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Seth Sails to Africa

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Summary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer The O.C crossover What if Ryan leaving wasn't the only catalyst of Seth leaving. What if Seth ended up in Africa and isn't sure if he ever wants to go back. He meets up with Xander. Can Xander change his mind. No slash.

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Chapter One

I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The O.C.

I have no idea where I am. A few days ago my map to Tahiti fell overboard along with my grill and now I have no clue where I am. Wait. In the horizon was that... could it be? It was land very far off but it was there. I have no clue what the land was but I was excited. I steered the boat toward the shore, and about 100 yards away, the boat hit something and lurched forward, so did I fell and something hit my head and it all went black.

I feel water over half of me and then spilling down I fall back asleep.

There are many voices around me but I can't understand them. I opened up my eyes and saw many people around me talking loudly. I realized I couldn't understand them, because they were speaking a different language. At once I could tell how different I am from these people . I'm white I have expensive jeans , black long sleeved shirt and a logo on the t-shirt I have over it. On my feet I have converse shoes. They were black Africans and wore clothes like I never seen before. They didn't have shoes on their feet.

One of the big men shouted something, and I guess it meant shut up because no one else said a word. The man looked over me and said something that I couldn't understand. After a minute or two of silence he spoke again louder and slower but that didn't help me understand what he was saying. I just shrugged my shoulders.

After a couple minutes of everyone starring at me a different man come toward me. The man motioned towards me and started walked. After a few seconds I realized I was suppose to follow him . The man took me to a small hut with straw which looked new so I guess it was for me. At the moment I really missed home or more specifically my bed. Then we went by bigger huts. One large table probably for meals. Then there was a hut that smelled on the other side away from all the others I figured it was the bathroom.

We walked into a jungle so dense I knew that if I lost sight of my guide I would be lost. I took awhile by the time everyone at the table was eating. My guide picked up a bowl and gave me some of whatever everybody was having. I starting eating of course I had no idea what I was eating. After days of fish and then nothing when my grill fell over in the middle of the night with the map I would eat anything. Everybody was ignoring me because they knew I wouldn't be able to answer in their native tongue. After I finished dinner I wondered what I was supposed to do . There wasn't a dishwasher what was I suppose to do wash my own dish if so where. I didn't know if it was rude just to leave the table or not..

Out of the corner of my eye I saw black leather a thing none of the natives seemed to wear. I looked and saw something that I never though that would make me happy. A white guy with dark brown hair and an eye patch although that part was a little creepy. A leather coat, jeans and a t-shirt. Of course I told myself just because he's white doesn't mean he speaks English. He saw me and walked over to me.

"Do you speak English?" I could have hugged him if the very thought of it didn't make me nauseous.

"Yes! Yes I do."

"Well that's good if you spoke french or Italian or something else I wouldn't be able to interpret." He sat down uncomfortably near me. He seemed to notice because he gave me an apologetic smile.

"Not much room at the table."

"I understand." I said even though him made my breathing shallow.

"So what's your name and how did you get here?"

"Where is here?" Attempting to redirect the conversation.

"Nope you tell me your name and where your from and I tell you where you are,"

"Well I know I'm In Africa."

"Africa is a continent, a continent that is 11.7 million square miles. Wouldn't you like to know what country your in?" I considered for a moment lying to him but I had a feeling he'd know somehow.

"My name is Seth Cohen, I'm from Newport, California."

"Seth, my name is Xander and you are in Angola."


"You have no clue where Angola is do you."

"Um...not so much ." he gave a short laugh.

"Well I'm going to educate you." for the rest of the night he did then for the first time in my life I sleep on straw.

Authors note: I tried looking for African description of clothes but I never found one not for the region I'm looking for. Probably a lot of other details are wrong too. I'm trying to find accurate information but I haven't so this may come off as being ignorant.
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