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Marvel Knights

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Summary: Spidey and Shadowcat join the Hogwarts fifth years after Aunt May and M.J die. Their mission is to help in the coming war.

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Don't own nothing Marvel and J.K Rowling own it.

Peter leaned back in his bus seat and grinned, as he headed down the street to a café that Brian had agreed to meet him at. Or rather it was where Captain Britain was meeting up with the Amazing Spiderman. He got off at his stop, and strolled into a public restroom. He stripped his clothes off, and replaced them with his costume. He then went to the window, and opened it. With the bag in one hand, he slipped out his second window for the day. You would think he was trying to set a record for the number of places that he was sneaking out of today. With a mere tap of his two fingers, he shot a strand of webbing from his web shooters. He then jumped, and began working himself higher and higher, till he was flying through the air. He really didn't want to be late, and was just gathering height when he heard the familiar sounding scream of someone yelling for help. Without even thinking about it, he let the strand of webbing go, and dropped down towards the scream. He landed on a wall in an alley, where a young woman was standing in front of five hooligans. One of them held a knife, and was slowly bringing it down against the buttons of the woman's blouse.
"So tell me." Spiderman began. "Is this a private party, or can anybody join in?" The group of men turned, and drew a variety of weapons. Peter smirked beneath his mask. 'They never learned.' Dropping to the ground, he clipped one on the head, and kicked another in the gut. "One at a time please." Spiderman said. "I'm afraid I've been busy elsewhere lately, but maybe you can give your friendly international Spiderman a bit of a workout." He back flipped, as one of the guys began firing his a semiautomatic handgun. "Now, now its not polite to point." He kidded, as he yanked the gun away with a web strand. He looked at the last two tough guys, and grabbed them both, and threw them into the trash. "That's the problem with the city these days, none of the councils pay the sanitation department enough, and guys like this always get off free. Its been a pleasure my lady." He said, bowing to the woman before he leapt back into the air and was gone. The woman shivered for a moment, before she ran out of the alley.

Spiderman finally landed on the top of Big Ben. Looking down, he noticed that he was about ten minutes early; he just hoped he didn't get caught up in some crazy thing or other in those ten minutes. Looking around, he noticed a red and white blur that was coming closer. Fading into the shadows, the hero waited as the flying figure was finally within eyesight, and he was able to identify Captain Britain. The big man landed on the ground, and began looking around for any signs of him. "Careful C.B, if you don't ever look behind you, someone might be able to prank you real good." Spiderman said to the British hero.

"Spiderman." The British hero said turning around to regard the New York hero.

"It's been a while." Spiderman said, as they shook hands.

"Your call said it might be trouble. What can I do for you?" Captain Britain said with a bit of worry in his voice. For a jokester like Spiderman to admit it was trouble meant it could be serious.

"I need you to use your contacts and get me everything you can on these names." He said, as he handed him a scrap of paper with Moody's and Dumbledore's names on them. "I also need all of the information you can get me on Sirus Black."

"Depending what we're dealing with, will depend on how long this mess will take." Captain Britain said.

"Yeah I know, I'd do it myself but I'm kind of limited in time to find out."

"Let me guess, your usual 24 hours of craziness?" Captain Britain said knowingly.

"Pretty much, though I think I can wait till tomorrow evening till I get back to where I'm living now, and I can't do much till I get some of this stuff found out."

"Then how about you come to the island with me? You can meet Meagan and see the rest of Excalibur." The large man offered his friend.

"That depends."

"On what?"

"Do you have a gym?"

"Nightcrawler himself designed it." CB said, omitting the fact that he was the one that had reconstructed the equipment, that tested their abilities much like the X-Men's Danger Room, or the Avengers Play Room just no where as fancy.

"Sounds good enough to me, I haven't gotten a decent exercise in a month." THe other hero whined to his friend.

"Then hop onto my back, cause you can't web swing onto an island. Though you're crazy enough to try it."

"You better believe it." Spiderman said, as he jumped onto the big man's back.

The two spent the hour talking about various things as they flew back. The two of them finally landed on the island, where all Spiderman could do was whistle in appreciation. "This is a nice place."

"Thank you, and the best part of it is if this base gets destroyed I don't own it. Come on let's go on in." The two heroes entered the living area of Muir Island, and Spiderman casually tossed his bag into a corner where he hoped that it would be out of the way. "Whoa." He said, as he looked around. The inside of this place was huge! It definitely made him want to come back. He thought, as he saw what passed as a living room. The room had a nice fireplace a giant t.v that would make any t.v geek drool, and the furniture was comfy looking as well as well maintained. He nodded in recognition to Colossus who was standing there staring in surprise at the web slinger.

"Peter, I believe you already know Spiderman." Brian said, chuckling at the shocked face the mutant man was wearing. He had to admit it wasn't just everyday that you saw Spiderman come waltzing in through the door. Flying through a window yes, but almost never through the door.

"So, who do we talk to about finding things out?" Spiderman quizzed ignoring the shocked look the powerhouse was wearing.

"That would be Kitty you would talk to. If they're in the computer system then Kitty will find them."

"Lead on then C.B." Spiderman said ushering his friend onward.

Captain Britain led him up to another level, where a girl about his own age was sitting front of a number of electronic devices.

"Hey Kitty what's up?" Captain Britain greeted.

"Not much Brian, I'm just trying to cross reference Moira's data, so that her search will work better when she's looking for a cure for that virus that Stryfe left us to deal with." The girl said, not even bothering to look up from one of her computers.

"You sure its not you trying to stay away from Peter?"

"Brian, I love you like the big brother I never had, but do not go there all right?" The girl said coolly, finally looking up at the hero. Her eyes widened, as she saw who was standing beside her teammate. "Spiderman! Great to see you!" She said, as she blushed."

"Long time no see Shadowcat." The hero said. "Last time I saw you, I do believe you were still wearing that blue number of yours."

The girl smiled at this. "Yeah I finally got to changing my wardrobe." She said, as she stood up displaying the blue and gold uniform that she was now wearing. "And I wouldn't talk about people never changing costumes, since you've had the same costume for who knows how long."

"Hey I tried the whole black and white thing, but it just didn't work. First it was copyright from Spiderwoman, then from Venom. It was just easier to switch back to my usual threads." Spiderman defended.

"Yeah sure. So what brings you to the U.K?"

"I need info and fast, so I'm calling in a couple of favors from the big guy here." Spiderman said, jerking his thumb over at C.B.

"What do you need?" She asked as she went professional.

" Lets see, I need to know who Albus Dumbledore, and Alastor Moody are. I also need everything that you got on Sirus Black."

"The murderer?"

"According to him, he never got a trial."

"You make some of the most interesting friends." Kitty Pryde said, as she began typing in the search request in.

"Says the girl who was on a first name basis with the Morlocks." Spiderman mentally kicked himself as Kitty froze. The Mutant Massacre was a well-known fact in New York. Hell Shadowcat, Colossus and Nightcrawler had all nearly lost their lives in the Morlock tunnels that night. Instead Kitty had still nearly died according to what Johnny had said, and Nightcrawler and Colossus had been stuck in coma's for a while. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have."

"No its alright." Kitty assured him before turning back to her work. He sighed as he turned to Brian who was flipping through some paperwork. "And now, I can either help the dear lady, or I can spar with you. Tell you what, I'll help till she kicks me out, or I decide its time for a break. Cause as I recall, she's your teams workaholic."

"Moira's worse." Kitty defended. "And if you wait, I can set the computers to get to work, and we can both go and get some training in."

"You are dead now." Brian said grinning mischievously. "She heard you."

"We'll see." Spiderman said, with a bit of false bravdo. The three of them quickly set to work, and the other two were pleased when it was obvious that Spiderman knew his way around the advanced computers that they used at Muir Island. Three hours later, the three of them walked out of the room, and headed towards the kitchen to grab some food before they got a work out in.

"So," Kitty said smirking as they walked to the training room. "How do you eat with that thing on?" She said, gesturing to the mask he wore.

"Well I considered putting a mouthpiece on it, but the nightmares just weren't worth it so I thought I could just continue rolling it up about halfway if that's al right with you of course?" He teased, he hated to admit it, but he missed talking with people that he could actually understand and relate too. In New York he had a reputation as a loner, but he also had all of his friends that he could talk to when things got to bad, now he had no one.

"Well I suppose, though Kurt may be a bit disappointed that he's not going to see beneath that mask of yours." The two were laughing, as they entered the room and quickly sat down to the soup that was being served.

Moira McTaggaret looked slightly surprised to see the unexpected addition. "And jus when did ye get here?" She asked, as they were all served.

"Flew in this morning courtesy of Captain Britain airlines." There were a few chuckles at this small joke.

"So how long will ye be wit us?"

"Till tomorrow morning tops Dr. McTaggart." Spiderman said respectively. "I hope I can get a look at some of the virus simulations that you're working on while I'm here. I'm obviously not in yours, Xavier's, or Beast's level at genetics, but I do have an understanding of some of this, and maybe having a soundboard that will only be able to make a few irregular trips to bounce a few theories off of might help."

"Ye got yourself a deal lad. When would ye like to get to work?"

"You mind if I get in some training first? I haven't been able to get any decent exercise in over a month. I'm hoping later on that I'll be able to find something, but where I'm currently staying doesn't have any kind of exercise methods that I can use. And I'm trying to keep a low profile."

"Mein gott! That sounds horrible." Kurt said, melodramatically holding his hand over his heart. "Fortunately with everything that we have here, we can give you a decent workout or two while you're here."

