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Unlikely Places

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Summary: When one jumps through a portal to save not only their sister but the world, they never expect to end up in another world in the midst of another battle. Or find the peace and happiness they've always been searching for

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Literature > Chronicles of NarniaMusicFR131021,62413916,03125 Nov 1018 Dec 12No

Please Don't Leave Me

Oi, this was NOT supposed to happen, I don’t even have a CLUE as to why I haven’t updated, I still have 50 written pages that haven’t been posted…um. Oops? Sorry 

Chapter 10-
6 months later
6 years in Narnia

... ... ...

She peaked through the doorway, smiling at how handsome Peter looked standing up there beside Edmund and Mr. Tumnus. Truth be told he looked positively yummy, she couldn't wait until the ceremony was over to have some alone time with him.

“Close that.” A voice hissed behind her.

She did and turned with a scowl on her face. “You ruined my sightseeing.”

“You will be standing across from him very soon.” Susan replied with a roll of her eyes. “I think you can hold out for a couple more minutes.”

Buffy stuck her tongue out, stepping back to take her bouquet of flowers back from Lucy. “It's not your man standing out there looking all sorts of yummy.”

“And thank Aslan for that, as 2 of them out there are my brothers.” Susan dryly replied, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

“Is everyone ready?” Lucy asked, interrupting their silly argument.

“Yes.” Both girls chorused before turning to the last one in the group.

She shyly looked at them. “I am too.”

“Let's get this party started.” Buffy cried, taking her place in line.

“I really do love the dresses.” Lucy told her, smoothing down her light pink maid of honor dress that Buffy had designed.

The slayer smiled at her “Yes, who knew I would turn into a fashion designer but honestly if it gets me out of wearing some of the clothes they try to force on us, i'm all for it, And that shade of pink looks pretty on you.”

Lucy beamed at her as the music began and one by one they all marched down the aisle. When Buffy arrived, she smiled across from her at Peter.

“hi.” She mouthed to him.

He smiled, whispering to her “You look amazing.”

Susan elbowed her, telling her with a look to pay attention as the music changed and everyone turned as one to look at the door where Mr. Tumnus' bride to be stood. She stood there, a blush creeping up her face before beginning her walk down the aisle towards the wedding party. Mr Tumnus stepped forward to take her hand, a big grin on his face. Everyone turned to the front as the ceremony got underway but through it all, Peter and Buffy kept shooting each other glances, unable to take their eyes off each other.

Before they knew it, the ceremony was over and the music was played as Mr. And Mrs. Tumnus walked up the aisle, hand in hand. Edmund followed after with a sister on each arm and lastly, Peter held his arm out for Buffy who took it and followed behind everyone into the ball room to begin the feast and dancing.

Buffy's dance card was full but Peter always managed to find his way back to her. But Buffy could tell something was wrong. He seemed nervous, distracted and in turn, it was making her nervous. Finally after several hours of dancing, she couldn't take it anymore.

“What's going on with you?” She asked.

His eyes looked to her, wide and scared as he vehemently shook his head but she was having none of that, pulling him outside to the balconies.

“Tell me, what is it?” She asked, facing him.

He began to fidget. “I'm sorry if I've been acting weird, I have a lot on my mind.”

She stared at him and when he wouldn't meet her eyes, they widened in realization.

“Oh my god.” She whispered. “You're going to break up with me aren't you?”

“What?” He asked in disbelief.

“I should've seen this coming.” She began to pace, completely oblivious to his attempts to deny her claim. “How could I not have noticed this? I thought things were going fine. Were they not? What did I miss?”

His hand reached out to halt her. “Buffy.” He said with a smile. “How about you let me get a word in so I can tell you what's going on.”

She looked at him, waiting for an explanation and he sighed rubbing the back of his neck.

'I don't quite know the right way to do this, so I'm just going to come out and say it.”

Before Buffy could even react, Peter was down on one knee, holding a ring out to her.

“I wanted to wait until the end of the night but I can't anymore. Buffy Anne Summers, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

There was no hesitation, no wondering on his part as she launched herself at him, screeching out a resounding yes as she did so. They both fell to the ground laughing as he tried to slip the ring on her finger, all while kissing her.

“are you sure?” He teasingly asked.

“Don't be stupid.” She said before kissing him again.

... ... ...

6 ½ years in Narnia

“Buffy, you look so beautiful.” Lucy told her, coming up to stand behind her as they gazed into the mirror.

