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Unlikely Places

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Summary: When one jumps through a portal to save not only their sister but the world, they never expect to end up in another world in the midst of another battle. Or find the peace and happiness they've always been searching for

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Literature > Chronicles of NarniaMusicFR131021,62413916,03625 Nov 1018 Dec 12No

When You're Falling Down

Disclaimer: all characters belong to their respective owners. No money is being made, this is all for fun...

PLEASE READ THIS: Dear lovely readers... I can safely say I have NO idea where this came from... seriously... I got a lot going on, I really shouldn't be starting more... but alas... I guess re watching the movies had me going hmmmmm... so here is my twist. To make this work to my crazy little ideas... the children are older... like Peter would be 16 in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Susan 15, Edmund 13 and Lucy 11.. I think that’s how it goes... yes. We shall go with that... meaning Prince Caspian, 17 for Peter then down the line... you get it, yeah?

Also, I AM looking for a beta for this story, I need someone to check this over and to perhaps motivate me...?
... ... ...

When one jumps through a portal to save, not only their sister but the world, they never expect to end up in another world in the midst of another battle.

Buffy Summers knew that jumping through that portal would end in her death and she literally welcomed it with open arms. Death was her gift and now the world was a safe place for her sister and friends. Another battle, another apocalypse averted. She expected to end up in a hell dimension, perhaps the one Glory was trying to open. She had fought her way out of a Hell dimesnsion one time and would do it again if she had to.

But the biggest point of all was, her sister was safe.

That's not to say that jumping into that portal didn't hurt. It did. A lot. And this was coming from a girl who had already been through all kinds of hurt. She had been a Slayer for a little over 5 years, she had faced Vampire Masters, a psycho, soulless Vampire ex-boyfriend, a Giant Snake Demon Mayor and whatever A.D.A.M. had been. She had sent her boyfriend to hell, she had lived through her friends and family dying and she had died herself. It was safe to say Buffy Summers knew pain and hurt and suffering. She knew it well. But this, this falling through a portal and feeling like every single part of her was being ripped apart before being painfully put back together than ripped apart again was like nothing she ever experienced before. So it was safe to say that when it was all over and she was uncharacteristically dropped into the middle of what appeared to be a camp, she was in no way up to defending herself. As she fell into a heap she briefly wondered how she could still be alive after that much pain and wow, didn't Glory's hell dimension look kind of nice, no wonder she wanted back so badly.

As shouts of alarm rang through the camp, Buffy had no choice but to succumb to the darkness.

... ... ...

The first thing Buffy was aware of was that someone was staring at her and she mentally frowned, wondering why Dawn couldn't just leave her alone to get some much needed sleep. As she turned towards where her little sister was, Buffy waited until she could sense Dawn moving closer and was leaning over to get a closer look before she shot out a hand, grabbing the younger Summers loosely around the throat.

"Haven't I told you to never sneak up on a-"

She was interrupted by a young girl screaming from across the room and on reflex, she tightened the hand around the neck as she flipped off the bed to her feet, finally realizing, this was not Dawn who was trying the sneak attack.

"Let Peter go" a young, accented voice cried.

She looked to the voice, a young girl of about ten or eleven with light brown hair was staring at her in horror, tears in her eyes. Two more teenagers entered, a girl about Dawn's age the other, a boy a couple years younger and she briefly wondered why they were in a tent and who was Peter? Buffy finally looked at whom she was holding and quickly released him, leaving him gasping for breath as she settled into a defensive stance.

"Who are you?" Buffy asked. "Where's Dawn?"

The four looked at each other before the youngest girl stepped forward to speak. "My name is Lucy Pevensie. The one you were holding is my brother Peter, and this is Susan and Edmund. Dawn has already come. You slept through yesterday and the night, it is now early afternoon."

"Dawn." Buffy whispered, her stance dropping as everything, Glory, the portal, jumping and the pain, came back to her.

"Miss?" Lucy, asked, clearly confused.

Buffy looked at her and Lucy's heart broke at the agony plain on her face. Without thinking, she stepped forward and threw her arms around the not much taller blonde as she broke down with heart wrenching sobs.