"Thanks." Spiderman said, grinning in appreciation, as he pushed his mask partway up so that he could eat his soup. He and Kitty snickered at the disappointed look Nightcrawler sent his way.

"Told ya so."

The group enjoyed the telling of stories during the meal, Brian and Spiderman sharing old memories, while the others told Spidey about some of their past adventures. Spiderman enjoyed officially meeting Rahne, AKA Wolfsbane. The Irish born mutant was the adopted child of Moira, and had recently returned for some reason or other, and had yet to find a decent excuse to leave, not that she wanted to anyways.

The group finished eating, and Meagan and Brian sent the others off assuring them that they would take care of the dishes. The other heroes left, before their other activities got in the way and slowed them down.

Peter walked into the room that served as a sparring and exercise room, he whistled as he looked at the various weights that littered one side of the room, with a few swords hanging from the wall. "I got to admit, I've never been good with these sorts of things he said as he hefted one of the swords.

"Well perhaps between Kitty and myself, we can teach you the basics." Kurt said, as he drew one of his own blades.

"Maybe later." Spiderman said. "I believe Shadowcat wants to tear me a new one for calling her a workaholic."

The other men chuckled at this. "Where do we send the flowers?" Nightcrawler asked teasingly.

Peter grimaced at this, glad that he was wearing a mask as he turned to face Kitty. "All right Shadowcat, whenever you're ready."

"If you think so." The girl said, as she came at him with a flying kick. Reacting on instinct, Peter did a back handspring, and managed to dodge the blow. Coming up, he shifted to the side to dodge the high kick that came next, he then caught the punch and swung her around once and tossed her toward the wall. The mutant rolled into a ball, and bounced off coming back at him. Peter duck, and flipped in the air. As he came down, his senses flared, as a kick caught him in the stomach. He grunted, but didn't slow down as he bounced back up in the air and came down behind Kitty.

"You're it," Kitty said smirking at him as she crossed her arms.

"Yeah I guess I am." Spiderman said, as he lunged at her and sailed right through her body, as if she was a hologram. Spidey felt a blow to the back of his head, as he passed through. "Talk about humiliation." Peter murmured, as Kitty made a come and get me sign at him. Spiderman jumped over her and did a sloppy leg sweep. He then blocked a punch. The two circled each other neither wanting to let the other have an advantage.

"I never would have thought that Kitty could take on Spiderman and tie with him." Colossus whispered to Kurt who was cheering both fighters on.

"Vhy not? Their powers are so different, that it makes for a good challenge. Spiderman has the advantage of speed, strength and even the extra warning. On the other hand, Wolverine had trained Kitty in the arts of the ninja, and her powers make it impossible to touch each other. I personally bet that they wear each other out blocking and dodging."

"That depends on whether or not Lockheed decides to get into it though." Colossus said, as he pointed to the purple form of Lockheed. "And unless I miss my guess, he is going through Comrade Spiderman's belongings."

"What?" The two fighters said, as they looked to see where Lockheed could be seen through the doorway rummaging around in the bag that held a few of Spiderman's belongings.

"Aw crap." Spidey said, as he saw the dragon grab the thick piece of wood. "Don't play with that little guy." He said, as he hurried over to retrieve the piece of wood, the dragon deftly dodged the hero and was flying higher staying near the ceiling. "Come on little guy, give that back I need it." Spiderman pleaded, as he jumped after the small dragon, the minute he reached the ceiling though the dragon dive-bombed toward his mistress dropping the item at her feet.

"Lockheed you clown." Kitty said chuckling as Spider man landed beside her, Kitty bent down and retrieved the stick everyone watched in surprise as the stick began emitting sparks.

"Ooh boy." Spider man said, as he held his hand out. "I got some splaining tah do don't I?" He asked, as he reached out to take the wand from Kitty.

"That you do." Kitty said, as she handed it over for the brief moment that both of them were touching the wand something happened, they watched as a glow came from both ends and began to wrap them in its light.

'Oh shit!' They had thought right before they fell down unconscious.

"So what do you think that's about? Nightcrawler asked, as he checked Kitty first before flipping over to check on Spiderman. "Both of them appeared to be unconscious, other than that they appeared to be fine. Lets take them to the infirmary Moira will want to check on them."

"What about this?" Colossus asked, as held up the piece of wood that had knocked them both down.

"Be careful with that Peter! We do not know what set that item off." Kurt said, as he carried Kitty while Colossus carried Spiderman. Rahne carried Spiderman bag of belonging guessing that there might be something in there they might be able to use. The two men quickly deposited the two on the med beds as the others began filtering in.

"Might ave known something like this was going to happen." Moira grumbled. "A decent assistant shows up, and he gets turned into a patient before he can even help me." The woman began running scans over the two figures. "Arr! Now what!" The woman said, as her equipment screens began flickering on and off.

"Brian ye English git! Ye told me everything was in order here."

"I did fix everything." Brian answered slightly insulted.

"Well it sure as hell ain't working on them." Moira answered waving at her two new patients.

"Hmm interesting." Megan said, as she looked at the two figures.

"What is?" Moira asked, knowing that Megan could see and sense things that she could never hope to even with all of her equipment.

"The magic aura that surrounds them is so impressive, off hand I would say that they are being protected by magic itself."

"They've got a magic field surrounding them?"

"Yes, I highly doubt you'll be able to do anything with your equipment until after the field leaves them."

"So, ye mean that I have ta settle for just waiting till something that defies nearly every one o the very laws of science till I can look at im?" Moira asked in indignation.

"That is indeed what I am saying."

Moira then began cursing the unfairness of it all, as she drew up a seat and sat down with a cup of her infamous coffee.

"It shall definitely be a long night my friends." Kurt said, as he ported out of the room, but cam back a moment later with a book in his hand.

"Da Nightccrawler." Colossus said, agreeing pulling out a sketchpad and began drawing what he could of the masked vigilante.

The two felt like they were falling, and despite the fact that Kitty was phasing as hard as she could she couldn't seem to slow either of them down, and Spiderman was trying to make a parachute out of webs but his web shooters refused to fire.
"Cease children, we mean you no harm." A large voice said, as three figures appeared before them. One was nothing more than an white female outline, the other was all black and male, the third and middle one didn't seem to be of one gender or the other was a gray color.

"We are the three sides of magic."




"We represent all the three aspects and uses of magic."

"Whether it be healing someone."
White said

"Or placing a person into insanity." The Black one continued.

"Unfortunately the balance has become skewed, and another light element will be needed to help in the coming war."

"Can you tell us about this war?" Shadowcat asked, wondering what war they were talking about.

"You must learn this for yourselves, for we can only help you so much."

"Why us?" Spiderman asked curiously. They weren't the heavy hitters like so many others were.

At this the three beings chuckled. "Believe us, had we a choice we would have chosen people with different aspects than you two, but you were the only choices. The two of you were the only ones available with the right kind of magical powers though, making you our only choice."

"Think we should be insulted?" Shadowcat asked dryly.

"The Man-Spider with the loss of the last your family you were in the best of positions." The Black Guardian said.

"And the Shadowcat was chosen because her time with Excalibur is coming to an end, and if we did not act she would be returned to a war that she would only be half heartedly join in and would soon leave again for other matters." The Gray Guardian said.

"The two of you are twin lost beings that would rather drown in your griefs than face them. Together though, you will have the strength to take on anything in the wizard world." The White Guardian finished for the group.

"So, your just sending us to help in a magical world just like that? No idea what we're getting into just being told that we have to help in the upcoming fight?" Spiderman questioned them in annoyance though he didn't seem very surprised.

"You have all ready learned much of this war Man-Spider, but you are right we will help you. We shall give you a shared gift you might say to each of you."

"That's Spiderman, not Man-Spider." Spiderman grumbled, "why is it only magical people confuse my name like that?"

The Gray Guardian stepped forward first ignoring the question as he began to speak. "Knowledge is power young warriors, of all the spells that you should know I give you the knowledge to use them. It will be as if you had trained and already have your strengths hidden within you. The knowledge shall be as if you had already studied." The being regarded them for a moment before continuing. "Which means that the things that you have studied if you had been a witch and wizard will be there, but the things that you would not have studied as strongly you shall know next to nothing because you never bothered to study it." The two nodded in understanding on the condition of the knowledge that they would have.

The White Guardian stepped forward next. "You are all ready heroes of the light, though I do believe you are closer followers of Shadow than of light or dark I give you the power of transformation in other realities there have been versions of you with more animal in them I give you the ability to switch to beastial forms. Have no fear young Man-Spider it is not your nightmare form, you shall know the form when you need it but not before." Spiderman nodded uncomfortably at this.

The Dark Guardian was the next figure to stand before them. "You both have a darker side that you rarely embrace, I give unto you not the gifts of magic like my companions, but of science instead. Spiderman, I increase your powers to a point to what they would have been when you are older. No longer will you need to wear those devices on your wrists to shoot your webs, now they shall be natural. Your strength speed agility and awareness are also increased to levels closer to your dark copy. Spiderman swallowed nervously as he nodded in understanding, as he felt his body already beginning to change thanks to the changes the dark one was putting upon him. "You are now the Spider Avatar of both Science and Magic young one." It then turned to Shadowcat. "As for you young one, you to are on the edges of being an avatar for both. You are a former holder to the soul sword, and I think you were foolish to relinquish it, but that is a matter that only you can decide. My gift is a new mutation that will make you nearly the physical equal to your new teammate, though you have no webs or clinging abilities. Train together and you shall become a deadly force that should be reckoned with."

