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Harry Potter and the Masters of the Universe

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Summary: Set during DH Harry, Hermione and Ron are about to stumble upon a power far greater than even the Deathly Hallows themselves.

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Skewed Potterverse

Author's Notes: While perusing texaswookies' Back Burner stories I stumbled across an idea that struck me as quite odd and right up my alley, but I wanted to make it my own. So instead of borrowing anything from texaswookie I chose to come up with a different possible means of crossing over the two wildly different universes. And it wouldn't let me alone until I pounded out this first chapter, so here you go.

Don't know when I might update it, all I do know is it's going to be one wild adventure indeed.

Disclaimer: The characters of Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling a woman who has lived a dream and managed to change the world with her story. Perhaps some day I will be able to say the same thing about me, just gotta never quit writing... But anyway I digress. The characters of Masters of the Universe are the property of Mattel and some movie company that I think is out of business these days. But Mattel is the be-all end-all when it comes to all things He-Man so I think it's safe to say they own the rights not me. Kudos to texaswookie for inspiring this twisted little tale... I look forward to seeing where it might take me... provided I can get the characters down pat enough. I believe that takes care of everything important... Now to share the fanfiction.

P.S Yes, for those of you who have figured it out already, this is a crossover between Harry Potter and the 80's Masters of the Universe live action film. (I wanted to try something different for a change seeing as how I always go for the cartoons as opposed to the film and I happen to like the film... Even if it is reviled by many.) One final note - I haven't even finished reading the book yet, so forgive me if the scene from the book doesn't match with what I wrote in the slightest - I keep putting it off for later.

In the center of the universe bordering between the light and the dark rests Castle Grayskull – an edifice – time immemorial – destined to be involved between battles between the forces of good and… The forces of evil.

Magic and sorcery are the tools of the defenders of Castle Grayskull, but they alone can not stand against the forces of darkness – and so science and sorcery are blended as one on the planet Eternia – the world situated in the center of the universe. The direct center of the universe.

Long have the adventures of the heroic Masters and the evil Warriors of Snake Mountain been told – as countless legends passed down from generation to generation – however one tale has yet to be told.

An adventure so bizarre that even the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull found it difficult to classify exactly what happened. But it did happen – and this legend has but one title worthy of it…

Harry Potter

and the

Masters of the Universe

Our story begins at a moment of extreme duress for our heroes – they have been hunting for artifacts of unspeakable evil and wicked sorcery – Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter – the Boy who Lived.

Breaking into Gringott’s bank to steal the Horcrux the Golden Trio – as they were sometimes known – had stumbled upon an item resting in the far reaches of the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange. An item placed there by one of her ancestors – a particularly wise and observant ancestor gifted with the second sight – clairvoyance.

She knew one day that these three would come searching for the Horcrux and would inevitably stumble upon the ancient mystical talisman. A small pendant in the shape of a cross – many had tried to discern the secrets of this talisman.

It was however Harry’s good fortune – or bad fortune depending on your point of view – which would allow the secret of the talisman to at last be unlocked.

Hermione and Ron were arguing – typical – concerning the best method of taking the Horcrux and leaving Gringott’s before anyone discovered them there – even with the help of a goblin it could be tricky to remain invisible from all of the protective wards and enchantments used to secure the Wizarding worlds finances.

Harry – growing impatient to leave – had idly picked up the wayward talisman and fondled it in his hands. It began to glow warm at his touch – nervously he eyed the thing beginning to realize he should have avoided picking anything up in the Lestrange vault.

“Uh, guys,” he called out nervously holding the talisman at arm’s length.

“Harry?” Ron said.

Hermione was the first to realize what he’d done.” Harry, have you been deaf the past seven years when others told you not to handle something without knowing what it is first?” she demanded haughtily. They were so close to finally defeating Voldemort and now Harry had gone and done something stupid.

“Forgive me if I accidentally killed us, Hermione, but the way you two were going on I lost myself for a moment,” Harry shot back snippily.

Hermione sighed. “Well it’s done now, we’ll just have to hope it isn’t something too serious,” she said leading the way back towards the vault door and Griphook.

“Guys,” Ron said nervously as he noticed a strange bright glow emanating from behind them. “What’s that?”

All three of them turned around at the same time. A swirling vortex of mystical energy had appeared in the center of the Lestrange vault.

“Oh dear,” Hermione said. “Finite Incantatum,” she recited hoping beyond hope that the spell would work.

When nothing happened Ron shot her a funny look. “If the bloody thing didn’t work on the rain in that git’s office, what makes you think it’d work on somethin’ possibly dangerous from inside this vault?” he demanded.

“Shut up you prat!” Hermione shouted frustratedly. She was tired and strung out from the long time spent on the run from the Death Eaters.

“Hermione, Ron, now is not the time to be arguing,” Harry said nervously eyeing the swirling vortex.

“I don’t like this, Harry,” Hermione informed.

“Big surprise there,” Ron said rolling his eyes. “What do we do now?”

“You have been summoned,” Griphook informed solemnly from his place near the door.

“What?” Harry turned to the goblin. “What do you mean we’ve been summoned?” he demanded.

“It is a portal, Mister Potter, you have been summoned.” Griphook smiled showing off his teeth. “This is most fortuitous, I strongly suggest you journey through, on the other side you shall encounter great warriors capable of aiding you in destroying the Horcrux,” he insisted.

Harry frowned. “But we have the Sword of Gryffindor,” he reminded.

Griphook shook his head. “You mustn’t rely on only the one method, Mister Potter, it could lead to a dangerous misstep should the sword slip from your fingers,” he said.

Ron frowned. “Why should we go through some magical vortex of possible doom, mate?” he wondered. “No offense, but we’re kind of on a quest of our own here, wouldn’t this count as wasting time?”

