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Mythril Knight: The Tale of the Iron Man

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Summary: Mysteriously dumped 12,000 years into the past Alexander Harris is determined to find a way to change everything. He's going to be the biggest gorramed butterfly Earth has ever seen.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Xander-CenteredIsaacADrakeFR1516630142,73624 Nov 1024 Nov 10No
Author's note: My disclaimer was deleted when I pasted the story in from my word processor. Sorry about that guys. I obviously don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer as that belongs to Mutant Enemy and I'm posting this on a FANfiction site. I should have the first real chapter coming by the end of the week. Normally they'll be around two thousand words. I literally posted this just to stop myself from taking three months to edit it.
o-------------------------------------------Prologue: Atlantis?------------------------------------------------------------o

Yeah the whole 'jump into giant portal' thing wasn't his best idea ever, Xander Harris readily admitted that; however he would swear to his dying breath that saving 'his' girls was the right thing to do.

Now he just had to solve the problem of where on Earth, or off-Earth as he feared, he was going to land. With a low groan he smacked into soft ground as the swirling green light show came to a close.

"Oof...where am I?" He thought to himself as he attempted to blink away the dizziness. It took him a few minutes to stop the world from spinning, but he finally got his body and mind under control enough to glance around.

"A...a beach?" He asked to the salty breeze with an incredulous tone, "I mean...I was thinking Hell but...a BEACH?"

Just then the gorgeous midday sun was blocked out as a shadow fell over him. "Ark sentra bon illy porvou?" A deep voice rumbled from behind him. The young man jumped up and spun around in a defensive stance.

"Wha-what? Umm...English dude?" Xander stammered out as he took in the interloper's appearance. He was facing a slightly balding middle-aged looking man who appeared to be very fit but was dressed in the strangest robes. The man sighed and waved his hand at Xander, his briefly glowing hand.

"MAGIC?!" The boy scrambled back away from the apparent wiccan.

The older man rolled his eyes, "A simple translating spell since you obviously didn't understand simple Atlantean. You aren't one of those barbarians from shore either so who are you boy?"

The lost boy blinked before he started laughing, "Ah haha Atlantean? Pull the other one mister! Ohahaha the Lost City of Atlantis is a legend everyone knows that!" He calmed himself a little. "Oh wait! Where's Aquaman? Or Namor? Or wait! King Triton? Ahahaha...ha...ha?" He gulped at the look on the man's face.

"Boy...what year is it?" The mage didn't wish to know the answer to this question but he feared it would be relevant.

"2001 of course...well at least it was before I went through the portal of evil boy." It finally dawned on Xander, "I'm not in Kansas anymore."

"I've never heard of we can assume here is not there. You're on the continent of Atlantis about five miles from the capital city." The man groaned. "Come on follow me." With only a little hesitation Xander followed him.

-----------Five months later---------

Alexander had been taken in by a fairly high ranking mage, Merostipher Lurkel, and had been shown how to make a living in the city. He had discovered an inherent talent for Alchemy, a semi-magical art involving the transmutation of elements and semi-magical forced bonding and control of chemicals. Merost was not an Alchemist and had thus referred young Xander to a friend of his, the man who would become Xander's mentor in the ways of creating Living Metal, among other things.

Even his Alchemy training could not keep the time-traveler fully occupied. Alexander was often busy going over archives of magical tablets and historical data. He discovered that Atlantis had arisen out of the Golden Age following the creation of the First Slayer and the banishment of Demons from this plane of existence. From what Xander could tell, due to the lack of any other civilizations thanks to the isolationist Atlanteans, he was a good twelve thousand years in the past.

A small tremor shook the Hall of the Histories as it loosely translated into English. Looking up from the tablet about Slayers, Xander huffed, "Something must be wrong with the weather spells. We've been having a lot of these tremors lately."

Truth be told he was getting nervous, he was just starting to consider Atlantis home; but Xander knew that eventually the entire continent would sink. "And why am I certain I just so happened to pop in right before an Apocalypse?"

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Mythril Knight: The Tale of the Iron Man" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Nov 10.

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