"It is now time that we took our leave, and left you to find your own paths in the coming war." The three echoed each other, and the two covered their eyes as the light around them brightened till they could no longer see any more.

"Brian get yer lousy English self in here!" Moira yelled. "These two are changing!"

"Changing?" Kurt asked, as he stood with both of his feet stuck to the wall.

"Aye, the two bairns are going through some type o power increase it seems. Look at their brain waves they're having some kind o battle or something in dere, or maybe having something downloaded into their minds its hard to tell yet. But they should be waking up pretty soon though."

The two woke up a few moments later gasping for breath. "Well that was fun." Spiderman said, as he reached over and pulled his mask off much to the shock of the team of super heroes.

"You have been blessed by the three aspects of magic." Meagan said, as she stared at the two, nowhere near as impressed as the others as she watched the well-known mask fall on top of the bed.

"Peter?" Brian asked in shock, as he looked at the familiar mop of unruly hair.

"Hey Cap, how long have we been out?" The hero questioned as he tiredly rubbed his face.

"Ye've been out six hours, and suddenly me equipment starts working around ye, only to tell me that ye've gone through some changes while we couldnae even touch you two! Do ye have any idea how worried I've been?" Moira finished the last part with a bit of a glare at the two obviously teen heroes who swallowed nervously under the gaze that could make Professor Xavier blush in embarresment.

"I was taught to be a super hero by someone who doesn't even need to shave yet." Brian asked stunned, as he tried to wrap his mind around this small piece of information.

Everyone else got a good laugh at this while Peter gave an indignant look at his friend. "Hey! You were the one that wanted me to train you buddy! Its not my fault that you thought that I'd been doing it a lot longer than I had."

"Yeah, but still." Captain Britain whined at the boy.

"Tough it out Cap, unless you think that because of my age I'm not as good a hero as I really am?" Peter challenged him.

"No, nothing like that it just surprised me is all." Captain Britain said holding his hands up. He knew he had more power than his friend however he also knew that his friend had once beaten the Juggernaught.

"This is indeed exciting." Meagan said, as the Faye began hovering around the room. "And I think this means a shopping trip, if you continue to bulk up like that your costume won't fit you nearly as well as before."

Peter groaned at this information. "And to think I had to go through all of that yesterday. Now your telling me I have to do it all over again?"

"Yes you do." Kitty said, "besides I need to get my magic stuff." The others looked at Kitty questioning. "We'll explain on the way to London, lets just say that it looks like I'm on the reserve list now as well though."

"Is that what ye really want lass?" Moira asked.

"He needs help." Kitty said shrugging, as if that was all that was needed. "Trust me, if I thought he could handle a job like this on his own I would leave him there, but I think he needs the backup."

"Aww, and here I thought it was my charming personality that had convinced you." Peter said as he reached for his bag and pulled out his clothes, he quickly pulled them on over his costume.

"Yep, you definitely need clothes that are a bit bigger." Kitty said as she looked appreciatively at how the street clothes now clung to the vigilante.

"The same might be said for you, or are you telling me your costume was that tight before?" Peter questioned with a knowing smirk.

Kitty blushed, as she realized that her costume was extremely tight.

Moira pursed her lips for a moment before she saw that Kitty's costume was actually on the verge of ripping. "Enough! The both of ye are going to your rooms, or a guest room and stripping down to ye knickers till these changes on the both of ye are done then we'll find some clothes for ya."


"Now." The woman said, pointing toward the door. Kitty grumbled a bit but walked out while Kurt grabbed Peter by the arm and teleported him out of the room.

Kitty grumbled, as she tried to find something that fit two hours later. 'Damn magical guardians!' Only a handful of her clothes actually fit anymore, and none of them were things that matched or things that she wore out in public. "Now what?" Kitty grumbled, as she kicked a box angrily. Lockheed whined at his mistress, as he began pawing at something.
"What you got there pal?" The girl asked, as she leaned over and pulled out a box that had been stuck in the corner of her closet. It was one that she hadn't opened yet, after they had moved to the island. She opened the box and shivered as she saw the clothes that were in it. "Ray." She muttered softly, as she pulled out a pair of tight jeans and a baby tee. Next to these clothes were two smaller boxes, inside each of them were the costumes of her best friend since Illyiria had been turned back into a kid. "You would love to see this Ray." She said, as she thought of her friend as she quickly dug into the box and brought more clothes out. She changed into clothes that she used to be to small for, and as a last edition tossed a black jacket tat she had inherited from her dead friend on.

She briskly walked out of her room and walked up to Peter who was wearing some of Sean Cassidy's clothes that Moria kept here from one of his stays. The two arched their eyes at the difference the clothes made. New muscles were now visibly rippling beneath their forms as they looked at each other. They had each gained a couple of inches in height as well as gaining new definition. "Kitty?" A voice asked, the girl turned as she turned to look at Kurt and Brian who were watching her curiously.

The teen nervously tugged at the hem of Rachel's shirt. "Its all that fit me." She said quietly, as she pulled on her lost friend's clothes awkwardly.

"Yes I see, but it looks like the legs are still a little long." Kurt said, trying to lighten the mood as he looked at the pants that were a little baggy around her ankles.

"Yeah so can we go?" Kitty asked, unused to the scrutiny that she was receiving.

"Sure lets go." Brian said, as he grabbed his jacket. The group got into their jet and flew toward London, the hour-long flight was spent with the two teens explaining to everyone what had happened while they were unconscious. They then found that they had the full support of the rest of Excalibur along with some jealous looks from Kurt about some of the things that they would get to do.

"I suggest we get you two regular clothes first just in case, then we can get you your magic gear unless you two want walk around in clothes that aren't yours?" Kitty quickly agreed, followed by a reluctant Peter. The two were clothed in clothes that suited their new forms better before they headed for the wizarding magic shops.

Peter grumbled, they had already spent two hours shopping and they probably had another two before they were done. Brian was nervous as they entered the Leaky Cauldron, and he nodded in understanding. Brian had a drinking problem, and was always tempted it seemed by the urge to drink.

"Hmm, so will this work then?" Kurt asked, as he picked up his seldom-used image inducer after they had gotten into a conversation on what technology might work in the wizarding world.

"Fifty, fifty." Peter replied, "better keep your jacket and hat nearby just in case though, can't hurt to be to careful."

"Of course, that would be a good idea." Peter swallowed nervously, as he placed a wig on, no point in drawing attention to himself, as to why he had to go and get clothes twice in the same month that was just asking for questions.

They easily made their way through to the bank and Brian quickly made his way to the counter so he could get his money exchanged for Kitty, they were about to get their turn when a goblin came up to them. "Excuse me sirs, but can we have a word with you?" The group nodded, and followed after the goblin that led them into an office of some kind where 12 goblins were around a table.

"Greetings young warrior, you honor us with your presence, we welcome you to our establishment. I am Director Ragnock, and these are my fellow sub directors." A large Goblin at the head of the table greeted Peter.

"Thanks." Peter said, as he looked around the room with interest.

"You need not pretend to be that you are not the Parker boy, though your disguise is good." Another Goblin said, "we have been watching for your magical signature ever since we got it the first time."

"Thanks for the info," Peter said, "so what can we do for you?"

"We merely wish to officially greet Excalibur."

"Then maybe I should wait outside."

"No, that is not necessary, the Council is pleased to have you here as well."

"Well it's an honor then." Brian said, as he uncertainly offered his hand which the goblin shook. "I am Captain Britain, our team leader is Nightcrawler." The German mutant gave a bow and a flashy grin flashing his fangs, which was met with the goblins flashing their own fangs. "My beloved Meagan," he said gesturing to the Faye. "The newest members of our team, the Mighty Colossus, and the lovely Wolfsbane, and last, but certainly not the least the Shadowcat."

"Yes we have heard much of this Shadowcat." One of the goblins said as he eyed the teen speculatively. "Your combat teacher is well respected here, tell Steelclaw when you seem him next that his visits are always welcome."

Kitty bowed her head. "I shall be sure to tell Wolverine that."

"This is good. Now we formerly invite you and your team to test our security when you have the chance, perhaps over the holidays?"

"We'll try and come down over the holidays." Brian said after getting a nod of agreement from Nightcrawler, "but now we have to buy some things, Shadowcat shall be attending Hogwarts this year along with Spiderman."

"Of course, may your coffers always be full, and your enemies always fall."

"The same to you sir." Kitty returned to the Bank President bowing her head as one warrior to another. The goblin blinked in surprise before he returned the bow. The group was then escorted to the counter and made a money exchange, they then hit the various shops picking the books and supplies that they needed. Peter smirked when Kitty grumbled about the clothes that they had to wear. The two stopped at a weapons shop where Kitty picked up a few ninja weapons while Kurt picked up a new rapier and they even got Peter to get some swords of his own to learn with.

"And now, its time for the wand shop." Kurt said, a bit of a grin on his face.

"Just remember to keep your mental shields up. The guy in there says he's empathic, but there may be more to him than he wants you to believe." Peter warned them. "Meagan and I will grab a table at the Leaky Cauldron and meet you there."

"Sounds like a plan." Kitty, Kurt and Piotr entered the wand shop, while Brian and Rahne headed off to check about muggles investing in some of the companies, and to check out some of the medical practices.

The three former X-Men walked into the room with mind shields that they had been trained to build by the very best in the game as they then walked into the shop. "Good afternoon." A voice said, the three didn't even flinch as they turned to see the old man walk towards them. The man raised his eyes when none of the three unknowns so much as jumped, they stiffened but nothing more. "So tell me Miss Pryde, what can I do for you?"

