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A New Luthor in Town.

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Summary: Lex Luthor finds out that he has a half-brother and decides to take him under his wing. (Warning: Slash.)

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Smallville > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersJacobPhoenixFR211328,2320325,32314 Nov 103 Jan 11No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own ether the Buffy series or the Smallville series.

Timeline: takes place between BtVS season 2 and 3 and just after the beginning of Smallville season 1.

Chapter 1

Lex sat in his office in Smallville, looking over his father’s records, in secret of course, to find out what his father was up to.

‘No,’ he thought, ‘Not this,’ and, ‘Hmm, he’s paying money to a young woman for a couple of years that stopped abruptly,’ his eyes narrowed, another of his father’s little girlfriends? Did he tire of her? Or was it something else?

‘Josephine McCormick,’ he thought, ‘Out of Sunnydale, California,’ she was visited by his father several times but then the visits stopped.

‘It’s time for me to go to Sunnydale,’ Lex thought and walked out to prepare a trip, he could easily fake going to visit LA to visit the local office there, then his father wouldn’t suspect a thing.

A week later he was in LA and he was driving north to Sunnydale, he had looked it up on the plane trip and frowned, Ms McCormick had better still be alive when he got there.

This town was bigger than Smallville and he hated it already, it felt like a cesspool surrounded by bright colourful flowers which were meant to conceal the ugly nature the town. He drove to Ms McCormick’s last known place of residence.

The house she lived in looked just a bit rundown and he knew what he was in for, he walked over and knocked on the door and saw a woman walk out and looked at him.

“Hi, I’m Lex Luthor and I’m looking for a Josephine McCormick?”

“Shit!” she muttered, “How did you find me? You can go back to your father and tell him he’s not getting his diseased claws into my son!!”

“So,” Lex said with a smirk, “You know what kind of man my father is? No, I’m not here for that, I just need to know what you and he were doing.”

Josephine grumbled, “Come in,” and sat him down, she looked at him and said, “Please, call me Josie but you want to know about mine and Lionel’s relationship?”

“Yes, I get that you were one of his girls and one he got bored of,” Lex said while looking her over.

“Not quite, at the time I was separated from my husband and I was in Metropolis working at a restaurant, it was one of those fancy trendy places, and your father came in; he looked gorgeous and he chatted to me. Oh,” Josie shivered, “It gave me the shivers, your father could be charming when he wanted to be.”

“Yes,” Lex smiled, “Like a snake before it strikes.”

“Well anyways, we carried on for several months but that’s when I noticed the darker parts of your father’s personality and how he treated you, it was horrible,” Josie said quietly, “And I found out that I was pregnant, so I made up some story about having to leave and told him that I was going to be back in a month but no, I stayed in Sunnydale and never left, he never found out where I was from as I used a fake name to tell him where I came from.”

Lex looked up his eyes, almost hopeful he had a younger sibling here, he asked, “Is my brother or sister around?”

“No, he’s at school,” Josie smiled, “Please don’t tell Lionel about him; he’s not a Luthor, he’s a Wells.”

“Josie,” Lex said, “It doesn’t matter, I found you and my father knows where you are that’s how I knew to come here.”

She looked pale, “No!! I’m not letting him get to Andrew!!”

Lex smiled a bit, “Andrew is it? Well he’s about to find out about his true family.”

“Honestly,” Lex said, “I’m not sure if he even knows about Andrew; if he had a birth certificate then it won’t be his birth name.”

‘Thank god,’ Josie thought.

“Now,” Lex said, “I want you to sign custody of Andrew to me.”

She froze, “Why do you want him? He’s not ruthless, he’s smart but that’s about it.”

“First of all, if I found out about him being my brother my father will too,” Lex said, “And he hates not knowing things and he won’t be as polite about it as I am.”

“You’re right,” Josie said sadly, “But I’m not sure about letting you just up and take him, he won’t be able to handle your family.”

“You’re probably right.” Lex said, “But I am going to look at him and I will still take custody of him.”

