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Violet Joyce

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Summary: Joyce dresses in a costume and is affected by Ethan Rayne.

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Movies > UltravioletrothosFR181497071,41622 Nov 1022 Nov 10No
Disclaimer: Joyce Summers belongs to BTVS. Violet belongs to Sony Pictures and is from the movie Ultraviolet.

A/N: Most likely a one-shot.

Joyce couldn't believe it, she had lost a game of truth or dare to a friend and now had to dress up for Halloween. Dressing up wasn't the problem, she had to for the annual costume party; it was the costume.

The costume was from an action flick she went to see with her girlfriends a few weeks ago.
The costume showed a bit too much for a mother of two so she modified it slightly.
The fix was easy enough, additions of material covered her midriff and the plastic backpack was easy to explain as some non-traditional executive wear.

The Next Day

Joyce could barely stand still, she couldn't understand why she was so energetic nor why she had a gap in her memory. She was up and running around the house, making breakfast long before the girls woke. Somehow in the kitchen she was a coordinated whirlwind, although something was definitely wrong with the number of times that she washed her hands.

There was this guy that stopped into the art gallery looking for some art pieces, he was so gentlemanly. Gentlemanly to a fault, she smelled solder though maybe he worked in a metal shop?
After work she had a date with him, what should she wear?

Ah well, a red waistcoat with that red business suit seemed to be the way to go. The date went fine, but she smelled a aura of solder around Ted and tasted something weird in the food.
Oh well, bachelors usually had a hard time cooking, especially ones that worked in metal shops.

This weekend, Joyce scheduled a dinner with her daughter and Ted. This time she cooked the meal and put it on the table. She invited Ted in and offered him a drink. After pouring him a glass of wine, she took Buffy and went into the kitchen for a mother-daughter talk. When she came back to the dining room Ted was standing over her pulled out chair gesturing for her to sit. Joyce could still smell the solder coming from him and assumed that it was almost impossible to get rid of the smell.

Joyce sat in the chair and pulled it in after her. Ted lashed out fast and tried to backhand her.
Joyce's hand grabbed his arm and jumped kicking him in the chest; the robo-Ted's chest shattered revealing a mass of wires and circuit boards. The deception revealed, Ted tried to strike her again, Joyce grabbed a mass of wires and pulled.

Buffy looked shocked and revealed a new Slayer power, Slayer-faint. Her eyes rolled back and she slumped bonelessly in her chair. Buffy came to on the couch with Joyce applying a cool compress
to her forehead.

“Mommy smash Ted in chest and he robot.” Buffy said still amazed that her mother showed speed and strength on par with a Slayer. “I think something happened when I went as a character in a movie for halloween.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Violet Joyce" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Nov 10.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking