."

"You can't be serious!" Nick exclaimed. "Occult...witchcraft...power-raising...whatever! No way!"

"Nicky," Grissom began patiently. "We see things that don't fit everyday...."

"It's all about faith," Greg interrupted, facing Nick. "We're all about facts and evidence. Faith doesn't require that. While there is no evidence to prove, beyond doubt, that there is God, it doesn't stop people's faith that there is. That's what I think this is...someone's faith that they will be able to reach their God. It's ritualistic...All of the torsos were missing their hearts and genitalia...and heads...faces. I'm sorry, but screaming that this is about some......Power...God...Ritual...forgotten to time."

"You can't be serious. C'mon Greg! Mutilation equals faith! You can't be serious!!" Nick claimed.

"How many of the Greek, Roman, Native American, other lost culture Gods required human sacrifice...mutilation?" Grissom asked. "We can't rule out that this is an obscure faith of sorts? It does appear ritualistic...especially with the bloody symbols."

Greg's eyes darted between the two men staring at each other. He wasn't surprised at Nick's reaction...being born and raised in Texas...Greg just unfairly assumed he would be slightly closed minded...even after all of this time working as a CSI. Grissom surprised him...slightly. He knew of the two, Grissom would be the first to really see what he was trying to point out. Gris may not be the best at human interaction, but he knew human actions. His knowledge and acceptance of occult possibilities didn't surprise Greg so much as his immediate agreement of them. He thought for sure Gris would tell him to get all of the facts before voicing his ludicrous opinion.

"I have..." Greg coughed, "I have a....friend...that is sort of an occult expert. I...I can call him. See what he can make of those symbols we found. If anyone can find them, he can."

"G, we don't need some half-baked freak that goes around claiming to be an occult expert to help. I know the PD uses them sometimes...and sure they get lucky every once in a while....." Nick began to protest.

"As far as I know, he's never worked with a PD," Greg interrupted. "Actually, he usually tends to stay away from them. But he knows this stuff!! He's been de....researching this stuff since he was fifteen...he knows it or where to find it. Trust me....if its some sort of forgotten godly worship he will know...or at least where to find if thats what it is. If its not, no big deal...but if it is...and it requires thirty bodies........" he trailed off.

"He might be able to give us an MO behind the murders or where to start looking for these people," Nick said, reluctantly.

Greg nodded.

"Greg, how soon can you contact your friend?" Grissom asked.

Greg pulled out his cell phone and began dialing.

A/N: Yes, I know I have started yet another fic without finishing one of my others. *Le sigh* A Matter of Family is currently going through a major re-vamp. Xan just got TOOO much too fast, I've got to reign that in and repost once it's been edited, then I can continue. I'm working out the details for my Oxnard's slow because I'm not as familiar with the Anita Blake world. My multi-cross.....*sigh*....I'm working, but it's sooo...I need to off some characters to make it more workable, so it's getting revamped as well. However, if anyone wants to adopt it...let me know.
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