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He's Fast, She's Furious

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Summary: A firing, and a two grand pay day, make Xander's life a whole lot more interesting.

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Chapter Twelve

He's Fast, She's Furious


A/N: This takes place immediately after chapter ten.

++Xander POV++
I drove toward the garage feeling like shit, the hard rain wasn't improving my mood either. In high school, I'd always prided myself with getting one over on Queen C, and the feeling had been mutual. There was no pride this time, instead of insults, I'd just laid out cold, hard facts.

I was really hoping she'd take me up on the offer, but after that accident, I couldn't blame her if she didn't. While what we did was a lot of fun, we still needed to take care of business to make that happen. That was something she'd have to decide if she could live with.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of my cell. Checking the number, I saw it was Dom, no surprise there. He'd want to know how things had gone, and where the hell I was. "Yeah."

:Where are you right now?:

"On my way man." I assured him. "Sorry I'm running late, I crashed at her place and ended up cooking breakfast."

He chuckled. :Get lucky?:

"Nah, slept on the couch. Even if she was in the mood last night, I wouldn't have gone for it, she was freaking lit."

:Good man.: Dom was real big on the respect for ladies. He'd had a guy in his crew a year or so before I joined, he found out the creep had been using that date rape drug on girls at house parties. The dude ended up in traction for six months.

"What can I say, I'm a gentleman."

:You lay it out for her?:

"Yeah, I'm not sure if she's gonna go for it. We were in a race last night, she seemed pretty into it then, but this morning, I just don't know..."

:Who the hell were you racing at two AM on a Wednesday?:

"Some dumb-ass pulled up to us at a light in an IS 300, had it painted up in Lakers colors." I snorted at the memory. "He was talking ghetto trash, and Cor got pissed, and insisted I race the guy. Bright side, we ended up making two bucks and change off them."

:Only two hundred?: He questioned.

"They probably had the rest on daddy's credit cards, besides, it's cab fare for her until we can get her something new."

:Okay, just don't make it a habit.:

I understood that. Not only did the chances of running into cops increase, but we also didn't want just any loser thinking he was entitled to a race. "No problem, if it weren't for her, I would've ignored all three of them."

:How close are you to the garage right now?:

"Five minutes out, you need me to pick up some coffee or something?"

:Find a phone, and call number seventeen, Leon's waiting.:

"One quick thing."


"Next time Vince goes to Blockbuster, tell 'em to pick up The Godfather."

:You got it.: Dom replied with amusement.

"Later." With that, I flipped the phone closed, and took a right. There was a pay phone not too far from where I was at.

Getting to the phone ten minutes later, I got the index card out of my wallet that had all the numbers on it. We had them for payphones all over the city, each was numbered one through thirty. When we wanted to make anonymous calls, that was the easiest way to do it.

Leon picked up on the fifth ring. :Yeah, I'm here.:

"What took you so long?"

:Was taking a leak...: He replied sheepishly. :Meet me at the warehouse to pick up the Civic, we've got a hot one.:

"Tell me we've got something decent for a change." I was sick of Taurus' and Corolla's all the time.

:Yeah, it's a Benz SLK, even got a key for it.:

I let out a low whistle. "I'll be there in twenty, try to hold it till I get there."


I hung up the phone with a smirk, today was looking a little better. Still, I couldn't get Cordy off my mind.

The door opened as I pulled up, after waiting a few seconds, I drove in to an open space on the left side. I looked through the windows, trying to spot Leon. He was nowhere in sight, and I knew something was coming.

I finally stepped out of the car. "Don't even think about it." I warned, as I shut the door.

Suddenly, hands wrapped around my ankles, and I barely had enough time to break my fall. As I tried to figure out what happened, my car started laughing at me. Looking back, beneath my car, I could see Leon pulling himself out from under it. Sneaky bastard.

I got to my feet, and knocked the dust off as best I could. With the rain outside though, my wet jacket ended up having streaks of mud. Glaring over the roof of my car, I could see him grinning at me.

"Sorry, couldn't hold it." He tossed me the keys to the Civic. "C'mon, you can bitch on the way."

The car was was a 94' with a jet black paint job, and just-legal window tint. To top it off, there was neon green lighting coming from under the chassis. The lights were a genius touch on Jesse's part. People were so unused to such a thing on a car, most were distracted by it.

"You better watch your back man." I warned him, as we got into the car.

"We'll see."

As he gave me directions, I could that smug look on his face. My mind was made up, he was gonna get it.

After circling around the block twice, I pulled into a parking spot around the corner from our target. I blew out a long breath and shook off the nervousness. I wasn't feeling it for me, but him.

I checked the blond, mullet wig in the mirror. Though the Civic's windows were tinted, it never hurt to throw off a possible description.

"You want me to pick you up some lipstick to go with your hairdo?"

I snorted, no matter who was along I always got shit for the thing. One time, Letty had even stuck a dress in the trunk next to the wig. "Fuck you man."

