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Xander's Travels the Multiverse...

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Summary: This will be SLASH people. Xander Travels the Multiverse and meets all sorts of pretty guys...some he might have a relationship with some he won't so long as he meets them in his quest to return to his reality...if he really wants too.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLN + 2 othersFR1842,5910147,61919 Nov 101 Apr 11No

It Started Like This...

Authors Note: Calling All SLASH Authors I know you're out there! Come help Xander get back to
his reality...But with all the pretty guys out there...will he really want too? Have fun and write some great fics!



The story begins at the beginning... So I've been told anyway. My story though begins with, well, a girl. Don't they all?

But this time the girl was not Buffy, or Wills...Not even Dawn or Tara were involved this time.

No, this time it was Anya.

My vengeful Anyanka...

When an Ex-vengeance demon is PMSing the best thing to do is what she says. It was a lesson I learned to late. I had been watching one of my favorite TV shows when she had asked me to go to the store.

I told her no.

Oh, come on! It was an episode I hadn't seen it! I wanted to know how it ended.

And that was when she said it...

"God, Xander! I wish 'You' were in that universe! Then you would know my pain!" Anya screamed at me.

I could only stare at her in shock. She had said the W-word! I watched as a look of horror crossed her face as she realized what she had said. She of all beings ' knew ' better.


Terrible. Gut-wrecking pain hit me. I could actually feel... In those moments of pain I came to hate Anya. No one should ever feel that sort of pain. Never let it be said that Anya didn't know her craft.

The pain only kept growing...and I blacked out.

No, I am not being dramatic! Look when some one takes your insides and tears them form your body, ties them in a lot of knots then shoves them back inside you! Then you can tell me I'm being dramatic! Until then...Shut up.


I'm beginning to think I did some really bad in a previous life. Yes, my luck is really that bad!

Why? You ask.

Because when I woke up there was a weapon pointed at me...
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