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Harry Potter and the Masters of the Universe

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Summary: Set during DH Harry, Hermione and Ron are about to stumble upon a power far greater than even the Deathly Hallows themselves.

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Discussions of War

Author's Notes: It took me a while to decide on what happens next, but I finally got it out. Hope you'll enjoy it. Oh yes and... I HAVE THE POWER!

Snake Mountain is located in the Dark Hemisphere – an evil place where the forces of darkness thrive on Eternia. Hordes of troopers serve the glory that is Skeletor. He is a man of pure evil – if he could still be called that – powerfully mystic and capable of bending many to his will with a mere show of force he employs a legion of mercenaries to do his bidding.

Beast Man, the powerful bestial warrior. Karg, the devious general, Blade the master swordsman and Evil-Lyn the sorceress of night. But others serve the glory of Skeletor – creatures of unimaginable power and evil desires – Skeletor has employed many underlings, even Gwildor the Thenurian was once tricked into serving the forces of evil.

But all of this is unimportant in the face of the current development within the walls of Snake Mountain. Deep beneath the catacombs of the evil lair something is stirring – something that has remained dormant for many years. A being of great power has sensed the arrival of the Golden Trio – and more importantly one gifted with a unique ability.

“At lassssssssssst,” the long dormant sleeper hissed. A rattling sound echoed within the chamber buried beneath Snake Mountain. “Awaken my sssssssssssoldierssssssss, it issssssssssss time to begin the hunt,” he ordered.

Hissing filled the chamber and glowing green eyes blinked open as power flowed into the dormant army. The original masters of Snake Mountain had revived – and they would not remain forgotten much longer.

Harry fidgeted slightly as they were led along the path from the impressively scaled castle they’d arrived in – he wasn’t sure where they were exactly, but it was obvious that it wasn’t Earth because there was more than one moon hovering in the sky. And the stars looked nothing like those visible from his home planet.

Bad enough he was a wizard and part of a secret society on Earth that was stuck in the past, now he had discovered the existence of aliens and alien worlds. He was too young to be dealing with this kind of crap – bad enough he was the prophesied chosen one – destined to kill Voldemort.

“Hey!” Harry said aloud with a sudden thought. Grinning slightly he decided to test his theory. “Voldemort!” he shouted.

“Harry, have you gone balmy?” Ron demanded.

“Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort!” Harry shouted again.

The police enforcers were eyeing him nervously.

“Ha, ha!” Harry laughed gaily. “We’re actually free of him,” he told his friends whirling to face Hermione. Without giving it any actual though he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a great big sloppy kiss.

Ron stared bug-eyed at him.

Hermione shoved him away. “Harry!” she shrieked scandalously.

Harry laughed – he could care less what his friends thought – he could kiss that lovely police woman full on the mouth at this point. “Don’t you get it?” he demanded. “He can’t hear us!” he shouted.

Ron suddenly realized what he meant. “Bloody hell,” he blurted.

Hermione blushed – she couldn’t believe Harry would act so boldly, but she couldn’t fault him for acting a little crazy – Voldemort couldn’t find them. They were free to finally come up with a plan without having to run from everything and everyone. They could figure out the best way to locate the last two Horcruxes and a way to destroy them permanently so that Tom Riddle would finally die.

Harry smirked as he turned back to their guards. “Ok, I’m finished,” he said.

“What is your problem?” the youngest police woman demanded.

“We’ve been dealing with a right foul git who’s been trying to kill Harry since he was born,” Hermione explained. “He’s taken over our government back home and can find us by magic whenever we use his name, but since we’ve gotten here apparently he can’t find us anymore,” she finished with a warm smile.

The police women shared concerned looks. “Man-At-Arms will want to hear of this,” the leader said.

“Hurry up you three,” the youngest one said insistently.

Together the three of them started walking again, but with a lighter step than before – the darkness of the past year and a half finally seemed to be lifting – now all they had to do was find whatever Griphook had suggested they find. This was going to be an interesting place to visit.

King Randor paced back and forth in agitated frustration as he continued to wait for the champion of Eternia to arrive – if his informants were to be believed Skeletor was planning something dangerous – rumors persisted that he was searching for the lost Diamond Ray of Disappearance. A device built by the ancients that could wipe out entire civilizations with but a single strike.

He-Man approached the throne room and smiled briefly. It had taken him a few moments to arrive upon being summoned, but there was no need to alert the king just yet. He didn’t want to appear to have been too close – lest the king or queen begin to question the existence of He-Man.

“He-Man,” one of the guards greeted.

“Hello,” He-Man returned. “What news from Snake Mountain?” he wondered.

“Not good, you’d better hurry,” the guard insisted.

He-Man frowned briefly as he strode through the large doors into the audience chamber of the royal family – it was an impressive room with many wondrous sights to behold – still He-Man had visited it many times before. The grandeur and splendor were wasted upon him.

“He-Man!” Queen Marlena greeted with a fond smile.

“Your majesties,” He-Man returned the greeting with a formal bow sweeping his cloak out behind him in the process.

