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Xander's Travels the Multiverse...

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Summary: This will be SLASH people. Xander Travels the Multiverse and meets all sorts of pretty guys...some he might have a relationship with some he won't so long as he meets them in his quest to return to his reality...if he really wants too.

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An Un-bumpy Landing - Drabble by BigredTheBallCrusher

AN/ Sorry for any mistakes, this is un-beta'd. Thanks to LLN for keeping this open so i could play with it. I really could not help myself. Please enjoy.


For a hospital type place, the infirmary wasn't that bad. It still smelled of antiseptic and sterilized implements of torture...Sorry 'Healing, but overall it wasn't that bad. I was still disappointed that I wouldn't get to see my favorite character. I'd always had a soft spot for Carson. That accent always did extremely good things to my insides, like Sean Connery.

I was broken from my thoughts when Doctor Keller cleared her throat, peering up at me with a faint blush staining her cheeks. She was about as tall as my girls, so it wasn't that different, she gave me a shy smile and nervously motioned me towards a bed.

"Colonel Carter told me you would be coming. I didn't believe it, but here you are." Jennifer peeked at me as she grabbed one of the Ancient doohickeys.

It wasn't something I recognized. I know I had missed an episode or two so it had probably been found then.

"You've seen the....TV show too?" I hopped up onto the bed, still looking around.

There where the obligatory faces you didn't have names to on the show, nurses bustling about. There was even one guy in bed across the room by the big window, his bandaged leg propped up.

"Yes, I'm a big fan." Keller cleared her throat again softly. She started using the device on me.

"Really?" I asked intrigued. I wondered what she knew and if I could weasel some information out of her. It was always good to be several steps ahead of the 'Big Bads'.

"Ahem, yeah...After it finished I kinda got into reading fanfiction." She blushed harder, looking everywhere but at me a moment, before focusing intently on the device in her hands.

"I'm not a big reader myself, but I'll admit to indulging when I need my Stargate fix." I admitted sheepishly. I hadn't even told the girls that, they'd just make fun.

There was the fact I also indulged in some extremely smutty McShep PWP's more often than not. She peeked at me, giving me a wicked grin that could only mean she was about to spill something juicy. All girls had the same kind of look when they came to dish out something of 'Juicy' value.

"I kinda have a thing for slash pairings." she shared conspiratorially, shooting a look at Ronan, who had yet to take the gun off me.

I was hoping he would decide that I was harmless, but following Keller's look, I remembered that they had a thing on the show. If anything, Ronan seemed to be staring at me even more intently. Ignoring Ronan again, I peek at Keller, my interest peaked.

"Who do you pair up? Giles?" I frowned, genuinely intrigued.

I get a flash back to Larry in the locker room. That would be fanfiction gold I'm betting. Then there is the whole Giles-Ethan dynamic. Even I have to admit there was something between the two. Ethan's always trying to get Giles's attention like some schoolboy pulling the hair of his crush.

"There is some Giles slash out there, but...well." Keller paused, moving away to pull over the large whole body scanner, then making some quick notations on her tablet. "Lay back." She ordered.

I laid back on the bed, pulling a face at the thought of Giles sexing it up with anyone. Yes he is a man, and yes he isn't actually my father, but still for all his older. Rakish Englishman appeal, this is still Giles we're talking about. Its still like thinking about your parents getting it on. It goes firmly in the box of denial and stamped with every icky and squicky stamp you can find.

Keller positioned the scanner over me and I held still, a little intimidated by all the flashy lights and things.

"I'm more partial to Spander and Xangel." She told me conspiratorially.

I froze, taking a minute to decipher the mashed up names before I gaped in shock, unable to formulate anything to say to that. Me and Spike. Me and Angel. Me, Angel and Spike. I blinked up at the scanning part of the scanner, completely gobsmacked. I mean sure, I accept that I like to think about guys. I read slash, but holy shit Batman!

Yes I'll admit that Spike is strong and mysterious and sort of compact, but well muscled...and handsome, but its still the bleached blond menace. Then there is Angel. I mean, if I didn't know the guy and I happened to be openly dating, I'd tap that. Then the moment he opens his mouth, any potential happy-making goes right out the window. That man would make marble go flaccid. I must have made a noise or something, because Keller giggled. To that I have to get some minor revenge.

"I bet its not as good as the Kelter smut." I offer conversationally, mentally rubbing my hands together.

Keller kind of squeaks then, gasping in shock as she figures out what I mean. I laugh out right as the Scanner swings up, I get a good look at her wide eyed, beet red face. If anything, my stay here might be entertaining.


AN/ i don't know if Kelter is a real term for Keller/Carter fem slash, but I'm sticking with it. :)
Disclaimer: MGM&Gekko Films owns Atlantis.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander's Travels the Multiverse..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Apr 11.

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