"Your identification charm only tells you the names of those needing wands or of magical birth don't they?" Kitty inquired, as she stared questioning at the man.

"Correct Miss Pryde, may I ask how you knew of them?"

"Had a friend tell me about them." Kitty said shrugging at the man.

"Hmm, very well. Which hand is your wand hand now?"

Kitty waved her right hand, and a tape measure sprang from the counter and began measuring various parts of her arm. Kurt stopped it though, when it began trying to measure her chest. "Watch where you're going hmm?" The German growled angrily at the tape measure while, sending a dirty look at the wand maker.

"I do apologize, it's just a parlor trick that fascinates 11 yr old children. The man said, as he began pulling out various wands for Kitty to try out. The X-Men raised skeptical eyebrows, but let it pass as they wanted to get back to the regular world so that they could grab a bite to eat and check if the information they wanted had come through yet.

Finally the old man pulled out another wand. "If you are compatible with this wand it shall indeed be a surprise. This is an ironwood wand, with a sliver of soul steel, soaked in the blood of a demon ninja master, and tempered in the fires of a Phoenix.

Kitty grabbed the wand with hope and hesitancy, she grinned as the wand shot forth a lovely tune that brought her memory back to the days of dancing with Illyana and Stevie Hunter, and beating all the top scores in the entire mall with Cypher.

"Hmm, I find it most interesting that two of these wands were sold within days of each other." Ollivander said, as he stared wonderingly at Kitty, as if she had the answers to what was happening.

"Well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens." Kitty said, as she placed the wand back in its case before she paid the old man for the wand.

The three left the alley though they nearly ran into a blonde boy who had two boys behind him that resembled apes almost as much as Hank McCoy did. The boy sneered at them, but didn't say anything as they walked past them.

Peter waved them over to a table in a corner where the others were sitting waiting for them. "Hey what's up?" Kitty asked, seeing a disgruntled Brian and Rahne join them a few moments later.

"The wizarding world has no interest in working with regular people despite the fact that they want to bring new money down here." Brian growled out, as if he was quoting someone.

"Aye and they canna work with someone without magic and definitely not something like a mutant." Rahne said.

"Come on let's get out of this place before I gag." Brian growled, as he led the team out and back into the regular world.

The group stopped and got a large number of burgers, and went to a park and just enjoyed what would probably be their last day together for a while. "So Peter, tell me. There were rumors that you were once going out with the Black Cat fact or fiction?" Nightcrawler asked.

Peter smiled bitterly at this. "She was in love with Spiderman not Peter Parker, and she was also a thief when she wanted to start a relationship. Kind of made that a hard thing to do." There was also the age difference but there was no reason to tell them that. Black Cat was a college age girl not someone that wanted to date a highschool geek.

"I'll bet. What, she think you guys were some weird version of Westside Story but instead of gangs you were good guys and bad guys?" Kurt questioned with amusment.

Peter smiled at that. "I never heard anyone give that kind of example, though I guess it kind of does describe us. Complete with the whole me being on the outside of what is generally acceptable by a majority of the other heroes."

"Rules are such an overrated thing anyways." Kitty said tossing her hair over her shoulder.

"Ah, a fellow member of rules were made to be broken club?" Peter asked, while shooting her a curious look.

"Please, name someone in our line of work that isn't like that."

"Captain America, Thor, of course there's Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellow Jacket or whatever Dr. Pym is calling himself these days. Um lets see, then there's the Wasp, Sue Richards um."

"All right already." Kitty said, glaring at the teen, who was naming all of the rule following heroes of New York.

"What, you asked?" Peter returned innocently.

"Watch yourself bug boy." Kitty said. "I have no problem with hurting you."

Kurt and Brian chuckled muttering she had asked for it.

"Aww and here I thought you were at least semi educated." Peter mocked at her. "Spiders are arachnids not bugs." Kitty shot him a death glare, which sent the rest of the table into laughing fits.

"You two think that you can behave long enough to save this magical world, or are you going to need a chaperone?" Kurt asked, as he watched the two of them banter back and forth. Though Peter was definitely much better at it than Kitty.

The two glared at their friend for even daring to suggest such a thing to them. "Hush fuzzy elf, remember who it was that had to deal with you while you were wearing a leg cast." At this Kurt scowled, but he instantly got quiet.

Peter looked at the time that was displayed on Big Ben. "As fun as this has been and all, we really need to head on back. I'm sure that my guardian is suitably annoyed and paranoid with how long I've been gone by now."

"How do you intend to get inside with Kitty if as you say the place is invisible?"

"Simple really, all I have to do is hold onto her and lead her inside, hopefully that will work otherwise we'll be hanging around looking like idiots till someone lets the both of us in, so I say we be ready just in case."

Brian nodded as he handed two packages to each of them. Here are some costumes for you guys. Peter there's one that's gray and one that's your traditional colors. Kitty you got a ninja suit and a larger version of the costume that you were wearing earlier."

"The two nodded their thanks to their friends, the group quickly made their way to the area that they needed to be at.

Meagan looked in the direction of the house. "The place has so many colors to it." The blonde said, "it would be so much fun to go inside."

Peter shook his head for a moment. "Wait, Meagan you can see the house?"

"Of course I can silly." The Faye said laughing at the absurd question. "Can't you."

"Only cause I know its there." Peter said.

"Most likely Meagan can see the house because of her unique mystical senses." Kurt said, as he stroked the goatee that he had started growing.

Peter smiled as he looked at the blonde. "Think you can fly Kitty in before you leave?"

The blonde nodded, and before Kitty could tell either of them no, she was being flown toward the house. Meagan then left her, and flew back out. "The inside was no where near as pretty as the outside was. The Faye said pouting at Brian and Kurt.

"I apologize for that." Kurt said, he turned to his teammates and friends. "It is truly a sign of how crazy our lives are when seeing them disappear like that no longer phases me." The other men nodded in agreement, as they headed towards the jet they had left a little ways away, so that that hopefully no one would know precisely the house that they had come to see.

Peter smirked to himself as he watched the heroes fly off in their jet. "Well, now comes the fun part." Peter said sarcastically, as he hefted the trunk over his shoulder and headed for the door, and walked inside.

"All right now that is just weird." Kitty muttered, as she looked around the room curiously. Other than a few odds and ends that were magical Kitty was less than impressed that this was the house of some secret organization in a secret society. The two slipped past the curtained off picture. The two hid as an irate redhead came storming past them yelling about her mother and how unfair she was. The yelling though seemed to have woken the picture that they had just managed to sneak past, and the curtains sprang apart and the picture began yelling insults at whatever it could see. Kitty grabbed onto Peter and the two phased into the next room as the thudding steps of another figure came up the stairs, they waited until there was no more sound and crept back through the wall and followed behind a man with graying hair and shabby clothes. He headed down a pair of stairs, which Peter whispered led to the kitchen. Kitty phased the two of them over the steps, and they airwalked to the open doorway. They then each found comfortable spots that they could use to listen in on whatever it was that was being said. Kitty floated upside down sitting crossed legged, while Peter was sticking right above the door. Peter heard a voice he didn't recognize, and figured it must be the Harry Potter kid.
"Where's Voldemort? What's he doing? I've been trying to watch the muggle news," Peter smirked, as he heard the kid use the dark wizards name, "and there hasn't been anything that looks like him yet, no funny deaths or anything-"

The two heroes sat there and listened as the kid was explained the very bare bones of things, talking more about the political upheaval that was being caused or what they were unable to do, the only information of any worth that was talked about was the mentioning of some type of weapon. But Mrs. Weasley stopped the questioning before anyone could answer what it might be that this Voldemort was after.

"Time to make our entrance don't you think?" Peter asked her.

"Oh definitely." Kitty whispered back, as she righted herself the two dropped to the floor at the same time and all the sound in the kitchen stopped. The two waited patiently till the door was yanked open and a couple of wands were pointed at them. The two heroes smirked, as they knocked the hands out of the way and took the wands.

Peter looked at Sirus and Remus and shook his head at them. "Are you two ever going to learn?" He teased, as he twirled Sirus wand while Kitty examined Remus wand with interest.

"Peter!" The twins said happily, as they saw that their roommate had returned, along with a friend it seemed. The adults regarded the two teens warily. "How did you manage to get in here without us knowing?" Mr. Weasley asked, before his wife could ask or bellow any questions of her own.

"I had seen the parchment already." Peter said shrugging, "as for Kitty, well let's say that we found a way to cheat but we also didn't know it was possible to cheat."

"And how did you cheat the Fiddilus? It's supposed to be unbreakable." Sirus asked. "Do you know how dangerous it is to do that? That's amazing you'll have to show me if the chance comes up again for it to happen."

"We'll consider it. Brian says he'll do what he can for you though, so don't worry he'll take it up with the Prime Minister himself if he has to."

Sirus looked in shock at this. The kid might have actually been telling the truth.

The moment of quite was all the time that Molly needed. "Peter Parker! Do you have any idea how worried we've all been? You could have been hurt or attacked by Death Eaters, or you could have been."

"Forced to listen to corny jokes, and be insulted by friends?" Peter asked, while raising an eyebrow at the redheaded woman. "Trust me, anything that you can come up with as dangerous I've more than likely got an answer for it."

Molly Weasley looked in shock at being talked to like that. First Harry ignored her implied order, then this Peter boy cut her off. "You listen to me Peter Parker, you will not talk to me like that! Just because your aunt died is no reason for you to be rude and inconsiderate of others. Perhaps she didn't raise you correctly in considering others though."