“Ah, He-Man, it is good of you to come. How go the war efforts?” King Randor asked trying in vain to distract himself from the pressures of leadership.

He-Man frowned slightly. “As well as can be expected, your majesty,” he replied. “Skeletor’s forces have been spotted attempting to breach the border of Avion, but Lord Stratos has assured me that his winged warriors are preventing their passage.”

Randor smiled. “Lord Stratos is a most capable warrior,” he said.

“My lord, you summoned me for a purpose,” He-Man reminded suddenly feeling the sense of urgency that the king was experiencing.

“Indeed I did,” Randor said reluctantly. He turned to face the window overseeing the courtyard and watched as his forces trained for future battles. “He-Man, what do you know of the Diamond Ray?” he questioned.

He-Man grew pensive as he considered all that he knew on the subject. “Only that the ancient Eternians built it in the days when tribal wars were rampant, some wished to use its power to eliminate the race of Andreenids, while others attempted to use it to lord over the rest. It wasn’t until the Sorceress used her magic to banish the Diamond Ray that the tribes began to seek peace.”

“Yes, and I have just learned some distressing news.” Randor’s expression darkened. “Skeletor is close to finding it.”

He-Man made a fist and did his best not to grind his teeth in front of the king. “Skeletor,” he said frustratedly. “It is always Skeletor,” he added. “But if the Sorceress banished the Diamond Ray how is it possible that Skeletor could have located it?” he wondered suspiciously.

Randor shook his head. “I don’t know, He-Man, all I do know is what my spies have told me. Skeletor is close to finding the lost Diamond Ray, and with it he could once again gain control over Castle Grayskull.”

“And steal my power,” He-Man grumbled under his breath.

“What was that?” Randor questioned.

“Nothing, your majesty. I vow to you here and now, on my word of honor, Skeletor will never claim the Diamond Ray,” He-Man stated bending to one knee in respect of the king.

“Thank you, He-Man,” Randor said smiling. “I am confident that you shall succeed as you have always done in the past,” he continued turning to face the hero of Eternia. “I have summoned some of our best warriors to aid you in your coming battle with Skeletor,” he finished indicating the group off to the side.

He-Man had taken little notice of them at first, but now he turned to see who it was that would be sent on this mission against Skeletor with him.

“Ram-Man,” Randor said introducing the muscular mountain of a man with the thick helmet on his head. “Mekaneck,” he continued indicating the wiry fellow with the fancy looking steam powered contraption on his neck. “Snout Spout.” Randor indicated the large and imposing looking dark-skinned Eternian dressed in fire resistant armor wearing the odd looking long-nosed mask of the fire fighting brigade. “And last, but not least, Teela, the captain of the guards,” Randor finished with a smile. “To whom I believe you are already quite familiar with.”

He-Man grinned. “Teela,” he greeted reaching out his arm to clasp hers. “It’s been a while,” he said.

“Not since the Thenurian incident,” she replied with an equally large grin.

“Come, it is time to put a stop to Skeletor’s forces,” He-Man proclaimed. “You shall each lead a small contingent of soldiers during the mission. And we shall not rest until Skeletor’s plans for the Diamond Ray are defeated,” he added.

“Right, He-Man!” Mekaneck cheered boisterously.

“You can count on us, He-Man,” Snout Spout said the trunk on his mask rising and falling with each word.

“D’uh, what are we waitin’ for?” Ram-Man asked. “I can’t wait to kick some Evil Warrior butt,” he added slamming his hands together in eager anticipation.

He-Man laughed. “Your majesties,” he said to the king and queen before turning to lead the group of warriors out of the room.

“Randor!” Duncan exclaimed as he came rushing into the room halting the progress of the assault team.

“What’s wrong, old friend?” Randor asked.

“Lubick just captured three intruders in Castle Grayskull,” Duncan explained.

“Skeletor’s?” He-Man demanded.

Duncan shook his head. “No… And Gwildor says they come from Earth,” he revealed.

He-Man’s eyes widened in surprise.

Teela couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Not again,” she said.

“Take me to them,” He-Man ordered.

“But, He-Man, the mission?” Teela asked.

“Can wait, this could prove important,” He-Man stated.

“He-Man is right,” Duncan agreed turning to the king and queen. “With your permission.”

“Of course, but do not take too long with these Earth people, He-Man, even as we speak Skeletor is growing ever closer to locating the Diamond Ray,” Randor reminded.

He-Man nodded mutely and quickly followed Duncan out of the room. “You and I both know there are no coincidences,” he whispered.

Man-At-Arms nodded in agreement. “Is it possible this could be related to Skeletor’s plan?” he wondered.

“But where would he get another Cosmic Key?” He-Man asked.

“I don’t know,” Man-At-Arms admitted. “But I don’t relish a repeat of the last time,” he added.

He-Man shook his head. “Skeletor is too cautious to try another invasion… Even if he did obtain another Cosmic Key. These Earth citizens. Who are they?”

Duncan frowned. “Three youths close to adulthood, they claim to be Wizards.”

“We shall see if they speak the truth then,” He-Man said.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter and the Masters of the Universe" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Nov 10.

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