Hermione sighed. “We haven’t much choice in the matter, I suspect the portal won’t close until we go through it… And it could develop dangerous side-effects if we take too long to make up our mind,” she said taking a step towards the portal.

“Griphook, what will we find on the other side of that thing?” Harry wondered.

“A magic more powerful than those on Earth,” Griphook stated.

“Hold up, this doesn’t lead to somewhere on Earth?” Ron asked nervously.
Griphook laughed and the goblin snapped his fingers. Before they could change their mind on going through the portal all three members of the Golden Trio were sent spiraling in a whirling funnel straight into the mystical portal.

The goblin laughed cruelly at his private joke. “The Dark Lord will soon learn that he is no longer in control,” he stated. “And the Wizards are about to learn that waving a silly stick around and chanting Latin words of power are nothing compared to what they shall discover where they are going,” he added with a cruel smirk.

Lubick smiled as he sat on the throne in Castle Grayskull with his wife at his side – a gorgeous woman – a castle – it was really the best place to retire to for a cop. And he’d even managed to help out the Eternians – the soldiers of the palace of Eternia were good at fighting back Skeletor’s minions, but they weren’t really good for simple policing.

Law enforcement on a smaller scale was something that Eternia didn’t have yet – so with a bit of tweaking he’d managed to teach several men and women the fine art of police work and criminal investigation – not that there were much crimes on Eternia, but something had to be done.

He may have a better life here on Eternia with He-Man and all the others, but he seriously was a little bored – they hardly let him get involved with any of the battles since he didn’t have any ammo anymore for his shotgun and he had no talents for magic.

Plus he didn’t trust those fancy sci-fi lasers they used. Of course it really was his own fault – he’d made the decision to stick it out in this place rather than having to go back and report everything to his superiors on what went down. And since Gwildor sent the kids back in time it was hard to imagine that there wasn’t some kind of split in the timeline or something – it gave him a headache.

So he taught Eternia law enforcement and was currently Captain of the Police Forces – so when the strange portal opened up in the lower reaches of Castle Grayskull he’d had to leave the comfort of his throne to answer the call – what happened when he got there was still bothering him.

The three kids tumbled out of the portal in a flailing jumble of limbs and things – their belongings clattered to the floor of the strange location – a sound not unlike the powering up of an engine could be heard.

Ron came to a stop at the feet of some guy – glancing up he was startled to find a bald human aiming something at his head.

“Freeze!” he barked.

Hermione groaned and put a hand to her head. “Harry, if we ever get out of this I am going to personally strangle that goblin friend of yours,” she stated coldly.

“I said freeze!” the bald man ordered again.

“Mate, you have to be a bit more specific than that,” Ron said. “Blimey you two what’s he talking about?” he asked.

“It’s a Muggle phrase, it means not to move,” Hermione explained to Ron as though lecturing a child. “He is a police constable.”

Lubick shook his head. “Can you believe these kids?” he asked one of his men – a beautiful young woman whose name always escaped him due to the fact that he was concentrating on a different asset of the young rookie. “Nobody get’s into Castle Grayskull without the Sorceress’ ok, so tell me, kid, how’d you get here?” he demanded.

Harry frowned slightly as he finally managed to locate his glasses. “We’re not entirely sure, sir,” he said doing his best to calm the agitated copper down. He sounded American. “We were in a vault at Gringott’s bank when I found this strange talisman,” he explained trying to be helpful he held up the talisman only to discover that the odd cross symbol on the chain had melted away to nothing.

“Blimey,” Ron said staring at it in disbelief. “Harry, what happened?”

“I’m not getting any younger, people,” Lubick stated impatiently. “Now someone better start talkin’ and make some kind of sense, before I take you all in for questioning!” he barked. “What the hell is a Gringott’s?” he added.

“A bank, sir,” Harry replied automatically switching to his ‘speak mindfully around a teacher or other adult’ tone. “The Goblins run it for wizards,” he elaborated.

Lubick glared at them. “Any of you ever heard of Goblin Banks before?” he asked his men.

“No, sir,” one of the female Lieutenants informed.

“Right, then we’ll just take these three in for questioning. I’m sure Duncan can get them to talk,” he added with a big smile.

“But… You don’t understand,” Hermione protested.

“I do understand,” Lubick countered. “You three British or something?” he added. “Look, I don’t know how you got here, and frankly I don’t care. It’s not really my job, all I have to do is figure out if you’re dangerous or not… And I can’t do my job when you insist on talking about fairytale creatures like Goblins running banks for wizards,” he added abrasively. “Assume the position.”

“Position?” Ron repeated nervously.

Harry sighed. “Like this, Ron,” he said demonstrating by turning to face the wall and placing his arms palm flat against it.. “Honestly, Hermione, we really need to start teaching him more about the real world,” he added under his breath.

“Frisk’em,” Lubick ordered the rookie.

She nodded and moved to Ron first.

“I think I like this position, ‘Mione, think we can try this alone sometime?” he asked with a pleased smile on his face even as his wand and other belongings were taken from him.

Hermione eyed him disgustedly. “You are thick, Ronald,” she said.

“Well excuse me for tryin’ to lighten the mood,” Ron grumbled. “Like we know what the hell is bloody happening to us,” he added frustratedly to himself.

Hermione rolled her eyes and turned to Harry.

“I know,” he interrupted her before she could say anything. “But he is your boyfriend, ‘Mione,” Harry reminded.

“Watch it,” Hermione told the woman frisking the three of them.

“What’s the matter? Don’t like cold hands?” the woman asked with a smirk.

Harry groaned. “This couldn’t get any worse,” he thought to himself. Unfortunately for Harry, he would be wrong on that count.

To Be Continued…
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