... ... ...

"She has awoken." Peter said quietly, entering Aslan's tent.

"And very nearly killed Peter when he tried to sneak up on her." Edmund exclaimed, entering behind him.

Peter turned to glare at his younger brother. "She did not, she just caught me by surprise."

Aslan let out a small chuckle as he turned to the 2 sons of Adam. "There are very few who can sneak up on one such as herself. Tell me, where is she now?"

The 2 boys grew uncomfortable, as all boys do around crying girls.

"She's with Lucy and Su." Peter explained. "She asked about when dawn was and burst into tears."

Aslan gave a slight nod. "She was not asking when dawn was, Peter. She was asking about her sister, Dawn."

"Who is she?" Edmund asked.

"Buffy. Buffy Summers." They all turned to the entrance where Susan and Lucy stood with the newcomer.

"Buffy?" Edmund whispered in disbelief, thinking no one had heard him.

The girl sent him a quick glare before turning to Aslan. "I'm told you're the one in charge?"

"I am Aslan, Buffy Summers. Welcome to Narnia." The lion replied.

"Am I in hell?"

There was stunned silence until Lucy started giggling, soon followed by her siblings.

"This isn't hell, Buffy, it's Narnia."

"And what's Narnia?" She asked, looking at each of them. "I'm dead, right? I should be dead, and I should've ended up in hell."

"Why would you think you're dead?" Susan asked. "And why would you possibly think you would go to hell and not heaven?"

"So I'm in Heaven?"

"No, you're in Narnia." Edmund replied, with a roll of his eyes.

Buffy turned back to the Lion. The big talking Lion that made her senses tingle but she was far too worried about where exactly she had ended up to even think about why there was a talking Lion.

"Children, please leave Buffy and I, we have much to discuss."

The siblings nodded before leaving Buffy and Aslan alone.

"You have many questions Buffy."

"And I really hope you have answers. Why am I not dead or in hell?"

"You made a great sacrifice when you jumped into the portal to save your sister and your world."

"So they're safe, it worked?" She practically sagged in relief.

Aslan nodded. "They are safe and your time there has come to an end. I interfered after you jumped and had you placed here, rather than a hell dimension, hoping you can help."

The Slayer sighed. "And if I can't? Do you have any idea what I've been through?" She sank down into the nearest seat, her head in her hands "I'm so tired."

"Your heart is heavy with grief, Buffy Summers. I hope you may find some healing here."

"But only after I help you, right? There's always a catch."

"I cannot force you to help but those children out there can use your help. They have a battle to prepare for."

Buffy's head snapped up "You are sending children out to fight some war?"

"There is a prophecy-" Aslan began.

"To hell with your prophecies." She snapped, interrupting him. "Prophecies are open to interpretation. I was told I'd have to die when I was 16 because of some stupid prophecy. One, if I had never listened to, to begin with, I never would have died. If Xander hadn't followed me, I'd have stayed dead. Instead, at 21, I'm the longest living Slayer. So forget your stupid prophecies, you have no right to send those children out to war."

Aslan sighed, and for a brief moment, Buffy saw a look of weariness cross his face. "Please understand, if there was any other way but these children must defeat the white witch. They are the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, the four that are meant to sit on the throne and this can only be done once the white witch is defeated."

"I've fought my battle. I beat Glory, I didn't want to end up dumped elsewhere where I’d have to fight someone else's battle. I'm tired, you can't ask me to do this. Send me back."

"I am sorry, I cannot send you back. You were meant for a hell dimension Buffy, it was only my interference that had you redirected here.”

“Then interfere again.” She cried.

“I cannot.” He quietly replied.

Tears came unbidden as she turned away from "So I'm stuck here?"

"I am sorry." He said again. "Once the White Witch is defeated, you are free to find your peace here."

"Without my friends, or my sister?"

"Peace and happiness can be found in the most unlikely of places."

"Yes, anywhere I'm not." Buffy replied before walking out of the tent.

... ... ...
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