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Unlikely Places

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Summary: When one jumps through a portal to save not only their sister but the world, they never expect to end up in another world in the midst of another battle. Or find the peace and happiness they've always been searching for

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Holding Out For A Hero

Chapter 2

… … …

Buffy knew she was being unfair but she also felt she had every right to be. In the past year, she had to deal with all of a sudden having a sister, even if it felt like she had been there from the beginning, learning the memories were fake and Dawn was made from her and the key and sent to her to protect, it was still weird. It was right because Dawn was hers but still weird. Then Riley had left her, her mom got sick, than passed away, then having to deal with Glory. And at the end it all came down to her sacrificing herself to save Dawn and the world.

She was dead.

There was no going back now. Buffy Anne Summers was now dead in that world, the ultimate sacrifice made, the longest living Slayer had finally been put to rest.

It's not to say she wasn't glad that she was here in, Narnia did he call it? If the options were either a hell dimension or here, than she'd gladly take this place with the talking Lion and a camp full of other talking animals, and really? Was that really a Unicorn she just saw walking by?

But she did not understand how the Lion, who seemed to be the Higher Power in Narnia- and that was another thing, 6 years and not once did she see any of the Powers in her world, yet here upon waking she meets the big man, er Lion, in charge? Fair much? -could ask these children to fight a war for him. It didn't seem right, or fair. But she, better than anyone, knew that fair just did not exist. Sometimes you were thrust into a life, a destiny you did not want but yet it was yours to fulfill. In the end, because, technically, she was dead so it was the end, she had no regrets for being called as a Slayer. She was given a sister and so many loving friends, where, if not for being called, she would have finished high school in LA. So there was that, but these children just seemed so... so young, so normal. Like they should have been out hanging with friends, playing in the park, hanging out at the mall. Normal kid stuff. Even if fair didn't exist, life still wasn't fair.

With a sigh Buffy closed her eyes and let her head drop to her chest. Upon impact, her eyes slowly opened and she stared down at her chest with suspicion. Was it just her or did her boobs get bigger? Leaning back to get a better look she tilted her head to the side in confusion. Now this was interesting. Ever since becoming and embracing the Slayer part of her and starting a strict workout regime, her chest had shrunk but now they seemed to be the same size they were in her sophomore year. This was interesting indeed.


Buffy's head shot up to look at Peter as he sat down on the rock beside her. She quickly looked down so he wouldn't see the blush that had crept up over being caught red handed checking herself out.

"I saw you come up here. Are you okay?" Peter asked.

Buffy shook her head, overlooking the camp before them. "Why are you guys doing this?"

He gestured to the camp. "They are depending on us."

"Why you guys?"

"We are the first sons of Adam and daughters of Eve in Narnia, there is this prophecy telling of us."

She shook her head in disgust. "Prophecies are stupid. You guys are too young, you shouldn't have to fight this war."

"We overheard your argument with Aslan. You say we are too young, but you are doing this as well."

"You're what, 15, 16? and the rest of them even younger? I didn't start until I was 15 and that's because I was called for this. You guys are just kids, I was given special abilities and told I have to fight and save the world and I did. After 6 years, I still am."

Peter turned to her with a knowing smile. "I thought you said you were called at 15."

"Yes." She replied.

"But you said 6 years. You can't be more then 17."

She frowned. "Peter, I'm 21, I am, no was, a college student."

"Yes, I heard you tell Aslan that but you look my age."

Her frown deepened as she reached over and pulled out his sword.

"Hey." he cried.

Buffy held out his sword and looked at her reflection. "No way, no freaking way." Suddenly her larger chest made sense.

"What is it?"

"I'm 16 again. 16! How is this even possible? What did that stupid lion do to me?" She growled, handing his sword back

"Aslan isn't stupid." Peter protested.

"No, he's just like every other higher power out there. Full of himself, high on power and so sure I'll just bend to his every whim."