Josie sniffed, a bit worried about Andrew and Lionel’s reaction to each other and her innocent little Andrew being corrupted by the Luthors. She sighed, “If you have to meet him, he’s at the high school.”

Lex nodded and said,” I’ll be back later with Andrew.”

He got out and drove to the school, reasoning that it wouldn’t be too far. As he checked his car’s GPS he was glad to find out he was right and as he pulled into the parking lot he looked it over and decided that Smallville had a better education system.

Lex walked into the office and sat down in front of the principal, causing Snyder to cough out, “Who the hell are you to walk into my office like you own it?”

“Sorry, I thought you might recognize me? I’m Lex Luthor.”

“Oh god!!” Snyder said as he told the receptionist to hold his calls and muttered, “What can I do for you Mr Luthor?”

“This,” Lex said, “You have a student here that I’m interested in meeting; his name is Andrew Wells, can you ask him to meet me now.”

Snyder was about to call for him when Lex held his hand up and said, “I’ll look for him myself, give me a pass and his picture. What I have to talk to him about is private.”

“I’ll get him for you,” Snyder said, almost fearful for his life, “You can use the counsellor’s office, it’s down the hall.”

Lex nodded, walked out and began to wait. He was hoping that his little brother would be here soon and then he could make a choice about what do here; he was going to take custody of his brother irregardless of what he found.”

A couple of minutes later Snyder came in with a young man who looked fifteen/sixteen years old.
Snyder made him sit across from Lex and quickly left, trying to decide if he was needed, Lex looked at him and said, “Thank you Mr Snyder, you can leave now.”

After Snyder left Lex looked Andrew over for a moment; there was a bit of a resemblance between them though: his eyes were brighter and the hair wasn’t dark, it was blond. Interesting.

“Umm,” Andrew muttered feeling a bit nervous, “Who are you? And why do you want to see me?”

“I’m Lex Luthor and this might be hard for you to believe but I might be your half brother.”

“What!!?” Andrew said, “No way you’re my brother, I already have a brother; Tucker.”

“He’s your brother too,” Lex said with a smile, “But we shall get tested in LA at a private lab, those that I trust. Now, let’s go.”

“Wait a moment,” Andrew said, “I’m not going with you just because you say you’re my brother.”

Lex smiled and said, “Please trust me Andrew, I won’t hurt you and we can have dinner together, your mom knows I’m here.”

Andrew sighed, “Alright Mr Luthor,” and followed him outside; he saw Snyder stop him for a moment but backed down when they left.

‘This car is nice,’ Andrew thought as they got in to it and Lex drove towards LA fast, Andrew looked at how fast they were going.

“Now Andrew,” Lex said, “Tell me about yourself? I want to know everything about you.”

As Andrew talked about himself Lex thought, “Yeah, if Mrs Wells’s story proves true then I will make sure Andrew went to the best private tutors, he would get the same education that I got.’

Andrew looked at LA’s skyline and was amazed as he only came down here on fieldtrips, they drove into the city and Andrew looked a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry Andrew,” Lex said, “I’m not going to hurt you,” as they pulled into a parking lot and they walked inside.

Andrew looked at Lex nervously as he sat down while Lex made all of the arrangements and he waited until a lab technician came in and withdrew some blood, he waited for a couple of hours reading the magazines that were placed all around him, he read while wondering if Mr Luthor was playing a practical joke on him.

“Yes Mr Luthor,” the Doctor said, “He is your half brother, the sample you brought me matches up with the sample that we took from Mr Wells.”

“Thank you Doctor and also this is to be kept in secret, if my father finds out about this I’ll make sure you don’t get enough time to enjoy your money,” Lex said as he left.

Andrew was still reading the magazine when Lex came in and said, “Andrew, here’s the tests, they prove that you’re my baby brother.”

He looked at the papers Lex showed him and he read them out loud and realized that he had another older brother who seemed to have some power, ‘Which was cool,’ he thought, ‘But what happened now?’

“So, umm,” Andrew said, “What happens now?”

“Now,” Lex said, “We talk about our father and what you want to do.”