At this Kitty, the twins, and Hermione all took unconscious steps back, while Sirus and Remus meanwhile stood protectively on either side of Harry. Peter turned to face the woman with a new fire in his eyes. "You got a lot of nerve saying that lady." Peter said coldly, the woman swallowed nervously as she realized she might have just stepped across some unknown boundary. "If I ever hear that you insulted my Aunt May again there won't be enough of you left for even Arcade to use in one of his sick games, so trust me when I say you want to get off that high horse of yours." Peter clenched and unclenched his fist in pent up fury. Kitty grimaced at the thought of Peter tearing someone up so bad that the insane assassin wouldn't want a go at them. "Trust me, when I loose my temper people end up the worse of it, and that's when I don't use magic."

Bill hearing enough stepped between the angry teen and his mother. "Hey calm down, no harm done. I'm sure my mum meant no harm, but I think you need to go somewhere and cool off a bit."

"Touch me," Peter said, "and you better be prepared to be kissing the floor."

The redhead hesitated a moment before he grabbed the boy by the shoulder and tried to push him out of the room. The tall young man suddenly felt himself moving at speeds that were comparable to a vortex curse, and he found himself lying on the floor while the angry teen was now staring down at him.

"I warned you." The American said, before he turned to look at his friend that had nearly been forgotten in the tense atmosphere. He began talking over his shoulder so he wouldn't have to look at anyone. "You got a semi clear room around here Sirus? I need to let loose before I damage something important."

"Of course right this way." Sirus said moving away from Harry's side, and leading Peter to a spare room.

"I'll be there in a minute." Kitty said squeezing Peter on the shoulder before she turned an angry glare at Mrs. Weasley. "Do you have a death wish?" The girl asked in a deadly whisper that traveled all over the room. "You have no idea who you're talking to do you? Do you even know the kinds of friends he has? If they found out you had said something like that about his Aunt you would be tortured beyond all belief, no one insults Peter or his family you got me?"

"I hardly think now is the time for threats Miss?" Remus said, as he tried to break the deadly look the girl was shooting toward a pale faced Mrs. Weasley.

"Pryde." Kitty said coldly as she tossed the werewolf his wand. "And as for threats, that was no threat, that was a promise bub. Peter has a lot of friends that would gladly fight for him if he were ever to ask. And just ask ponytail boy there if he thinks that Peter can't handle himself. You better pray to god Logan never hears about this, or he may not leave enough of you to fill a matchbox." The girl then spun around looking for her friend and new teammate.

"Well Molly, I'd say you made a rather bad impression." Mr. Weasley said tightly, as he gathered his wife up in his arms. The woman collapsed against her husband, and let the tension she had felt bleed off into her husband.

"His eyes Arthur, they changed, one minute they were so full of laughter and such things the next minute it was worse than looking at a death eater." The woman mumbled into his chest fearfully.

"Children why don't you lot go on and go to bed." Remus suggested, the kids nodded, and quickly fled up the stairs. Remus rubbed his jaw as he set the dishes to cleaning before turning to the remaining four Weasley's Charlie had conjured some ice for his brother's head and was watching him as he checked him over. "Molly that was incredibly stupid, you just got two teens who seem to somehow know the very rages of war inside and out mad at you. Their eyes said it all when they weren't bothering to mask themselves. Whatever they've been through would be enough to break most people."

"But they're just kids." Charlie argued, "scary yes, but just kids."

"Kids that can put the fear of Morgana into an entire room full of fully trained witches and wizards, one of whom happens to be an Auror. I don't care if Peter is the great nephew of Mad-Eye, that shouldn't be possible. Tonks what was your thoughts of them?"

"That those are the exact kinds of people that you leave alone and hope that they don't notice you. Peter was on the verge of loosing control and the girl was angry enough to kill and they both look like they were more than able to do us in when they got mad." The pink haired woman shivered a moment before turning back to her butterbeer.

"Are you sure Tonks?" Charlie asked.

"Look at your brother if you need to confirm what I'm saying Charlie." Remus admonished the Dragon Keeper. "The way I see it the fact that you are a mother Molly was one of your saving graces. That and the fact that he and the twins have bonded over who knows what. And you know very well that he is very defensive when it comes to his family just think about how he dealt with Serverus when he insulted Peter's family out right instead of implying that she didn't raise him right. The next person to insult that woman will most likely wish that they had never been born." The werewolf said sternly, as he looked at each of them. "Take some time to consider that."

The red headed woman nodded before she retreated to her own bed. Sirus finally stormed in looking angry enough to spit nails. "Please tell me you dealt with her Mooney?"


"Good, because I don't think I could have trusted myself to be quiet." The animagnus said bitterly. "That was like the lowest blow that I've ever seen since Wormtail. That was like saying Lily was a bad mother to Harry!" The pureblood growled angrily, the remaining Weasley's paled at the thought of someone doing that to their friend, and began to realize just how big a mistake Mrs. Weasley had really made before they walked out leaving the escapee, werewolf and Auror alone for the night.

"Come on Padfoot, there are other things to do tonight."

"No thanks Mooney, I think I'll wait till those two are done destroying the den." Sirus said, they all winced as they heard the loud crash of furniture being slammed around. "Kid has some real talent when it comes to mindless destruction can't wait to see what he does when he actually pays attention to what he's doing." Sirus said fondly.

"Will that girl be all right in there with him?"

"You're kidding right? She was flipping him over for the third time when I finally left them. I got to tell you Mooney that those two are impressive, if they're half the duelers that they are fighters then the death eaters are going to wish they had stayed home." Sirus said, smiling with a feral expression on his face. Remus shook his head in exasperation, and poured another round of butterbeers for the last two Marauders and family.

Peter grunted, as he was thrown against another wall, it was becoming rather annoying, but he knew that he had to get a grip on his temper if he was going to survive. And having Kitty throw him around and bruise his ego was the perfect way to clear his head up after nearly attacking the twin's mom. Shaking his head, he dove to the sides, and began a series of handsprings and sailed over Kitty's head, twisting in the air he grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her into the wall.
"That's more like it." Kitty said, as she got back up to her feet. "It's about time you got your head back in the game."

Peter stiffened for a moment and said. "We're being watched." The two turned, and looked around curiously. "The painting." Peter said, nodding to see a man flitting around in a picture that he obviously didn't belong in. The two walked up to the picture, but before they could question the man he ran out of sight, they glimpsed him briefly in a couple of other pictures as he ran off.

"And this is supposed to make us trust them how?" Kitty questioned curiously failing on hiding a grin.

"They're just being cautious, though if you ask me they're being overly cautious when it comes to trying to keep this place a secret, and aren't worrying enough about getting good information."

"I never thought I'd say it, but where's Nick Fury when you need him?" Kitty said ignoring the eye roll of her teammate. "Now that we got some basic information we can act accordingly though." She muttered, as she thought what they might need.

"Maybe Logan should just come and scare the hell out of them all." Peter grumbled, "it would make this all a lot easier."

"Yeah fine, but we need to find a place to sleep for now." Kitty said. "Cause face it, we're not going to figure a way to get the Wizard government to get their heads out of their asses anytime soon."

"Fine, lets see if there are any adults left hanging around downstairs." Peter said, the two quickly made their way downstairs and found Remus and Sirus who were both waiting for the two. "Hey," Peter said the two men nodded warily in return. "So where can Kitty sleep?" Peter asked curiously. This brought the men out of their stupor and they quickly found a room for Kitty to use. The two teens bid each other goodnight, and they went to get some sleep, tomorrow they would work up Kitty's cover story.

Peter made his way into his room where he found the twins waiting for him Peter sighed as the three of them looked at each other warily. He understood that they were going to have to talk but he really wanted to go to sleep. Between getting new wizard and street clothes then the emotional roller coaster of what the three sides of magic had done he was ready to collapse. Rubbing his eyes he stared at the two of them. "Look I'm not going to apologize for blowing up at your mom she insulted my Aunt May.

The twins nodded in silent agreement. "Besides that I had to go shopping with Kitty. Have you two ever gone to the Diagon alley with a teenage girl?"

The twins shivered at that remembering trips they had made with their girls Katie and Angela. "Tell you what mate, we'll call it even on the condition that you don't try and push the subject any further and try to be polite to our mum." Fred suggested.

Peter nodded he knew that for peace to work in this house they were going to have to work out some things between them all. "Tell you what, as long as she doesn't insult my Aunt again we'll be good." He bargained holding his hands out.

The twins nodded in relief as they each took a hand to shake. "That is most acceptable." They chorused, the three boys then began getting ready for bed now that their problem was taken care of for now.

Peter and Kitty were among the first to get up, they casually got dressed and met downstairs, and then snuck outside to the back yard and began running laps in the small yard. They reentered an hour later to see the stern looking Arthur standing there with Mrs. Weasley, Remus and Tonks. "You do realize that going out there is dangerous right?" The redheaded man asked.
"You had perfect view of us, and there is no way that we are going to let your paranoia let us not exercise." Peter said looking at the man. "But we aren't going to fight about this. Kitty and I can exercise all we want, if you had training equipment inside we wouldn't have to worry about that."

"Speaking of, who are you?" Tonks asked, "It seems that in the excitement of last night we kind of forgot to find out anything about you."

