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When Words Are Not Needed

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Fan Art

Summary: Here I'll post all pieces of fan art I make that have to do with stories on this site. For more fan art, check out corrupted_smile (link in my profile).

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Multiple Crossings > FanartCorruptedSmileFR136283072,55017 Nov 1021 Jan 12No

Recharging the Power Shifters 1

Disclaimer: I probably don't own anything you immediately recognise. I own Paint, Picture Manager and Word which I used to make this picture to my specifications.

A/N: I uploaded it at weird_minds (the Yahoo!Group I'm moderator of) first and then used that link to post it here. I made this for Cryefourme's Recharging the Power Shifters, so don't use it without our permission, please.




- Please note that any and all art I make for Genuka will posted here.

- Art that has nothing to do with any of the stories found on this site will be posted at weird_minds. It's possible to join, if you want to see it.
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