They travelled to a small out of the way place and began to order, Andrew looked at Lex who said, “I don’t need the police or the press, or worse, dad coming to meet you.”

“Alright,” Andrew said looking at the menu, “But what do you want from me?”

This you’re my brother and no matter what it says on your birth certificate you are a Luthor that means Lex said

“Now our father, he is, shall we say, a hard man to please and I can already tell you that he wouldn’t be pleased with you.”

Andrew’s face fell and sighed before Lex looked at him and said, “Andrew, look at me, I am going to make sure that you’re worthy of the Luthor name, which is why I told your mother that I’m taking custody of you. First, to make sure you live up to your potential and second, to protect you from our father.”

“Why would he care?” Andrew asked, “I mean you already told me that he would be disappointed in me, right?”

“No,” Lex said, “He would see you as a pawn in his schemes and he would find a use for you until you found out that there was nothing left for him to use.”

Andrew paled, “But he doesn’t know about me, right? And we’re going to keep it that way, right?”

Lex smiled and patted Andrew’s back and said, “Don’t worry Andrew, he’s going to know about you but it’s going to be on your terms, not his.”

The blonde waitress came by with their orders, Andrew bit into his burger wondering what was going to happen now.

Lex said, “You will be coming with me to my home in Smallville.”

The waitress looked up at the name of the town but quickly cast her head down and went back to work and walked away.

“But,” Andrew muttered, “My friends and family are in Sunnydale, I can’t just leave them.”

“Umm sorry,” the waitress said, “But Sunnydale’s a place of pain and misery, you’d only get hurt there. Trust me, it’s a bad place.”

Lex looked her over and said, “Thank you Anne, do you know the town?”

“Do I ever know the town,” Anne whispered and was about to leave.

Andrew looked at her and his eyes widened in recognition, “I know you, you’re Buffy Summers; you saved my friend Jonathon from a vampire,” when he realized he said that out loud he covered his mouth.

“Vampire?” Lex said with a smirk, “He has a bit of an imagination.” As he looked Anne over again, he patted a seat and gestured, “Please sit with us Ms Summers.”

Buffy gave Andrew a bit of a look; she looked at Lex and said, “Yeah, my name’s Buffy.”

“You look a bit young to be working here?” Lex said while looking her over.

“Umm and you look like you’re a bit super rich to be eating at a place where the roaches won’t even eat,” Buffy snarked back.

Lex nearly broke into a smile and said, “Touché Ms Summers, I am actually quite wealthy but if I were to take my baby brother out to dinner before he was ready, well you know what would happen?”

Buffy looked at Andrew and said, “He’s your brother? Wow.”

“Indeed,” Lex nodded, “He doesn’t know me too well.”

“But Buffy, why are you here?” Andrew asked, “I heard that you ran when you were accused of murdering that other girl but the charges were dropped.”

Lex looked at her and smiled, “Murder charges? Interesting, Ms Summers.”

She looked at Andrew and said, “Can you tell me if Rupert Giles is alright?”

“Last I checked,” Andrew said, “I mean he’s gone half the time looking for you but he’s good.”

“And that group I hung out with,” Buffy said, “Are they alright?”

Andrew nodded, “Yeah, they are, from what I’ve seen they are alright but they don’t mingle much with others.”

‘Thank you for small favours,’ Buffy thought.

“Now,” Lex said, “That you’ve been fitted with the latest news on your friends please join us, we’re going back to Sunnydale to discuss Andrew’s new living arrangements.”

“No,” Buffy froze, “So can’t deal with that right now, sorry.”

“Not to stay Ms Summers,” Lex said, “I have a bit of a proposition for you that could get out of this mess and maybe a new job, if you truly want to disappear, Ms Summers.”


A/N: This is going to be an Andrew/Clark pairing eventually, not sure about Buffy but she’ll be with Andrew in Smallville, possibly with Buffy/Lex.

Poll Question: How will Andrew take to being a Luthor? And keep in mind that I’m keeping Lex more decent in this fic and how will Lionel take to Andrew?

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