"Names Kitty, Kitty Pryde. Peter and I have a lot of the same friends, and he came by where we live and we were doing some training when Lockheed, my pet pulled Peter's wand out of his bag and brought it to me, and the next thing we know the wand starts glowing when I picked it up. Then one thing led to another then here I am."

"Do you mind if we check to make sure you are indeed a witch?" Remus asked hesitantly.

"Spell away." Kitty said, as she stood there while Remus cast a spell on Kitty that let her mystical aura to be shown. "Hmm, cute trick." The girl said, as she eyed the various colors dancing around her.

"I'm rather surprised that no one has come and told you you're a witch before." Remus said, as he eyed the colors. "You are fairly powerful."

"Maybe my parents didn't believe in it or something." Kitty said shrugging without concern. "I mean I am Jewish after all, and the last few years I've been doing a lot of traveling while I've been in school."

"Now there's the ultimate understatement of the year." Peter teased her. "Next you're going to say that you kind of like computers."

"I have no problem with tearing you apart web head." She threatened him with a smirk.

"Whatever you say Alley Kat." Peter returned.

"Well, if you two are both willing to sit in the placement tests I don't see what the problem is in getting you both into Hogwarts." The werewolf told the two teens before they could distract him.

"Great." The two said, as Peter led Kitty upstairs so that they could get showers and change before anyone else woke up. The two came back downstairs and Peter grinned as he saw the outfit Kitty was wearing, tight jeans, baby tee and work boots definitely clashed with the more conservative clothing style that the wizards and witches seemed to wear. He looked down at himself as he saw that his own shirt and jeans clung rather tightly to himself, and that the only difference was that his clothes were more in the gray.

Kitty grinned back understanding where the boy's thoughts were going. "Think that I'll shock them?" She asked with a smirk spinning around for him to admire.

"I think there's a good possibility of that." Peter said, the two slipped into the kitchen and sat down to have a quick breakfast. They still had to study up for who knew what they might have in their placement tests, and it wouldn't do for the two of them to just miraculously know everything. Besides, Peter could do with working on his Charms, and Kitty needed to work on her Transfiguration.

The two sat down quietly as Mrs. Weasley bustled around the kitchen and set out breakfast. The two muttered their thanks before they dug into their food. The two were about halfway done when the other teens came stumbling down. Harry looked at them curiously, but didn't say anything as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"You know," Kitty said, as she looked the boy up and down. "I've only known three people with that eye color."

"Really?" Harry asked interested. "Who?"

"One of my best friends Rachel, her mom Jean, and then there's Madelyn, but she died and Ray is traveling and Jean is somewhere in the States right now as far as I know at least."

Harry smirked at her. "Maybe we're related."

"Maybe, they said that your mother had red hair, and Jean and Ray both have red hair."

Harry smiled softly at this. "It's a nice thought, but we all know that's not all to likely right?"

"True," Peter said, " course he could also be related to the Black Widow, I'm sure that there's got to be a way to find out though." The teen stared thoughtfully into his orange juice as he tried to figure a way to figure that with the limited resources that they had access to.

"Oi Peter, mate how you doing?" The twins asked, Peter grinned and returned their greetings before he got back on the subject that they were talking about earlier. Trying to figure out how to test Harry's parentage, since he didn't know anything in the magical world that could be used that he had read about.

"Don't worry about it to much Peter." Kitty said, "besides, we could just get Harry here to donate some blood then send it to Moira she has all of that information on the island anyways."

"Island?" Remus asked curiously.

"Yeah, Moira owns her own island. I was there for a couple of weeks before I came here." Kitty repressed a shudder, as she remembered how the darkness of the Soul Sword had corrupted her for a while, add in the sorcerer that had tried to steal the sword and nearly killing a possessed Kurt. It had not been something that she ever wanted to repeat, although with their luck they probably would.

"Sounds like you have some interesting friends." Hermione said, as she sat down between Ron and Harry.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." The mutant said, as she thought of some of the various people that she knew the remaining Morlocks, Cerise, Brian, Lilandra the Starjammers the list went on for quiet a ways, sometimes it was odd that she knew so many different kinds of people.

Peter and Kitty shared a look, Hermione had practically lunged at the chance to change the subject when Harry's blood had been mentioned. "So I understand that you're the girl to go to with all of our study needs." Kitty said, she looked at the girl curiously.

"Yeah," Hermione said smiling, "of course if you study even half as hard as Peter here, then you just might be okay."

"Trust me I'm sure I can keep up with Pete." Kitty said.

Peter smirked at her. "Is that a challenge Kitty?"

"That's for you to decide Petey." She returned with an answering smirk.

"Well it'll be good to have friends who actually know how to study for a change." Hermione said shooting a glare at her friends. Harry at least had the decency to look slightly embarrassed while Ron made an obviously fake yawn at her.

"Good, so we schedule study time since we need to get those placement tests done soon, then we might help out a bit with whatever it is that you are doing."

"Actually you will be helping." Mrs. Weasley said sternly, looking at Kitty in slight annoyance. "Everyone will have to help in getting this house up to at least a habitable state."

"We'll see," Kitty returned frostily, "right now we got a lot of other things to worry about other than how clean a safe house you have." The woman and a few others glared at Kitty, but nodded in agreement. The twins were actually looking at the girl with adoration, as she calmly told their mother off, while it was obvious that their mother was on the verge of loosing what little grip she had on her temper, as she began banging some of the pots and pans around in the kitchen.

The two Americans ignored the curious and annoyed looks that various members of the Order sent them, as they went about the new routines that they had to get used to. Peter was nearly on the same sleep schedule with the others now thankfully; the only problem he had was that he was getting more sleep than he was normally used to. This was a mixed blessing as far as he was concerned, with Kitty now sharing his misfortune of house arrest though, he at least had a friend to talk to now though instead of trying to hide behind his usual mask of indifference or sarcasm. The two did join the others in the house cleaning, though they did ignore most of what Mrs. Weasley said, and instead focused more on what Sirus said. The woman was annoyed at this, but knew better than to push the subject, since she had nearly caused major problems between all in the house with her less than tactful words. Peter and Kitty spent their time alternating with helping around in the de-eviling of the house, and doing the studies that they needed to be able to 'catch up' with the others. With much persuasion the two had even managed to convince Sirus to save some of the enchanted items for the training room that the two of them insisted on making. On one side of the room was a mixture of various old fashioned weights, though some of them were charmed to be quiet a bit heavier than they looked. On the other side was a small obstacle course where the enchanted items were kept, Peter personally liked the large clock that shot various high powered hexes at a person, it helped him to keep his spider senses and agility up to par, and might have been slightly less dangerous than dodging bullets. A reluctant Remus had transfigured a pair of wheels for the clock so that they could move the clock back and forth. Kitty had brought a Katana along with her, and trained against a suit of armor that always used a different weapon when it attacked. Once Sirus had watched the two dodge bolts and battle a few enchanted objects that attacked randomly he had begun spending some of his own free time in the room while Peter and Kitty were busy studying with Hermione.

The two remained distant with Mrs. Weasley while having to stay in the wizard house. Charmed bars had been added to the windows to keep them in much to the two heroes amusement, since Kitty could phase right through them, and Peter could easily bend them enough to slip out if he needed to.

On the day that Harry was to have his hearing for defending himself and a person that he didn't even like from what they had gathered from the conversations that a number of the others had been having they had a their tests. "So, how do you think they're going to make us do this?" Peter asked his friend. Peter paused as he thought that his relations with other heroes was always strained because he was always jumping between the smart mouthed guy that could play the village idiot who was comfy talking about nothing really with Johnny, to being someone who could talk about the theory of why molecular regeneration was a dream worth looking into with Hank Pym. He could never really be in between, but was usually one or the other. Yet since aunt May's and M.J's deaths, he had seemed to find his balance, and a part of him was scared that the balance in him seemed to be slightly rougher and had a much looser grip on his temper. Kitty for some reason or other seemed to fit his new personality a lot better than anyone of his old friends used to, though some of the people that he respected did seem closer to understanding what he was going through than others right now.

The two followed after Harry and Mr. Weasley through the floo connection, and were met by McGonagall and another woman. The two sniffed at their choice of clothing, as if the muggle clothes that they wore somehow offended them. The two Americans ignored the looks, as they bent over a display on a device that Kitty was holding to examine something. The two arched their eyebrows at this less than exemplary behavior, but led the two of them down an elevator, or as the English called them lifts and finally made it to a secluded room.

"Professor McGonagall shall be conducting the tests." The other woman said stiffly. "Normally I would be here as well, but Minister Fudge has some of my duties overlapping today. Hopefully this will not take to long, I hope that you are able to listen to Minerva. Hopefully some of these tasks won't take to long." They nodded, and began the testing. The two performed their Transfiguration first doing, both practical and written, followed by Charms, Herbology, Potions, DADA, History of Magic, they then had tests in Ancient Ruins, Care of Magical Creatures, and Arthimacy.

The two came home late that night smug grins on their faces, knowing that they had passed within reason to be able to come to Hogwarts as fifth years. They came back to headquarters to see that a number of people seemed to be celebrating over the fact that Harry had gotten off. The two hated the fact that they were having to play along for the time being with a government that was seemingly as corrupt as the Ministry of Magic was.

The tense atmosphere that had been coursing through most of the house seemed to have lessened with the matter of Harry's getting off. The only one who wasn't effected by the news was Sirus. The escapee spent a little less time celebrating, and more time in the training room, and visiting with his pet Hippogriff Buckbeak. The two Americans were actually spending a day working with the trio when they heard a conversation over the subdued manner that Sirus was acting in. They listened as Hermione argued with the boys about the emotional stability of the man.

