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Seth Sails to Africa

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Summary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer The O.C crossover What if Ryan leaving wasn't the only catalyst of Seth leaving. What if Seth ended up in Africa and isn't sure if he ever wants to go back. He meets up with Xander. Can Xander change his mind. No slash.

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Television > OC, ThegoldenspringtimeFR1321,6610164316 Nov 103 Jan 11No

Chapter 2

Author note: Forgive me I'm still ignorant

I'd been here for a couple weeks now, my head was healing nicely with some of the natural herbs. Xander and I had grown closer together. We had to since Xander was the only person that spoke English. I was learning some Umbundu from Xander. Xander and I talked many times I told him about home . I told him about Mom, Dad , Ryan , Marissa, Summer, and Anna. Most of all I told him I wasn't going back and I could see he disapproved and would always tell me I should go home. Fortunately he didn't send me away and we were friends now.

He told me about some friends of his Buffy, Willow and Giles. But I thought he was holding something back. I would tell stories about what happened and Xander would look like he was going to say something, then would stop himself. Also Xander always left when the sun came up and wouldn't be back til after 2:00 in the morning. He would either walk into the jungle or drive away to only he knew where. I wanted to know where he was going. But since I couldn't follow his car I had to follow him into the jungle even though it gave me the creeps.

So after 40 minutes of Xander just walking around. I thought maybe that all he does all day, that's when I heard a growl behind me. I slowly turned around there was a green monster with horns and fangs. The monster lunged at me but I was still in a state of shock. The monster would probably killed me had not Xander pushed me out of the way, before my very eyes he toke a sword out and chopped off it's head. He then turned around like it was an everyday thing went over to me.

"What was that?" I said very shocked barely able to bet the words out of my mouth.

"That was a Glahard demon." he said very calmly.

"A what?!" I asked again with a higher voice.

"A demon."

"You mean there are demons! Oh! I could have lived my whole life not knowing and been happy."

"Odds are you could've . Me if I hadn't known I would probably be dead or a vampire by now." Seth felt the panic increase.

"Vampires are real too!"

'Yeah most of them are evil but if you ever meet a vampire names Angel or spike first of all tell them hi and second of all they have souls so don't freak out."

"The existence of vampires and demons ...they're real." I was breathing shallowly .

"Okay here we go, to every generation is born a slayer she alone will battle the evil and the forces of darkness."

"So you're the slayer?"

"No, didn't you listen I said she. The slayer well the original slayer at least was one of my two best friends in high school. The other slayer wasn't as nice to me." However I wasn't paying attention to what he said after he said slayers. The overload of knowledge was sending me into a panic attack.

"There's slayers plural" I starting hyperventilating. That when the calm look melted off his face replaced by a very concerned one.

"Okay. calm down Seth ,I promise I won't tell you anymore till you just focus on not having a panic attack. Now focus on your breath, breathe in and out, in and out." I tried my best to breathe and not think about demons, vampires and slayers. Once my breathing was normal I allowed myself to think about the supernatural and the existence of demons.

"I think I'm ready." Xander smiled.

"No one except for maybe Oz is ever ready. You see I grew up in Sunnydale, California which happens to be a hellmouth. What is a hell mouth you may ask? Well it's pretty much what it sounds like. If the hell mouth opens hell comes into the world. Sunnydale isn't the only Hellmouth in fact Sunnydale isn't the active Hellmouth Cleveland is... I found out about demons when I was your age too. Remember I told you about Buffy. Well...on the first day of my Sophomore year, I overheard Buffy talking to Giles about demons. I night I confronted her I thought she was crazy . Then she told me we needed to find Willow. When we found her we also found a group of vampires. When we were safe Buffy and Giles told us about vampires.

"So Vampires, demons and slayers are real?" Making sure I hadn't imagined the whole thing Xander smiled


"Since vampires, demons and slayers are real what else is real?" Xander laughed and by the end of the night I wished I hadn't asked.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Seth Sails to Africa" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 11.

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