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Lament Aftermath

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Summary: The possible aftermath to author poe's story Lament. Published with poe's permission.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralcmdruhuraFR1311,5110131,06325 Nov 1025 Nov 10Yes
Title: Lament Aftermath 1/1 (R)
Author: cmdruhura
Series: BtVS
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Parts: 1/1
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Fallout from ‘Lament’ by poe.

AN: poe has given permission to publish this story. (see below)
“it was a well written and logically structured story, given your take on Lament. Obviously I disagree with your conclusions, but that is indeed why they make both Chocolate and Vanilla. If you wish to publish your story, feel free. I have no problem with that. As previously stated, I am flattered that something I wrote inspired your creativity, in my mind there is no higher honor. Keep writing POE1911”

The hunter had finally found the prey.

It had taken 79 days and 253 deaths but the prey was now sighted through the scope of the .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Unfortunately, another death had to occur in order to have the prey stationary long enough to squeeze the trigger and put an end to the killings.

Then the moment arrived and the trigger was caressed just enough to send the blessed round towards the target – the spine just at the base of the skull.

The hunter’s eye moistened at the view of the impact that blew the prey’s head clean off. The face still vamped out as it tumbled and turned towards the hunter.

Only after the head and body turned to dust did the hunter close his eye and the tears fell.

“How does it feel to send your daughter’s soul to Hell,” said a calm voice from behind him.

Whipping around quickly, he drew his .50 caliber Desert Eagle and pointed it at the horned, gray demon.

“I’m in no mood for you or your poor taste in jokes D’Hoffryn,” said Xander. “Joy’s soul left when she was turned. I just put an end to the demon disgracing her body.”

“Her soul has still been sent to Hell, or did you think they let those who commit Matricide and are unrepentant into heaven?” replied the demon.

Xander was so shocked at D’Hoffryn’s words that he was stunned to silence, thus allowing him to continue.

“And your presumption that her soul left her body when she was turned is in error. You see she wasn’t turned by some vampire that her team later dusted as you were told. In point of fact she was turned by a variation of the Ensoulment Spell. However, instead of placing a soul into a vampire and giving the soul dominance over the demon, a vampiric soul was placed into your daughter and given dominance over her soul. Her soul would be trapped in her body until the vampire was dusted, which you just did, or the vampiric soul was exorcised. If the latter had occurred she might have had a chance to repent. In any event, her soul is now in Hell and you sent it there.”

“You’re lying!” screamed Xander as he pulled the trigger three times. He would have emptied the gun into the demon before him but small swirls of darkness had opened up in front of each bullet and swallowed them before they came close to their intended target. Instead the bullets reappeared and proceeded to impact the wrist of the hand holding the gun as well as each of Xander’s shoulders. His hand was barely attached to his arm by some skin and muscle tissue. His shoulder bones were completely fragmented. The agony of his injuries was intense.

“That was very rude,” said the demon lord as he waved his hand and stopped the bleeding by cauterizing the wounds, but leaving the shattered bones alone. This just increased his pain. “I was just getting to the part where I tell you why your daughter warranted such a tormented punishment before being consigned to Hell.”

Xander was barely able to understand what was being said due to the agony he was suffering but the fact that D’Hoffryn had apparently immobilized him at least prevented him from thrashing about and making his injuries worse.

“Now I know you went to great pains, pardon the pun, to limit the collateral damage from the Wish that you used to murder your wife, but it wasn’t quite good enough and now every Slayer and potential will die prior to reaching age 40 from the same type of inoperable brain tumor. As will any of their children, and their children’s children, and so on until their line is no more. Needless to say Dawn and Faith were very put out to find out they have only a handful of years left to live. Not to mention the rest of the Slayers who had been looking forward to retiring and raising families should they survive their calling. Those who opted out of being on the front lines weren’t very happy either to discover that they would still die relatively young. Less than half the life expectancy of a normal human I believe. The fact that Joy had a hand in killing her mother was enough to start losing their trust in her and the promise of a certain death before age 40 was what goaded them into having no mercy on either of you.”

“It was your daughter’s own team that used the Cruciamentum drug on her and hauled her before the tribunal,” continued D’Hoffryn. “She was quite shocked to find out that she was being charged with multiple counts of murder and even more shocked to find out why. She begged and pleaded with Dawn and the others. Telling them it wasn’t meant to happen that way. That Buffy was the only one who was supposed to die for the wrongs committed against you and her. At one point she even stated that you had done Buffy a favor by having her die peacefully instead of from some terrible combat related injury.”

“Her protestations fell on deaf ears. Dawn was the first to voice the GUILTY verdict. Faith followed and Willow made it unanimous. Mr. Giles then pronounced the sentence. That was when your daughter really began to beg and plead. She called out to you several times to come save her. However, at the end, just before the vampiric soul entered and took her over, she cried out ‘MOMMY’ in such a plaintive voice that all present were moved to tears. Not so much for Joy’s belated plea for mercy from the only one who might grant it, but for being reminded that your wife was no longer present because of you both and that if she had been that she would have changed places with her daughter even knowing that Joy was being punished for what was done to her.”

“It’s true you know. If the soul of Buffy Summers was aware of the fate of her daughter, she would have swapped places with her in a heartbeat. However, souls in Heaven are in a state of bliss, knowing peace, happiness, and contentment. Sadness and worry are not present. That is why your wife’s soul was, and isn’t, aware of what is taking place here on Earth. To know what is happening here would run counter to what Heaven is about. So no one who has passed on and gone to Heaven is looking down and watching over those who are still alive. Whether their loved ones show up in Heaven or not to be with them is irrelevant as they know what will be, will be.”

“As you are probably realizing now, The Council anticipated your desire to handle the vampire version of your daughter yourself and thus the first part of your punishment was to be the one to send her soul to Hell. The remainder of your sentence, which you should begin to feel the effects of about now, is that you will continue to live in a kind of stasis where you neither grow old nor need nourishment. You will remain in this state until the last Slayer, Potential, or the final descendents from all their lines have died. Only then will you join your daughter in Hell. You will know when each of those lives you have shortened is snuffed out whether from the tumor or some other cause. You will also feel three times the pain they feel as they die.”

As a bright light surrounded Xander, D’Hoffryn said, “Good bye, Mr. Harris. I’m afraid the pocket dimension you will be residing in isn’t all that spacious or comfortable. And as your current injuries will remain, I expect you will be in considerable pain as well. Also as this was done without invoking The Wish, I can say that there probably won’t be any nasty side effects like the one you and your daughter are experiencing. I really must see if I can get Miss Rosenberg to at least do some contract work since she still refuses to sign on as a member of my staff. She really does have a flair for this type of work. Plus she was nice enough to allow me to explain things to you. A bit of compensation for what you cost me.”

The light winked out and Xander Harris disappeared from the world.

D’Hoffryn left for home to ponder how to pose the question of piece work to Willow.

The End

You have reached the end of "Lament Aftermath". This story is complete.

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