"Instead of judging the man for being forced to exchange one prison for another why don't you get to know the man better?" Peter asked them. "Its obvious that yes Sirus has some problems in that, but instead of trying to fix that you aren't doing anything to fix the problem. The man fought in the last war, yet he's considered nothing but a monster because of a traitor. And those that do know the truth treat him more as a nuisance than as person." Peter turned to look at Harry intently. "Will you fix the problem, or will you live with this mess?"

Harry squirmed a bit at this, before anything could be said Mrs. Weasley entered the room and the conversation changed from helping Sirus as to why they were cleaning the house. Mrs. Weasley's comment about helping the order didn't impress either of the Americans.

"Mrs. Weasley don't be such a bad liar, there are four reasons that I can think of off hand that you're using this house." Kitty said from where she was. "The wards are one of the reasons, the few people that even knew about it in the first place is another, the house being as filthy as it is means that its got enough distractions in it that hopefully it'll keep us to busy to do to much snooping, and then the last one is that it appeases to a number of your egos to use this house for the simple reason that it stands for everything that your fighting." The elder witch spluttered at the American girl, as she found several reasons that they used this house as a meeting place.

"Please don't insult our intelligence, and don't use the kids don't belong in war crap either. I've fought in the Secret War, Kitty's fought the Brood, and the Brotherhood, who are pretty nasty pieces of work, and we've both fought enough other minor fights that anything else is kind of minor so keep your adult speeches to yourself." Peter stalked out the door, leaving a speechless and confused Mrs. Weasley.

Kitty got up to follow him. "You know he prefers to keep those sorts of things to himself, by telling you as much as he did it shows just how much he's changed."

"How so?" Hermione asked curiously.

Kitty shook her head sadly. "He's a lot more confrontational these days, the fact is if he wanted to he could probably take down almost everyone in this house before you knew what's going on should make you cautious. He won't kill, but he will make you regret ever crossing him. And what he considers a minor fight most others would consider a war. He's fought the six, stared his worst side in the eyes, and fought in the Battle of Champions." Kitty followed after her friend leaving the others to think about that, not about to let him go and brood. She was not going to let the easygoing jokester turn into the next Wolverine or Cable, not if she had anything to say anything about it.

Kitty walked into the training room and found Peter sitting in the training room. He was going through an odd sort of gymnastics that had him bouncing off walls and striking things it took Kitty a moment to realize that he was performing his own version of a kata. She sat down by the door and let him lose some of his frustrations, she wondered how he had ever managed at his old home to hold his tongue and temper all the time. She knew for a fact that she would never be able to have restrained her own short temper for the way life had treated Peter. The hero had removed his socks, shoes and his shirt leaving him in just his jeans, as he dodged imaginary and real attacks as he was standing in range of the clock.

Peter finished a particularly hard looking back flip with lots of spins in it and landed in a crouch, he then released a strand of webbing from either wrist and wrapped the clock up in several layers of webbing. The young man nodded as he finally sat down.

"I don't know how you do it." Kitty told him. "I doubt I'd be able to hold myself back as much as you do. Course then again maybe that's what makes people like you Dare Devil, Punisher and Blade different. You all have an inner strength in you that I don't think any of us would understand. How you can go from a respected member of the hero community one moment, and then disappear and become this? A normal guy and someone treated as a kid to boot?"

"It takes time." Peter said, as he took a pull on some of the water that he had nearby. "I honestly think they're trying to do what's right, but the way they play things makes me think that they really have no idea what they are doing. Makes me think that the war effort might in fact be hindered by their methods in the end than any good they might do."

"Lets hope not, you ready to join the rest of the world?"

"Yeah." Peter said as he shrugged his clothes back on. "Why not? Besides we have to learn to deal with them. If they want to continue having secret meetings though, then I think it'll be up to us to find out just it is that they are planning."

"Well between us that won't be too hard to do."

"True, so how should we go about it?"

"I suggest we use the twins, else they'll squeal on us no matter what we do."

"Good point, I have a plan that uses their ears that should work, but I want to see if we can make some adjustments to them that might make them easier to use if my plan works."

"All right, we'll talk to them later then."

The two waited for the twins to be alone before they began discussing their plan. The twins looked unsure, but agreed to try it, though they thought that the normal method of using the ears would probably have to do for now till they found a way to do what was being suggested.

Peter shook his head in disagreement. "Can't do that, they might notice if they saw the ears like that, but if you could put the modifications for the ears like we suggested."

"We won't be able to get those set up till the holidays though." The twins complained, coming very close to whining in Peter's opinion.

"Then we'll have to wait." Kitty said sternly, sighing in frustration at having to wait. "We'll get everything else set up though, so that we'll be ready when the time comes." The four were interrupted from their discussion by four owls that brought each of them a Hogwarts letter. The two Americans were still not used to this method of communication, and were a bit wary of the birds as they accepted their letters.

"Mm, everything seems normal here." Fred said, as he read over Peter's shoulder, and read the books that he needed for the term.

"Quiet so." George agreed reading over Kitty's shoulder.

"At least."

"As normal."

"As Hogwarts gets."

Peter rolled his eyes at the two boys, who seemed to think that they were flirting with Kitty by being so close to her like that. The fact that the red head had his hand near her butt was probably a bonus for the mischievous red head. Peter had considered telling the two that flirting with her was dangerous, but had decided that it would actually be much more interesting and entertaining for them to learn that most likely painful lesson on their own."

"So, all we have to do is get two extra books and we'll be okay then." Peter said, as he studied the parchment with the booklist. "I got into all of the year classes even Ancient Runes and Arithmacy how about you?"

"Same," Kitty said with a grin, as she traded letters with him.

"Seems like it."

"So, what year will you actually be taking?"

"Fifth." The two said distractedly.

"So any theories on whom it is that it is that assigned us the Slinkhard book?"

"You wizards have some of the most interesting names, you know that right?"



"You didn't answer the question." The twins said.

The two Americans chuckled at this, as Peter saw his own owl come in with two small pouches tied to its legs. "Looks like Brian was finally able to come through." Peter said, as the bird landed on his shoulder. The bird was brown with black design around its head that vaguely reminded Peter of Wolverine's mask. "Here you go Wolvie." He said, offering it an owl treat after he had taken the pouches off and handed them to Kitty. She unwrapped a handful of small identical devices from several folds of cloth. "Will they work?" He questioned.

"I think so, but we won't really know till we get to the school and figure it out on our own." Kitty said, as she fingered the two small pieces of technology. "Course these are based on the ones Storm uses in her communicators, so they should have the right type of shielding."

"What are those?" Fred asked as he bent down to look at the odd things that Kitty was holding.

"E.M.P shielding chips, with them we should be able to get a lot of our personal equipment to work inside Hogwarts."

"And what are E.M.P's?"

"They don't look like they'd taste very good if they're chips either."

Peter snickered at that before he explained. "No not chips like you eat, but a computer chip it helps make a computer work."

"Oh, well why didn't you say so?"

"I just did say so." Peter returned at them. "Now an E.M.P or Electromagnetic Pulse is a burst of broadband, high intensity electromagnetic energy. These pulses interfere with the electronics in a number of more modern normal devices."

These things however, should allow some of our tech to work at Hogwarts if we figured the correct frequency and wave length that magic works on. We believe that since magic is a form of energy and Hogwarts is covered in various types of magic then it is that power that is merely canceling out the power of muggle devices because it is overloading it." Kitty explained to the twins, as she pulled out Peter's laptop a gift that Brian ad given him before they had come back to this house.

Peter smirked a bit. "It could also be that it's just something written in the books so that muggleborns won't try to bring parts of their world into the wizard world."

"You think so?"

"Yeah, I borrowed Hermione's Muggle Studies book and there isn't the slightest mention of people like Richards, Stark, Doom, McCoy, Pym or even Banner. Which means that for the most part those books are at least 40 or 50 years off. Hell Cap is hardly even mentioned in there even."

"So his being alive might not have reached here yet then?" Kitty asked, smirking a bit at this.

"More than likely."

"And who are those people?"

"Famous normals I guess." Peter said shrugging. Kitty laughed at this. "What?"

"Did you just call Reed Richards and Bruce Banner normal?"


"That's like saying Brian has a bit of money."

"Well as interesting as this is, perhaps we should ask Harry.

"If he knows who the new DADA teacher is?"

The two twins then disappeared in a pair of loud pops.

Peter rolled his eyes as he opened the door to follow them. "Don't try it that way." Peter said, not even turning to look at his partially phased friend.

"Your no fun." Kitty said, as she stepped out of the floor since she was already about knee deep in the floor.

The two made their way to Harry and Ron's room behind Hermione, and everyone began talking about being Prefects. Soon Mrs. Weasley came in, and made a big deal about Ron becoming Prefect.

"Mum, get a grip." The youngest Weasley boy murmured, as he tried to push away from the over excited woman.

Peter stood next to the twins. "I think she's already got a grip don't you think?"

"Oh yes, quiet a grip our mum has there."

"Yes quiet, pretty deadly as a matter of fact."

"Do not start that up again!" Kitty hissed before Peter could join them in their observations.

"Spoil sport." Peter said, as he smirked at his friend. The twins ignored the two, as they began teasing Ron and then Hermione about their appointments. The two then grabbed onto their friends and disappeared in large pops. When they were back in their rooms the twins shook their head at something.

"You want to share with the rest of us?" Peter asked curiously, as he tired of the silent conversation.