“Thank you.” The new bride whispered as she smoothed down her dress, a faint glow on her cheeks. “I can't believe this is happening.”

“It only took you what, 7 years?” Susan teasingly asked.

Buffy stuck her tongue out. “Better late than never. Are we ready? Let’s get this show on the road.”

“Patience.” Lucy cried. “You've waited this long, a few more minutes won't kill you.”

“Fine.” Buffy grumbled good naturedly, moving to the door to peak out of it.

Lucy and Susan both reached forward and pulled her back. “Wait.” They both cried.

Buffy rolled her eyes but took her bouquet of flowers, moving behind both girls. She stood there waiting impatiently as Lucy peaked through the door before finally turning around with a big smile on her face.

“They're ready..” She cried, moving to take her place behind Susan.

The doors opened and both Pevensie women slowly moved through them. Buffy slowly counted to ten in her head before stepping up to the doorway, hearing everyone gasp at the sight of her. She couldn't stop the smile from breaking through. She had worked hard on her dress and was left with a strapless mermaid style gown that she knew looked wonderful. And then her eyes met Peters and everything else faded away as her smile grew and she started walking down the aisle.

Buffy couldn't really tell you what happened next. She knew she was standing beside Peter, unable to take her eyes off of him. She knew she repeated some words, a ring was placed on her finger and she said I do but that was about it because all she saw was Peter's smile as he stared down at her. She didn't really become aware of everything again until the dancing had started and she was in Peter's arms, gliding around the dance floor.

“You look beautiful.” He told her, dipping his head to give her a kiss.

She smiled up at him. “Did it happen? Am I really married?”

He laughed. “Yes, you are now Mrs. Pevensie.

“Buffy Anne Pevensie.” She made a face. “I really never thought of that beforehand. Maybe I should've done that, it just doesn't sound right.”

“And call the whole thing off because of that?” He asked with a smile.

“You know, in my time, it wasn't unusual for women to keep their last name.” She mused.

He looked at her, horrified. “Women actually did that?”

She laughed “It wasn't unusual, but don't worry,” she leaned up and kissed him. “I'm glad to be a Pevensie.”

“As am I.” He smiled.

She laid her head against his chest, happy, content, feeling all was well with the world, her world.

“I love you.” She whispered.

He placed a kiss on top of her head. “Love you too Buffy.”

... ... ...

15 years in Narnia

Years passed and Narnia was a peaceful land, the kingdom was happy thanks to the ruling of the five Pevensies. While Buffy technically wasn't a Queen, she did hold the title of Princess and still held her First Knight title as well. Peter and Edmund still ventured off to settle disputes and more often than not, Buffy joined them. She was still a Slayer and that meant that she still craved the fighting. It didn't hurt that she had her husband there to help her other craving once they were done the fighting.

Buffy still taught the Pevensie women to fight, and even though they had no intention of joining their brothers, they were well prepared whenever they went on one of their missions to other lands, whether it was for peace keeping, or even just to attend a social function. Buffy slept better knowing they would be able to handle anything that was thrown at them.

She had been in Narnia for 15 years, married to Peter for 9 of those and honestly, she didn't think of Sunnydale as much as she used to. Sure, she missed Dawnie and her friends, but in return she had a wonderful husband and a new family that she loved very much. She didn't even miss Modern Technology as much as she thought she would. At some point it had become null and void in her life and she didn't even think of it.

Even though they did try, Buffy was right in assuming she couldn't have kids. Even after 15 years, she could see that she had aged but it was minimal, and she looked the youngest out of the five of them. She was just really hard to kill now. Or perhaps she did die briefly. She didn't know. But it didn't stop her from getting sick at times.

One day, she woke up with a huge headache and nausea that she had never experienced. Something felt off from the moment her eyes opened. Almost like a part of her wasn't there but somewhere else. Peter looked after her as best he could and when his siblings entered, commenting about the White Stag being spotted and wanting to go hunt for it, she urged him to go, promising she would be fine. He tenderly kissed her and as he pulled away, she grabbed his arm, pulling him in for another kiss and hug.

“I love you.” She whispered, almost afraid to let him go.

“I love you too Buffy. Are you sure you want me to go?”

She bit her lip before nodding, shooing him away. “Go have fun.”

The Pevensie’s wished her a speedy recovery before leaving and she was left alone with her headache. Figuring she might as well rest since she was alone, she fell into a fitful sleep, her dreams filled with visions of Sunnydale.

