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You Said You Only Made It to Oxnard

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Summary: After Glory, friends from Xander's road trip show up to "take him home". (On indefinite hold.)

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Nathaniel(Recent Donor)astracindelFR181328,24561841,32414 Nov 1014 Nov 10No


Disclaimer: I own nothing of BtVS or ABVH. Only borrowing the characters for fun. No profit made.

Spoilers: Through season five of BtVS. AB:VH...umm....not sure...I'll say NIC at least.

Rating: FR18 for language....maybe more for sexual situations later...chapters will be rated.

Pairings: Xander/Anya (temp...mention) Xander/Nathaniel Willow/Tara (mention) maybe others

Summary: After Buffy jumps into the portal to stop Glory, friends from Xander's road trip come to make sure he is safe. And try to convince him to "come home".


"Are you sure?"


"Why don't you come home?"


"This is more your home than where you are now, and you know it."


"We worry about you. You know that. Without her there to protect you..."


"We know you can take care of yourself. That's never been in question. You're family. We can't help but worry."


"Alright. I understand. Call again soon?"


"Talk to you in a couple of days then. Bye."

The blond pocketed his cell phone and walked back into the room he had left to take the call in private. He looked at the other people in the room. Anxious eyes fixed on him.

"She's dead. Jumped into a portal to save everyone. He won't leave his friends to protect the town alone."

"Mon dieu. He is alone there without protection then. He must return home," the dark haired man said.

"You know how stubborn he can be. He won't leave. The other is in prison, leaving only him, the witches, watcher, and Aurelius to guard the town," the blond replied.

"Don't forget that useless demon of his," an auburn haired beauty hissed.

"Oui. We must never forget the influence that one has on him. I do not trust that one. It was much to convenient how she came into his life."

"What do you suggest then, mon ami?" A blond, hidden in the shadows asked.

Heavy sigh. "Ma petite, Jason, Nathaniel, and you shall go to him. Make sure his is safe until he sees reason to come home."

"Oh, he is just gonna love this," a small dark haired woman said sarcastically.
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