"You're angry." It was a statement more than an observation.

"I have every right to be."

"You could've ended up in a hell dimension." Peter reminded her.

That stopped her short and she let out a sigh. "How much did you listen to?"

"Enough to be really confused but know that Aslan needs you to help us."

"Why is it so hard to get that I'm tired."

Peter moved so he could see her face better. "I know you do not want to be here, but please, it is up to me to look after my brother and sisters. I don't want them doing this but they will not go home-"

"Home? You guys know a way home?" Buffy interrupted him, latching on to that little tidbit of information.

"Through the wardrobe at the Professors house."

"You came here through a wardrobe?"

"It is no stranger than a portal that opens in the middle of the sky."

"Touche." She muttered. "But this wardrobe, where is it, can I use it to go back?"

"You would end up in England."

"England is fine, the land of Gileses." She knew she would only have to call Giles and he would send her a ticket right away, relieved that she was still alive.

"You speak funny." Peter noted with a small smile

"Where is this wardrobe? I have to go back."

"You really want to go to England? In the middle of a war?"

Buffy stilled before slowly turning her head to look at him. "War? What war?"

"Against those Germans. Anytime you Yanks want to step in, we might be able to end this."

A cold feeling washed over her. "What year did you leave England?"

"1940." Peter replied. "Why?"

"1940?" Buffy cried. "Peter, I'm from 2001."

He stared at her in shock. "Impossible."

"I can't go back to 1940. What am I supposed to do? Sit around and wait for my family and friends to be born?" Buffy yelled as her last sliver of hope slipped away

"I am sorry." He did look truly sorry and she felt bad for yelling at him.

"I'm sorry, it's not your fault."

"I know you don't want to be here but please, if Aslan thinks you can help us, please can you?"

"Please Buffy?" Lucy asked coming up behind them. "We're trying to save Mr. Tumnus, he's my friend."

Buffy sighed, looking out upon the camp. "You guys shouldn't have to do this. You guys should live a normal life and do kid stuff."

"I'm not a kid. We're the same age, Buffy." Peter reminded her.

"No, I'm 21. I just look 16."

"We came through a wardrobe and landed in a magical land of talking animals. I do believe normal has left a long time ago." Susan dryly replied, sitting on the other side of Lucy as Edmund sat beside Peter.

"Please, help us?" Lucy asked.

Buffy looked at all of them before throwing her hands up with a sigh. She knew all along she would help them. There was no way she could let these four go off to fight a battle unprepared. But oddly enough, she wasn't as angry as she thought she would be. Sure the higher Powers were messing with her again but at least Aslan had the decency to tell her and ask for her help, not just demand it. That actually won some points in her book. And for that, and these 4 sitting around her, a pleading look in all their eyes, she would help.

"Fine. I'll help you guys, only 'cause I don't think it's fair that you guys are doing this, not because Aslan wants it."

"Oh thank you, thank you." Lucy cried, throwing her arms around the blonde girl.

"Do you guys even know how to fight?"

"Will you show us?" Edmund asked.

"Meet me down in the fields, I need to go have another talk with your lion."

The walk to his tent was quick and she entered without knocking

"Why am I really here?" Buffy asked.

He turned to face her, not at all surprised that she had returned. "These children need you."

"Why me? Why is it always me?"

A small smile came to Aslan's face as he looked at the Slayer, "It is because of how good you are."

"And if I hadn't died?"

"Time moves different here than your old world, your sacrifice happened before Lucy first walked through that wardrobe and upon seeing how this will end, I knew you would be able to help."

"I really can't go back, can I?"

"I'm sorry but you cannot."

Aslan did look regretful and Buffy realized she did have 2 choices here. She could be angry, pout, and throw temper tantrums that the powers had taken over her life again or she could accept it, move on, help the Pevensie's defeat this witch, than deal with whatever came after.

At least she didn't end up in Glory's hell dimension.

See? Things were looking up.

... ... ...
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