Leon, out of all of them was probably my closest friend. When I'd asked Dom to teach me how to work on cars, he'd obliged. But on the day-to-day stuff, I was under Leon's wing.

We'd ended up having a lot in common, and he definitely knew me the best out of everyone. And like me, he was just another stray that got sucked up into the Toretto crew.

On our way from the warehouse, I'd told him how things had gone with Cordy. He knew how hung up I was on her, and he'd told me I'd done the right thing. Moral support was all I had to go on right now.

Looking over at him, I saw him pulling on surgical gloves, followed by leather one's. There was no such thing as too careful. "You got the key?"

"Yeah," He said, as he pulled the hood over his head, and stuck a pair of sunglasses on. "Gimme five and we'll be good to go." With that, he was out of the car, and heading down the sidewalk.

We only did this during the day when it rained. People kept their heads down, or had umbrellas obstructing their views. Plus, nobody thought twice about seeing someone with a hood up over their head.

I would have preferred doing this at night, but the owner lived in a gated community. All that money wasn't gonna help him though. All we needed to get a copy of a key was the name of the dealership.

Considering they were almost always conveniently available on the back of the car, it wasn't hard to find some weasel who worked there looking to make a buck. Add to the fact he could tell us if they had a Lojack installed, and where it was located, things got even easier.

Dom had put out a nice chunk of cash to buy a scanner that detected the things. It wasn't much of a decision after seeing how easy they were to track and find on the companies home page.

:I'm in.:

"On my way." I left my parking spot and headed to the corner. This had gone a lot smoother then I had expected. Then again, I never expected them to.

I turned the corner, and could see the Benz five cars up from me. People were walking up and down the sidewalk without a clue about what was going on.

:We're good to go!: Leon called, as he started to work his way out of the space.

I stayed a couple of car lengths behind, block the right lane so he'd have a quick exit. That's when I noticed trouble. An older guy, probably in his fifties, ran out of the jewelery store toward the SLK.

"Check your three man!" I warned, just as Leon started to pull out of the spot. I watched as the owner came up and slammed his hands on the trunk of the car, screaming.

:What the-: He came to a stop, probably afraid he'd hit someone.

"Go! Go! Go!" I screamed, leaning on the horn for good measure. We needed to get the fuck out of here now!

Leon peeled out, causing the man to fall on his face when the trunk no longer supported his weight.

Seeing him lying in the middle of the road, I looked to the left lane to make sure nothing was coming, before I cut around him.

"We need to get rid of that fucking Lojack!" I screamed into the phone, as I trailed behind him.

Hitting a red light, Leon finally responded. :There's a shopping center four blocks up and two over, we'll do it there!-: With that said, he waited a few seconds, before making an illegal right turn when there was an opening.

As I moved up, a car cut me off, and I had to wait forty seconds before I had an opening as well. I just hoped I'd be able to find the place he was talking about.

I quickly lost sight of him, and made a left at the second light, hoping I was going in the right direction. After a few more blocks though, I found what I hoped was the one he was talking about.

Racing through the parking lot, I cut into a small strip of space for delivery trucks, between a Lowe's and K-Mart. Looking left and right, I finally saw the burgundy SLK parked next to several trailers.

After pulling up, a few feet away from the car, I jumped out and headed for the trunk.

"It took you long enough!" He called out from somewhere under the car.

"Fuck you! I'm not used to this part of town." I rifled through the trunk, before finally finding what I was looking for.

"What happened anyways?!" He questioned.

"He just burst out of that store, right when you were about to leave!" I explained, as I headed toward the car. "Shit happens!"

"We're gonna be in the shit if I can't find this fucking thing!"

I shook my head, there wasn't much more we could do right now, other then leave it here. But the payday was too good. I dropped the bogus license plate on the ground and started unscrewing the bolts holding the current one in it's place.

"How are we doing?!" I asked, as the first one came out.

"It's stuck under the washer fluid, whoever put it in, knew what they were doing!"

As I moved to the second screw, I checked my watch. The cops and the company would start tracking this thing any minute now. "You get this done in two minutes, lunch is on me!"

Just as I put the new plate on, and Leon found the tracker, we heard sirens in the distance. We needed to think of something quick.

"Give me the tracker." I told Leon, holding out my hand.

"We gotta smash it, are you nuts?"

"They're going to be looking for that make, model, and color in this area." I stabbed my finger toward the Benz. "If they're following me, you can head in the opposite direction."

"Don't get caught." He insisted unhappily, before tossing the thing to me.

After snatching it out of the air, I grabbed my tools and headed for the Honda. This was going to be fun.

A/N 2: I recently started an archive for plot ideas and one-shots, simply called 'The Rantings of a Madman'. If you have the opportunity, check it out, and let me know what you think.


The End?

You have reached the end of "He's Fast, She's Furious" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jan 11.

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