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He's Fast, She's Furious

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Summary: A firing, and a two grand pay day, make Xander's life a whole lot more interesting.

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Chapter One

He's Fast, She's Furious


Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, along with the characters from their respective shows are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Disclaimer 2: The Fast and the Furious franchise is owned by Universal Pictures.

Description: A firing, and a two grand pay day, make Xander's life a whole lot more interesting.

A/N: This takes place prior to the first movie.

:-:-: - Denotes the beginning/end of a flashback.

++Xander POV++
As I watched Sanchez's 3000GT start to nose ahead of me, I knew I was in deep shit. I should have never taken his challenge, but I wasn't going to let a bastard like him show me up.

There was a reason people called him 'Dirty' behind his back, I called him that to his face though. He'd been on my shit-list ever since that house party where he'd smacked his girlfriend around.

Even worse, I heard he payed off a lady who's little girl he molested. Women in the ghetto don't suddenly come up with a thousands in cash without hitting the lottery, and there sure as hell wasn't a ticket.

It was amazing how cops in this city could look the other way when a little girl got raped, but God forbid your windows were tinted too fucking dark, plenty of tickets for that though... I shook off the anger quickly, now wasn't the time.

He was now half a car length ahead, and he hadn't even used nitrous yet. I'd had to, just to keep up in my ill-equipped Accord. Sure it was nice against the average racer, but Sanchez had the cash to back his mouth.

As I watched Dirty move even further ahead, I could see my respect and two K disappear. I couldn't believe I'd gotten myself into this mess.

We'd been hanging out, waiting for the races to start. I was eying up a pretty blond when that prick showed up in his cherry red 99' Mitsubishi 3000GT. The car was nice, even when it was stock. I could have afforded one if I was willing to give up a whole lot. The difference was he'd sunk at least forty K more into the car from the tires up.

There were only a few cars that could really match it, Dom's RX7, and from what I'd heard, Johnny Tran's S2000 amongst them. My blue 96' Accord, not so much. Dom had offered to hook me up, but considering how much he'd already helped me, I wouldn't take it. I was determined to pay for everything I did to my car, up front.

He stopped his car, right in front of Mine and Letty's, which was a big no-no. It was like an unwritten rule, no one knew when the cops might show up, so everyone made sure they could get out of there quickly.

Dirty got out of his car, ignoring us, and immediately went over to the blond I'd been checking out. He whispered something in her ear, she giggled, then he handed her his card. That mother fucker.

"Anybody wanna race tonight?!" He called out, even as he stared right at me. "I know you guys are poor, so I'll keep it low, two G's!"

"The races are already set for the night," Vince told him, getting up in his face. "So why don't you fuck off."

Sanchez smirked at that, I couldn't believe the balls on the guy.

"How 'bout mister sucker-punch over there," He said, pointing over Vince's shoulder at me. "You wanna race me in your Matchbox car essa?"

"You know his car isn't a match for yours Sanchez." Dom said, as he stepped up. "Why don't you take on somebody that can actually burn you for once?"

"I'd rather be known as a sucker-puncher, then a guy that beats on women, asshole."

Dirty ignored me, as he side-stepped Vince, to look up at Dom. "What, you think you, or your surly friend here," He indicated Vince. "Can intimidate me Toretto?"

"Hey Dirty, you're blocking my fuckin' car, move it!"

We all turned to see Letty walking back up. Most likely coming back from chasing off another bunch of girls eager to get a piece of Dom. He was just a lucky son of a bitch all around.

"Shut up you puta bit-"

He never got to finish his sentence, since Dom grabbed by the neck and slammed him face down onto the hood of his car. As the big man raised his fist, I realized Sanchez must have had a death with to do something 'that' stupid.

"Go ahead Toretto, assault me." Sanchez taunted. "My Father's lawyers will be more then happy to know your name. We'll take your garage, that dirty sandwich shop, even your old man's house." He gave that stupid grin again. "Please Toretto, bruise me."

The people gathering around, looked on in disgust at his cowardice. It was sad that girls would still go out with him because he came from money, even after this, you could guarantee there would still be a few.

"So c'mon Harris, the big-shot," Sanchez said cockily, as he pointed up at the very angry Dom. "Take his dick outta your mouth an' put the money up."

I realized this whole thing had been a setup. Cause a scene to get a big crowd together, so he could call me out. If I said no, I looked like a pussy, if I said yes, he'd easily torch me. Either way he won.

"Fuck it." I growled, I wasn't about to just give up. "Let's do this."

He continued to pull ahead, I knew I was going to lose, but I decided to keep my second shot for the end, at least make it look like it was close. Then suddenly, Sanchez was airborne.

I had to slam on my brakes, the screech of the tires was deafening as they left a huge trail of rubber down the street. I cringed, since I had just dropped eight hundred on those Yoko's.

Sanchez's car flipped a couple of times, hitting a couple of parked cars, and as far as I could tell hadn't hit anyone. I looked back and saw what caused the whole thing, a yellow jeep. It was half-wrapped around a telephone pole, not good.

After backing up my car, I got out to check and see if they were okay. Even though I wasn't the one to hit them, I still felt responsible. I was also pissed at whoever it was that was supposed to block off this section of the street, this never should have happened.


I looked back to see Hector, and his girlfriend running up, they must have come from the finish line.

"You need to get the fuck outta here man, po-po's on it's way."

I shook my head. "I'm not going to leave who ever's in there." I tossed my keys to Julie. "Take it back to the house for me, okay?"

She caught them easily. "Sure sweetie, don't make us have to come bail you out though."

They watched silently, as I took off my jacket, and wrapped some of my things in it, before handing it to Hector. "Do me a favor and keep this somewhere safe."

Hector gave me a quick nod, before he and Julie headed right for my car, with her boyfriend jumping in the passenger seat. She'd drop him off at his Civic, and clear out. I could hear the rumble of all the engines as cars took off as quickly, not wanting to be caught up in what was sure to be a shit-storm.

I ran up to the Jeep and surveyed the damage, the passenger side was crushed inward, and the thing had hit so hard, I could touch both bumpers without stretching. I prayed to God the driver was by themselves.

As I got to the drivers side, I saw that it was a brunette, not moving. I tried the door, but it wouldn't budge. Quickly stripping off my t-shirt, I wrapped it around my elbow and smashed the window.

I could see now, that she was alone, but out, checking her pulse I saw that it was strong. Finally, I brushed the hair out of her face, and got a good look at her, I stepped back in shock. "Cordy?"


A/N 2: I know some people are wondering why I started another story. I'm simply going where my mind takes me, I get focused on something, and I go with it.

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