"We're just wondering what's going on." Fred said, being serious for a change. "Harry may not show it, but he's actually a really responsible one and if he and Hermione get together there's not much that they probably couldn't do. He's also more than showed his loyalty to the school, and his only problems are that he's got a bit of a temper when he wants to, but he usually keeps a lid on it."

"That, and the fact that Snape dislikes him so much brother dearest."

"To true my brother."

"So, you want to know what it is that made them pick someone other than Harry, and to pick our brother whom we love dearly."

"We just don't think that he has the necessary backbone to do what's required, and knowing Hermione she'll try to enforce all the rules to a T."

"True, but you know that even she can be bribed now." Peter pointed out.

"Maybe mate, but it could also be that she was angry about the whole Harry mess."

"Yes that's the other thing we love about Harry he seems to be able to calm Hermione down somewhat, same as she does for him.

"Though when Harry first got here he wasn't to interested in being talked down now was he brother dear?"

"Dear no, I never did know that our dear Harry had quiet that powerful set of lungs. He may not be ready to challenge mum or Mrs. Black yet, but if he trained a bit he might last a few minutes."

"To true."

"Course, you know you can never talk about this to anyone else and there's the fact that you have to endure your mother being ecstatic for the rest of the day." Kitty said an evil smile on her face.

The twins shoulders slumped at this. "Thanks."


"Reminding us." Peter and Kitty laughed before turning to their computers so they could begin applying the EMP shields.

Kitty had been right, and Mrs. Weasley had continued to be excited about the prospect of Ron being a Prefect for the rest of the day. She even went as far as throwing a party for Hermione and Ron that night. It was also the first time that Kitty had to meet some of the Order of the Phoenix members, which included Moody.
"So, you're the girl that Peter brought during his little trip." The battle scarred man said, eyeing Kitty up and down a few times suspiciously.

"Yes I am." Kitty said, crossing her arms and looking at the man in front of her. "And you're the guy that is supposedly Peter's guardian."

"That's right lass, and you'd do well to remember that I have final say for a little while longer."

"Please." Kitty said rolling her eyes at the man. "I bet Peter here could more than take you on."

"Muggle fighting's all right, but till he can defend himself with magic there ain't a whole lot to say."

"I think you'd be surprised how well muggle techniques work on magic." Kitty returned evenly, not the least bit intimidated by the man that was looming over her."

The man nodded at her. "You got guts girl, you might be okay, but I'll be watching you. He growled.

Kitty smirked at him and returned his warning. "Likewise." The two Americans soon found themselves a corner in which to hide out at, and watch the various people comparing them to some of the people that they knew at work.

"Deal going down." Peter said, nodding toward the twins and Fletcher who were soon joined by Harry. They watched as Harry said something, and the thief paled before a quick exchange was made. "Looks like Harry has some skill when it comes to bartering."

"Is it anything serious?" Kitty asked.

"Doubtful, they probably just bought some black market goods for that joke shop of theirs. Still, its nice to know who their source is in case something goes wrong we know who to pummel. It'll also help if we have to search the wizarding underworld, by knowing one of the players no matter how minor he is." Kitty nodded trusting Peter's greater experince in this matter, hoping that when it came to a large fight he would listen to what she had to say he at least was willing to learn computer technology from her.

The two watched as the group quickly broke up whatever business they had now completed. Peter casually watched as different people went different ways the twins to their rooms for a moment, which itself was a warning that they were up to no good since they disappeared like that. He made a note to himself on how to know when to watch for troubles concerning those two. Turning he watched as Harry and Fletcher split at the food table. Moody cornered Harry, and began showing him something for a couple of minutes the ever curious Black soon turned to look while a sick looking Harry walked off. "Obviously had a great talk there with my uncle. Come on, lets go see if we can talk the poor guy down."

Kitty chuckled, as the two casually strolled after their friend and possible teammate. "If we say it just right maybe we can help him keep his supper in his stomach."

They had almost caught up with Harry when he started yelling. "Mrs. Weasley, just get out of here!" The two didn't even hesitate as they rushed into the room Harry was in, and saw that Mrs. Weasley was cowering on the floor while Harry just stood there in shock and what looked like a dead Harry lay on the floor.

"Get them away from that." Peter growled, the two stood inbetween the creature and the two wizards, and watched as it changed into a man who merely looked at them with a smirk.

"Shit." Peter growled. "Kitty, get them out of here now."

"Why?" Kitty asked as she lowered herself into a defensive crouch.

"Because that's Eddie Brock, that's why."

"And that is?"

"No time, just get them out of here." Kitty nodded, and pulled the two out slamming the door behind her leaving Peter alone in the room.


"Hey ya Petey, so did you miss us?"

"Is that a trick question?" Peter asked in disbelief.

"Guess not Parker shall we do it?"

"Guess I don't have a heck of a lot of choice." Peter lunged at Brock, who's clothes came to life, and in his place was Venom. Peter was backhanded into the display case, and grunted as he felt the glass enter his back. Flipping back up, he kicked Venom in the head and then slammed his fist into his stomach. Venom was sent flying behind a chair. "Gotta say Eddie, that was kind of pathetic, even from you."

"Then allow me to rectify that Peter." Norman Osborne, said as he came out with a left hook that tossed Peter through the door.

"Ouch." Peter said rubbing his jaw. He looked up to see Lupin and Moody come from around the corner. Kitty was standing protectively in front of Harry and Mrs. Weasley.

"That's not good." Kitty said, as she looked up as Osborne stood in the doorway grinning.

"Don't worry about it." Peter said, he felt a warmth in his pocket and pulled out his wand. He looked as one of the runes on his wand was glowing. Shrugging Peter rubbed it, and grinned as he watched it extend into a staff. "Now this is more like it." He said as he twirled the staff a couple of times before he threw himself at Osborne. If he lost sight of him he didn't know who or what the thing would turn into next.

"Not this time Peter." The figure taunted, as it grabbed him by the arm and sent him flying back down the hallway, causing Moody and Remus to drop to the floor. Peter twisted in the air, and slammed into the wall feet first and rebounded back at Osborne, and slammed the staff into the red haired man's jaw. The figure fell into a shadow and disappeared.

"Crap." Peter mumbled, wondering who or what he was going to see next.

"Get away boy we'll handle whatever comes next." Moody growled, as he and Lupin stepped forward.

"I highly doubt that you'll be able to 'handle me', as you say." A new voice with a cultured lilt to it said, as a large bald man in a white suit stepped out of the shadows, he carried a walking stick in his hands that had a diamond on its tip.

"Fisk." Peter said angrily.

"Mr. Parker, a pleasure to see you once again." THe Kingpin greeted.

"Can't say I share your warm fuzzy feelings Shamoo." Peter said, the two circled each other, each holding their sticks in a fighters stance.

"Riddikulus!" Remus shouted, sending a spell at the shapeshifter.

The large man moved with a frightening and amazing speed, and dodged the spell. "Now that wasn't very nice." The man said, as he shot an energy beam at Remus from the diamond in his walking stick. The werewolf barely moved out of the way just in time, and managed to get a hole in his robes as well.

"Peter, back up and let someone else get close." Remus ordered the teen. Peter reluctantly nodded, as he took a few steps back only to get clocked on the side of the head with the cane. He began to fall down before Fisk could make another move though. The two wizards quickly got in the way, a silvery orb came replaced the large man and then the two men repeated the spell from earlier. "Riddikulus!" With a pop the thing disappeared.

Peter groaned as he massaged his jaw. "Tell me that he's gone."

"Aye lad, he's gone." Moody said, patting Peter on the shoulder as he looked at the damage one of the figures the boy had fought had done. He saw that there was going to be a nasty bruise on either side of his jaw, he also had a black eye that was beginning to swell and several pieces of glass and a few splinters in his shoulder and back where he had been thrown into the cabinet and through the door. If left alone the boy would be healing for quite a while, waving his wand over Peter's face he cast a battlefield healing spell the swelling went down and the bruises faded till it they were nowhere near as noticeable. He then turned the boy around and began summoning all of the glass and splinters out of his charges back. "Your training served ye good there." Moody growled approvingly. "Though you may be one of the only people I know of to try and fight a Boggart with only your hands. Which means you're either crazier than Sirus, or braver than Godric himself."

"Hey, it kept it back long enough for you to get Mrs. Weasley out of the room and to safety." Peter argued, as he was helped up. "Anyways, haven't you ever head of confronting your fears?" He rubbed a different rune on his wand and it shrank back to its original size.

Moody ignored the joke. "True, the two of you did a good job covering for each other. I want to see this training room that I've been hearing about later while I'm here as well."

"No one's stopping you." Peter returned, while Kitty looked him over, a jar of some sort of salve in her hands she began dressing Peter's injuries at once.

"Good, glad to hear that." Moody said, ignoring Sirus and Remus as they comforted Mrs. Weasley who was starting to get over her fright. "You two should probably go on and go to bed pretty soon."

"Yes sir," the two said.

"By the way, that's an impressive trick you did with your wand. You might want to consider checking some of the books on Runes out of the library. Know what your weapons can do and all that, after all it would be a pain if a curse or something was able to tear through that wand."

The teens nodded and quickly left, once they were out of sight and earshot Kitty slapped Peter on the shoulder. "Hey, what was that for?"

"That was for not letting me help you." Kitty said, as she glared at her friend.

"Tell you what, next Boggart we run across I'll let you take care of unless there's no time all right?"

"You better!" Kitty said, "or next time I use you for target practice."

"Yes ma'm." Peter said, popping off a mock salute.
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