She awoke hours later, her headache worse and her stomach cramping up. As she became aware of her surroundings, she was hit with a feeling of loss as if something was missing. She sat up, just as there was a knock at her door and called for them to enter.

“Mr. Tumnus?” She asked in confusion.

“My lady.” He said with a bow and she frowned at his formal tone.

“What's going on? Is Peter back yet?”

She saw the nervous shift of his eyes and she got out of bed, immediately alert. “Mr. Tumnus, what's going on?”

“Your presence is required in the throne room.” He told her, not meeting her eyes.

“Close the door.” She told him.

He obliged, watching as she grabbed the first dress she could find, moving behind the changing divider.

“I need to know what I'm walking into Mr. Tumnus. Don't lie to me. Did something happen to Peter? Or one of the others?”

“Phillip has returned, alone.”

“From where?” She asked. Phillip usually only allowed her to ride him. Even after all this time, he was still as tempermental as ever.

“He allowed Edmund to ride him during the hunt.” He informed her.

Buffy stilled, before poking her head out around the edge to stare at him. “What do you mean he returned alone, where is everyone?”

“Gone, Buffy.” Mr. Tumnus told her, big fat tears rolling down his face. “They're gone.”

Her eyes widened as she pulled her head back to finish changing. When she was done, she stepped towards Mr. Tumnus.

“What do you mean, gone?” she asked, her tone deadly.

He gulped, knowing she wouldn't hurt him but scared nonetheless “According to Phillip, they all stopped at the light post and were speaking of Spare Oom. They went to investigate and didn't come back, they vanished. I'm so sorry my lady, but everyone is in the throne room trying to figure out what to do. You are the last remaining Royal.”

Her head spun, the pounding returning tenfold as she heavily sat on the bed, trying to absorb everything. The Pevensie’s were gone, vanished into thin air. The talking of the light post and Spare Oom had Buffy thinking that they had returned to their own place and time. She pushed back the tears. She always knew there was a minute chance of this happening but it was too soon. They couldn't be gone. Not her family. What was she going to do? She couldn't be in charge of Narnia.

She gasped as her stomach cramped more and she doubled over.

“Buffy, are you well?” Mr. Tumnus asked.

She ignored him, trying to get a handle on herself. She could hear him asking more questions and somewhere in the back of her mind she could hear another voice. This one was female and something about it was familiar but she couldn't place it, nor could she make out what the voice was saying. Taking a deep breath, she pushed everything down. She had a kingdom to look after, she had to get this sorted out and once that was done, then would she try to figure everything else out.

“Lead the way.” She quietly told Mr. Tumnus, standing up and ignoring the wave of dizziness.

He looked at her uncertainly before nodding, leading the way out of the room and into the Throne Room. It was jam packed and everyone was whispering, the news having spread around like wild fire. As soon as she entered, it went quiet, all eyes turning to her as she walked to the front of the room.

“Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us.”

Buffy stopped, her eyes wide as she looked around.

“My Lady?” Mr. Tumnus asked, his hand on her arm.

“Did you hear that?” Buffy asked.

He slowly shook his head, wondering if the news she had received had driven her mad.

“Before time, and after. Before knowing and nothing.”

Buffy gasped. She knew that voice. Oh god, no. What was Willow doing?

“Accept our offering. Know our prayer.”

She looked out at the crowd, expectantly waiting for her to speak. “Everyone, remain calm. I must confer with Mr. Tumnus.” She grabbed the faun's arm. “Listen to me. The Pevensie’s were somehow returned to their old home.”

“What?” He cried in disbelief.

“I think- I think my friends are trying to pull me back to my time.”

“My lady, we can't lose you too.”

“Osiris! Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over.”

Her stomach and head worsened and she fought her hardest to stay upright and not drop to her knees in pain.

“I don't have a choice.” She whispered. “Look, you are in charge if none of us make it back.” She raised her voice so she could be heard throughout the room. “Whatever happens to me, Mr. Tumnus is to take our place until one of us returns.”

More whispering but Buffy didn't care. “You can do this.” she told him.

“Osiris! Let her cross over!”

Buffy gasped, dropping to the ground in pain.

“Osiris release her!”

She curled up into the fetal position, vaguely aware that people were crowding around her, trying to get her to respond. Then she knew no more, succumbing to the darkness.

... ... ...

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Unlikely Places" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Dec 12.

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